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Hi ego! So I was checking out your slice tag and your crystal ponies (btw I totally love them), and uh I was wonder if they were maybe sorta kind of a little teeny bit based off of a particular animated movie that may or may not had been made by a slightly not particularly famous company. . .?

this one? ha ha not intentionally, but they did come out looking a lot like that! (it was noticed at the time too…) the crystal ponies have a sorta greek-mythos aesthetic to ‘em that I tried to keep, and that plus the color choice just kinda came out that way. :U disney’s hercules was a pretty big artistic influence on me
so maybe it was subconscious!

I saw these and I was inspired with a headcanon that Crystal ponies have crystals and gems growing out of their bodies as well. I’ve never drawn cyrstal ponies (I don’t think) but oh man it’s so fun and satisfying overlaying that crystal texture on top of them at the end. =w= <3

Anyway yeah, this is just my headcanon so you don’t have to agree with it, but if you like it you’re welcome to use it for your ponies too! :> Now I’m off to draw up some more, maybe some non-pony things. :3



((A note: I won’t be including questions in these storybook sequences, due to the nature of the style. But feel free to ask questions related to this- they can always be answered later on!

Crystal ponies are not my OCs and belong to their respective owners!))