November is Diabetes Awareness Month!

So here we are, November 1st, and I will be a bit more vocal about myself than I usually am.

Name: Sam

When I was diagnosed: January 2005

Which type: Type 1

Fun fact about my diabetes: I actually have two siblings and they have diabetes too!

Pump or syringe: insulin pump since 2007

Favorite celeb with diabetes: Nick Jonas or Crystal Bowersox (who I’ve met!)

I’ll be posting throughout the month using #diabeteschallenge2k17.


New video! This week, I’m talking about Crystal Bowersox, Alan Cumming, bisexual erasure, and why it all matters.

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If you’re coming out for Christmas, you might be a #bisexual.
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American Idol Contestant Is Coming Out For Christmas

This story may be a month or so old, but it helped me round four rather lovely Christmas stories up to the magic number of five. 

Season Nine American Idol runner-up Crystal Bowersox came out as bisexual earlier this month on US chat show Good Day LA, when she was promoting her honest and wonderfully progressive Christmas single. The track, entitled Coming Out at Christmas, is about bringing home a same-sex partner for the first time in the holidays and includes a lyric that will likely speak to many LGBTQ people: “I will introduce my love as not just my friend”. 

External image

Sales from the single - the cover for which features a Christmas tree made up of ‘equals’ symbols - are going to The Trevor Project. At the time of writing, there are still a few hours left of Christmas 2013, so it’s still socially acceptable to download a Christmas song. Oh heck, it’s for a good cause. Download it anyway and save it for next Christmas. 


American Idol finalist? Check. Bisexual? Check. Catchy, saccharine Christmas song? Big check.

For clicking if you’re into that kind of thing.


“well, you have suffered enough, and warred with yourself. it’s time that you’ve won.”


“Mine All Mine”
- Crystal Bowersox

Perfect song.
And she is sooo cute! 


This girl has some pipes.