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MTV posted a deleted scene from 1.17 between Barry & Joe about Iris. Tweet @mtv and @crystalbell your excitement for Iris’ season two storyline, and please leave a comment on the article itself due to these gems:

“I think we took some unfortunate bashing last year for keeping her in the dark, but now that she knows, she’s definitely a part of things,” Kreisberg said. “It’s really Iris who really brings the team together in episode 201, the season premiere.”

“We find everybody a little bit fractured from the events of the finale,” he added. “We see her out and about. We see her in investigative journalism, getting herself into some big trouble, but also, being what she’s always been, which is Barry’s star and the thing he’s guided by.”

“Iris has an extremely strong story this year, dealing with the West family and her dad,” he said. “It’s absolutely amazing — and we’re really excited for people to see what happens to her this year.”

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