crystal walker

I’m really afraid that the teen wolf writers kill Stiles or Lydia at the end or pull out a Chuck series finale card where we don’t really get a closer, if Sarah Walker ends up remembering Chuck Bartowski or not after all or something like that! I’m really really afraid because someone that is capable of killing Alisson Argent is capable of everything!
—  Stydiashalebsoulmates
How do we build cultural institutions that offer welcome and inspiration to visitors of all backgrounds?

What does “cultural equity” mean, how can we understand it, what are the barriers to achieving it, and how can we make progress? What role do museums and other cultural organizations, foundations, critics, and government have to play?

This Friday, Ford Foundation President Darren Walker and acclaimed poet and college administrator Crystal Williams discuss issues of inequity and access in U.S. culture today in a conversation moderated by cultural critic Vinson Cunningham. Reserve your free tickets

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