fleeingcivilization-blog  asked:

1. I don't follow you, I have never seen your blog until you reblogged my post calling feminsim a joke. 2. You just generalized all feminists with maybe someone you have heard of. Go do some research on what Feminism truly is about. 3. look up the video of women at occupy wall street being sprayed with mace,\ then tell me that it's okay for them to make a joke about those women when feminism has nothing to do with it.

Then don’t be on my page you fucking creep. Excuse me when I posted it, the picture said it was a joke, but yes I do think it is. The whole idea behind it is plain and simple sexism. I don’t care about “occupy wall street” Plus the dumb asses of that shit left their jobs to set up a tent city around Wall Street, the whole idea is dumb as fuck. If they want to crash the stock market they fuck the WHOLE United States. It’s dumb. We do need tax breaks for the middle class, but this is the dumbest fucking idea ever. Lets crash the stock market so we get better benfits. That’s really going to help. Yeah sure the cops were over using their power, but that happens every where with everything. Look it up. I’ll tell you why it’s okay to make fun about feminism. Hmm ever laughed at a racist joke? Ever made fun of anyone for any reason whatsoever? That’s why it’s okay to make fun of feminism. Who gives a fuck where the picture comes from? It’s meme, they use random pictures all the time. Now get the fuck off my tumblr and have an awful night. Thanks.