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i think everyone's forgetting that the Watermelon Stevens are out in the ocean somewhere. They live to defend Steven, so i wonder if since both the Stevens and Malachite are in the ocean if the melon stevens would show up to aide in fight?

I don’t think anyone forgot about it, its a common theory that the Watermelon Stevens are going to tie into the Malachite storyline. It’s just that without any more in-show information about them there’s not really any reason to keep talking about it because it just comes back to “The Watermelon Stevens will probably be involved in some way”


Nothing. He had absolutely nothing. He was left in an empty zone which no one dared enter anymore, he had lost vast amounts of power and the world outside of his domain was no longer one he could touch without that damned puppeteer getting in his way. He paced through the halls of his zone, hooves tapping against the floor and shattering the stillness. No one was there except for him. At least, he thought so until he saw someone up ahead. “well now, I didn’t think anyone even wanted to come into my zone anymore.” He let out a little laugh. 

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*hands Jason the frog to Greg and whispers in his ear for a joke* Hey, lil' bro. I heard Jason was a magical frog. One that could turn you into that tiger you always wanted. -snickers-

“Woah!! No way!!”
       Greg not only believed his brother, he was totally amazed!
“Jason Funderberker, why didn’t you tell me this before?!!”
                  He said to his frog with slight disappointment, who responded with a croak.

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greg, onion, and sapphire for the ask thing

thanks friend ahhhh!!!!!!

Greg: The most supportive person in your life just now?

mmm thats hard to answer? Like if we’re talking about people that have made me feel good like specifically today? nepeta or nonbinarygamzee probably? also birb-meem has been the most supportive for the longest amount of time (like 3 years now? maybe more). There are a LOT more people but this is already getting long. If you feel like you should be on this list, you probably are.

Onion: If you could replicate anything 100 times, what would you make copies of?

maybe like a REALLY good computer or something so that all of my friends could have nice computers? i dont know really

Sapphire: Your trademark feature that people recognise you by?

online? my art maybe or my voice i dont know? offline its 100% my hair i have this golden-blonde hair (the kind middle-age moms dye their hair to try and get) that reflects light like hell and it makes me really visible all the time :’)

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ooc so im guessing your most favorite core is space? (sorry if obvious question is obvious)

Don’t worry - It’s not an obvious question at all, since - ironically - I would not say that the Space Core is my favourite. At least not my only favourite.
With all the unique characters, Portal offers - even only amongst the cores - I really don’t think I ever can pick out one particular favourite.
Yet I think the reason to make a Space Core blog is, that I (and this probably should worry me a bit more than it actually does) actually can… Kinda identify myself with him the most. UwU

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Once you get this, you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly then send this to 10 of your favorite followers

okay u H////////

1. I’m usually very nice unless I know right from the start when I’m talking to someone, they’re a huge asshole (only in irl for that part)

2. I rly like being flat chested //and I hope it stays this way omg and im pretty sure i said this before

3. A lot of people say I have a great personality so there’s that

4. I’m not exactly picky with who I’m friends with, as long as we have at least a little something in common then shoot me a message or talk to me. Someone once messaged me and they were like “omg youre Korean??? IM KOREAN” and from there we became good buddies

5. I can’t think of anything else, but hey look a gif

4. What do you think about most?
portal, without a doubt. all things portal, the games, the characters, the art, the fics, the upcoming conversion and possible movie….

7. What’s your strangest talent?
um…. i’m not too sure! i cant do any weird things like bend my fingers back really far or hyperextend my elbows… it’s not very strange, i suppose, but i’m really good at sight-reading sheet music on the piano!

11. Do you have any strange phobias?
mycophobia (fear of fungi), and i don’t know if it’s a phobia but seeing close-ups of fingernails and toenails make me extremely uncomfortable.

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1, 2, 3, and 15 :3

1. Do you prefer traditional drawing, or digital?

wellll i really need to get back in traditional cause i focus on digital way too much but i love both! i usually only paint when i’m working traditionally cause i love watercolor and i never paint at all when im working digitally u ou

2. How long have you been drawing?

since elementary school, i loved working in the art room and doing crafts projects, little kid things like that

3. How many classes have you taken?

i don’t think any of my art classes have ever been outside of school. But in school alone I’ve taken toooons of art classes, nearly every one that our high school offers

15. How long does an average piece take you to complete?

i never keep track, but for something digital w/ full color probably five or six hours if im rly trying