crystal the killer


Some recent orders I just finished up~ I’ve extended the sale in my Etsy shop until February 7th! Use the code OCTO25 to get 25% off my entire shop~ Don’t see something you’re looking for? (rings, bracelets, plug earrings, certain designs)Shoot me a message and I can set you up with a private listing.

These are all hand sculpted out of polymer clay, even the suction cups! 

OK. So, this is very inspired by @pearlsnose‘s Mermaid Au. Now I know this isn’t the fish they chose for Garnet, but the moment @poppygalef gave me the idea of Garnet being an Orca mermaid I HAD to draw it omg. (So its sort of a fusion of ideas by the three of us lol)

@flawedlouise shouldn’t be here.

Someone had infringed on Crystal Lake. Its sole occupant could sense it. The Crystal Lake Killer brandished his machete and left the safe confines of his derelict shack. The intruder had made one of their final mistakes. Jason Voorhees made his way through the surrounding woods; he walked in no direction in particular and instead followed his instinct. Instinct had never steered him wrong before.