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What Sherlock Doesn't Say to Molly

In light of Sherlock finally saying those three little words to Molly, I’ve been going back and tracing the progression of his feelings for Molly.  And one of the things that stood out to me started with that often analyzed Sherlolly question… “Was Sherlock really oblivious about the coffee invite?"  Because there is one thing that Sherlock has never said to Molly despite having ample opportunity to do so.

We’ve noted for ages that for all his supposed obliviousness Sherlock is socially perceptive enough to realize that John’s questions about Sherlock’s dating status could denote a romantic interest, and Sherlock immediately and politely shuts that down lest it create some misunderstanding or trouble with his new roommate.  Not that John meant it in that way, anyhow, but an ounce of prevention… 

So if Sherlock can recognize those social cues, how does he miss Molly’s date invitation?  One could argue that Molly’s invite was more subtle and at a time when he was rather distracted by the experiment that he was conducting at the time… except for one rather large fly in the ointment. 

For someone who is supposed to be oblivious to Molly, Sherlock is awfully damned observant.  His reaction to Molly’s explanation is equally problematic if we are supposed to believe that Sherlock is completely oblivious. 

That is not the face of a man who is just going with the easy explanation.  Even as Sherlock starts to turn back to his notes, his eyes are warily fixed on Molly and his expression and body language seems quite suspicious and nervous, rather like a man who has just discovered a large cobra that looks ready to strike.  He knows there’s more to this and that Molly is about to make a move.  This would be the perfect time to lay things on the line, as he later does with John, but instead he feigns complete ignorance. 

We’ve thrown out plenty of theories about his actions here before, but I think that in light of the progression between Sherlock and Molly it’s worth a few new thoughts.  I am honestly not sure if Sherlock knows why he plays dumb at this moment.   As Mrs. Hudson points out in S4, Sherlock is actually all emotion… however in S1 Sherlock is firmly denying his emotions to the point that you have to wonder if he’s even convinced himself.  

For as concerned as Sherlock was about his observation that Molly had put on lipstick for him, he’s equally concerned when he observes that she has taken it off after her failed invitation.  And it is not at all inconceivable after all we’ve seen between them that a primal part of Sherlock actually enjoyed the fact that Molly was putting on that lipstick for his benefit. 

He doesn’t want her to push for something he thinks is beyond his capabilities, but he doesn’t want her to completely lose interest in him either.  Sherlock knows how to give Molly a compliment to get in her good graces, as he does in the very next episode, but he doesn’t do that here either.  A compliment this soon after her invite could provoke another invite.  So he needles her instead, trying to provoke her into continuing to wear lipstick around him. 

At heart I really don’t think that Sherlock is behaving this way because he’s a cold bastard who’s merely trying to use Molly at the beginning of the series.  I think that would have been his way of rationalizing his behavior in the first two episode, but I also think that from the beginning Sherlock at least subconsciously wants Molly’s romantic attention.  There could even be a conscious recognition of this desire on his part that he is internally at war with himself over, because there is a pattern of behavior here that continues even as their relationship escalates. 

Let’s skip ahead to the next big development in their relationship.  The Christmas party where Sherlock discovers that Molly’s regard for him is deeper than just a little meaningless flirting… after he humiliates both of them in front of their friends by trying to deduce her.  She’s dressed to the nines, she’s carrying one specially wrapped present, and she’s wearing that sexy red lipstick for someone–and Sherlock’s deductions make it crystal clear that he does understand the psychology behind a woman trying to draw a man’s attention to her lips.  The "Jim” incident made it clear that Molly wasn’t just sitting around and pining for Sherlock, and he might even have reason to believe that Molly has moved on after that particular scene in the lab.  It’s only after he has behaved like a complete bellend that Sherlock realizes that he was the object of her affection all along. 

Sherlock giving his first ever apology in the series to Molly was a beautiful and important moment.  Sherlock goes beyond that though by giving Molly a Christmas present in return. 

After all the horrible things he’d said, Sherlock gives her a tender kiss on the cheek while wishing her a Merry Christmas.  Leaving Molly (and the rest of the world) to wonder what to make of his actions.  Was he so cruel before because he was jealous?  Was he overcompensating for having just been a total jerk to her?  It’s not like Sherlock bothers to clarify with something like, “I’m flattered Molly, but I’m married to my work."  Is that because he’s trying to spare her more pain, or because he, himself, is confused especially with how Irene has been trying to stir his libido? 

Between the kiss, Sherlock’s lewd ringtone, and Sherlock identifying Irene at the morgue by "not her face”… Sherlock is definitely not giving Molly the impression that he is a man who is married to his work.  No wonder she’s looking for a little clarification on the subject while they are working alone in the lab. 

And this was Sherlock’s golden opportunity to tell her if he didn’t want her affections, because he didn’t have to make the answer about Molly.  There is nobody around to make the situation humiliating.  He could have simply answered, “Molly, I think you should know I consider myself married to my work, etc." 

Because at this point Sherlock knows how Molly feels about him.  All the Christmas deductions plus the "three x’s… sign of romantic attachment."  And yet again, Sherlock doesn’t say it. 

For someone who had zero trouble saying those words to John when he thought John might have a romantic interest, Sherlock goes out of his way to never say those words to Molly, even after he knows she is romantically interested in him.  Even when Molly thinks that he is in love with Irene, Molly is still that helpful and loyal soul he can rely on.  He’s not going to lose her help in the lab or on his cases, so none of his potential earlier rationalizations for not telling her would apply anymore. 

Instead, Sherlock goes on to tell her things like, "You can see me.” “You do count.  You’ve always counted, and I’ve always trusted you."   "If I wasn’t everything that you think I am, everything that I think I am, would you still want to help me?"  And let’s not forget his answer to "What do you need?"  Obviously the only way to answer that was, ”You.“  ;)

So Molly helps fake his death (and keep it secret for two years) and lets him use her bedroom for a bolthole, so I think we’ve reached a pretty high level of trust between them by the beginning of season 3, where Sherlock gets yet another scene where he could have said those words. 

Yeah, so if Molly considers "have dinner” a viable ending to that sentence, Sherlock has obviously still never mentioned his “no dating” policy to her.  They have a day filled with crime solving, meaningful looks, Sherlock’s heartfelt thanks, declarations of Molly being “the one person who mattered most”, another kiss from Sherlock, and an offer to take her to dinner after all… until Sherlock and Molly finally have to acknowledge that she’s currently engaged to another man. 

And do you know when else Sherlock would have had an opportunity to tell Molly that he was married to his work and not interested in romantic entanglements?  During whatever off-screen conversation that had about saying “I love you” to each other during the whole bomb threat scene.  Of course, with the way that Molly was beaming the world’s biggest smile and rushing towards Sherlock’s favorite spot in the ending montage, I think it’s safe to say that Sherlock never said those words to her then either. 

why zuko had to screw up at ba sing se

[ or: all hail cognitive-dissonance-lord zuko ]

When I watched Avatar for the first time, I did it totally out of order. The first episode I saw was Cave of Two Lovers, I watched the finale before Western Air Temple, and the first episode was one of the last I saw. I was mostly at the mercy of the whims of Nickelodeon’s Saturday morning marathons.

So I knew from almost the beginning that Zuko (spoiler alert) was going to grow his hair out and switch sides, and I knew it happened mid book 3. Watching Crossroads of Destiny, then, was a totally different experience. When Azula gave him the ultimatum, I knew which side he’d choose, and I was so frustrated and angry. I wanted Zuko to be good already, dammit. After all of the development and the “metamorphosis” he’d gone through only a few episodes ago, I was convinced that his mistake in CoD was in there purely for shock value (and for me, knowing how it ended, I didn’t even get to experience that) and to draw out the angst. I was bitter because I felt cheated out of a half season’s worth of Redeemed!Zuko hanging out with the gaang. (It’s also worth mentioning that I was like 12.)

But now I know I was completely wrong. Whenever I try to think about what would have happened with the rest of the series if Zuko had sided with Aang instead of Azula, it just doesn’t work. Zuko needed to make that mistake in the crystal catacombs, and I can’t imagine his story without it.

Zuko developed a lot as a character through his travels in the Earth Kingdom up until his moment of truth under Ba Sing Se. He was rejected by his father, who sent Azula to imprison him and put out wanted posters that permitted anyone to kill him on site. He experienced true poverty and saw first-hand the horrible effects of the Fire Nation’s war. He’s been on his own. And, at last, he even gave up his search for the Avatar for a little while– not because realized it was wrong, but because realized it was hopeless.

But let’s think for a minute about what it would have meant for Zuko to side with the Avatar and fight Azula in Ba Sing Se. It would have made him a traitor. To side with Aang would be not only to acknowledge that the war was unjust and the fire nation the oppressor, but it would also be to actively fight against his own nation. And, implicitly, it would mean acknowledging the truth that his father did not and would never want him back. Zuko, at the end of Book 2, has had many experiences that point directly to these truths and in light of them, Zuko siding with the Avatar doesn’t seem that far-fetched. In fact, it was what a lot of people watching for the first time expected.

Here’s the catch: even though Zuko had had all of these experiences, he hadn’t yet processed them and fit them all together to form their logical conclusions. Sure, he knew the horrors the Fire Nation had committed in its war for prosperity, but he still wouldn’t have denounced his nation ; he knew that his father had declared him a traitor and sent Azula to lock him up, but he wouldn’t have admitted at that point that his father would never love or accept him and preferred him dead. Zuko pre-redemption is the king of cognitive dissonance. He has a lot at stake with the processing of all of these experiences—basically, his entire world-view. Somewhere in his mind, he knew that trying to reconcile what he saw in the Earth Kingdom with his current world-view could easily bring everything he knew and considered sacred crashing down around him. And there was one thing in particular that Zuko would protect at all costs; one truth that has been at the center of his world and forefront of his mind ever since his banishment — that he had a home to return to and there was a place for him within it, that if he just didn’t screw up for once everything would be okay again. This is the one thing Zuko clings to throughout his entire banishment, despite all the evidence and logic to the contrary, because if this one truth falls away what does he have left?

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Number 1 Fan

Request: Can you do one where the reader is the number one crime boss/villain and Jerome admires her so much that he follows them around until he gets caught. Maybe they become partners, he gets jealous and stuff, and it has a pretty happy ending.

Smut warning


(Y/n) POV:

“Move it into the van boys! Don’t leave a dime!” I laugh as my henchmen load the bags of money. “Ohh this is gonna make me the richest woman on the planet!” I say joyfully spinning around.

“Hey boss! We got company! We got to hurry up!” I turn my attention to the banks to see them being scoped up and down by the GCPD. “I’ve got this boys. Just get the bags in there and don’t leave me like last time. If that’s done then you’ll all be dead! Understand?” “Yes ma'am!” They yell in attention.

I smile and stroll into the bank making my presence know to the cops. “Hello hello hello! How ya doing boys? Good I hope! Harvey! How’s the drinking problem? John! The kids doing good? Mollys rash ever clear up? That thing was nasty! Ah and Jimbo! How’s the air in your big fat head? Still clean I hope!” I giggle walking along the counter tops making fun.

I walk to the indoor flag pole and look up to see the open sky light. “Enough of your chit chat!” “Aww! But I was getting to the good part! Ya see. My self esteem has been kinda low lately. So I was wondering if I could show you guys a magic trick. You know the saying what goes up must always come down? Well how about what is down must go up? Any takers? No? Well fine I guess I’ll test it!” I kick the latch of the pole ties and it flings me up into the air to where I’m flying out of the sky light. “See ya around dumbass’!” I laugh as I exit through the roof.

I hop onto the top of the van and hit it twice. “Go you idiots!” They drive at 90 mph to my place and as soon as we get there they start unloading the bags into the room matching the others.

“Drink m’lady?” My butler asks as I enter the door. I smile at him and take the blue drink. “Thank you David. Any news for today?” I ask as I go to the living room. “Crime rates are as high as ever thanks to you miss. Fan basis is at it’s highest. Little girls are wanting to buy anything related to you!” I smile and look out the big window to Gotham. “Wonderful! Get Samantha for me will you?” “Yes miss.”

In seconds my maid comes running in. “Yes miss?” “Care to run me a bath? Crystals, and lavender soap as always.” I say sipping my drink. “Yes of course m’lady.” She bows to me and scurried off to the bathroom.

“Your bath is drawn m’lady.” I wave my hand away and make my way up to the large scale bathroom. The tub itself can fit 4. I strip myself of my clothes and sink into the relaxing water filled with soap and moisturizers.

My personal line begins to ring bringing my attention away from my thoughts. “Hello?” I ask into the old fashioned telephone. “Darling! It’s so good to hear your voice!” “Mom. Hey how are you?” I ask with a smile on my face. “Oh just find. Yourself?” “Just fine.” My mother scoffs into the phone. “What?” “Just fine? Come on darling! No drama? Men? Nothing?” “Mom. We’ve discussed this. I’m far to busy with business.” “Oh don’t play that game! A beautiful 17 year old woman like you is a the top of the world right now! You can have some fun!” “Business is fun.” “But doing business alone isn’t. Don’t you want to share that with someone?”

I sigh into the phone and sink further into the water. “Fine. Yes it’d be nice to have someone along, but I’ve tried the whole partner thing. It didn’t work! He was to slow! Couldn’t keep up. I need someone exciting! Someone to make me laugh, but still keep success rates at high!”

My mother laughs into the phone. “You sound so much like your father. Do me a favor darling. Put on a sexy dress, go to a club, and meet a man. Plenty will show if they hear the most feared woman in Gotham is coming. They’ll be trying to impress you left and right! Promise me you’ll give it a shot?” I sigh and smile. “Yes mother.” “Good baby! Call me tomorrow love! Goodnight!” “Goodnight mom.”

I hang up the phone and ring the bell for Samantha to enter. “Yes m’lady?” “Lay out a dress along with pumps, call a driver, and make sure the owner of Flaims knows I’m coming to have a fun night.” “Fantastic choice! I’ll be right on it!”

I step out of the tub and wrap a towel around myself drying my body. I walk into my room to see my favorite dress set out. “Oh Samantha how you read me well.” I drop the towel and get into my makeup and hair. A nice clean sexy eye with a simple puff to my lush (h/c) hair ties it all together.

I walk down to the door and David opens it for me. “Shall I stay awake to let you in?” “You know what? No. Have the rest of the night off! You too Samantha! I’ll see you both here tomorrow morning!” “Of course! Shall I make breakfast for two?” David says with a smirk. “We shall see.” I say skipping out and into the car.

I arrive at the club to see the best types of people there. The crazy ones. I step out of the car and immediately get howled at. “Hey baby! Wanna test me out? I can make a good girl into a bad bitch!” I roll my eyes and continue my way inside.

I see many cute men scattered about but non that immediately catch my eye. I’m not going to work for them. They’re going to come to me. That’s what mom always taught me.

I order my favorite drink and scroll through my phone enjoying the night out. “Well well well. Lookie here! Never thought I’d see you in the flesh.” I removed my eyes from my screen to see a well known criminal. “Do my eyes deceive me or is it Jerome Valeska?”

The red head leans up against the booth with a stretched out smile. “So you’ve heard of me?” “Well a new rising villain appears and we all want to know more. Have to keep tabs on you. Been out of the limelight for a while now.” “Well ya know. Been dead for about a year. No big deal.” I laugh and scoot for him to join me.

He can make me laugh

We talk for hours, laugh for hours, he had me smiling for hours.

“I’ve got to say. I’m a big fan. My favorite crime scene is when you hung your victim from the center of the hotel. Burnt fingerprints and face! DNA unrecognizable! Never figured out who the victim was.” I place my hand over my head. “Aww Jerome! That’s so sweet! No one’s ever kept up with a case like that before! Well except for those cops. Care to know who it was?” He leans in dazzled. “A bartender who got my drink wrong.” I shrug. “Fantastic! It’s all just fun and games anyway! If they don’t play by the rules they shouldn’t have been in the game to begin with!” “Exactly!”

I laugh and look at the time. “Past your bedtime princess?” I smirk at him and lean into him feeling the full effects of the alcohol take over. “No. Usually it’s time for someone to help me wake up. If you understand what I mean.” I smirk and toy with his fingers.

“Ohh any choices yet? Will I have to fight my way through them to get my shot?” I move my fingers to his shirt and pop one of the buttons open. “I think you have a pretty good shot already.” I smirk and stand up walking and swishing my hips for his pleasure. “Then what are we waiting for hm?” He growls in my ear biting it lightly.

Jerome opens my door for me and lets me in. My driver says no words but does raise the black window for some privacy.

I bring my lips to his in a rush for lust and passion. “Oh you’re bad.” He breathes and run his hand down my body to between my legs. “Make me worse.” I moan into his lips.

Jerome pushes my panties to the side and pushes one finger inside my pussy swerling my insides to make my body rock. “Someone’s wet babydoll. Care to tell me who that’s for?” Jerome asks adding another finger and pushing them in and out. “You’ve got to earn me screaming your name. Do that and you can do whatever you want.” I moan as he pumps his fingers faster.

I toss my head back moaning out. Jerome then attaches his lips to my neck sucking a visible mark. “Marking what’s mine.” I laugh and straddle him. “You’ve got to take it first.” I say out of breath.

The car stops and the driver lowers the black window. “We have arrived m’lady.” Jerome smiles and opens the door for me grabbing my ass as I get out. “Hm about time.” He says gripping my body in lust.

We quickly open the door and waste no time rushing to the bedroom. Jerome closes the door with me against it and strips me of my dress. “Oh a true beauty below the soft cloth you are!” He moans. I strip him of his shirt and pants and he attacks my lips the moment we’re both rid of clothing.

He lifts me against the door and rubs the tip of his cock up and down my slit coating himself with my juices.

He pushes in making my head hit the door in pleasure. “You’re so tight doll.” Jerome thrusts up into me causing me so much pleasure. He moved us to the bed and flips me over to my stomach.

He pushes himself back into my tight cunt and pounds me harder. “What’s my name doll? Scream it! Who’s filling your tight pussy?” Jerome grips my hair in a ponytail and pulls it back making my mouth open and loud moans to come out. “Jerome! Oh my god!” I scream and cum without warning. “That’s it baby!” He says and fills me up. He pulls out of me and rubs his hands up my back to my shoulders.

Jerome sets me on the bed and covers me up along with himself beside me. He brings me to his chest and kisses my head. “I have a proposal.” I say looking at him. “Hm I know I’m great but we just met doll face.” “Oh hush you big dumby! What I mean is be my partner in crime!” “King and Queen of Gotham.” He smirks at the thought rolling through his mind. “Seal the deal with a kiss.” I say with bright eyes. “Gladly baby.” He kisses me and kisses down my neck to make another mark. “Mine. My queen.”

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Pearl belonged to White Diamond

SU Theory time! (For those of you who haven’t seen the new Steven bomb, turn away now because this post has a few spoilers). Feel free to message me if you wanna geek out about SU with me!

This Steven bomb has me shook. Like honestly, it was so incredible (I f*cking screamed when YD started singing like ermergurd), and it gave us so much (new gems, new song, BD FACE), but left many questions as well. The theories are going to be coming in hot so I thought I’d join the fun as well. Strap in, it’s gonna be long.

My Theory: Pearl was made for White Diamond, but Rose Quartz “rescued” her.

Let’s back up a little. According to Peridot, Pearls are submissive servants assigned to superior gems to carry out simple tasks (”They’re for standing around, and holding your stuff for you”). We also find out that Pearls are made for specific gems and that there are a lot of them.

There have been many indicators before now that suggest Pearl was made for White Diamond: their gem placement matches and Pearl has a white complexion. However, it would also appear that Pearls are exchangeable and can be assigned to any gem (Holly Blue Agate wasn’t fazed by Sapphire owning a White Pearl).

But let’s not forget Peridot’s, “And she looks like a fancy one,” when she was talking about Pearl in “Back to the Barn”. It makes sense that Pearls designed for the Most Elite would have to look superior to all other Pearls. Peridot (certified Kindergartener) is a gem expert and can tell you plenty about how gems are supposed to look and how they’re made. She can tell that Pearl is unlike a common made Pearl based on certain indicators our Pearl, even after years of being independent and free to choose how she looked, can’t get rid of.

I’d also like to theorize that Pearls made for the Diamonds have a different purpose than just “standing around and holding your stuff”. I wager Diamond Pearls are a lot like service dogs that aid and comfort their Diamonds, essentially acting as their closest companions.

Yellow Diamond ordered the Pearls to comfort Blue Diamond by singing (and dancing). This explains why Pearl sings! (and why Peridot was so confused)

(Guess old habits die hard, huh Pearl?)

Now what really sold me about Pearl being made for White Diamond was this scene:

“When I still served… Homeworld…”

We can all pretty much assume Pearl was going to say something else, but this doesn’t prove anything aside that Pearl did serve some form of authority a long time ago back on Homeworld. I would, however, like to draw attention to the line she said next. “I saw it myself. A private menagerie…”

My guess is that only high ranking gems and their entourage are allowed to tour Pink Diamond’s zoo (Sapphire must be very important). With that being said, I wager that a very long time ago, White Diamond probably wanted to witness Pink Diamond’s growing conquest and decided to visit the menagerie, with her Pearl.

So Pearl was made for White Diamond and once served for her. What I don’t know is how Pearl went from White Diamond’s aid to Crystal Gem Warrior.

(Wow, this is really long…) But I’d just like to point out a few things about the rebellion we learned from the Steven bomb and one of the biggest being Steven’s mom wasn’t the only Rose Quartz of the Gem War.

This is either extreme paranoia on PD’s part or a punishment.

If it’s paranoia, then Pink Diamond bubbled these gems because of Rose. When Rose rebelled, Pink Diamond felt betrayed by her soldier and decided to bubble all Rose Quartz to prevent further mutiny.

If this is a punishment, then Pink Diamond bubbled all these Rose Quartz soldiers because they all betrayed her. In Yellow Diamond’s song “What’s the Use of Feeling Blue”, there’s a line where she says, “Why would you want to employ her subjects that destroyed her” and after it shoots to Steven who then looks at his gem and the hundreds of gems bubbled around him. This supports the claim that these Rose Quartz soldiers also joined the rebellion but were stopped and bubbled by Pink Diamond.

But this leaves a gaping question: why didn’t she just shatter them?

(I haven’t a good enough theory to explain this. Are they trophies? Was PD looking for a way to “fix” her “corrupted” soldiers but was shattered before she could?)

(Geez I need to wrap this up.) Anyways, after the First Rebellion came White Diamond to put a stop the Crystal Gem battalion.

In this mural we see White Diamond attacking Rose Quartz and her forces. And we know that where ever a Diamond goes, her Pearl goes. Somehow, someway, Rose influenced Pearls decision to “defect” from her Diamond and join the Crystal Gems, where a Rose Quartz soldier taught her how to be a knight.

“Rose Quartz and her renegade Pearl.”

White Diamond took a huge chunk out of the Crystal Gems but was ultimately beaten back, although Homeworld forces remained to keep trying (and begin making the Cluster using shards of Crystal Gem warriors).

Blue Diamond came to Earth at some point after White Diamond was beaten back (probably to grieve some more for her dead girlfriend). Here, Ruby met Sapphire to become Garnet. And then came the second wave of the rebellion where the Crystal Gems grew in numbers once again.

White Diamond didn’t have enough man power to push back again. Blue Diamond was still mourning. So Yellow stepped up and proposed something new: a super weapon that would corrupt all gems on Earth and wipe out the resistance.

Homeworld retreated. Rose saved Pearl and Garnet from corruption. Amethyst popped out the ground centuries later. Rose became Steven.

And the rest is history.


“Famethyst for LIFE!”

Imagine being a cop and sent in another mission to arrest Dean again who you are secretly dating.

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“And remember, if I don’t give you a sign you are not going to to bust in like last time.” you told your team, preparing your gun as they all gave you short nods.

“Right. So that you can have more time with him to make out.” someone mumbled and you noticed it was the only woman in your team that you didn’t get along with. You had asked for her to go with someone else, to be on another team seeing as you mostly argues with her than cooperated. She simply refused to comply to your orders, she’d do whatever she wanted and came to her mind and she’d constantly throw remarks at you.

“What was that?” you asked with a raised eyebrow, showing her you wouldn’t have any of it. Whether she liked it or not you were the one on charge, you were her boss and if she kept getting on your nerves you wouldn’t hesitate to fire her as well.

Silence followed and you gave her a hard look before scoffing “Thought so.” you cleared your throat and turned to the rest of your team, at least them you trusted with you life.

“Alright guys, we’ve been through this plenty of times. You all know the drill, but just remember that these guys- they are dangerous. You know where to go look for them and if you find them, I ask this mostly as your friend and not boss: Be careful.” you looked them all over, offering a soft smile and they did the same. There was a mutual respect nobody could replace.

“Let’s hope that this time it is going to be our lucky one.” Stefan said with a small sigh and you smiled.

“Yeah let’s hope so.” you mumbled with a sigh, turning around not only so that they wouldn’t look at you but so that you couldn’t look any of them in the eyes. You weren’t the best at lying, which surprised you how you’d gotten this far with this, but also because you always felt like you were betraying them when this topic came up.

“Come on!” you signaled in a hushed tone as you held your gun in front of you.

No matter how many times you went through with this every case seemed like the first one, no matter how many times you actually went after these guys it always felt like it had not happened before just a great amount of times. You were the only one to go alone, just like every time and with every case. You were more willing to lose your own life than risk any of your friends’. You steadied your breathing as you took careful steps in almost the darkness, the only light that came was from the moon from a broken window on the far corner of the room.

“Always the brave one, aren’t you sweetheart?” came a rough voice from the corner of the room and you snapped pointing the gun at the direction it came from.

“You know me.” you said, walking slowly towards the place “I’m all for coming after the pretty one.” you said and heard a chuckle come from the darkness, this time in a different direction and you turned sharply in that way.

“Pretty one huh? Beautiful, I’m flattered!” you could hear the grin in his voice and apart from your own footstep you could hear his. But they were much more calm and steady, making your own heart beat faster “Means a lot coming from a woman like you, (Y/n).”

“You know sweet-talking me won’t get you anywhere, right Winchester?” you said, eyes squinting to take a look around you for any sort of movement. You caught sight of a shadow moving and sharply pointed your gun in that direction.

“Sweet-talking you? Oh baby girl, you know I am only saying the truth.” he laughed softly.

“Sorry if I’m having a hard time believing it when it comes from a criminal.” you scoffed and you could practically see him roll his eyes. Those beautiful, big, bright, captivating green eyes.

For a single moment you got carried away and shook your head, cursing at yourself.

“Criminal? Ouch that hurts sweetheart. We both know that what I do is far… far from that.” his voice sounded closer and you froze for a moment in your place.

“Either way you know, flirting won’t change my mind on anything Winchester.”

“Hmh probably not but- it is always such a freaking pleasure watching you blush, officer.” he chuckled and you rolled your eyes.

“Can you? With no light around makes me wonder.” you said with a small shrug “Maybe if you turned on the lights-” you didn’t finsih your sentence, looking around. Or at least trying to.

He chuckled “Smart, baby. But I thought you’d know it by now: I can do plenty of things with dim lighting too.”

You bit your lip “That I do know.”

“Besides- we both know that what I am, and what you are, has been real fun so far, hasn’t it?” you could hear the smile in his face but didn’t move.

“I’m not here to play, Dean.” your voice sounded more stern but you knew you were slowly caving in.

“No?” his voice was laced with confusion “I thought you enjoyed us playing… like last night.” your heart leapt to your throat at the memory of just the previous night and you shut your eyes when you felt yourself growing hot again.

“Dean” the word left your lips in a completely wrong way… given the circumstances at least and what you’d want.

“And there it is.” he said in a low voice “What is it cop, are we already caving in?” yo could hear the satisfaction crystal clear.

“Good” he whispered and in that moment you felt his breath on your ear, making your instincts kick in. You took a sharp breath and snapped at him, sharply turning to hit him. Not by pulling the trigger, you were never going to do that to him – even if you had done so the first time you met – not unless there was someone present.

You heard him huff and groan but didn’t wait to respond, fighting back but always making sure of one thing: to not hurt you. You groaned when he managed to knock off the gun from your arm but in the end grinned when you managed to swing a leg over him and knock him out cold on the floor. He groaned but in the end laughed, the same kind of laugh that made the butterflies in your stomach get crazy. You breathed out a sigh and looked down at him, only to see that bright smile on his face as you pinned him down.

“Gosh I love it when you go all dom on me.” he breathed out with a boyish grin “Makes me all tingly.” he moved his hips beneath you and you gritted your teeth.

“I hate you so fucking much.” you growled and he chuckled, smiling more softly afterwards.

“No you don’t.” he whispered and you let go of his arms slowly as he brought one hand up to cup your cheek, his thumb rubbing over it.

“You actually love me too fucking much to arrest me, don’t you?” he smiled softly and yu couldn’t help it. You closed your eyes and nuzzled your face in his palm.

“Damn it Dean” you looked down at him through half closed eyes “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Doing what?” he chuckled, giving you an innocent smile and you shook your head.

“You know what. This- it’s not supposed to happen like this. I am the one coming after you, I need to arrest you, yet we-”

“Always end up making love for hours every night afterwards.” he completed your sentence with an adoring grin and you bit hard on your lower lip.

“That” you whispered “That’s what you do to me. Gosh, Dean. You know I need to focus on my job.” you breathe out, leaning down to rest your hand on his chest as he hugged you tightly.

“I know but- come one sweetheart, we both know it wasn’t meant to go right from the first moment. You were never meant to really arrest me and I was never meant to want to forget about this town.” he squeezed you and you shut your eyes tightly.

“I should have known it.” your voice came out shaky as he kissed the top of your forehead, his lips lingering there “I should have seen it from the first moment. Those flirty remarks, that wink, that grin- Dear lord, that smile is going to bethe death of me.” you whispered, remembering the first time you’d went after the man.

“You were so fucking beautiful. There, pointing a gun at me with a fire in your eyes like I have never seen before in anyone else. You were so determined to get me. And then-” he chuckled “Then you got so adorably pissed off when I managed to knock you out and take your gun.” he shook his head.

“I was mostly pissed off at myself. I got carried away by those fucking gorgeous eyes of yours and let my guards down without realizing it.” you confessed and felt him grin as he kissed your cheek.

“What do ya say officer-” he started and shifted so that with your legs still wrapped around his waist he was hovering over you “-we make the most of our time and put those handcuffs of yours to good use?”

And you knew you were damned but you were going to and would always give into him. You were supposed to arrest your boyfriend but once again he was going to escape, you couldn’t do anything about it could you?

A Grave Situation

Summary: In which Dan is dead, cold, and sick and tired or no one being able to see him - until someone can.

Word Count: 4.7k

Genre: angstyish fluff? just read it man

this is a birthday present for @haleykinz ! i won’t have time to upload it tomorrow morning so i thought i would do it now. ily haley :]

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anonymous asked:

What do you think would happen if Tom not Jake ended up leading the Animorphs?

  • Tom’s only at the arcade in the first place because he’s looking for Jake.  He finds Marco instead, and the two of them are talking—Marco’s noticed it too, how Jake never seems to be around these days—when Tobias jumps in to tell them that Jake’s been spending all his spare time at the Sharing lately.  Tom spots Rachel and Cassie next; at sixteen he’s trying responsibility on for size and so he announces that he’s getting them all home safe whether they like it or not.
  • Rachel protests, because of course she does, but Tom’s also the closest thing she has to an older brother and so when he puts his foot down she gives in.  She’s not happy about it, though, and she shows him that by charging off into the shortcut through the construction site and leaving the others to chase after. 
  • The day after everything happens, Tom snaps at the others not to tell their parents, not to morph, not to do anything at all until he figures out what they should do next.  
    • Cassie and Tobias try morphing anyway.  Rachel starts researching ways to fight off an alien invasion.  
    • Marco invites himself over to talk to Jake, who is strangely insistent on asking around about whether any of his friends believe those rumors about a UFO in the construction site last night. 
  • “Your brother’s one of them,” Marco tells Tom.  The ensuing shouting match lasts almost half an hour, only ending when they both conclude the only thing for it is to go and rescue him.  
  • Tom’s not Jake.  He doesn’t know a lost cause when he sees it.  He keeps right on fighting, claws bloody, bones breaking, while the others make a messy retreat.  As Jake watches from the cages, he catches a dracon beam to the head and crumples in a heap of fur next to the infestation pier.  
  • This time around, it’s Marco who becomes the first one to drag them up by the bootstraps.  “There are still three of us left,” he says, “four if you count Bird Boy, although I’m not sure how much help he’ll be.  And Jake’s my best friend.  I can’t leave him in that hell.”  
    • This time around, Cassie becomes the first to agree.  It’s Jake.  He means something to her that no one else ever has.  
    • Rachel’s not far behind.  It’s Jake.  They spent their whole childhood doing stupid dares together, and this one seems like the biggest dare of all.
    • Tobias agrees, but not for love.  For revenge.  He wants to avenge Tom, who was kind to him despite not knowing him from Adam.  He wants to avenge Elfangor, who died in order to give them a chance and who told him a million things he’d never known in those last five minutes of life.  He wants to avenge that unnamed voice from his dreams, the one that haunts him still even though Marco insisted and they all agreed that the risk of a rescue attempt was too big to take.
  • Two months later, Marco tells the Ellimist, “Yeah, we want to leave with our families.  Take us away,” and without Rachel he’d never figure out why the Ellimist doesn’t listen.
  • Eighteen days after that, Marco says, “I don’t care what you think.”  He takes the Pemalite crystal and reprograms Erek so that Erek will be forced to help them.  Erek infects himself with a computer virus that corrupts all his files; two hours later he’s a lifeless pile of circuitry on the ground.  
  • Forty-one days later, Marco says, “We should just morph Joe Bob Finestre, save ourselves some time,” and refuses to listen to any contradictions.
  • One week after that, Marco says, “If we drop the instant oatmeal into the water main, everyone will have to drink it,” and doesn’t foresee the consequences.  
  • Six months after that, Marco says, “I’m sorry” just before he shoots David in the head.  
  • Two weeks and four days later, Marco waits until he sees Jake leave the yeerk pool, and then he says, “Let’s blow it up.”  
    • Cassie quits the team on the spot.  Tobias tries to talk him out of it, but doesn’t succeed.  
    • Four thousand three hundred human hosts die when the modified nuke Marco stole from Peter’s lab drops into the yeerk pool, because he doesn’t want to leave any chance of too many slugs escaping.  Visser One’s human body is one of them; Marco will only find this out several hours too late.
  • Three days later, Marco and Rachel steal a Blade ship.  They don’t know how to fly it, but that’s a moot point, because they get the guns working. 
    • They incinerate the Pool ship, along with 20,000 yeerks and 15,000 hosts on board, and then turn to fire on the yeerk encampments on the ground.  The taxxons are annihilated, the hork-bajir-controllers as well.  Marco’s gotten used to the idea of killing humans, just as long as it’s no one he knows.
    • Tobias is outside the ship, unwilling to endorse this mission, unable to stay away.  He gets caught in the crossfire between the Bug fighters and Blade ship, spiraling to the ground, and Rachel loses her mind.  
    • She and Marco are so busy trying to kill each other, fueled by grief and rage and bloodlust and terror, that at first they don’t even realize they’ve won.
  • Three days after that, Jake is free.  He doesn’t talk to Marco—neither do Peter or Cassie or Rachel—but Marco figures that’s okay, because nowadays he has plenty of fans.  Maybe the andalites are pretty strict in their control of the U.N., and maybe it sucks that humans aren’t allowed off the planet anymore, but Marco won the war.  And isn’t that the whole point of war, winning?  
The Hills - Chapter One

Story Masterlist

This is the first part of my first multi-chaptered story, I’m already working on part two and there might be more. Please let me know what you guys think. I tagged my forevers plus the people who asked to be tagged in this story, but if you want to be on or off my tag list, just say the word!! xoxo

Synopsis: AU in which Negan is a celebrity living a life of scandals in a lavish mansion in California. A young reporter on a mission to dig up dirt on him realizes the man the tabloids like to portray as a self-centered asshole has a hidden softer side.

WC: 3265

Warnings: strong language, alcohol, mention of violence, mention of drug abuse, nsfw.

Chapter One: No Ordinary Life

I watched the sunrise through the window as I took a sip of green tea from my mug. Perched on a stool in the kitchen with my laptop on my legs, I was scrolling down the articles of The Celebrity Times when a title caught my attention.

The headline, in bold red font, said, “OOPS, NEGAN DID IT AGAIN!”

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Harbor In the Tempest (2/5)

After an attack by the Lost Boys, Emma and Killian find themselves in an impossible situation. Canon divergence from 3x07.

@caprelloidea is an absolute goddess of a fic cheerleader.

Rating: T

Word Count: 4373

Chapter 1 | Chapter 3 |  Chapter 4

AO3 |

Emma’s face grows even paler, a feat he’d not thought possible, her lips pulled into a tight line.

He’s sure he looks much the same, his sudden realization having turned his veins to ice, his stomach twisting uncomfortably and his heart made of lead. He’s felt this before - on two separate occasions ( three , a traitorous voice in his head supplies, reminding him once again of how Liam was snatched back from the clutches of death only to succumb as soon as they thought they were free) - and the depth of it shakes him. She is not Milah. She is not Liam. And yet -

“What kind of poisons?” She interrupts his thoughts, biting off the words through clenched teeth.

He needs the acid in her tone to bring him back, to distract him even, but when he looks at her that familiar feeling once again lodges itself in his chest, tenterhooks that refuse to let go. “There’s at least a dozen I know of, and probably several dozen more that I don’t.”

“You said there was nothing on that arrow.” It’s not quite an accusation, but close enough.

“I said there was no Dreamshade on that arrow.” He picks it up once more, examining it. “Whatever was on it either stayed inside you or isn’t visible to human eyes.”

“Any ideas?” her voice wobbles on the words.

“Well, we can cross Dreamshade off the list.” He regrets the words the instant they leave his mouth, and her eyes grow hard when she hears them.

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@athos-silvani you gave me an idea. an adoribull idea

“I can’t believe I’m being held hostage in my own home by a bird.” Dorian stares bitterly out the window. The day is perfectly warm and sunny, but there are swans in his garden.

Bull comes up behind him, wrapping his arms around Dorian’s waist. “Were you planning on leaving?”

“Not a second sooner than I have to, Amatus.” He accepts a kiss on his cheek. “It would just be nice to walk outside without having my ankles snapped at by a bad-tempered feather duster.”

“You just need to give it some time. At least they don’t let burglars anywhere near the house.”

Dorian sighs. “What heroic creatures they are. We should buy them golden collars and name our villa after their flock.”

Bull laughs. “You could change the Pavus crest to be a swan instead of a peacock. Hang a portrait of Melvin in your house in Qarinus.”

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Raise Hell (Part 1)

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1420

Warnings: mention of nightmares, brief violent language, kissing, angst.

Raise Hell Master List

Most mornings, you woke up alone. Being the only one of the team who liked sleeping in on your days off had its disadvantages, but you needed your sleep. Cas stayed with you through most of the night, calming you from frequent nightmares and sleeplessness. But by the early morning hours, he would join the boys doing research… or whatever else they did.

This morning was no different. The spot beside you in bed was empty and neatly tucked in. You smiled as you listened to the murmurs of the boys through the open door. Cas’s was slightly louder than the others. You closed you eyes as you absorbed his gravelly voice.

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Something Old

For @limabeancafe – I intended to have this up in time for your birthday, but then I. well. didn’t. So, happy belated birthday, and I hope you’re having a blast on vacation! <33

(~800 words, modern Flinthamilton AU in which the only defining feature is that they’re just married.) 


“Enjoying the view?”

Thomas’s face is as open and clear as the water that stretches before them, turquoise tipped with gold in the deepening evening light, and the full force of that peace strikes James between the ribs when Thomas turns towards the sound of his voice. He leans against the railing, moves his hand so that it overlaps with James’s. “I haven’t been on a ship since I was a boy, a vacation with my parents,” he says, and James watches his eyes go hazy with the memory. “I loved it, I couldn’t tear my eyes from the water. My father, on the other hand, complained about the wind and the spray the whole time. You’d think he blamed the sea for being wet.”

James hasn’t been unlucky enough to lay eyes on the man for years, but he can picture the scene with startling clarity – Alfred’s sour face twisted into a scowl, his shadow looming dark over the bright-eyed, sandy-haired boy who always melts James’s heart when he beams at him from their photo albums, but never quite dulling the glint of the sunlight on the crystal-sharp tops of the waves. “Then it’s a good thing we didn’t invite him along.”

“Or to the wedding, for that matter,” Thomas quips, and smiles when James does. “Do you remember the first time I brought you home for Christmas?”

“The only time, you mean.”

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another time pt. 2

@girllostinthewoods [part one here]

yeah, alfie’s still not in this one but the time travel is!

You walked into the club, struck by the atmosphere the second the door swung shut behind you.

It was bright, and loud, and warm, and close, and…incredible.

Everything was flush and plush and glittering, people in beaded dresses and suits swinging around. There was a real band, dolled up, playing 20’s versions of modern songs and you laughed to yourself, hovering in the archway that led from the entry to the club proper. People were scattered about the tables that encircled the dancefloor, milling about with fancy drinks in hand. It was incredible. Like nothing you’d ever seen, except for on a screen or a museum.

A few differences you did note, as ‘authentic’ as they had tried to make the experience. No smoking signs, though printed in vintage font, were giant as you entered in the way. They may want people to immerse themselves but they needed to keep their license. A guy walking past you with a cartoon tattoo peaking from his rolled up sleeve wasn’t exactly realistic for the time period. Neither were the people snapping away the night on their phones. Still, exciting.

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FIC: A Bear Frets

Fandom: Critical Role
Characters: Trinket & Zahra Hydris
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,017
Summary: Trinket would do anything to protect Vex. If only she would pick more reasonably-sized foes. Zahra lends an ear to his worries.
Also on: AO3
Notes: For Critical Role Relationship Week. Takes place around episode 56. 

Mostly, the people Trinket travels with understand him.

Vex best of all, obviously. He doesn’t know her language—he doesn’t have a language of his own, not really, not the way she understands it—but he knows her, and she knows him. He understands the smallest quirks in her face, what the flick of her eyes means, every twitch of her fingers in midair, the fluctuation of her voice, even if the words are never clear. They’ve never needed language. They’ve always had each other.

But things are different, now, since the dragons came. More complicated than ever before. Trinket finds himself with feelings so snared and tangled that he can’t make sense of them, and, worse, he can’t convey them. Not even to Vex. They grow like a weight in his chest, ache like thorns in his paws, and he can’t shake free of them.

After the black dragon dies, though, and they return to Whitestone, Trinket catches a familiar scent in the air: Zahra.

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How I personally would change Steven Universe (LONG POST)

First off I would keep all of Season 2. The first two seasons are almost perfect minus some filler but over all it’s fine. After Same Old World would be Steven Floats and then the Lapis arc would begin.

Peridot would stay in the barn but turn it into a sort of lab. She learns about Earth there and repeatedly tries to make herself new limb enhancers (Maybe using the crystal gem star emblem). Lapis would refuse to stay with her so she ends up temporarily staying with Steven in the temple on the couch. The next episodes would be Drop Beat Dad and Mr. Greg just so Greg can become a millionaire for later and so Pearl’s Rose arc can finally end. Barn Mates would never happen and I would replace it with a Lapis arc similar to what Peridot got.

It would start with Alone at Sea. This sets up Lapis’s arc. The goal is to get Lapis comfortable around the gems and with herself so she can get to a position to confront Jasper confidently. Lapis sees her in AoS to assure her that Jasper is still out there.

After that would begin episodes where she spends time with each gem.

* An episode with Amethyst would come first. Since they share a similar sense of humor and Amethyst was not in the war, they get along fast. Lapis is then warmed up to the other gems but not as fast as with Amethyst.

*Then an episode with Pearl. Since Pearl is now an independent gem and has gotten over the loss of Rose, Pearl helps Lapis forgive herself for putting Steven in dangerous situations multiple times. Lapis and Pearl’s reckless mistakes are addressed.

*An episode with Garnet where she helps Lapis become more comfortable with fusion again. Maybe Ruby and Sapphire interact unfused to help Lapis see what a healthy relationship is supposed to be like?

After this is a bit of breather from Lapis before the pay off.

Too Short To Ride

Beach City Drift

Greg The Babysitter

Afterwards, the Jasper story would come in. 

Gem Hunt

Crack The Whip

Steven vs. Amethyst



Some changes though. Lapis would accompany Steven, Amethyst and Peridot. The beginning of Beta where they are at the barn shows Lapis begrudgingly warming up to Peridot (and some Amedot set up). They go to the Beta Kindergarten and Lapis finally confronts Jasper. They fight (Maybe Lapis has a little water pouch like Katara from Avatar or something) and Steven and Amethyst fuse to form Smokey Quartz. This is important for Lapis because she sees two gems fuse to better eachother and overcome their own insecurities. 

Know Your Fusion takes place showing that there can basically be infinite rooms in the temple so Lapis gets one. Maybe they also explain the temple’s heart and that plays a part in making rooms for gems that aren’t fusions of Ame, Garnet, Pearl or Rose. At this point, Lapis is developed and can be squared away for other episodes.

The New Lars

Monster Reunion

(A Peridot episode where she finally builds new limb enhancers)

Hit The Diamond

All the gems would be at Peridot’s barn lab anyways.

Next would come Bismuth. Now I actually think this episode is great and can stay largely the same. Maybe with some more dialogue from the gems at the end. Plus it would get Steven doubting Rose but Bismuth assuring him that he is his own person. 

Back To the Moon


So to recap Season 3. Lapis was freed and developed. She confronted Jasper and had her misdeeds addressed along with Pearl. Pearl is over Rose. Rubies are introduced. Peridot studies Earth in her lab and keeps her personality from Season 2. She develops new Limb Enhancers that also help maximize her metal bending powers. Steven is now doubting if Rose was as perfect as the people around him say she was.

Onto Season 4.

Buddy’s Book

Mindful Education

Last One Out of Beach City

Three Gems and a Baby

(Put the filler the Crewniverse loves so much here)

(Pearl and Mystery Girl date episode with Steven, Peridot and Amethyst spying. Amedot side story. Mystery Girl changes her hair style and color and either it works out anyways and they get along or Pearl leaves because she realizes that she only liked her because she looked like Rose)

Garnet Episode not focused on fusion

Steven’s Dream. 

In Steven’s Dream, Peridot flies them to Korea in the Ruby ship just to establish that she IS the pilot.  Peridot stays behind though as Greg and Steven explore Korea and see Blue Diamond. Blue Diamond is also much more cold and scary looking until she is actually seen mourning by Greg. Just to explain BD, she has an admiration of humans that comes from Pink Diamond and she has a sensitive side (hence her mourning PD) but is still a cold calculated tyrant when her guard isn’t down. 

Adventures in Light Distortion

Gem Heist

The Zoo. The Zoo isn’t portrayed as a utopia though but more as a scary… well… human zoo. The humans have basically no free will as they have just been following this voice their whole life like they’re brain dead. It isn’t pleasant. 

That Will Be All. The Gems need to know that the Diamonds could begin abducting Earthlings for info on the gems by the end of the episode.

Storm in the Room. Here’s the main thing here. Make Steven see how bs it is when Rose mentions the tape. He needs to accept that his mother had secrets and was no better than Bismuth. 

Steven unbubbles Bismuth and demands answers from her and the Crystal Gems. The episode is mostly flashbacks. Very plot heavy and Steven is determined to be better than Rose but still do what he has to do when the Diamonds come and treat them like a real threat. It is made clear that the Diamonds aren’t like other gems they’ve faced and won’t just become good. Bismuth begins to become less radical as she realizes that she hurt Steven because of it.  

So Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Peridot, Bismuth and Lapis are preparing for the Diamonds. 

I think this order gives character plenty of development and resolves plot threads like Mystery Girl and Bismuth. 

EDIT: Fixed some words. i was kinda sleepy >.>

momtaku  asked:

Historia simply reading the letter replying, "lol u dumb" without mounting a massive rescue or sending spies or doing something, anything, seems a little out of character to me. Historia is not the type to roll over and play dead when something truly matters to her. (ftn. See Orphanage). Maybe the next chapter will be the return of the Marley spies with information about Ymir. I can hope, right?

Hello my favorite thing in the world.

This right here is why I don’t think Ymir’s out of the game just yet. I mean, whatever canon wants to do will be, but the fact is that Historia’s arc, fantastic as its initial culmination is, never deals with the gigantic question mark Ymir leaves her with.

Namely that Ymir leaves.

Before Ymir goes and does that, Historia has no name for the faith she has in their relationship, but she knows it’s there. She knows it gives her strength. She knows they’ve been friends for the past three years. She knows this girl. That has to mean something. In the chaotic aftermath of reclaiming her name, even believing Ymir’s lie about her circumstances, Historia is by Ymir’s side. They’re in this world together, and she will fight for that.

Except they can’t be in this world together. Ymir leaves.

What the fuck.

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Jet Wolf and Act 18

The manga and I are repeatedly clashing, and so instead of full liveblogs, I’m reading each manga act (mostly) silently, and then writing up summaries at the end. I’ll be very candid, which could well include criticism and snark about the manga either wholesale or in details. If that isn’t a thing you feel like reading, please skip this post!

We open where we ended, with Mako’s – sorry, JUPITER’s – abduction. There’s a lot of name screaming, like everyone’s at a Sailor Moon-themed Rocky Horror Picture Show. ”Sailor Moon!” “Venus!” “Sailor Moon!” “Jupiter!” “Luna!” “HRRRNGH.” Petz left an earring behind when she got all killed, which by the way, fuck those Ayakashi I guess, god damn.

Everyone meets at, you’ll never guess, THE ARCADE OMG, and kick the plot along like a sluggish first grader who didn’t do their homework. Minako concludes that this is an alien invasion of the whole planet, and she is just not having that shit, thank you. Chibs is their only lead, and so talking to Chibs it is.

AW WAIT BUT CHIBS HAS A FRIEND OVER SHE’S SO HAPPY. “Can’t have that!” says the universe, with the kind of low sinister chuckle I assume concluded every Crystal production meeting. Luna and Mamoru have an entire fucking conversation right at the goddamn door where Chibs, Chib-Friend, and Ikuko are fucking standing, but the observational skills of these people is at “Gang-related? PCP?” levels and I’m screaming. What Chibs DOES notice from a million miles away is the Black Moon earring in the petri dish and holy fuck, you guys, she is losing her shit for like two pages, I am not kidding.

Cut to the Black Moon, where everyone’s comparing dick sizes, Rubeus is a goddamn hippy, and an entire argument – and I have in no way altered this image – ends with:


Everyone talks about him behind his back. Soooo many Demande entries are added to the Black Moon Burn Book. Calaveras could maybe have an emotion about her dead sisters, but nah, why bother, she’ll be dead too in twenty pages. Rubeus comes in all “Hey baby, peace and happiness, free love,” and Calaveras is like “This changes everything!” and then she goes to kill Minako or something I don’t know the story doesn’t care why should I.

Back on Earth, Minako’s trying to get some semblance of answer out of Chibs about literally fucking anything, but Chibs is scared and still freaking her shit and also like eight, so they don’t get very far. Mamoru says she doesn’t have to say anything. Off-panel, Minako rips the head off the Tuxedo Puppet with her teeth. Usagi gets jealous of Mamoru’s affection toward Chibs, and while I appreciate that it’s not been the driving force of everything, it’s still plenty uncomfortable. Minako chews Tuxedo Puppet’s head, the stuffing spilling between her lips like foam on the muzzle of a rabid honey badger.

At school, Usagi is sullen and twitchy, particularly whenever the word “black” comes up, which is apparently A LOT. Naru notices and tries to cheer her up with a video about channeling, the latest hot new fad that Naru is somehow shocked Usagi doesn’t know, despite Usagi literally never knowing any of the hot new fads until her court-appointed Umino shows up to tell us all about it.

Which he does, and it’s Calaveras, and I’m not even going to bother trying to explain this when I can sum it all up with a giant shrug. Anyway there’s a channeling thing conveniently scheduled for that night, literally everyone is fucking watching his show RIGHT NOW despite the fact that it’s a school day and it should’ve been pre-recorded because Naru was showing Usagi a tape AND DID I MENTION GIANT SHRUG. Whatever, man, the most important part of this is that Minako sees this too and this is her reaction:

A LITERAL DECLARATION OF WAR OVER A TV SHOW. This is like the time I insisted Glee was Ryan Murphy’s declaration of war. NONE OF YOU LISTENED AND NOW LOOK AT US.

Then Mamoru spends three pages talking to his rock collection, and while I appreciate the lip service in “Compared to those girls, I’m nothing. I can’t protect [Usagi] the way [the Senshi] can”, it loses some degree of sincerity when three of them combined do less on the average than you get to do in one single issue, Mamoru.

Chibs steals Usagi’s brooch. “Aw HELL no,” says Usagi.

Everyone (NO I THINK LITERALLY EVERYONE, I MIGHT BE THERE TOO I DON’T KNOW) is at Calaveras’s thing. She starts to turn the crowd against the White Moon, which somehow remarkably means something to them, when Minako’s pops up, “HO DON’T DO IT”.

Meanwhile, Usagi saves Chibs from Rubeus, then Mamoru saves Usagi from Rubeus, and it’s just a matryoshka doll of saving people from Rubeus ending in “Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber”. Glad that “no powers, no protection” thing stood up! You sure did have no chance protecting Usagi while protecting Usagi and not being abducted or anything like three of her four guardians so far. Thanks for standing behind that idea, narrative, not making it just cheap angst and drama for your male lead!

Brooch back in-hand, Usagi transforms and saves Minako! Yay, one of the non-Usagi Senshi get to stick around! I’m sure the fact that it’s the only one Takeuchi has shown any interest in whatsoever is completely coincidental!

Then Chibs pleads for everyone to help her save the 30th Century and they’re all “whaaaaaa??” because they didn’t consume this franchise in the weird fucking order that I did.

Lapis, Jasper, Malachite, and Abusive Relationships

I’ve been meaning to make a comprehensive post on this (believe it or not, this post is the ultra-condensed version). I may still do that. It would be nice to have everything in one place. And I haven’t forgotten that people addressed specific arguments to me, more than a month ago.

But for now, I need to talk about one key point: what abuse is.

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the fire down below [sasusakuobi]

@vesperlionheart because I love you and you love this verse.

ready for some more labyrinth!au y’all?

Sakura sighs as she dumps her satchel on the loveseat and throws the keys into a bowl. She pulls her tie from her hair, scrubbing fingers through the long strands and the fuzzy bits at the back of her neck. She sighs, shakes herself, and places her hair up in a ponytail once more.

“Sasuke!” she calls, toeing out of her shoes and socks. “Sasuke! You promised me dinner tonight!”

She pauses, frowning at the lack of response. Usually, he hops to attention when Sakura arrived.

They are best friends after all.

“Yo, Sasuke!” she yells, passing by the kitchen and living room into the small hall that leads to Sasuke’s bedroom.

Sakura smiles at the pictures she passes, those of Sasuke’s family and these of Sasuke and Sakura growing up together through the years. This is Sasuke’s first apartment and Sakura enjoys the homey feeling to it. It’s much different from the austere environment that surrounded him growing up.

She straightens a knocked over succulent, hurrying toward Sasuke’s door.

There is something like dread pooling and curling in her gut and she hates it. She stops, briefly, turning back and grabbing a fire poker. It’s made of solid iron, a section branching off into a sharp curve. It’s a poor substitute for an épée, but it will do in a pinch.

“Sasuke,” she says in a softer voice. “Sasuke,” she reiterates, pushing through his door.

He is seated at the edge of the bed, hands clutching his head. What concerns Sakura the most, however, is the distance in his gaze. It reminds her…

Well, it reminds her of a time she doesn’t wish to revisit.

“Sasuke,” Sakura says, kneeling in front of him and placing the poker to the side. She grabs his hands, pulling them away gently. He curls them around hers, squeezing slightly. “Sasuke, what’s wrong?”

“It’s a family thing,” Sasuke says.

“It was a ‘family thing’ last time,” Sakura says, fighting the urge to grit her teeth. “I don’t give a damn about Uchiha policy.”

Sasuke’s eyes flicker with some life as he snorts drily. “I know you don’t.”

Sakura sits in silence, waiting for him to speak. Finally, she prompts him, “What happened? You were fine when I texted you this morning.”

“I…I was called into a meeting with the elders today,” Sasuke says, voice cool and remote. It is the only way he will be able to finish speaking. “They told me…they told me that there is to be a sacrifice.”

“A sacrifice?” Sakura asks, eyebrows hiking high. She thinks of incense and fat lambs and the best calf led to the slaughter. “What the hell does that even mean?”

Sasuke’s lips tip up unwillingly, charmed as usual, by Sakura’s frank vernacular. It quickly falls to a scowl again. “It means…I’m the sacrifice.”

“What the fuck?” Sakura demands, eyes blazing.

“It’s…it’s some ancient supernatural thing. You know my family has dabbled in the shady. I just didn’t know how shady. They made a deal with a being that shouldn’t be crossed.”

“This has to be illegal,” Sakura whispers hotly, unfazed by his mention of the supernatural. They’d gotten themselves into plenty of scrapes as kids; some that couldn’t be explained by the normal means. “They…they don’t have the right to sell you! There are laws in place!”

“Ah, sweetling, these laws are even older,” a new voice rumbles.

Sakura whirls, bristling as she grabs the poker defensively. Before her stands a…well, she supposes it’s a man. He is tall and dressed gaudily, weighed down by flamboyant colors and heavy jewelry. His ears don’t seem quite human, stretched long beyond the norm. What Sakura is most interested in is his mask.

The mask is white and black, swirling around three cuts. Two seem to be for eyes and the other? Well, maybe he has an eye there too.

“This isn’t right!” Sakura says, standing as Sasuke’s sole defender against this…person. She briefly wonders where Itachi is, knowing he wouldn’t allow this to happen. He must not know. “You cannot own him!”

“I’ve already drawn up the contract,” the being says, sauntering forward. “Uchiha Sasuke is mine.”

There is a popping noise behind Sakura and she turns fearfully.

Sasuke is gone.

“What did you do?” Sakura screams, more animal than human at this point.

“I took what was mine to take,” the being replies with a high pitched giggle.

Sakura gets the feeling that he is putting on a performance. Though for who, it is anyone’s guess. “You think this is a game?” she asks. “You stole my best friend and it’s a fucking game to you?”

The being stops right before her and Sakura gets the feeling that he is smiling at her. “I sense you wish to make a deal of your own.”

Suddenly, a crystal ball is in his hand and he rolls it around lithely. Sakura is entranced. She can see Sasuke within the ball, distorted as it is. She rushes forward, hands brushing the being’s as she tries to get a closer look.

The being clears his throat. “I am Obito, the Goblin King. I am willing to make you a deal.”

Sakura nods, mournful as he pulls the ball away. “What kind of deal?”

“Your life for his,” Obito offers.

Sakura snorts. “Not quite.”

“W-what?” he asks, obviously flustered. No one rejects his deals.

“I said no. Look, Sasuke was given no choice in this and that’s what I want: a chance. Give me…give me a day to find Sasuke within your kingdom. If I find him, we both walk freely and unharmed back into our lives as they were without you in it. Everything goes back to the way it was. And the Uchiha clan cannot meddle in our lives; either of our lives.”

“And if you lose?” Obito inquires, voice silky and head cocked.

Sakura knows she has his attention. “If I lose, you keep us both.”

“Forever,” Obito says, strangely insistent.

“Forever,” Sakura agrees, tightening her hold on the poker.

“Forever is a long time,” Obito says and he sounds strangely sad. He offers her his hand. “I accept your terms.”

Sakura grins victoriously, grabbing his hand. “Then it’s a deal.”

Something, maybe an electrical current, runs up Sakura’s arm and sets her teeth on edge.

The world shifts around them and she is somewhere unfamiliar; alien.

“Your clock is ticking,” Obito tells her quietly before disappearing.

Sakura looks down at her hands, smile vicious as she takes in the fire poker still clasped in a white-knuckled hand. She redirects her gaze up, glaring at the wall before her.

“Don’t worry Sasuke; I’m coming.”