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Sigil #1

I love the idea of incorporating witchcraft in my art, and this is part of a new series I’m working on in my free time which explores that concept. Sigil magic has been used in one way or another in multiple cultures for centuries.Today, a major aspect of a newer practice known as Chaos Magick involves creating sigils that represent a specific intent, and then activating them in one of a variety of ways to project one’s will into reality. In this case, however, I’m creating sigils free-form as the images come to mind, and interpreting that imagery for myself later. I’m putting them out into the world without explanation of their individual meanings, with the hope that each will have a unique significance depending on who views them. 

Looking for snail mail witches!
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Name: Erin

Age: 27

Location: Victoria, Australia. 

Craft: Pretty broad. Kitchen witch, crystals, tarot and oracle cards, solitary witch, to name a few. 

Likes: Rivers, lakes, the beach, trees, dogs, history, winter, cold weather. Harry Potter, horror movies. Cooking, baking, tea. Wombats and dingoes.

Dislikes: Summer and hot weather.

Fun facts: I work part time at three jobs: one at a wildlife park where I get to hang out with kangaroos all day, one as a ghost tour guide at an abandoned convict prison and one at a clothing store. 

What I’m looking for: I’m interested mostly in snail mail, but email is fine until we know if we’re compatible. I’d love someone who walks a different path to my own to learn from, and to offer a different perspective. Someone who might like to swap things, and who writes long letters, or doesn’t mind reading my super-long letters. No age preference, just adults please. Otherwise, any location, any gender!

You can contact me at @mooninarieswitch or at

ID #60512

Name: Berlyn
Age: 13
Country: USA

I like Broadway musicals mainly, but I also enjoy listening to other artists/bands like Halsey, Florence + The Machine, etc. Whenever a move based on a book comes out, I refuse to see that movie until I’ve finished the book(s) completely. Basically, if you enjoy music and books, then you automatically have a massive bonus! I can play guitar, piano and I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember.
I also enjoy plants and witchcraft, honestly, my room is full of miniature plants and herbs and crystals and… It gets messy pretty fast.

I wouldn’t mind exchanging snail mail (my handwriting isn’t the best and it really depends.) but email is fine as well. I only say snail mail because I would probably end up slipping some lyrics from my favorite songs/musicals in and other little things…

(Also my grammar isn’t the best so if you have a problem with that stuff then we probably wouldn’t make good pen pals… Just saying.) 

Preferences: I would mainly prefer a female who is around my age (so 13-15, I guess. But anyone under 18 who shares my preferences would be fine as well.)
Also don’t be sexist, racist, homophobic and we’ll be fine. 

Name: Arielle

Nickname: Blossom

Age: 21

Location: Canada

What type of craft you practice:

I don’t really practice Magick too often due to some limitations of home however I read and study as much as I can. As for what crafts I am interested in… all of them? I feel that I want to see and experience it all so I haven’t really settled into one thing entirely. I have dabbled in tarot, runes, and crystals so far however I am looking to look deeper. I am an eclectic witch.


- Paranormal

- Theories

- Halloween

- Sigils

- Aliens

- Supernatural Creatures

- Green Tea

- Videogames

- Anime

- The Rain

Contact method:

You can contact me first by messaging me on tumblr at TheBlossomWitch then once we get to know each other a bit I would love to send actual letters through the mail cause I love the traditional way of sending letters.

Fun Facts about myself:

I have Cystic Fibrosis but that doesn’t stop me, I am always creative and love to draw, read and write. I am bisexual and an Empath. I can wiggle my ears and nose too ;P

What are you looking for in a pen pal?
I would love to find a witchy friend who I can talk about things we learn, share information, spells, ideas, and even theorize on cool stuff like life, the universe and the unknown. I would love a long lasting friendship and someone who can discuss our passions in life. I wouldn’t mind also sending each other herbs and items time to time like little witchy gifts. I think that would be fun.

Age/Gender/Location preference of your penpal:
I am looking for male or female around the age of 20-30 years old. I am not really picky about location.

ID #31122

Name: Kevin
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hi!!! My names Kevin, or you can call me Chuni. Really i just want someone to be able to talk about literally anything with. I love music and love to sing. Also someone who likes slam poetry! I enjoy collecting crystals and taking Polaroids or just pictures in general.

Preferences: Not homophobic. Open minded individuals (17-25)


Liquid crystals – found in mood rings, snail slime, and mucus – interact with bacteria in unusual ways. Some bacteria use their corkscrew flagella to zip through the the channels in a liquid crystal and when they encounter particles in the channels speed up to move them out. The interaction of such liquid crystals as mucus and bacteria, could shed light on some diseases.

Aronson Lab / Penn State

🕸 Witchy Pen Pal! 🕸

Name: Dylan/Nick
Age: 15 (16 on May 8 2017)
Location: Texas, soon to be Georgia!
What type of craft you practice: I do a bit of everything- should, crystals, herbs, sea magick, spirit work, earth witchcraft… yeah. I’m constantly trying new things!

Likes: Cats, most other animals, tea, hot chocolate, making friends, the genre of horror.

Dislikes: Rude people, jerks, coffee, willfully ignorant people.
Contact method: Message me at my tumblr account @sigil-seer! I’m looking for someone to send snail-mail to. 💌
Fun facts about myself: I have green eyes, I’ve died before, I’m 5'9", umm. What else…. OH I KNOW. I’m good at making toast.
What are you looking for in a pen pal?
I’m looking for someone who I can be great friends with, and who hopefully has readable handwriting hehe. If you’re a baby witch, that’s alright! I’ll teach you anything you want to know. If you’re a seasoned witch, that’s also great! I’m willing to send some witchy supplies through the mail as well~
Age/Gender/Location preference of your penpal: Age-wise, I’d prefer someone between 15 & 18. Gender doesn’t matter. And location-wise, I’d love to trade letters with someone outside of the States, but I’m not sure if I’d be able to afford it 😅 just message me at @sigil-seer if you’re interested!


you’re welcome my honey boo boo child! happy belated birthday! - Blue

ID #31499

Name: Khadijah
Age: 21
Country: USA

An eclectic southern who has interest in crystals, succulents and journaling . I’m looking for a pen pal who is always down to chat and make a friendship that’ll last a lifetime . I’m interested in Korean Pop music,90’s R&B and many many more

Preferences: I would enjoy talking to anyone around my age but I am not too picky