May Raffle piece for @whatsapokemon​. The theme was Crystal Ponies so I drew two of my favorite glass horses Heart Song and Folly Glaze

Something about crystal ponies being slightly transparent and what internal refractions would do was just too tempting! However, most crystal ponies I can call to mind are Blue or purple… They don’t really add much to Heart’s blue. However, @input-command​ has one of the most viberant crystal ponies I know of! So I got to surprise him too!


Glimmershine is quite reflective in any light shun directly at her, though it works better with contrast.

She wouldn’t look as sharply reflective if she had been standing outside, instead of getting hit by outdoor light while in a dimly lit room.

That said she makes a great improvised disco ball if you got rope strong enough to hold her up.



It’s hard to believe how fast time goes sometimes. Fain was created after Adelaide alongside Mira’s creation, meaning he’s now 6+ years old which is just insane to me as I’ve never had actual characters this old before. He wasn’t even made for tumblr! Both Adelaide and Fain had been created for RP purposes YEARS before I had even made a blog, crazy!

Here is some SUPER old art of him along with some newer stuff (yes its embarrassing but I love looking back at it all the same) You can really see all the design changes. 

The first row was made at the same time and they are the VERY first references I ever made of him! LOL I love seeing his development. Fain at first was basically just a Sherlock ripoff. Throughout the years he’s gone through a ton of changes, his intellect remained but his age turned younger, his style became an iconic part of him, and his personality changed the most.

Then I created a whole family for him, and entire HUB for him! Fain’s world has more depth than Adelaide’s does, and though I’m a bit sad I’ll never get to show the true extent of his story, I’m so grateful for all the good reception he has received!

Thank you for all your support so far, I hope his small smile at the top there had you surprised! He rarely does so :) He’s busy opening some presents now so I’ll announce the winners of the contest in a couple days okay?


Well, they do share some experiences with having to adjust to modern age and all, but Glimmershine is Dayguard and Luna got her own thing going at night.

But yeah, after a 1000 years there is a thing or two to discover and adjust to.