❝ allison argent gif hunt ❞

under the cut you will find 159 HQ gifs of crystal reed as allison argent in teen wolf. all of these gifs are small/medium + have no text. none of these gifs are mine + credit goes to the original makers. please like and/or reblog if you're using any of these gifs or if you found this helpful.

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anonymous asked:

💕 + crystal reed and dylan o'brien

— ˚ 。for every 💕 + fc i get i’ll tell you my favorite muse with that fc.

CRYSTAL REED ; i’m gonna have to go with @hurriicanehearts muse alessandra aka lyssa bc i love her to death & she’s such a sweet little sunshine that has had a rough time and just needs some love ( even if my muse keeps breaking her heart ) i love her a lot & she’s the other half of one of my favorite ships i got and one of my longest lasting ships. plus hurricanehearts is amazing as a person & happens to be a kick ass writer. 

DYLAN O’BRIEN ; so i haven’t interacted with that many dylan’s if not anyone at least more recently & even tho i haven’t interacted with him i’m gonna say @collateralxbeauty ‘s muse mason. he seems like a lil shit and i’m a sucker for it. one day we’re gonna do a brotp & it’ll be epic, let me tell you. also collateralxbeauty doesn’t deserve this bc she’s the worst but sometimes it kills to be honest, so? gotta suffer through. ( lowkey tho she’s awesome and like the biggest dylan nerd ever plus like all her characters are golden trash & she’s … ok … as a person. )


My favorite actor, and one that I wish to emulate, is Meryl Streep. If I met her, I might just be completely speechless. My motto in life and on set is ‘What Would Meryl Do?’ because she can do no wrong in my book. But for the most part, the stars I look twice at are musicians, because I have no idea how they do what they do; actors, I know how they do it. I get it.”