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Ways to Cleanse
  1. Smoke Cleanse: (Commonly using sage) Using smoke from a burning sage bundle, pass it over the item or being that you would like to cleanse. Focus on your intent while sending out the negative energy. Use incantations if you like. Make sure the plant you are burning is in no way poisonous and is safe! This cannot be stressed enough!
  2. Incense smoke: Choose a specific scent corresponding to your goal. Pass it over an item or being like smoke cleansing. Focus on you intent and cast out negative energy. 
  3. Holy water: You can purchase or create your own. Submerge or sprinkle over an item as needed. Focus on your intent to help cleanse it from negative energy. You can use an incantation, say a chant, or call on any entities you work with.
  4. Running Water: Make sure the item is unable to be harmed by water! Submerge into a running creek or river. Let it wash away all the negative energies and become charged with positive one. Rainwater can be used as well.
  5. Sea salt: Bury the item you want cleansed into sea salt, make sure it will not harm the item. Leave it for a few days in the salt. The salt will absorb any unwanted energies.
  6. Sunlight: Make sure the item will not be harmed, certain crystals will fade in the sunlight! Leave the item in full sunlight and let it absorb the suns positive energies and remove the negative ones.
  7. Moonlight: Place an item outside or on the window sill to soak up the moonlight and dispel negative energies.
  8. High vibration sounds: Using a crystal bowl, a Tibetan Singing bowl, a gong, drumming, tuning fork or even your favorite music turned up loud will cleanse an item of unwanted energies.
  9. Pyramid Energy: Placing an item under or inside a pyramid which has been charged for cleansing will take away any negative energy and return the item to neutral. 
  10. Personal Energy: Using your own personal energy to drive the unwanted energy out of the item that needs cleansing. It is the safest way to cleanse because it wont harm any object. Though, it can be intensive depending upon the quantity and quality of the energies needing to be stripped away.
  11. Charged Crystals: Some crystals have a natural ability to strip away energies of items and leave them neutral, amethyst or rock crystal excels at such work.
  12. Sweeping: Sweeps out negative energies.


==Moonlight Mystics


My sister @witchy-flowercrown and I made this beautiful pocket altar for one one of our closest friends. 🌿🔮 


  • tea light candle 
  • 2 crystals 
  • matches & match strip 
  • mother of pearl 
  • coin (for ouija board) 
  • thimble and metal wire (for mixing) 
  • dried moss 
  • ingredient sachets (cloves, osmanthus, rosebuds, lavender buds, catnip, spearmint, dandelion, chamomile, salt, hibiscus)

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i wonder if jasper ever looks at amethyst and sees carnelian and it kills her a little inside

Ever since we learned that the Beta Kindergarten was full of “defects,” I’ve been saying that Jasper’s behavior towards Amethyst was a major case of projecting. It’s part “I see something in you I hate in myself,” Jasper’s need to convince herself that she’s Not Like Those Other Earth Quartzes. And given that Yellow Diamond’s way of dealing with the trauma of the War was to eradicate all traces of Earth (wanting to activate the Cluster, telling BD to stop going to PD’s station, and especially wanting to wipe out the whole cut of Rose Quartzes), I’d be willing to bet money at this point that Jasper really was told that the “defects” were wiped out, and that she took that lesson to heart as a way of coping with survivor’s guilt.

So she would probably think that if Carnelian - who served Homeworld - was killed because she was so “defective,” what right would Amethyst - a Crystal Gem at that - have to live? 

It’s still a complicated thing for her tho. Because in one breath she could justify trying to shatter Amethyst for being “defective” and then in the next breath call out the Crystal Gems for stripping Peridot of her dignity by taking away her limb enhancers. And we also know that just like she blames Rose Quartz for shattering Pink Diamond, she also hasn’t forgiven her for what she did to her colony and planet, indicating she still has some attachment to Beta and Earth, however damaged by this point. 

I don’t think it’s a coincidence at all that Carnelian was designed to resemble Amethyst so much, and I have a strong feeling she - and Skinny, the only other Beta given significant screen time - will play a big part when we learn more about Jasper’s past. Because I bet the Jasper that Carnelian remembers is vastly different than the one Amethyst dealt with. 


Not only cookie cats can be magic
Another scene of gems during summer vacation

A month has past but I’ve done it as promised ;D
Hope you like it! @kuro-chan96 @peri-space-dorito

(I would never thought that steven was so cute to drawwwwww awwww)

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This is actually very interesting, the parallels between the three drawings, how, in some aspects one is more like the manga, or the 90’s is more like Crystal than we’d like to imagine.
Objectively, not much changes between the images, they all use the same outlines, but manga has that Watercolor/ethereal coloring that Naoko liked to use, the 90’s has very bold colors, and Crystal uses slightly subdued, pastel colors.
Hair: literally, the only thing that changes between the girls’ hair between the three is the coloring. Mako’s hair has the most dramatic change between the three images, and it’s honestly all achieved with the coloring. Usagi, however, is a different story. Her 90’s bangs emulate the manga bangs most, and those two share similarities in the fact that her buns rest slightly on the back of her head, as opposed to Crystal where her buns Rest on the top/forefront of her head. However, each of them has a defining characteristic in how they portray her flyaways. In the Manga illustration, her flyaways are achieved with just white lines, adding to that whole glowy effect that Naoko used in her colorings. In the 90’s illustration used completely saturated yellow lines, and then Crystal uses opaque, full tendrils for the flyaways.
Fuku: the base Fuku is the same for all of the girls, but there coloring, the bows, the gloves and skirts are all slightly different. The bows in 90’s and Manga are just straight but in Crystal they’re all crimped in the middle. For the skirts, in the 90’s they’re rather geometrically folded, as was the style, but in manga it’s more organically flowing, and in The Crystal illustration, he did a good job of emulating the way the 3D modeler organically folds the skirts. The gloves are only slightly different on the folded arms, where in the manga they show a bit of the elbow, in Crystal and 90’s there is no elbow on the end. Also, the rings are slightly differently placed between the three on the extended arms - a good example is Mako’s right arm.
Also, in Crystal and 90’s there is backwash of the neck collar, but not in the manga.
Also, Mako and Moon’s shoes are ever so slightly different. Mako’s shoes are slightly redesigned in the 90’s, with the strings ending at the end of her ankle, as opposed to in manga and Crystal they extend all down the foot. The only real difference between moon’s shoes are that they have slightly different moons.
The faces are the obvious change, so I actually just don’t wanna talk about that, you can observe that for yourself. Also, note the difference in moon wands between the three. Then you can see the difference in backgrounds. Manga has faded edges and a brighter, not exaggerate glow around the moon. In the 90’s version, there is the same glow, but around the edges you can see light lens flares. But in Crystal it’s stripped, the only flares at the bottom.
Then, the general shading is what gives different form to each of the figures, like how the sharp shading in the 90’s, vs how he shaded with more of a 3D effect in Crystal, vs the light, watercolor shading in the Manga version. I feel like Crystal’s shading is a nice blend of the two extremes.
This is completely objective, not to say that any one looks better or worse between the three, just that they’re all a nice blend.

About Jasper’s healing arc. Yes, I say healing because that needs to come first. Many people seem to think that a redemption arc only begins when a character has suffered enough. In a way, we saw that with Peridot. Jasper was right when she said that the Crystal Gems had stripped Peridot of everything - her limb enhancers, her status, her dignity. Because they had. They took away her limb enhancers. They took away her status and basically treated her like some idiot child. They took away her dignity by demeaning her - tying her to a fence.

Rebecca Sugar has said that Peridot (and Lapis) never lost the sense that they didn’t deserve what happened to them. With Peridot, that could only mean the Crystal Gems. She feels like she doesn’t deserve the way they keep treating her. Even Steven treats her like someone who doesn’t get it, instead of the capable adult that she is. No wonder Peridot is shown to be very frustrated at times. Because dammit she doesn’t deserve this!

Back to Jasper, like I said she needs a healing arc. And given the statements by Sugar, I think that’s what she’ll get. Lapis and Peridot never lost the sense that they didn’t deserve what happened to them and we’ve seen that in their behaviour. But Jasper does feel like she deserves it - “we all only get what we deserve!”

To me, it sounded like the show’s creator was kinda hinting at a different arc for Jasper.

There’s so many parallells to Amethyst and Jasper. They are so similiar in so many ways. But I kinda feel that Steven will play into it aswell. One, he specifically tells Amethyst that she’s like him, he gets her. Two, Steven is shown to be VERY good at making people feel better, of accepting people the way they are and wanting to help if someone feels bad. He’s also been shown to go from “Jasper’s terrible” to “Jasper is someone in pain that I couldn’t help.”

So Jasper’s arc will most likely involve these three Quartzes, these three Earthlings bonding and helping each other heal.

Vanessa Gottlieb fic.  

Because there is a part of me that loves when people propose that Vanessa has eight degrees in science or engineering or is a successful entrepreneur or whatever, but there’s another part that’s like FUCK THAT WOMEN OF COLOR DO NOT HAVE PROVE THEMSELVES TO BE WORTHY OF LOVE AND FANDOM INTEREST FUCK YOU WOMEN WHO WORK AS MODELS DO NOT HAVE TO PROVE THAT THEY ARE SMART AND INTERESTING AND HUMAN

Language assistance from apfelgranate.  This could legit use a Britpick.

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SU x UG “IN THE END” + Omake

Gems don’t have to eat, but Amethyst likes the feeling. I was wondering if they even digest stuff…

I might think about these things too much…

+OmakeOh sure, I could have been productive today, but that seemed like a hassle :p I’m making up for not being able to draw over the Easter holiday because I was sick. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.How bad do you think Pizza Steve smells after this ordeal? He doesn’t really spoil and Amethyst didn’t digest him, but he did take a dip in the toilet, so…Yeah, I definitely think about these things too much.And when there’s a knock at the door, it’s Uncle Grandpa dressed as a plumber, right? That is, if he doesn’t just crash in to the HQ. Poor Pearl.