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Not only cookie cats can be magic
Another scene of gems during summer vacation

A month has past but I’ve done it as promised ;D
Hope you like it! @kuro-chan96 @peri-space-dorito

(I would never thought that steven was so cute to drawwwwww awwww)

biliahthesegagamer  asked:

I'm just Curious is that Black Strip in Crystal hair her Headband or did she dye her Hair ?

The answer to this question depends on who is illustrating a given book.  Sometimes the band in Crystal’s hair is illustrated as an actual hair band that she can remove; and sometimes it is illustrated as a part of her hair.

here are some examples of both versions…

which do you all prefer?  Do you like it as a hair band, or as an actual part of her hair?


SU x UG “IN THE END” + Omake

Gems don’t have to eat, but Amethyst likes the feeling. I was wondering if they even digest stuff…

I might think about these things too much…

+OmakeOh sure, I could have been productive today, but that seemed like a hassle :p I’m making up for not being able to draw over the Easter holiday because I was sick. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.How bad do you think Pizza Steve smells after this ordeal? He doesn’t really spoil and Amethyst didn’t digest him, but he did take a dip in the toilet, so…Yeah, I definitely think about these things too much.And when there’s a knock at the door, it’s Uncle Grandpa dressed as a plumber, right? That is, if he doesn’t just crash in to the HQ. Poor Pearl.