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White Diamond, Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond and Pink Diamond from Steven Universe (my favorite cartoon of all time!) Wich is your favorite Diamond ? Me it’s Blue!


Crystal Gem Sprites 

I had planned on starting a Patreon focused on Blender tutorials but I started school recently and I just haven’t had the time for it. 

My first project was going to be rendering crystal sprites but I never got the chance to finish it (all the component parts are done. I just have to edit them together) 

These are some of the examples I had made using the technique. I plan to get the tutorial done eventually – and I upload the source file (and the models for these sprites) when I get to it! 

The Diamonds Each Heal Corruption in Their Own Way

If you haven’t seen the episode “Legs From Here to Homeworld” click away to avoid spoilers.

If you’ve seen the episode, you’ll know that Steven convinced the diamonds to help heal the corrupted gems, specifically Centipeetle.

First Yellow Diamond tries…

Yellow Diamond brought her regular physical form back, but that’s about it.

Then Blue Diamond helps…

With the help of Blue Diamond, Centipeetle becomes less animal-like, and becomes more conscious. However, she’s still far from normal. Blue Diamond brings out her emotions, specifically the negative ones.

Lastly, Steven joins in…

Now she finally seems back to normal. Steven is the one who brings back her mind, as she’s now able to state her gem, facet, and mission.

What it Means:

Yellow Diamond can heal physically

  • Yellow Diamond’s attacks are physical based, such as poofing gems with electricity

Blue Diamond can heal emotionally

  • Blue Diamond’s attacks are based on emotions, such as making gems cry uncontrollably

Pink Diamond can heal mentally

  • Pink Diamond/Steven’s powers are mental, such as being able to connect with people thought their thoughts when unconscious

White Diamond is the glue to hold it all together

  • She’s the biggest, strongest Diamond
  • She’s white like glue, duh