crystalcuttlefish-moving-deacti  asked:

i think everyone's forgetting that the Watermelon Stevens are out in the ocean somewhere. They live to defend Steven, so i wonder if since both the Stevens and Malachite are in the ocean if the melon stevens would show up to aide in fight?

I don’t think anyone forgot about it, its a common theory that the Watermelon Stevens are going to tie into the Malachite storyline. It’s just that without any more in-show information about them there’s not really any reason to keep talking about it because it just comes back to “The Watermelon Stevens will probably be involved in some way”


Nothing. He had absolutely nothing. He was left in an empty zone which no one dared enter anymore, he had lost vast amounts of power and the world outside of his domain was no longer one he could touch without that damned puppeteer getting in his way. He paced through the halls of his zone, hooves tapping against the floor and shattering the stillness. No one was there except for him. At least, he thought so until he saw someone up ahead. “well now, I didn’t think anyone even wanted to come into my zone anymore.” He let out a little laugh.