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i know the chapters came out hours ago and i should be over it but i keep thinking about how Drake said he would only dress up if he ever had someone to impress and now!! he has one!! in MC!!! can you imagine Tough “I Dont Care About People’s Opinions Of Me” Guy™ Drake standing in front of the mirror for hours worrying about whether he looks nice (something he would never otherwise care about) for this girl who a couple of weeks ago he didn’t think he would even like? because i absolutely can and it is doing dangerous things to my heart


It was the evening of 7 August, 2008, and Crystal Walker left her 5-year-old daughter, Isabella, in care of her great-grandparents, Henry and Sharon Lascelle, while she went to work at a sports bar. Living a couple doors down from the couple was 16-year-old John Freeman. John was a regular fixture at the Lascelle household. He often helped mow the lawn and used their computer and sometimes even slept in the spare room when he didn’t want to pay for heat. He certainly was taken under their wing and would often take advantage of their generosity. 

At approximately 11PM, Henry and Sharon went to sleep. When they awoke, Isabella was missing. They called the police who mounted a search. The first point of call was to go to John’s home. He had been at the Lascelle household that evening so they hoped he knew something about her whereabouts. When police questioned him, he was uncommunicative and told them the last time he saw her was when he left the Lascelle home before they went to bed that night. He didn’t offer to assist in the search and seemed disinterested in the entire ordeal, even standoffish. 

After searching for hours, police were led to a trash can four blocks from the Lascelle home. The person who directed police there was John’s best friend, Tyler Best. Overcome with guilt, Tyler had walked to the police station to reveal what he knew about the disappearance and death of the little girl. John eventually confessed that he had strangled Isabella with his bare hands before asking Tyler to help him dispose of her body. The motivation behind the senseless murder was never revealed, however it was announced that Isabella had not been molested. John was sentenced to 22 years to life.

something @incomprehensiblelentils​ and I decided to come up with while making these

queer aesthetic alignment charts for women in the whole MCU (not presuming their sexuality but they’re all queer somehow):

high femme: Raina & Pepper Potts • hard femme: Peggy Carter & Victoria Hand neutral femme: Wanda Maximoff & Trish Walker soft femme: Angie Martinelli & Karen Page murder femme: Lorelei & Elektra Natchios space femme: Carina & Crystal Amaquelin

high neutral: AIDA & Hope Van Dyne hard neutral: Bobbi Morse & Misty Knight true neutral: Jemma Simmons & Darcy Lewis soft neutral: Sharon Carter & Jane Foster murder neutral: Natasha Romanoff & Melinda May space neutral: Gamora & Mantis

high butch: Valkyrie & Sif hard butch: Maria Hill & L.T. Koenig neutral butch: Elena Rodriguez & Jessica Jones soft butch: Daisy Johnson & Isabelle Hartley murder butch: Colleen Wing & Hela space butch: Nebula & Auran

(your favorite lady not on this helpful chart? we probably know where she falls, there were just uneven numbers in some categories so we only included the first two we thought up in each - just ask!)

Lucifer’s Trash Stash’s Masterlist

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Big Brother- Negan and little sister reader Fluff/Comedy Drabble

All for You- Demon!Negan Fluff Angst Drabble

Neverending Nightmare: Negan and Freddy Krueger Angst

The Saviors:

Arat in Wonderland- Arat, Dwight, Simon, and Negan Comedy Drabble

J is for Jeep- Simon the SaviorxReader Smut

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The Camp Crystal Lake Walker- Negan, Simon, Dwight, Arat, and Jason Voorhees Comedy/Horror Drabble (TWD and Friday the 13th Crossover)

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Into the Woods (Co-written with @ladylorelitany)- Merle Dixon x Charlotte Ballard, Daryl Dixon x Robin Ballard


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Ravished by Moonlight- (Werewolf!Negan x Reader AU)

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Came out to have a Good Time

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The ot4 and kissing~ What kind of kisser they are? They would give platonic ones in each other cheeks? How about their first kiss with his/her lover? (My, I specified a lot :´D)

Allen is a wonderful kisser. He’s very practiced and he knows how to do it well. He’ll only do gentle kisses if it’s on the cheek or the hand, and when he kisses someone on the lips, it’s always deep and passionate. He always wants to leave his lover breathless, and he loves french kissing. His favorite kiss is a kiss on the lips.

Kanda isn’t great at kissing, and usually sticks with kissing them on the cheek or forehead where he can’t mess up. He hates kissing in public and thinks it should be reserved for when they’re comfortable and alone. When he does kiss his lover on the lips, it’s soft and short, and he gets a bit flustered after, so his partner has to work to get another one out of him. His favorite kiss is a kiss on the eyelid.

Lenalee loves kissing, but hasn’t practiced much. She thinks kissing is a great way to show you care for someone, and loves to kiss her friends on the cheek to cheer them up. Kissing normally isn’t something she’s used to, but she doesn’t mind it. She’s alright with kissing people on the lips, but she always prefers to pepper kisses elsewhere. Her favorite kiss is a kiss on the thigh.

Lavi absolutely loves getting kisses, and is always happy to kiss or be kissed anywhere. Most of his kisses end up being forehead kisses, but he really loves kissing his lover anywhere, though when it comes to being kissed, he always wants to be kissed somewhere sensitive, so he doesn’t like the usual kisses. His favorite kiss is a kiss on the neck.

The Camp Crystal Lake Walker

A/N: This fic was done for @embracetheapocalypsewithme‘s 400 follower Negan challenge! My prompt was horror, so I decided to have Negan tangle with Jason Voorhees. I hope you all enjoy!

Word Count: 2,028

Warnings: Swearing, monster showdowns, blood, gore, dismembered heads, death.

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“But when the boy went to open the car door for his girlfriend, there was… a bloody hook on the door handle!”

“Dwight, that’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard,” Negan said with a groan.

“It’s kind of old too,” Arat chimed in as she kicked around some dirt at her feet.

“You all asked for a story, and I gave you one,” Dwight grumbled as he poked the wood in the campfire around with a stick.

“I thought it was good,” Joey chimed in.

Negan rolled his eyes. “No offense Fat Joey, but you couldn’t fucking say a mean thing about anyone, not even if someone was stealing your shit right in front of you.”

Simon had just returned with another armful of wood and tossed it next to the fire for later before taking a seat next to Negan. The five of them had gotten stuck on an overnight supply run and were trying to find ways to pass the time.

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I’m really afraid that the teen wolf writers kill Stiles or Lydia at the end or pull out a Chuck series finale card where we don’t really get a closer, if Sarah Walker ends up remembering Chuck Bartowski or not after all or something like that! I’m really really afraid because someone that is capable of killing Alisson Argent is capable of everything!
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How do we build cultural institutions that offer welcome and inspiration to visitors of all backgrounds?

What does “cultural equity” mean, how can we understand it, what are the barriers to achieving it, and how can we make progress? What role do museums and other cultural organizations, foundations, critics, and government have to play?

This Friday, Ford Foundation President Darren Walker and acclaimed poet and college administrator Crystal Williams discuss issues of inequity and access in U.S. culture today in a conversation moderated by cultural critic Vinson Cunningham. Reserve your free tickets

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