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Sigil #1

I love the idea of incorporating witchcraft in my art, and this is part of a new series I’m working on in my free time which explores that concept. Sigil magic has been used in one way or another in multiple cultures for centuries.Today, a major aspect of a newer practice known as Chaos Magick involves creating sigils that represent a specific intent, and then activating them in one of a variety of ways to project one’s will into reality. In this case, however, I’m creating sigils free-form as the images come to mind, and interpreting that imagery for myself later. I’m putting them out into the world without explanation of their individual meanings, with the hope that each will have a unique significance depending on who views them. 

~ blessed full blue moon 🌾🌕 since it was officially at six am I’ve done some rituals today and will continue to do a few more tonight as well 🙊🌸🙏🏼🐚✨

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Please please like/reblog this if your blog is connected with witchcraft, wicca, different types of magick. I don’t care what is your color/sexuality/religion.. I respect you all❤️
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1. Josh (he/they)
2. 17
3. Utah
4. Healing, necromancy, herbal/stone work and, divination.
5. Likes: Learning, plants, animals, stones, spirits, meeting new people
Dislikes: Donald Trump (any of his views), other stuff I can’t think of…
6. Contact method: Tumblr, text (if we get along), maybe mail?
Fun facts: I run the GSA at my school, I follow Hekate, I’m queer, that’s my familiar in the picture.
3. Someone to talk to about life and craft stuff. Or maybe mental illness stuff?
4. Does the age of your pen pal matter: Nope!
5. What about the gender: Also no!
6. And location: Hm, no, I don’t think it would matter too much.


I didn’t know too much about these beautiful stones until i researched them in Slovenia. They are extinct mollusk shells in a coiled spiral form. They are as old as the dinosaurs and are found in fossils of marine rocks! It is a great stone for earth healing and is linked to the Base/Root Chakra. 

  • For protections, relaxation and birthing pains 
  • Enables you to see the whole picture
  • Activates Kundalini & life path energies
  • Attracts wealth, prosperity & success 
  • Draws away negative energies
  • Aids blood pressure & ear problems
  • Increases stamina & vitality 
  • Lifts depression 

Just spent the week before leaving for Iceland crystallizing snail shells. Literally the most perfect batch ever. So I’m taking one and doing a #thrashcache before getting on the plane in Colorado.
If you like my work, today would be a good day to be in Denver. IMJUSTSAYIN
#tylerthrasher #thrashcache #artdrop #crystallized #snailshell #iceland

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