Name - Sam X Farmer

“Hey babe” Sam said, sitting next to his spouse on the bright couch. 

“Hey.” They replied, not looking up from their book.

“I brought you a gift” Sam draped his arm around them and placed a gift on top of their book. They gasped, annoyed for a second before the surprise settled into them.

“Oh thank you so much.” They tore into the gift with a new excitement. It was a silver bracelet with the word ‘farmer’ encrusted with synthetic diamonds they made in their crystalarium. “It’s beautiful! But…” 

“What?” Sam asked, worried over how this conversation was going to continue. He was sure they would love it and was worried that they might not have loved him. He knew it was silly as they told him all the time, but he worried regardless. 

“Why doesn’t it have my name on it?” They turned to him quizzically. 

“Uhhhh…” He stammered, trying to think of a half decent reply but coming up short. 

“You don’t know my name, do you? They asked as they slipped the bracelet on their wrist.

“Of course I know your name!” He said, loud and frantic.

“Which is….?” 

“….” Sweat was coming off Sam in visible beads, and the heat radiating off of him was unreal. He felt unreal as the silence dragged on. He started to tap his fingers on the couch out of distress. “I….I don’t know your name.” He said, finally, defeated.

“We’ve been dating for 2 years and you don’t know my name.” The farmer said playfully turning towards him.

“No.” He admitted, defeated. He looked down at their hands. “What is it?” 

“Figure it out yourself.” They replied, getting up from their spot; snickering as they left the living room. Sam gaped in distraught.

Plumbogummite specimen from China. Nearly as fun to look at as it is to say, Plumbogummite is a rare lead phosphate that has become more widely available in the last year or so due to recent finds. It’s name comes from Latin and alludes to its lead content (‘plumbum’) as well as its peculiar surface luster, which sometimes appears to have a resinous coating ('gummi’). This particular specimen displays a great color range, from blue to canary yellow, and has a fascinating formation, including a few crystals with readily visible hexagonal structure.
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CCX-417, $378