crystal snails

Sigil #1

I love the idea of incorporating witchcraft in my art, and this is part of a new series I’m working on in my free time which explores that concept. Sigil magic has been used in one way or another in multiple cultures for centuries.Today, a major aspect of a newer practice known as Chaos Magick involves creating sigils that represent a specific intent, and then activating them in one of a variety of ways to project one’s will into reality. In this case, however, I’m creating sigils free-form as the images come to mind, and interpreting that imagery for myself later. I’m putting them out into the world without explanation of their individual meanings, with the hope that each will have a unique significance depending on who views them. 

ID #60512

Name: Berlyn
Age: 13
Country: USA

I like Broadway musicals mainly, but I also enjoy listening to other artists/bands like Halsey, Florence + The Machine, etc. Whenever a move based on a book comes out, I refuse to see that movie until I’ve finished the book(s) completely. Basically, if you enjoy music and books, then you automatically have a massive bonus! I can play guitar, piano and I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember.
I also enjoy plants and witchcraft, honestly, my room is full of miniature plants and herbs and crystals and… It gets messy pretty fast.

I wouldn’t mind exchanging snail mail (my handwriting isn’t the best and it really depends.) but email is fine as well. I only say snail mail because I would probably end up slipping some lyrics from my favorite songs/musicals in and other little things…

(Also my grammar isn’t the best so if you have a problem with that stuff then we probably wouldn’t make good pen pals… Just saying.) 

Preferences: I would mainly prefer a female who is around my age (so 13-15, I guess. But anyone under 18 who shares my preferences would be fine as well.)
Also don’t be sexist, racist, homophobic and we’ll be fine. 

🕸 Witchy Pen Pal! 🕸

Name: Dylan/Nick
Age: 15 (16 on May 8 2017)
Location: Texas, soon to be Georgia!
What type of craft you practice: I do a bit of everything- should, crystals, herbs, sea magick, spirit work, earth witchcraft… yeah. I’m constantly trying new things!

Likes: Cats, most other animals, tea, hot chocolate, making friends, the genre of horror.

Dislikes: Rude people, jerks, coffee, willfully ignorant people.
Contact method: Message me at my tumblr account @sigil-seer! I’m looking for someone to send snail-mail to. 💌
Fun facts about myself: I have green eyes, I’ve died before, I’m 5'9", umm. What else…. OH I KNOW. I’m good at making toast.
What are you looking for in a pen pal?
I’m looking for someone who I can be great friends with, and who hopefully has readable handwriting hehe. If you’re a baby witch, that’s alright! I’ll teach you anything you want to know. If you’re a seasoned witch, that’s also great! I’m willing to send some witchy supplies through the mail as well~
Age/Gender/Location preference of your penpal: Age-wise, I’d prefer someone between 15 & 18. Gender doesn’t matter. And location-wise, I’d love to trade letters with someone outside of the States, but I’m not sure if I’d be able to afford it 😅 just message me at @sigil-seer if you’re interested!


you’re welcome my honey boo boo child! happy belated birthday! - Blue

frosty-mage-stuff replied to your post “Someone: So what characters do you have Me: ”

At least share a few!

Well, I have the goat that I just posted that’s been more or less my fursona since I created them for a comic back in 2011. That part is kinda bad memories but I like the design and others do too so they’ve stuck around.

Then there’s my ponysona, Crystal Snail. 

The characters that aren’t straight-up sonas I’ve drawn the most are Stella and Brooklyn and their respective horse forms:

I haven’t really drawn them in a while though.

I also have characters from a comic project I never got anywhere with but they’re way too removed from anything else for me to casually draw.


I didn’t know too much about these beautiful stones until i researched them in Slovenia. They are extinct mollusk shells in a coiled spiral form. They are as old as the dinosaurs and are found in fossils of marine rocks! It is a great stone for earth healing and is linked to the Base/Root Chakra. 

  • For protections, relaxation and birthing pains 
  • Enables you to see the whole picture
  • Activates Kundalini & life path energies
  • Attracts wealth, prosperity & success 
  • Draws away negative energies
  • Aids blood pressure & ear problems
  • Increases stamina & vitality 
  • Lifts depression