King Tut's Blade Made of Meteorite

King Tut was buried with a dagger made of an iron that literally came from space, says a new study into the composition of the iron blade from the sarcophagus of the boy king.

Using non-invasive, portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, a team of Italian and Egyptian researchers confirmed that the iron of the dagger placed on the right thigh of King Tut’s mummified body a has meteoric origin.

The team, which include researchers from Milan Polytechnic, Pisa University and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, detailed their results in the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science.

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Doodly smoodly dump :D

Christmas gifts! Solo got Topper, their big lovable therapy dog who can actually keep up with their ridiculous levels of energy and bring them back to earth, Crayon got to be part of an art auction, and Pisca got a Princess Mononoke style crystal dagger necklace. She’s never seen a rock more beautiful and she can be VIOLENT with it :D (I’m so back and forth on her burnt hand but I think I’ve decided that while she does have no hand, she still has a few of the finger bones that allow for very crude gripping)

Solo is the gamest in the land~

Some random characters all bundled together with more cosplaying Solo

Aaaaaand I’m still trying to flesh out Pisca’s island. I know she and her parents lived on the more dangerous side, having to make their own bridges to get across that would give anyone vertigo, but oceans keeps proving hard to draw XD

Coming Home, Piece by Piece

Slowly but surely, the Hood Mills family comes back together–a S6 AU.

For the anon who requested the Coming Home prompt from my prompt list; and for the anon who requested a fic based loosely on this beautiful gifset by the crazily talented @reginasevilpanda. And for the lovely @stick-to-the-lasagna-lady for encouraging it :)

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ghostdvnce-deactivated20150608  asked:

How did you make your crystal dagger? That's amazing! I cosplayed as San at an anime convention this past year too :)

Ah, thank you! <3 It was actually pretty simple; I found a crystal christmas ornament at Hobby Lobby and used pliers to take off the part I wanted to use for the dagger. Then, I painted the dagger in thin, translucent coats with phthalo blue paint and iridescent nail polish. Once it was dry, I hot glued the red cloth around the end and then glued/wrapped the cord around that. I finished it off with blue paint marker for the details on the cloth and some black yarn for the black cord underneath. Here’s the completely finished product: 

I hope your cosplay went well! There’s a lot of parts for a cosplay newb like me @_@ haha

thehobblefootalchemist  asked:

I just wanted to tell you "some next level Dark One shit" is my new favorite phrase

LOL thanks!

Rumple is still my fave tho. You just can’t have any peace in town without Rumple introducing new ways to fuck shit up. And he is like, really, really good at it. Plus, to keep it exciting, he ups the ante every season:

  • S1 - Curse broken - Everyone is safe because Regina is harmless… Rumple reintroduces magic…to do murder.
  • S2 - Crystals in the mine offer way home to EF - Rumple steals them… to save his own life/ do murder..
  • S3 - Zelena defeated peacefully, Rumple does more murder…which opens the time portal.
  • 4A - Finally marries Belle… then spends his honeymoon plotting to take over world by: using the sorcerer’s hat, trapping Emma, killing Hook, and destroying the town with Ingrid. Get his ass exiled…
  • 4B - then struts back into town with QOD putting an end to the 6 weeks of peace that occurred in his absence.
  • 5A - Hook destroys Dark One Curse - LOL Nope - Rumple took it back

  • 5B - Next level Dark One shit with Olympian crystal - probably taking all magic in SB and tethering it to the crystal, or the dagger, so only he can use it/ become invincible.

Nobody villains like Rumple villains - Hades should have taken the deal.