Crystal Pony Adopts!

Doing some more adopts on my bases and these guys are also a little cheaper from the start since the manes will be used in future bases. 

As always, rules for the adopts are in the link above! Payments are taken via Paypal, USD only. I’ll also take DeviantArt points if you REALLY want it, but money is definitely preferred. Send me an IM if you’re interested! These will be up on my DA as well.

EDIT: These guys have been sitting around for a pretty long time, so they’re going down to half off!

Each adopt is $20! $10 (Or 800 Points)

(Or Half off or Trade if you’re a Friend!)

1. Sunset Sonata 

2. Tempered Tonic TAKEN

3. Diamond Dust TAKEN

Art Contest!

AY! It’s my boi Fain’s birthday on April 13th!

I’m holding a little fanart contest for him because he doesn’t get a lot of love and I’m a selfish woman.

-Deadline is the 13th of April
-He doesn’t have a cutie mark at the moment so don’t draw him with one if you’re looking at other references
-He HAS to wear at least a neck accessory, but he’s known to wear full Victorian ensembles. (See Alois and Ciel from Black Butler for examples)
-DO NOT draw him smiling

There will be three winners! The three winners will get an outfit personally designed for their oc and showing them wearing it! Like the example belooww!

A bit about Fain:
-He IS a crystal pony! (he’s just unhappy so he doesn’t sparkle much)
-Young and very intelligent
-Loves tea, reading, and classical music
-Plays the harp, piano, and violin
-A sad smol boy (short and malnourished)
-He’s tired :’) (dark circles under eyes)
-He’s rich as heck
-Kinda pretty tho

Have fun with my pretty boy! I hope people will consider joining ;w; <3


Glimmershine is quite reflective in any light shun directly at her, though it works better with contrast.

She wouldn’t look as sharply reflective if she had been standing outside, instead of getting hit by outdoor light while in a dimly lit room.

That said she makes a great improvised disco ball if you got rope strong enough to hold her up.


We now return to Episodes from The Crystal Empire…

Mod: Surprise! Flash Sentry is half Crystal pony. That makes sense, right? Write that down.

Welcome back, everypony! With that mean hiatus, I finally found the best way for me to apply the Crystal Pony effect on my pony models. This means we’ll hopefully have more crystal ponies in future episodes.

Also ready for future events are Crystal Empire Guard ponies, in spiffy Crystal Guard armor which Flash here is rockin’.

Bonus Material (please do not reupload):

I’m also penning a proper story arc to start… or continue. Whatever. Twilight will also be having that mane on this blog for a while.

“I have come across books on Sombra quite often. There are no records on a Radiant Hope either..”

I’ve heard the story of him from Armos before..

So actually that latest design trade had me thinking at how good of a modpony this would be. Big thanks to Harmon for letting me tweak the pony. I changed her into a crystal pony and tweaked her eye colour to grey (like mine are) Obviously she drew the picture, I just did slight edits, I will make a proper pic for her later!

This will be my modpony going forward and I’m veerry pleased with her. Her hat and scarf isn’t mandatory but as I live in Minnesota I think it fits really well as I have a scarf and hat just like that :’D (Hat can be replaced with a bow or a knit cap) 

Thanks again Harmon for making a design that spoke to me so well!