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I recall that the CrystalD developer who models Lara said himself that he was inspired by AOD and Core Laras in general when modeling the doppelganger.

Oh, really? Might be, I don’t know. I wasn’t very interested anymore after Legend was released and saw the kind of stuff we’re gonna have in the franchise from that moment, in any information about the making of Crystal’s games, I just played the released thing - and just once. Never felt the least desire of re-playing any of them again.

I recall the guy who designed LAUra to be inspired in TRAOD Lara for TR Legend model, but I didn’t know about the doppelganger. Anyway, as I said yesterday, doesn’t matter: she doesn’t look like my queen, not at all.

And, just saying, being inspired by Classic/TRAOD Lara to model the doppelganger doesn’t mean he pretended to insert her as a villain in TRU. They just took “inspiration”. I don’t see where’s the big deal here. 

Yeah, I know some fans were upset when seeing the doppelganger as “TRAOD Lara” herself being the villain of this game… but yet again, I don’t see her. And if she were, well… doesn’t mean that the scene of the doppelganger fighting LAUra should be funny to us? Like, she beat the shit outta her, hahahaha.

Anyway, I find far more offensive details like this one, of photos like this one

together with all the bullshit Crystal has been spreading about Core Design and Classic Lara since the very moment they took the franchise until now - and the fact they have no shame in exploit this legacy they’ve been mocking for years just for marketing purposes right now, than some guy taking inspiration in TRAOD Lara for modelling the doppelganger in TRU. 

Just my personal thoughts. As always.


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So obviously this poor Crystal stag is missing something… But I’m so pleased with how the rest of him has come out I just had to share this work in progress shot! All the stags will have the same monochrome colour scheme apart from the crystals, the crystal colour is chosen by the Backer.

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