anonymous asked:

i want more smc positive blogs on my dash, can u recommend?

There are many, many smc positive blogs on tumblr! So many that it’s taken me months to properly find you an answer as I can more easily point out the whole 2-3 blogs on tumblr who aren’t positive about it.

So sorry in advance if you’re not @ on this list. The number of people who like SM Crystal is overwhelming. I had to edit so many times as I was basically @ing everyone and most of you post other things beside sm/smc although some of you who do still made it to the list.

So my apologies to anon if you were looking for smc only blogs, most people on tumblr don’t run specific fandom blogs and if they do it’s a mix like sm/smc/manga/pgsm. This list is about tumblrs who are positive about smc which is a whole lot of people!

Feel free to reblog with more blogs that you can think of, if you want to include them here. This is a Sailor Moon Crystal positivity post.

@sailorcrisis @moonlightsdreaming @purinsesu-sereniti @tiny012 @crystalbehindthescenes @crystalmoonxo @serizawazs @triaelf9 @supersmashnash @sailorgojirarex1997 @i1976blunotte @kagenoneko @little-more-than-a-whim @serafukubishounensenshi @p-serenity @glittermoonandstars @goldenharmony @gwenthewelshgal @carryonmywaywardsenshi @crystalcaps @demisexualmako @eternal-sailormoon @fyeahsailormoon @sailorcinnamonroll @guardiancosmos @mooniesforever @prettyguardianscreencaps @rabbit0fthemoon @tumblin-milano @sailormoonscreencaps @sailormoonfavorites @kindnessiseternal @usagixoxo @thesailorbook @venusmelody @cookie9377 @frozendiamond85 @atinylightinthedarkness @superimaginationcreativity @cinnamonrollusagi @personaeffect @sailorsoapbox @irritablevowel @gingerbowtie @paulthetic @senshiofmom @blackotaku97 @carlosfarinas @luna-whiskers @blackmantagirl @fsakurazuka @reignlove @lunasmagicbox @chanelflorahl @raynfarron @allthatglitter @ainomessage @sailorcorgimoon @solitarysetsuna @silvermoon424 @eclecticdancerm @lookuptotheinfinite @sailorhoneymoon @astraearose93 @she-dreams-in-pink @sailor-moon-turtle @sailormoon-princess @tallladyserenity @supersailorwhore @sailor-skank @cutie-tabootie @cynthiaamata @mdkmoon @louise-valliere-dono @doslunasdereina @erisol-ediciones @ladyaldara @lasmokingreblogger @uswagi-tsukino @idesofnovember @d011qu33n @abbymacaroni @mooncaps @senshiofserenity @smokingbomber @sailormoonparallels @peacelovehappinessandwriting @heavensubt @sailorfailures @sailormoon-mooniverse @sailorkittykrys @moonie-love

Again, if I missed anybody, this list got overwhelming so I plan on adding to it again in the future. I ❤ all these positive Moonies!✌