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Character Update: Yellow Diamond

Quite a while back, I wrote about Yellow Diamond, and my intent was to present the character I saw in totality. Even now, when I talk about the Diamonds and how they read strongly as characters with motives and feelings beyond just hurting others because they can, I feel like for the most part, I’m addressing questions about Yellow Diamond in particular.

Yellow Diamond is a character easy to picture as an irredeemable antagonist. Like Jasper and Aquamarine, she walks with an air of authority and certainty about her. A lot of people take her character as one who hasn’t shown any explicit self-doubt or weakness. It wasn’t long ago that The Answer aired and there was a lot of positive feedback because we got to see a “vulnerable” Garnet.

When I hear this sort of characterisation, I think back to these characters. While it is a very humanising experience to see a character previously presented as a bastion of unshakable strength question themselves and show a “fatal flaw” or weakness, it’s not the only way to present a relatable, dynamic character. To situate this in our world, it’s very rare that people choose to show their inadequacies in the first place. In fact, it is far more common for people to do everything in their power not to reveal vulnerability.

Yellow Diamond is a very complex character precisely because she shows indication of presenting herself as much more put together than she lets on. And, as usually happens in real-life as well, it’s not only for others’ sake but also for her own. In her, we see a character brutally honest, suffering neither formality nor trivialities for the sake of it. To view her consistently would be taking her actions into that context, and using that to understand where she stands on PD’s shattering. That’s something I want to talk about in this post.

So let’s get started.

1. Yellow’s relationship with feelings is complicated

I’d like to begin by talking about YD as a chest gem. Like Blue Diamond and other chest gems, she tends to interact with the world in terms of feelings. Remarkable moments in her life are likely best remembered by what she was feeling at the time they happened, and her first impressions are probably marked by how she felt about certain individuals, places, or things.

I think this is most evident in how she feels about Earth. In the past I’d talked about how Peridot was presenting a solution to Homeworld’s resource shortage in Message Received. What we’d learned at that point was that Homeworld was running out of resources, so much so that Gems couldn’t be made as physically strong or with the same abilities as they were supposed to be.

Upon closer inspection, it’s because the very means Homeworld uses in order to advance its species is inherently parasitic. They drain planets and have no means to replenish these resources. What Peridot claimed to find, after † a deeper appreciation for organic life, was a way to make use of Earth without damaging said life. And that’s a game-changing discovery, because the only way for that to happen would be a renewable or sustainable means of using a planet.

Peridot had expected Yellow Diamond to see the reason and logic of her plan, to be just as excited about saving Earth as she was because it meant helping all Gems. That was YD’s reputation. Recall that at this point, it was not that Peridot turned her back on Homeworld because she realised Earth was a better place to live. She realised that Earth was worth protecting, but she thought the Crystal Gems were unable to meet their own goals. That’s why she reached out to the most powerful, rational, objective being she could think of, Yellow Diamond, to help her reach that goal.

Peridot was sorely disappointed by that encounter. She realised her hero wasn’t perfect, but I wouldn’t say she wished for the destruction of Homeworld. I doubt that her take-away from that was that all Homeworld gems were evil. There was a time she’d worked with them, lived with them, learned from them. On her way to destroy the Cluster, the weapon of mass destruction about to shatter the planet she was currently living on, put there by Homeworld, she said it was difficult not to have feelings about Homeworld.

And I think that’s something to understand about the Homeworld defectors we’ve seen so far. Earth was a better option for them, but Homeworld would always be home. For the most part, those who chose to leave still imagine a better life for their fellow-Gems back home, but found no way to give them that life without leaving Homeworld altogether.

What this leads up to is the idea that all these Gems have strong feelings associated with Homeworld, and now Earth. But on different occasions, they put aside these feelings because they felt something better could be realised. Rose put aside her sentimental feelings of never being able to go “home” because she wanted to give the Crystal Gems the freedom they currently experience on Earth, and she wanted to protect the life that was already thriving there. Steven, more than once, has sacrificed the fear he felt and let himself be placed in dangerous situations for the sake of protecting others.

The other thing that I want to point out here is how we were led to believe Peridot was going to sell out Earth to Homeworld. We don’t get a lengthy monologue about how she feels or her plan. She just goes through with it and we feel a sense of betrayal, like the gems did. That she was thinking up a solution and pitched it to her Diamond shows that she didn’t just realise Earth’s life had value halfway through the conversation. It was her objective assessment from earlier on. Unlike most short-format shows though, these changes in characters aren’t exaggerated, and more closely reflect the interiority we experience in life.

On the one hand, we have someone like Blue Diamond, who has let the feelings of both sadness and regret take over her ability to act. BD is angry and upset with Earth. She cannot fathom how such a weak and fragile planet was able to shatter a Diamond. The wounds are raw enough that when Steven was unable to give the detail about the sword in The Trial, she uncontrollably used her gem ability on the court.

On the other, we have someone like Yellow Diamond, who has had to run everything in her stead as well as maintain her own duties, and those of Pink Diamond, and deny those feelings day in and day out. Peridot called her the paragon of objectivity and reason. Peridot, who prides sound logic above all else when making a decision, put her faith in YD.

And YD couldn’t put aside her feelings about Earth, and the anger she and BD both felt about a planet that destroyed their friend and comrade, to listen to a plan with the potential to save Gem-kind.

That’s something I need to stress because it speaks of the depth of the wound inflicted by the war. More than that, it paints a more realistic image of YD. YD is someone trying to be the perfectly objective and emotionless leader, and most of the time she succeeds. She is the person she wants to be often enough that it’s become her reputation. That doesn’t mean the feelings go away. The irony of her being a feeling-gem is not lost here.

2. To YD, Leading is a “job” not a privilege

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Youngblood Part 1: Are We the Waiting

Pairing: Sweet Pea x OC 

Rating: NSFW, mature content in later parts

Word Count: 2132

Warnings: (for this part) death, adult themes; (for later parts) language/cursing, gang activity, underage drinking, drug usage, smut, kink

Summary: Stella has known Toni Topaz almost her whole life, but was shipped off to boarding school before high school. When life throws Stella a curveball, she ends up back in the Southside with Toni. Immediately she is drawn to Toni’s tall, Serpent friend Sweet Pea. Becoming increasingly involved in his life, Sweet Pea can’t help but to take notice of the girl that fell into his life. If he’s not careful, he may be the one falling.

All fairy tales start with “Once upon a time.” Or so I thought. My fairy tale started a bit different.

I was born and raised in Riverdale, on the North side of town. My childhood was all music lessons and pretty dresses, Barbie dolls and Britney Spears. When I was 6, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. The cancer was swift, claiming her within a year. I don’t remember much of that, just how sad she looked during the last few days. After that, my father became a little more active in raising me, but not for long. He tried, but he had never spent a moment alone with me and didn’t know how to raise a child. Instead of learning, he hired a nanny to take care of me, who quickly became his girlfriend and then his wife.

Her name was Crystal and she was from the South side of town. I didn’t know what that meant as a kid, I just knew she let me play outside when I should’ve been practicing the violin. She would sneak me ice cream between lessons with my tutors during home schooling. I also knew that every Thursday, Crystal would take me to the South side and we would go visit her family. Her sister Tonya would always be there with her daughter, Toni.

That’s how the friendship of a lifetime began. Every Thursday for 4 years, I would get to hang out with Toni. We would play at the pool table, acting like we knew what we were doing. When we were a little older, we did know how to play and would play against each other, betting pennies Crystal would give us, trying to imitate the others in the bar.

One Thursday when I was 11, we just quit going. When I asked Crystal why, she explained my father did not want his wife and child on that side of town. Heartbroken and not understanding, she told me that we had to stay on the North Side because he thought the South side wasn’t safe. My dad said that I shouldn’t have friends on the South side because it was beneath me, not mentioning his own hypocrisy over having married someone from the South side. As you can imagine, I was quite upset at the idea of never getting to see my best friend again and threw a fit. Eventually, Crystal felt sorry enough for me that she found a loophole and our old Thursdays at the Whyte Wyrm turned into Tuesdays at Pop’s with Toni and Tonya. For several more years, Toni and I got to spend Tuesdays hanging out and gossiping about our respective schools and crushes over fries and milkshakes. Then it all changed.

Crystal and my dad got divorced. I never knew the full story, but from the screams I heard downstairs each evening in the weeks leading up to it, a lot of it had to do with my dad’s bigotry toward the South side. She screamed that he was an entitled son of a bitch. He screamed back that she was trailer trash. It ended abruptly, with Crystal leaving in the middle of the day while he was at work. She had been unhappy for a while and only stayed as long as she did because she couldn’t bear to leave me. She gave me a hug, apologized that she couldn’t take me with her, and promised to try and see me when she could. I think we both knew my father wouldn’t allow that. With that, I lost my mother for the second time in my life. I was a mess because when my mother died, Crystal became my mother in all ways except blood. She was there for me through my mother’s death and for 6 years after. My father hardly had anything to do with me, so Crystal was practically my only parent. I cried for days after she left, begging to go with her, but my father dismissed me and blamed teenage hormones. He told me to stop being emotional and left me alone and to go to the bar.

A couple weeks after Crystal left, my dad began dating another woman. He was quicker to move on this time and had proposed after only two months. Where Crystal was a kind, loving stepmother, Debra was downright wicked. It was little things at first. She would tell my father to have me eat alone in a separate room while they ate in the dining room. She would make plans for them every night of the week, so that the house was always empty and I was alone, except on Tuesdays when I went to get milkshakes with Toni. Debra would remind me of my mother’s death and how I looked so much like my mother, which wasn’t a good thing of course, with my stringy brown curls and sickeningly pale skin. She would constantly remark about how she never wanted kids and hated kids to my father, in front of me. Two weeks after their wedding, I was shipped off to the Kent School in Connecticut to finish my schooling. Debra had convinced my father that this was for the good of my education and it would refine me into a proper young woman before college. Before I left, I managed to sneak in one last meeting with Toni. We said our goodbyes over milkshakes; sharing a few more laughs and promises of phone calls and texts until we could be reunited. With one last hug, I left.

For the next two years, I talked to Toni once a week, on our Sunday night phone calls. We would recap the last week for each other and talk about everything in our lives. She told me about starting high school, all her new friends with the weird names, and her first girlfriend (followed shortly after by her first boyfriend). I told her about orchestra and becoming first chair violin. She eventually told me about the Serpents, knowing I would never judge her. While I was skeptical if joining a gang would be good for her, the way she talked about it made me smile. It sounded more like a big, dysfunctional family than a group of hardened criminals. I told her about my classes and learning to play field hockey. She told me how Crystal was doing and promised to pass on my love to her.

My weekly phone calls with her were my only saving grace in the hell that was the Kent School. I woke up, attended breakfast, four classes, lunch, four more classes, orchestra, solo violin instruction, field hockey, dinner, and then studied until bed. Some of the kids would hang out in the evenings, but I never had any desire to get to know them. They were rude, most of them having gone to the same boarding schools since they were children and already having very tight knit groups. I was just the outsider to them. For two years, I was there and never came back to Riverdale. While all the other students would leave during breaks, I’d be one of maybe five kids who wouldn’t. Each holiday, my father and Debra would go on a vacation, always without me.

That brings us to a month ago. I was called into the dean’s office, which was rather unusual. I didn’t think much of it at the time. When I arrived, the dean was there with a Sheriff and at that moment, I knew something was wrong. They informed me that my father and Debra were driving back home during a storm and lost control of the car. The car hydroplaned before stopping when the passenger side smashed into a tree. Debra was killed on impact and my father was in a coma at the hospital in Riverdale. He was essentially brain dead and the doctors at Riverdale General did not expect him to awaken. I was his only living relative, but I could not make the decision on whether to keep him on life support until I turned 18. In the mean time, I was being removed from the school in the middle of the year and sent back to Riverdale, where I would be placed with a foster parent. The dean sent me back to my dormitory with instructions to pack and say my goodbyes. I did one of those things and then left two days later.

It was hard to be upset over my father’s accident. On one hand, he wasn’t actually dead. On the other hand, he may as well have been. I had spoken to my father about once every other month for the last two years. My father had been such a hands off parent, that I found it difficult to mourn him. He provided me with anything I could possibly need or want, hoping to make up for his lack of parenting skill. I grew up with my mother and then Crystal, only seeing my father during dinner each day. He may have been my father, but he wasn’t a dad. I didn’t mourn Debra. She may not have deserved to die, but she was still a terrible person, as well as someone I barely knew.  

When I arrived back in Riverdale, I was picked up by a social worker that drove me to my old house to pickup anything I wanted. I packed some clothes and shoes, photographs of my mothers and I, my mother’s jewelry box, and a few other small items. My father’s family had owned our house for generations, so the house itself would stay empty until I turned 18 and could live on my own, and serve as a glorified storage unit for all my father’s things, as well as the rest of mine. I had said goodbye to the house, for now, and left to go meet my foster family.

The drive to meet my foster family had been nerve wracking. She kept glancing at me as though I would break. We drove into the South side of town and the social worker actually apologized that I had to live in the South side. I didn’t care, I was just happy to no longer be in Connecticut. I had also grown up with South siders and typically preferred them to North siders, not that this woman would have known. We finally pulled up to a very small one-story house, with light blue siding and a ragged white fence. It was quaint, albeit different from the dorms I was used to. However, I did not care an ounce about the house once I spotted who was standing in front of it.

“Crystal!” I exclaimed, jumping out of the car before it had fully come to a stop. I launched myself into her waiting arms. I hadn’t seen her in a little over 3 years but that didn’t stop either of us from missing each other. My father had refused to give her any access to his child, especially to a “no good, trailer trash, South sider”, or so Toni had told me. My father had even threatened legal action if Crystal tried to contact me. Toni had told me she was devastated leaving me, but since she never formally adopted me after they married, she had no rights. When she had found out about my father and Debra’s accident, she contacted a friend at social services and volunteered to be my foster mom, should I require one. When it became clear that I would be returning to Riverdale, and to her, she had spent two days cleaning out the guest room of her two bedroom house and trying to make it homey for me. She had painted the room and got me a desk, as well as a nicer bed. I had never felt more special than I did walking into that room Crystal had made for me. For the first time since she left, I felt loved again. When the stress of that day had worn down and it was just Crystal and I, she pulled me in for a hug and I finally let the tears go. I hadn’t cried since Crystal had left us. I finally cried all the tears from the verbal abuse of Debra. I cried for the loss of my father. I cried for spending the last two years alone in Connecticut. I cried for so many little things. At some point, those tears turned into happy tears. I was happy to have my second mother back. I was happy to be back in Riverdale. I was happy I could see Toni again. As bad as things had been in the last three years, things were finally looking up. I was home.

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“I restored them,” Ahsoka replied.  “I freed them.  The red crystals were corrupted by the dark side when those who wielded them bent them to their will. They call it making the crystal bleed.  That’s why the blade is red.”

I was talking with @evaceratops​ about how
- the Jedi are psychics,
- the nature of kyber crystals
- and how the thoughts they wield the blade with become part of it.

That perhaps this is why Ahsoka left her sabers behind, that those crystals carried every thought and action she’d had as a Jedi, that she could not separate herself from that life and move into her new one when she would be carrying all of that around with her.

This weapon is your life.

There are good memories in those crystals, so very many good memories still lingering in those crystals, but there are also bad memories.  And they are no longer her, she is setting out for a new life, she cannot take the old one with her.

She is lost, that’s what the entire Ahsoka novel is about, that she isn’t yet where she’s supposed to be.  Not until she finds the two crystals from the Inquisitor and knows they’re meant to be hers.

She held them in one hand, almost shaking as the familiarity of them coursed through her, while the other hand retrieved the half-finished hilts she carried with her.

Ahsoka has been collecting bits and bobs along the way, not knowing why, just that she needed to.  When she defeats the Inquisitor and the crystals call to her, suddenly she knows.  She has half-finished lightsaber hilts in her hands.

She hadn’t thought she’d ever replace her original green ones, and she still had to finish the handles, but these were all right.

She doesn’t quite recognize these crystals, but they’re certainly meant for her.

“These feel familiar,” Ahsoka said. “If I had to guess, I would say they were looted from the Jedi Temple itself.”

Later, she speaks with Bail and guesses that these were ones looted from the Jedi Temple, but she doesn’t know.  We don’t know what happened to her lightsabers or their crystals after she buried them with the dead clone that was meant to pass off as Rex after Order 66, but if kyber crystals are sentient and can use the Force, certainly it wouldn’t be hard for an Inquisitor-in-training to stumble over them and pick them up.

But, really, if they were hers, surely she would have felt everything she’d poured into them, right?  Not thinking about the extent the Inquisitor would have crushed everything of the Jedi out of those crystals.

But the crystals are half alive, almost sentient, they wouldn’t want to stay with a Sith.  They wouldn’t want to stay buried where they weren’t with the one they’d chosen.  They would find their way back to the one they wanted to be with, the one they were meant for.

They’re her life.

Just as Ahsoka was lost for awhile, so were her crystals.  But she finds her purpose again, finds her life again, and so do her crystals.

95. Kara Danvers X Reader

Request: Could you done for Kara Danvers, where the reader is an alien with the ability to create crystals within her body that can be used as defense mechanism or weapon. Kara at first dislikes her for being cold and cruel when it comes to fighting the enemy, until she one day sees the reader cheering up a child with said crystals, being all soft, on a mission gone wrong until they can find the parents. The rest is up to you^^

“I can’t believe you!” Supergirl yelled. The corner of your lip twitched, “What did I do this time?” You would have laughed at Supergirl’s face if she hadn’t been yelling at you only moments before.

Kara nearly ground her teeth into dust. She was fed up with your cold and callous behavior, this time the problem was you nearly killed a person trying to save some people. As a result two people had been taken prisoner by Blackstarr, the villain of the week. “Do I really need to explain what you did wrong? You nearly killed a person (Y/N)!”

If you heard her complaints you didn’t bother showing it and continued on your way to the bathroom. Kara nearly screamed, she was going to give one of her famous lectors reserved only for a certain Daxamite. She followed you around the DEO for ten whole minutes rambling about how you could be better than your planet and it’s people.

You cringed after what happened to your family and your home it was safe to say you didn’t like hearing about your planet. “Supergirl! (Y/N)! We have a word on the two people kidnapped.” Said Agent Danvers. Kara nearly super speeded towards her whilst you calmly walked towards Alex.

Kara didn’t like you much so in theory Alex didn’t like you either. You could live with that after all you didn’t talk to them outside of work and you didn’t have the same group of friends.

“This is Ellen and Roger Martinez.” Agent Schott said from his desk as two pictures popped up. Your eyes widened slightly they where parents who visited the daycare across from your apartment frequently. “There daughter Angelina is currently in our custody until we can contact other family members-” he continued to explain until you cut him off.

“There are no other family members Agent Schott,” You said calmly even though you were panicking on the inside. “Um you could just call me Winn-” You shot him a cold look, “Or not that’s up to you.. um anyway how do you know?” You bit your lip, “Their daughter goes to preschool near my apartment.”

An awkward silence settled over the atmosphere. “Ok well we could call foster care,” Agent Schott suggested. You shook your head that wasn’t right you needed to take matters into your own hands. “Where’s Angelina?”

After making hostile glares at Winn he gave you the interrogation room Angelina sat in. The young girl sat in the metal chair used to interrogate criminals hugging her knees. Coloring books and markers laid untouched on the table. “Angelina.” You started face starting to soften, “Sweetie what’s wrong?” Her eyes met yours from across the table, chocolate brown. Angelina sniffed and turned away.

You smiled gently and came up with an idea. After concentrating and feeling a brief tug in your gut you held a tiny moving crystal dinosaur. “Psst Angelina look a magic trick..” She looked up saw the T-Rex and made a cry of delight. You continued to make small animals and things on Angelina’s requests not minding the exhaustion the use of your powers gave you.

From the doorway Supergirl’s heart swelled.

Rogue One: Catalyst: Thoughts

- link to my other Rogue One blabberings -

Finally finished reading Rogue One: Catalyst by James Luceno, or as it’s also known by:

  • Lyra Erso: Badass;
  • Lyra Erso: They Could Have Easily Created Parallels Between You and Chirrut+Baze in the Film Instead of Ignoring Your Existence;
  • Lyra/Galen OTP Fever: How to Write a Strong, Balanced Couple While Still Giving Them Relationship Hurdles;
  • “I’m Thirsty for You and Your D, Galen,” Screams Krennic Into the Rain
    • with foreword by Galen Erso, “Who Is This? And What Does He Mean By My D?”
    • and annotated by Lyra Erso, *The dickbag is talking about the Death Star, honey.
  • Tarkin/Krennic: Hux/Kylo Ren Got Nothing On This Hate Couple
  • and finally: Jyn Erso Is A Normal Human Child: how this makes her future character arc 1000x more painful

NB: Have only seen the RO film and have now read this book. This is going to be long and about 90% quotes related to characterization.

General Impression:

  • Writing was okay. Not great, but not bad. (This is especially apparent since I’ve just started reading the RO novelization, and the difference in quality is pretty startling.) Nice quick read.
  • Lyra is fantastic.
  • Galen is pretty interesting.
  • Jyn is adorable and normal, and it breaks my heart.
  • Krennic is… wow, I just want to laugh because he’s so absurd but also a Terrible Human Being.
  • Tarkin is fascinating (see waaaay below for details).

Lyra Erso

  • No one holds this bitch down.
    • “She had no recourse. She wasn’t built to hold things in; to be complacent or compliant.”
    • “Some of Orson’s remarks had made her wonder whether she and Galen were under surveillance, or even whether her personal comlink might be bugged. But she didn’t care either way. Orson may have drawn the line in the sand, but she would be the one to step over it.”

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This may sound, stupid, but I need some reassurance.

Yesterday, I mentioned to my mother at the dinner table that I went to the occult shop. After all, the friend that told me about it had mentioned she wanted to go in, but with someone to back her up, so that’s the excuse I gave her. Being with there for a friend and curiosity. I talked about the pretty statues I saw, the books on mythology (which is a theme, that everyone who knows me, knows I’ve always loved), the beautiful rings, necklaces and “rocks”. 

When I said that part, I was surprised when she corrected me. Apparently she knew someone in high school who was into geology, and got pissed when people called crystals, “rocks”. 

I also talked about how it had an incredible variety of incense, and that I would surely go there when my stock ended. She laughed, saying she was surprised I got out empty handed (I got kinda nervous when she said that, because I got the amethyst, but didn’t tell her).

But then she said “But, you remember that is all a fraud, right?” She didn’t use exactly that word, she used an untranslatable Portuguese word that means the same thing. My stomach sunk, and I nodded. 

I come from a family that was raised as catholics, but don’t take it as seriously as they could. Science and facts, are above that. Everything, even the things with no explanation, has a scientific explanation. We just don’t have the resources to understand it yet. That’s how I feel about magick. It’s something we can’t exacly grasp yet. 

But for the people who surround me, it’s just a thing in stories and it doesn’t exist. Crystals don’t heal anything, that’s absurd. Meditating is just good for you. Pendulums are just gravity working. Tarot is a full on scam. Astral projecting is just your brain doing weird shit because you’re breathing in a certain way. Any weird occurrence or legend, is just something that people couldn’t explain at a certain time.

I always had hope, there was something more. Maybe some stories aren’t just stories (even if they’re exaggerated), maybe there’s something like the String Theory or the Placebo Effect, maybe we can shape the world around us in a strange way, maybe we have more power than we think. 

Three years ago, I found out that if I’m not feeling low, and start to sing (out loud, or in my mind) I can make the wind blow. Not much, but enough to give me some relief when the days are too hot. And that’s the story of how I found that aerokinesis is a thing. But most of the time, I actually constantly forget I can do that… It’s also a thing I don’t really understand. But, for some reason, I don’t feel the need to understand.

When I found witchcraft, it made sense to me. Not to mention I was surrounded with people with so much faith in what’s believed in. It felt so great. Sure, there are scams and coincidences, and I’ll never put science under magick, for they are at the same level, but there’s also real magic, right? 

I’m sorry for this rant-ish. I just feel lost and confused. Please give me some reassurance and some faith in what I’m doing. Maybe you also felt like me, once. If you did, please tell me.


Hey so this was written for @stonermurphy it was their prompt, I just wrote it. Enjoy, there is totally cursing. Lots of cursing.

“Tho thith will make me cool?” Rich sat in front of… Some guy? He heard about this, some drug from Japan. This dude was selling it. He wanted to be chill. “Yeah, get rid of the lisp too. You want it?” “YETH!” Rich said, almost jumping in the air. He had a reason for this, he promises. See, there was this kid who had headphones and a red hoodie. His name was Michael, he was really really cool. He didn’t care what people thought of him, he had a PT Cruiser! He didn’t drive it yet, but he had it! Oh that Cruiser. The things that Cruiser did to Rich was incredible. It’s just that Rich couldn’t talk to Michael without the lisp he had. He’d get flustered and embarrassed and he couldn’t do it.He tried.

“Hey Michael what wath the thience homework?” Rich asked that day. “I’m sorry what?” Michael took off his headphones, smiling at the shorter boy that day. “I-I athked–” “A lisp? Ha! Gay!” Rich heard some girl say, he was unsure who. No he wasn’t, it was Madeline. Rich hasn’t spoken to Michael since that day. “Well where’s the money kid?” Rich dug into his pocket, pulling out a small wallet, handing the guy over four hundred bucks. It was terrible, he saved that to buy Michael prom tickets when they were juniors.

They were freshman.

“Thanks kid, take it with Mountain Dew. Green, okay? No other kind will work.” The dealer said, handing him a pill. “What elthe would I uthe? Red? That'th been dithcontinued thince the 90'th!” Rich joked, seeing the guy tense. “Wait doeth that thut it off?” “Yes. Now leave.” Rich hopped to the nearest 711 he could find, walking to the fridges with Mountain Dew.

“Green is good but red is better.” Rich heard behind him. He turned around to see the boy of his affection behind him with a huge slushie.

“M-Michael!” God did he just stutter?! “Hey, what'th up?”

“Not much, junk food run for the aftermath of pot. You should join me and Jeremy sometime.” Michael smiled– Rich loved that damn smile– and left. Maybe he didn’t have to take the pill, he could just get high with Michael right now right? No. He paid for this pill. He would do it.

He paid for the Dew, walked outside, and took the pill. Nothing happened.“Rip off.” He hissed until he felt pain in his head, grabbing it he heard a voice and all of sudden the pain was over.

Why was Kermit the Frog in front of him?

I’m not Kermit Richard.

“What the hell–”

Don’t talk aloud, I can hear your thoughts just think. 

‘Okay, what are you?

I’m your SQUIP, the pill you just swallowed. My job is to make you popular. Starting with that lisp. Actually first your name, you’re Rich now. Not Richard, now to the lisp. Rich felt an electric shock ripple through his body, he yelped and grabbed his arms.“Richard?” Michael? Why was Michael in front of him?! “You okay?“ 

"Yeth–” another shock sent him wincing. “Y-yes.” Holy shit.The SQUIP is curing his lisp.

This is the boy you want? 


No, he’s a loser. Tell him you think his car is shit.

'I like his car!’ Another shock.“What kind of car is that? That looks hideous.” Rich lied, faking a laugh.

“Oh… It’s a PT Cruiser. I like it, is it not cool enough?” Michael did an eyebrow wiggle, making Rich laugh silently. Another shock.

“No. It makes you a gay loser.”

Good, now leave. Rich turned and left.

~ ~ ~

The SQUIP turned out to be less than perfect. Here he was in the hospital, SQUIPless.

He was rooming Jeremy Heere and who else would visit except Michael Mell himself. God how much did Rich make Michael want to kill himself?

“Hi Jeremy, hey Rich.” Michael said, walking in the room with crystal Pepsi and a bag of cheese puffs.

“Hey Michael.” Jeremy said. “I-I am so sorry about the whole SQUIP thing, you’re not a loser! You saved us and I– I just– I’m doing this for Christine. God I’d be lucky if she still wanted to talk to me–”

“You’re fine, tall ath.” Rich mumbled, eyes closed. “Thhe would be thuper happy if you athked her out.” His stupid lisp he hated it.

“Do I not get a hello Rich? I’m hurt. Very hurt, I thought you appreciated my company!” Michael mocked a pout, which was adorable, and sat in between their beds.

“No I like theeing you. Hello Michael, how are you?” Rich asked, looking at the 'riends’ on his bag.

“Still driving my gay loser car so all is well.” Michael joked, but stopped smiling when Rich winced.


That was the SQUIP.

“Hey you were right though, I’m a loser. Never a better time to be a loser! Did I tell you that I told Jeremy about how humans stopped evolving?”

“Tho there'th no reathon to get thronger right? I heard about that!”

“Jeremy?” All three boys turned when they heard a voice. It was Christine.

“Hi Christine!” Jeremy said, voice lacking confidence.

“Wanna walk to the cafeteria with me?” She asked, smiling.Jeremy nodded and left with her, leaving Michael and Rich on their own.

“Michael? I’m… I’m really thorry. About everything I did I mean. I wath a dick.”

“Yeah, you were, but hey you won’t be anymore right?”

Rich nodded, looking at his bed sheets.

Michael frowned. He walked over and put the Crystal Pepsi to Rich’s mouth. “Take a sip.” Rich did as he was told. 

“Oh my god thith is good why don’t they make it anymore?!”

“Because god is dead.” Michael said in a solemn voice. He cracked a smile and touched Rich’s faded red streak. “In honor of it I think you should die this white.”

“Nah, purple blue and a reddith pink.”

“That’s the bisexual flag–”

“I’m bi.” Rich blurted. “I’m totally bi.”

Michael stared him dead in the eyes. Rich became worried Michael would walk out. “Hi totally bi, I’m Michael.”

“Get out. Leave. Never come back.” Rich laughed, snorting in between giggles. He looked at Michael who was now smirking.

“And I’m gay, so there’s that.” Michael walked closer. “Not for Jeremy, so I will have to get rid of that beautiful 'riends’ if you don’t mind.”

Rich snorted again, smiling. “I worked hard on that, but fine.”

“Did you… Work 'tho’ hard on it?”

“Thtop!!” Rich groaned, hitting his head on the pillow.

“Well I’m gonna go. Jeremy is getting let out today and I’m his ride so I’ll wrestle him away from Christine.” With that, Michael made an exit and went to find Jeremy.

Rich was sure he’d never see Michael until he came to school, but he was wrong.O

h how wrong was he.

“Michael makes am entrance!” Rich heard while he was laying down, daydreaming of his crush.

“Are you gonna do that each time you enter a room?” Rich sat up, faking a scowl. He thought it was cute, if he was honest.

“Yes–I mean yeth. But for real, in all seriousness, how are we today? I brought a present~” Michael sat down next to Rich and pulled out a red Dew.

“The THQUIP is gone Michael.” Rich deadpanned.

“Yeah but you never got a taste and when we were freshman I said it was better than regular so here you go!” Michael pushed it towards the shorter boy, smiling. Rich stared at it, debating whether or not to drink. His curiosity got the better of him and drank a sip, then a gulp. He ended up chugging the whole bottle. It was great.

“WHY HAVE I NEVER HAD THAT BEFORE?!” Rich cried, throwing the bottle to the ground and grabbing Michael’s arms.

“Cmon dude that was my drink–”


“I know Rich, that’s why I gave it to you.”

Rich smiled, jumping in his seat. “I need ten gallonth of that. I really need it.”

“Oh god I turned you into a Dew junkie, didn’t I?” Michael frowned, making a praying gesture with his hands as a joke. “Oh why did he have to get addicted so young?”

“Thut up.” Rich laughed, punching his shoulder lightly.

“I’m sorry I don’t know how to 'thut up’ but I can shut up.” Michael teased, touching Rich’s hair.

“Boo. Bad joke!” Rich batted at Michael’s hand, but somehow ended up leaning into the touch more (who knows how).

“Well, if you’re gonna be friends with Jeremy without the SQUIP you’re gonna have to deal with bad jokes because I’m gonna hang out with him.”

“Great, that thounds fun.” Rich said, his voice sounded awkward and scrambled.

“Unless he leaves me again. At least you didn’t outright leave me after years of knowing me, it hurts you know? He’d much rather be with Christine or-or Jake or you!” Michael was shaking, it made Rich’s heart ache slightly.

He couldn’t say that he left Michael for the super computer too, even if it was the truth.

“Michael, why don’t we hang out when I get out of here?” Rich’s voice cracked at every other word. He was nervous, very nervous. “We can play games or something?” That wasn’t supposed to be a question, but it came out like one.

“… Dude, have you ever played apocalypse of the damned?” Rich quietly listened to every word Michael said about the game, it seemed to be a game full of zombie and place puns but it would be fun to test out.“—and I still haven’t beat level ten and I need a new player two because Jeremy isn’t going to play anymore!” Michael finished, taking gulps of air into his mouth.

“I’ll be your 'player two’ if you want.” Rich said, smiling. Since when did his smile come unnaturally?

“Aw, I’m honored. Now I guess you won’t be… Bi yourself?” Michael smiled.

“That wathn’t horrible, I’m proud.”

“I’m glad.” Michael said, leaning on his hands, fluttering his eyelashes. Rich blushed, much to his dismay.

“Well then get ready for bad oneth, I tell loadth!”

“Tell me one.”

“I didn’t pan thith out well!” Rich emphasized the “pan” and smiled a lot.

“A replacement of plan?” Michael asked. “Classy.”

“Very!” Rich confirmed.

“Very what?”

“Very clathy– you jutht wanted to hear the lithp didn’t you?” Rich’s eyes widened in horror.

“Yes. It’s cute.” Michael grinned, winking at the shorter boy.How many times was Rich going to be confirmed short?

“O-oh really?” Rich leaned on his arm, tripping as he missed the bed and fell face first to the floor. Michael howled with laughter, trying to lean down and help him up only to laugh harder and fall next to him. Rich smiled and began to laugh too, ignoring the pain.

“I’m sorry you just fell! That was amazing!” Michael looked at Rich, noticing how close they were. It would be a lie to say Michael didn’t like Rich. He always appreciated the way he bullied him (was Michael a masochist? Probably), he loved the way Rich would joke in the hallways, how he’d gossip about Jake’s “latest conquest”. But Michael also liked– no loved– Richard. The nerdier version of Rich. He used to stalk him, if he was honest. He followed him in a 711 once in freshman year and judged his choice of Mountain Dew! He pretended to get food for his high! No he loved Richard and his lisp and his bad jokes. He loved the way he’d trip in the hallways and mess up. He also loved bisexual Richard, not straight Rich. So yeah, Michael was blushing insanely.

Rich was still doing his little giggle snort laugh, ignoring the obvious tension and passion there was. Michael moved closer and closer and–

“Why is Rich on the floor?” Both boys looked up.Jake was standing there, grinning. “So you finally made out? Good, because Rich will–”

“No! Hey, thup Jakey-D?” Rich sat up. “Came to vithit me?”

“Yeah, I did. But I see Michael is already making moves, should I leave or stay?”

“Nah man, you can see your buddy. I’m leaving anyway. See you tomorrow Richard!” Michael left, ignoring Rich’s “it'th Rich”, and getting to his PT Cruiser (would he ever change his car?) and drove all the way to Jeremy’s. He needed to talk about this. It’s too bad Jenna was on the phone with Jeremy when Michael busted down his door screaming “I ALMOST KISSED RICHARD JEREMY MY BUDDY ASK HOW IT IS HANGING BECAUSE IT IS NOT BANGING! IM FREAKING OUT!”

It was silent until Jenna squealed. 

“DONT TELL ANYONE JENNA!” Michael grabbed the phone, practically crying. Jeremy uttered a quick “Jenna don’t, got to go” and hung up. He turned to Michael and asked him to explain.

“Do you think he’d actually be interethted in me?” Rich asked Jake, moving back onto the bed. “I jutht don’t think he liketh me!”

“He offered for you to be his player two, didn’t he?” Jake said, smiling. “I forgot how awkward you where pre-SQUIP. Did you really fall trying to lean like you were cool?”

“Yeah, I did.” Rich avoided the word 'yes’ and looked away.

“That’s amazing.” Jake snickered, punching Rich’s arm lightly.

“I’m thorry about your houthe.” Rich mumbled. “You can thtay with me if you want.”

“Nah I’m staying with Chloe, her parents are cool with it.” Jake waggled his eyebrows. “Speaking of, I got to go. I’ll see you at school right?”

“Yeah, you will.” Rich said, knowing Monday would be his doom. Then everyone would know he was still a nerd.

~ ~ ~

“So Jenna says that Michael said he almost kissed Rich.” Chloe said to Brooke and Jenna (even though Jenna was the first to know).

“Jenna?! You said you wouldn’t tell anyone!” Jeremy walked up, eyes wide. “Michael is going to be so pissed!”

“We won’t tell anyone Jeremy.” Brooke smiled. “Except Christine, we told her. We also told Jake, but he promised not to tell Rich.”

Michael walked up, some weird hipster drink in his hand, smiling. “What’s the beeswax friends?”

Jeremy laughed. “Nothing Michael, just something Madeline did.”

“Oh my gosh, so Madeline–” Jenna went on this huge rant on what the poor girl did recently. Michael pretended to be interested but looked at the clock. It was Friday, he would visit Rich after school. He knew it was almost a matter of time until that clock showed he could leave.

“–Michael?” Brooke’s voice brought him back to reality.


“Are you wearing crocs?” Brooke looked at his feet in disgust.

“…. Yes?”

“Oh my gosh you poor boy. We need to buy you actual shoes!” Chloe gasped, shaking her head.

“Never. Crocs five-ever.“ Michael said, walking away.

”… He’s wearing socks with them!“ Jenna cried, hitting Jeremy’s arm. "Help him!”

“Nah, he won’t listen to me. Only if I insult him which I’m not doing again.”

“Fine.” Jenna huffed, going back into her story.

~ ~ ~

“You’re wearing crocth? Really Michael?” Rich raised an eyebrow.

“Oh don’t be a Jenna! You know you love my crocs!”

“I do.” Rich said, meaning every word.

“Okay, don’t lie they’re hideous.” Michael said sitting on his bed.

“Okay firtht of all, they’re not. Thecond of all, why do you wear them then?!” Rich moved to sit next to Michael.

“Someone has to like this stuff, and they’re comfortable. One day, my little Rich, I’ll get you crocs and make you wear them to school!”

To prom! We’re wearing crocs to prom. That’s final!

“I’m not little!” Rich said, instead.“You’re shorter than me. Remind me when I get you in crocs I should give you my hoodie.” Michael said, smiling.

“I thould take your glatheth too. Become a thmaller Michael.” Rich hated saying “glasses”. Michael wasn’t smiling anymore. “Michael? Are you upthet?”

“N-no. Not all.” Michael was picturing Rich in all his clothes. It was really cute.

“You thtopped thmiling.” Rich frowned.

“Sorry, I was thinking I can’t see without my glasses so you’d have to take a picture.” This was a lie, Michael would be able to see Rich clearly. He just wanted a picture.

“Okay, I’m fine with that.” Rich smiled again, he began to bounce. “Gueth what! I’m getting out Monday! I can’t wait to hear all the drama from Jenna and Chloe and Brooke! Jake wouldn’t tell me anything.”

“Oh, oh drama yeah! Yeah there’s been a lot.” Of my drama. “Madeline has been crazy.”

“I’m really looking forward to her drama.” Rich admitted.

“Yeah, well prom is coming up too. Lots of drama there, Jake is probably going with Chloe. Brooke has no date, Jeremy will ask Christine. Hey if you’re into Brooke you could take her.”

“Nah, I-I have my eye thet on thomeone.” Rich admitted, hoping Michael got the hint. He didn’t, and he was upset. 

“That’s good! I bet they’ll say yes.”

“Are you going with anyone?” Rich asked, hoping the answer was–

“No.” Michael said. “I’m not a prom person, I wouldn’t get a date. I’d probably go and be in the corner eating all the food. No, probably getting high out back.”

“Ah, I thee.” Rich felt no courage, shrinking into his bed.

“Shit what time is it? I have to go home, I’m sorry Richard. I’ll see you, okay? Here’s my number, text me!” Michael left.Rich, for some reason, liked it when Michael called him Richard. That wasn’t his biggest concern though. He had Michael’s number! Wait, that wasn’t the biggest concern! He texted Jake.

Rich: Hey Jakey-D, how do I ask Michael to prom?

Wait.Shit that was the SQUIP group chat.

He was screwed.

Jenna Cakes: OMG you want to ask him?!

Brooking it to class: Rich, you have to be fancy with it.

Valentine’s Day: Can we help?!

He’s Heere: I can tell you for a fact Michael would say yes if you just gave him a slushie. Better hurry, he’s been talking about some JD he met at 711.

Jakey-D: yo, I gotchu I’ll message him!


Rich was hiding under his blanket, mostly because of the pun names but also because he was nervous; that’s what he did when he was nervous.

Brooking it to class: why not flowers?

He’s Heere: he loves chocolates, get him weed brownies. Do it, I dare you to.

Jakey-D: I double dog dare you.

Valentine’s Day: triple dog dare you. Can’t not do it now.

He’s Heere: write 'prom?’ with icing! Make it Mountain Dew Red icing!

Rich laughed. That would be amusing.

Brooking it to class: I’ll help you pick out flowers. NOT WEED JEREMY!

He’s Heere: boo.

Brooking it to class: this’ll be a fun project.

Rich: cool, I get out Sunday so we can do it then.

Rich opened the calendar and made his plans with Brooke. Sunday would be fun.

~ ~ ~

Sunday was not fun, because Rich had to text Michael saying he was busy with Brooke. Michael said it was fine, but Rich thought he was lying.

“So I suggest we get yellow acacia. It signifies a true friendship but a secret love. We’ll get him a couple of those and also some white dittany! Those show passion and love.” Brooke was saying, pulling Rich through some weird flower shop. Some guy with curly hair and glasses was at the counter with a blonde girl. The name tags read 'Seymour’ and 'Audrey’.

“Okay, tho thethe two?” Rich grabbed the bouquets. He smiled a bit.Perfect.

“Oh, are those for your girlfriend? How lovely! I wish my boyfriend did that! He’s a dentist, you may know him!” Audrey, the female flower seller, smiled. Seymour frowned at the mention, staring at a bruise on the woman’s arm that Rich noticed.

“No. He’s asking someone to prom though!” Brooke answered excitedly.

“Y-yeah. I am.” Rich mumbled, paying for the flowers.

“Okay, so you put those in water and you’ll give them to Michael. Let’s find pot brownies for him.”

“Ah, Jeremy thaid he’d get them, tho it'th okay!” Rich smiled. “I thould go home." 

"Alright, if you say so.” Brooke smiled sweetly before leaving. Rich sighed, heading home. He was just sneaking to his room when he heard his dad walk in the hallway.

“Flowers? Asking a girl out?”

“Yeah, I am.” Rich lied.

“Put them in a vase at least.” His dad smirked.Rich nodded and went to the kitchen, putting them in separate vases. He brought them to his room and texted Michael.

Rich: I’ll see you tomorrow right?

RMD: of course! You’d willingly talk to me in public? I’m honored.

Rich was about to say yes when he saw his username changed.

Richard: Michael.

RMD: yes?

Richard: why

RMD: because I can Richard, fight me. 

Richard: How’d you even do that?

RMD: I’m a beautiful hacker fight me.

Richard: change it back!

RMD: never.

Rich sighed and put his phone down. He couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

~ ~ ~

“Richard, hey–” Jenna snickered, before being cut off.

“Don’t call me Richard. I’m Rich.” Rich mumbled, leaning against his locker. “Michael changed my thtupid uthername thomehow." 

"Do you have the flowers?” Brooke asked.

“Yeth. Where'th Michael?”

“Wait! Here!” Jeremy gave him tupperware with brownies in it. “He’s at his locker.”

“Thankth.” Rich walked over as cooly as he could to Michael’s locker.

“Hey Richard!” Michael smirked. His eyes fell upon the flowers. “Are those for the prom person?”

“Yeah, here.” Rich placed the flowers in Michael’s hands. He carefully opened the tupperware where the message was written. It just said “prom?” but there was only five brownies. Rich wasn’t complaining.

“That’s cool I bet they’ll love it!” Michael said, giving a thumbs up (as best as one could while holding flowers).

“Do you?” Rich asked.

“Well yeah, I’m jealous of the person– oh these are for me? Oh… OH!” Michael’s eyes widened as he looked at the brownies, then flowers. “OH MY GOD! HOLY SHIT!”

Rich let out a nervous laugh. “Ith that a no?”

“ITS A MCFRICKEN YES!” Michael screamed.

“Never thay "mcfricken again”.“ Rich deadpanned.

"No promises, but yes! Of course yes! Totally yes!” Michael was gonna cry, he really was. “This is amazing!”

“I’m glad, I got nervouth.” Rich admitted.

“I’d be too, I’m pretty awesome I’ll be honest.” Michael teased, slinging his free arm around Rich. “Now, Richard, is this an invitation to date?”


“Okay good now I can do this.” Michael said.Before Rich could ask what “this” was Michael swooped down and kissed him.

It was going to be a great prom.

I do accept notes (GET IT! HA!). Thanks for reading. I may write one for their prom.

This is less of an analysis post and more of me, like..

So avoid this if you dislike spoilers okay thanks. 

I’m trying to figure out why I’m so unsettled with Deep Dive’s revelations, and it’s because of a lot of callbacks back from season 1, and other points that I’m trying to piece together. I’m decent at that part but figuring everything out as an end result has me frazzled, so. This is really just like…reminders of things to pay attention to? Maybe it’ll remind you of somethings. 

1. Let’s talk about his wand first

The wand transforms to conform to the holder. It, in its adaptability, transforms to fit the personality/image of the holder. So looking at this wand, for Marco…it doesn’t…make sense to me? I think the thing that throws me off is the color and the wings. It just doesn’t look like it fits for him, so why did it transform like that? 

Then I remembered 

The ceiling in St Olga’s seems to fit this wands kinda style. It’s a more…century gothic monster image, and it fits in with the wings. So, okay, we recall where possibly that design came from. But where the light shines to? 

Alright, it’s this neat looking prophecy floor, conventient with a star, a sun, and encased by a crescent moon. It’s already been touched on, as to who fits what on this table - all except the moon, really. Though, I think the moon has been predicted to resemble the blood moon binding them together. Which brings me to my next point 

3. Marco: “It’s like our souls are bonded -”

The reason that Marco is capable of producing magic is because of this. Why? Well, no idea. The blood moon is some kind of ancient magic that hasn’t been explained - just brought back. But he gets his own cheek marks in order to do so. 

Crescent moons! Okay, that’s fine. You’re thinking it’s probably because of the blood moon, or perhaps it’s linked back to the prophecy. I’m not entirely sure why they’re crescents. There could be a few reasons, or just one is focalized. But then I remembered - I’ve seen that specific crescent moon somewhere, and it’s in plain sight.

The thing with Eclipsa that bothers me so much is that it’s so clear that there are other distractions in the way that leads to her being the ultimate villain for everyone. I can go on about her ploys but I really do think she’s going to be using Marco against Star. He’s been corrupted by her dark magic, he has “a dark magic-monster virus” still lurking in him (whether this comes back is debatable but nothing’s off the table), he lurks a little too long by her crystal in the intro (he observes it in a sort of cautious manner, kinda entranced/curious), she knows what he means to Star, and I don’t think this needs to be said, but she very much parallels Star in more ways than just personality. Marco, I think, is the outsider, “I would give up everything for this one person” Eclipsa relates to in the fact that she had that with the Monster she was running away to. He’s from an entirely different Dimension. I don’t see Marco being unscathed in whatever Eclipsa is doing behind closed doors. 

Eclipsa is a planner. She’s cunning, she’s smart. She’s three steps ahead of you while you’re still trying to figure out if she’s involved in the first place. She’s that kind of enemy. 

And honestly, I think the endgame plot - whichever that may be, involves her in some way, shape or form. So again, planned? I’m leaning towards this. 

Because it needs to be reinstated that Marco wasn’t going to the Blood Moon Ball with Star. He was encouraged to do so, through someone (or something) using his irritation with Star going on a date (”The Moon of Lovers” is what finally convinced him to go down to the Underworld). And it was this guy: 

Which is later revealed to be a portriat Eclipsa is exremely familiar with, hiding an entrance to passage ways linked throughout the castle. 

Yeah, every point here related back to Eclipsa.

You need to ask yourself why that is. Why her daughter has a prophecy-looking room in the basement of the school she took over. Why Marco’s wand looks similar in design to what the paintings on the ceiling represent. Why she knows the sailor and the secrets it hides, who told Marco to go to the Blood Moon Ball. Why Marco has crescent moons on his cheeks.

Everything leads back to Eclipsa.

So I’m not saying that the soul-binding dance between Star and Marco during the Blood Moon Ball was orchestrated by Eclipsa (or someone in association doing what she needs to get done), which is fortelling the prophecy of the Sun and Star, encased by the moon and destined to do something (a battle is the highest guess because nothing else is hitting me), but I kinda am saying exactly that. 

The Madness of Rose Quartz

It’s no secret that recent events have begun to make people paint Rose in a… different light. Matt Burnett even hinted at something incredibly dark and foreboding that has been foreshadowed throughout the entire show so far.

Recently in the episode “Keeping It Together” we learned that a host of terrifying force-fusion experiments on innocent gems took place deep below the Kindergarten. After discovering the monstrosities, Garnet nearly has an existential crisis.

But I think Garnet is dead wrong. Not only did Rose Quartz know, but she was the original mastermind behind these Dr. Frankenstein-esque experiments.

First, let’s look at the terminal used to activate the chamber.

The terminal features a diamond on the palm and is left-handed. There is a similar terminal that was featured earlier in Lion 2: The movie.

It features Rose’s emblem, but more importantly, is also left-handed.

In Sworn To The Sword we saw a flashback of Rose Quartz in battle.

Rose Quartz is wielding her sword in her left hand. Rose Quartz is left-handed.

Next, let’s look at the state of the gems used in the experiments.

Forcibly glued together. As far as we know, the gems don’t have access to current technology like the goop used to restore the gem warps. That doesn’t rule out another factor though: Rose’s tears.

A cracked gem, sealed using the power of Rose’s gem. We know it’s possible for gems to be glued together without the use of Peridot’s robonoids.

What about Peridot? In The Return she said the mission was to “check on the cluster”, implying that someone had been toying with these gems far earlier than Peridot was around.

In Marble Madness when Peridot first reveals the tubes housing the gem fusions, she was reactivating them, implying they had been there far earlier.

The last two points I’m about to make are the most chilling. In Keeping It Together Garnet said the gems that were broken into pieces were buried, most likely by the Crystal Gems.

Only Rose and the Crystal Gems knew where these shards were. It would be very easy for her to hide a few of them to use for later experiments.

Lastly, every single forced fusion in the Kindergarten took the form of a hand, foot, arm, or leg.

The bubble in Secret Team happened to contained a variety of gem body parts like arms and legs.

It was a Rose Quartz bubble.

Granddaughter/ Leonard Snart

Please write a Leonard Snart x reader about their granddaughter coming from the future and Leonard getting shocked when he finds out his granddaughter is dating Barry Allen’s grandson. Granddaughter’s name is Crystal. Request from @bartallenisbae Got gif from the internet, so all credit to the owner. 

“Snart.” (Y/N) yelled. “What.” He said asking into the kitchen. “You better not be making plans to rob the bank on my table.” (Y/N) said making dinner. “Never, I’m using the coffee table.” Leonard said before kissing (Y/N)’s cheek. “Get two bowls, please.” (Y/N) said as Leonard did what (Y/N) said.

(Y/N) had made soup for the both of them. (Y/N) turning the stove off before pouring soup into the bowls and giving one to Leonard. The both of them sat at the table and ate. (Y/N) looked at Snart, wanting to ask him about his new job. “What’s on your mind.” Snart asked (Y/N) before there was a knock at the door.

(Y/N) got up and opened the door to see the Flash before there was a blur and (Y/N) was in STAR labs. “What the hell.” (Y/N) said before seeing Snart. “What do you want, Allen.” Snart said to Flash.

“There is someone here for the both of you.” Flash said to Snart and (Y/N). (Y/N) looked over to see too see a woman and a man dressed in what looked like a Flash suit but was red and white. “Wow, you look just like her, Crystal.” The unknown man said to the woman. “Shut up Bart.” Crystal said to the man.

“What’s going on.” (Y/N) asked before looking at Snart, who was in shock. “Snart.” (Y/N) said. “(Y/N), this is Bart, my grandson from the future.” Barry said as (Y/N) nodded. Snart walked over to (Y/N) before grabbing (Y/N)’s arm

“We are leaving.” Snart said as was he pulled (Y/N) with him. “No.” (Y/N) said before stopping Snart. “Who is she.” (Y/N) asked pointing to Crystal. “I am your granddaughter.” Crystal said as Snart laughed. “It’s true, we came to the future to save you.” Bart said to Snart.

“Save me.” Snart questioned. “Tonight, (Y/N) was going to ask you to go get ice cream but on the way there, you get killed.” Crystal said as (Y/N) looked at Snart. “We need you to survive or my dad grows up without a father.” Crystal said as (Y/N) covered her stomach.

“You’re pregnant.” Barry said. Barry and (Y/N) were friends before meeting Snart and (Y/N) fell for him after he saved (Y/N). “What.” Snart said looking at (Y/N).

(Y/N) smiled before looking down. “I have known for five weeks but I know you don’t want kids.” (Y/N) said. “Wow.” Snart said. “Why did you come here then.” Snart said questioning Bart. “Crystal’s father becomes super vengeful trying to find the person, who killed you but in the end, he went mad and now the world is in the future is screwed up.” Bart said.

(Y/N) looked at Crystal to see her looking straight at her. (Y/N) realized that Crystal did look like Snart and (Y/N) put together. (Y/N) walked over to Crystal. “I am so sorry.” (Y/N) said before hugging her. “It’s okay Grandma.” Crystal said.

(Y/N) looked at Snart, who seems more pissed than anything. (Y/N) saw a ring on Crystal’s finger. “Who is the lucky guy.” (Y/N) asked. “Bart.” Crystal said. Finding out the Snart’s granddaughter was going to marry his enemy’s grandson drawn the last line.

“You are marrying him.” Snart said shocked before he started yelling about how they are enemies and that the two of them shouldn’t be together. “LEONARD.” (Y/N) yelled. (Y/N) never called Snart by his first name, unless (Y/N) was angry. “So help me, you make one more commit about them I am leaving. You have no right. Barry and Joe were the same way when we started dating.” (Y/N) said.

“Yes, ma’am.” Snart said. “I’m sorry about him.” (Y/N) said smiling to Crystal. “You said that might have had happened if grandpa didn’t die.” Crystal said. “Congrats on being pregnant with my father, though.” Crystal said causing (Y/N) to laugh.

(Y/N) looked at Snart, who seems to be out of it. “Can you guys give us a minute.” (Y/N) asked Barry, Bart, and Crystal. The three of them left as (Y/N) walked over to Snart. “I should have told you sooner but I was scared you would leave. I know you don’t want kids.” (Y/N) said.

“You should have because the past few months I had been thinking and I wanted to start a family with you.” Snart said before getting on one knee. “Will you marry me.” Snart asked (Y/N). “Yes.” (Y/N) said before Snart kissed her. (Y/N) heard clapping as she looked over to see Crystal and Bart.

“Congrats, we better get going before we get stuck.” Bart said picking Crystal up. “See you in 50 years.” Crystal said before in a blur, the both of them were gone.

50 years later

“Leonard, don’t be like that.” (Y/N) said as Snart helped (Y/N) to her seat in the church. “My enemy’s grandson.” Snart said. “Remember what happened 50 years ago.” (Y/N) said as Snart gave (Y/N) a nodded. “How can I. I asked my beloved to marry me.” Snart said before the music started. The two of them stood up to see Crystal being walked down the aisle with her father. Once Crystal got to her grandmother, she hugged (Y/N) and Snart.

“Thank you for everything.” Crystal said remembering what she did in the past. “You’re welcome.” (Y/N) said smiling before Snart rubbed (Y/N)’s back. “They grow up so fast.” (Y/N) whispered into Snart’s ear. “I know.” He said before kissing (Y/N) on the cheek.

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Call me crazy, but I think Queen Eclipsa was not on Toffee’s side... her power was used to defeat him.

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Let me explain why. 

When I watched The Battle Of Mewni’s teaser trailer it made sense to me that ‘‘Eclipsa, Queen of Darkness’’ could have something to do with ‘‘the darkest spell of Moon the Undaunted’’. Just saying. I like to think that Eclipsa was not evil, just misunderstood, and that the Mewmans nicknamed her ‘‘Queen of Darkness’’ because she liked monsters and her magic was powerful, but her spells were considered too dangerous (they could easily be used with bad intentions, like the All Seeing Eye) which is why they considered it ‘‘dark’’. Since the Mewmans associated monsters with evil, it makes a lot of sense that they would accuse Eclipsa of being evil too, just because she liked them. Or it just could have something to do with her name (an eclipse makes everything dark), rather than her personality or motives.

Another thing that makes me think Moon asked her for help is the fact that Eclipsa is showed among the creatures that Rhombulus has imprisoned in crystal, so she’d be still alive by the time Toffee and Moon fought. Plus, she was said to be very powerful, so Moon, being desperate, saw a chance and she took it. She either interacted with Eclipsa to get her help or used one of the dark spells Eclipsa wrote in the book. That would explain why when Star touched his finger Eclipsa’s face flashed along with Toffee’s: her dark magic might be the only one that can defeat him, at least for some time.

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IT’S JUST WHAT I LIKE TO THINK. But we’ll find out the truth soon.

anonymous asked:

I think it's awesome how little things like the opening flashback can show so much. Annie's words in particular are pretty telling. She equates telling your story/sins to seeking forgiveness. I know you see an alliance issue grounded in lack of trust there, but if Annie willingly gave up info and tried to establish that trust do you think she'd be given a chance, esp. if it had a condition (i.e.-SC's custody of Eren)? I'm assuming she's out and working somehow with the SC, but what do you think?

If everyone sat down and had an honest heart-to-heart talk, sure, things could happen. I just couldn’t see a way for them to get to that point. If Annie’s been in stasis, her last memory is of Armin lying to her and Eren defeating her. If she emerged from the crystal, it would be with those thoughts front and center - thoughts of when she’d was backed in a corner, frightened, and desperate to go home.

In the last four years, maybe they’ve found a way to safely communicate with her. I’d like to think the SC would give her a chance, like you said, if they could ensure everyone’s safety. The skills that make her a deadly enemy would make her an equally useful ally. Not just her strength, but her knowledge of Marley and it’s military.

The other thing going for Annie is her lack of political ideology. She’s ultimately on whatever side will get her home. If the SC can guarantee that, I don’t see her objecting.

I wouldn’t have agreed last month, but with the appearance of Mr. Leonhardt in this chapter, I share your opinion that Annie is alive and quite possibly working with the SC. 

Wait one second...

So guys, what if somehow Jyn’s necklace saved both her and Cassian…

Like that shit is straight kyber crystal - it’s gotta be powerful and it must mean something. There has to be some significance for why Lyra’s last act would be to give her daughter that necklace and have her last words to her be “Trust the Force.” 

Why else would the introduction of Chirrut and Baze’s characters revolve around that necklace. What would be the importance of Chirrut prompting Jyn to tell him all she knew about kyber crystals. He himself said, “The strongest stars have hearts of kyber.” Sounds a bit cryptic - could mean a whole multitude of things: a reference to the Force, the Death Star itself, or maybe something else…

What if Jyn and Cassian didn’t die on that beach. What if somehow Jyn was able to tap into the Force and use that crystal to save them both. They were clutching onto each other so tightly that if Jyn was somehow able to accomplish this then they surely would have both survived. 

**EDIT: Not to mention that in the book, it never says that Jyn dies. That’s a conclusion that the readership and the audience come to on their own based on the slant that the scene was written and portrayed in. 

But doesn’t it seem an interesting choice of words to say she “…became one with the Force.” For every other death of the Rogue One squad, the language is very clear. They were killed. They died. 

But not Jyn. Not Cassian. 

My money’s on a Force bubble. A Force bubble saved our babies guys. Everything is good. They’re fine. Now, let’s all just patiently wait for the Jyn and Cassian spin-off series…

Well, that wasn’t scripted (Chris Evans/Steve Rodgers)

A/N:Chris Evans smut 

summary: As a makeup artist you have become comfortable with celebraties working with them everyday but what happens when you have to actually work with them in their own field, under lights,camera and action. 

Warnings: female!reader x Chris: Quite Smutty, fingering, stimulation, teasing, swearing , tinsy bit of daddy kink and I don’t know what else 

Disclosure: I do not own marvel or any of their characters

Y/N : your name 

During scene Chris changes into Steve but hopefully will make sense as you read  Hope you enjoyxx 

Y/N’s POV:

Now lets get facts straight. I’m like any normal person on the planet. I survived through high school and college. But now, now I am a make up industry on large films such as spiderman, the x-men and hold up the avengers.. did I fucking stutter the avengers most recently the film Infinity War. It’s in this time that I have met the legendary Chris Evans, the beautiful man, that laughs everytime I powder his nose because it tickles…how cute.Anyway being up close and personal with the cast everyday I have managed to become quite close friends with all of them , especially the blonde and blue eyed devil. Anyway today is Chris evans big scene as Captain America is heart broken after seeing his love interest Sharon Carter cheat on him with a random agent. He feels wrong done by and when a flirty gorgeous woman throws herself at him , he doesn’t think twice about taking her to the tower to have his way with her. Lets say im jealous with whoever is playing this role , I’d swop places in a heart beat, literally. As I am setting up the make up for Chris Evans , simple yet a bit has to be added, for the lights. As I am crouching down to get the brushes , the door to the room opens and slams shut with big heavy steps and the person sits down with a huff. Chris seems to be in a happy mood. Sarcasm it’s beautiful. “So grumpy whats got a bee in your bonnet today” i say while turning to face , a shirtless hunk of Chris , okay y/n not the time to druel , smirk. “Y/n i don’t have time for this …” he says while  pressing the heel of his hands and rubbing his eyes. “ okay Chris tell me whats wrong ?” I say while putting my hands on his shoulders to get him to look up. He looks up at me with those crystal blue eyes , dammit. “Its just .. the girl who Captain America was supposed to sleep with , she backed out , so now we don’t have a girl and its gonna set us so back, and its just the whole cast is so tired..aghhh.” he says and hangs his head low. “Well if I could act I would do it but then the movie might go to shit.” I say with a nervous giggle before realising what I just said when he gives me the biggest grin. “ really oh my gosh that would help so much I’ll be right back I need to suggest it.” And runs out of the make up room , oh fuck what have i got myself into .  Okay so an hour later and I have hair done , make up done and the skimpiest dress I’ve ever worn , yeah you got it right kids , I’m the replacement , which means I’m doing a sex scene with the guy I’ve been obssessed over. How am I gonna even survive this , I’m so shook. I walk on to set where I have to flirt with ‘Steve Rodgers’ , and I’m the bar lady where Steve tries to drown his sorrows even though he can’t.  Chris walks up to me eyeing me up and down , well maybe this dress was a good idea. “Hey y/n , you look great by the way and thank you so much for doing this.” “ its no problem Chris it’s just will I be good enough I mean I’m not an actress I’m just a make up artist. ” I say looking at the ground , pouting. Chris gently lifts up my chin looking into my eyes ,“ hey you’ll be perfect just remember its only me , just playfully flirt like we usually do and we’ll be fine , and for the sex scene just follow my lead and we will do well okay beautiful.” Oh my gosh sex and beautiful in the same sentence don’t do that to me Chris, dammit. “Okay I’ll try my best.” I say with hopefully a convincing smile. “Okay its time to shoot , you got this and we haven’t told the rest of the cast that you are replacing the interest as we want them to be actually shocked at the end of the scene.” The scene : “Oh captain, what has gotten America’s favourite soldier so blue” I say behind the bar with a pout. “ don’t really want to talk about it doll” Steve says with a shrug. “ okay handsome, just know you can talk to me everyone knows a bar lady is actually the best person to talk to.” I say with a wink. “ its..its just you fall for this girl and its like she walks on water and gets you and the next moment she is getting fucked on her desk by some no name agent like what the hell.” Steve says frustrated.

“Language soldier” I say with a smirk. “ dont even get me started on that doll.” He says with a small smile. “ okay you want me to be straight with you this girl was stupid to let you go , your a gentleman , strong, fucking hot and probably great in bed , I would of never given that up.” I say staring at him and licking my lips. Steves eyes widen a bit shocked at this girls forwardness but soon recovers and smirks. “So what time do you get off ” I act shocked but then smirk back “ in 20 minutes , may I ask why you would like to know.” I say leaning forward letting my clevege be on display. His eyes dart there quickly before looking up at me ,“ I was thinking of buying you a drink and maybe a dance.” I flutter my eyelashes ,“ such a gentleman as always, and sure i could do with a drink.” Supposedly 4 drinks in , and my characrer Sierra and Steve are on the dance floor . Its supposed to be provocative with the audience surprised to see captain america so raunchy not that I’m complaining grinding back into Chris’s body is never a complaint , I’m soaking now and by what I can feel Chris is also a bit excited. My character turns to face Steve and I wrap my hands around his neck pushing our bodiesvtogether grinding onto him. “ Sierra. .” Steve moans losing himself yet his hands are on my hips not moving, gripping tightly.  “Yes captain …” i say looking up at him through my lashes and biting my lip . “ I dont really know what…” “ shhhh ..” my character says putting my finger on his lips .“ Put your hands where it feels right.” I say placing his hands on my ass and Chris lets out a soft growl which isn’t scripted holy shit. Soon my character grows some strength and I pull Steve nearer our lips close yet not touching , holy shit I’m going to kiss Chris and this feels really real. Soon Chris closes the distance and we are kissing tounges, lip biting and everything and I’m trying my best not to let out a moan, gosh dammit is Chris talented in everything he does , soon my back is pushed up against the wall and Chris kisses down my neck , and taps my thighs indicating me to jump , as my legs wrap around Chris’s waist I can feel his not so little friend , is this even acting anymore. I then remember I have a line so I say it in a breathy tone , “ captian shouldn’t we go somewhere a bit less public.” And moan out loud as he nips my neck , that wasn’t scripted. “ sure baby girl lets go.” And Chris carries me to where a stationary car is parked to look like we are going to the tower as Chris sets me down to climb inside but thankfully there is more raunchyness in the car .Chris pulls me into his lap , Istart to grind on him which causes him to release moans which seem a bit to real to be acting , soon he says his next line which is just before we get to the bedroom for the sex scene, oh shit .“Sierra baby if you dont stop now im going to cum in my pants .” Chris gives me a pointed look to say that this isn’t just about the acting. This scene then jumps to the sex scene in Steves bedroom , Chris and I walk onto the set quickly and I jump and wrap my legs around his waist before we resume the sex scene. Chris throws me onto the bed before stripping his shirt off , and being this up and close with  a shirtless Chris i could of came right there .he then proceeds to take his pants off leaving him in tight white boxers , holy shit he is rock hard but he has to be for this scene anyway , he then removes my dress in one move realising that I don’t have a bra on and sucks in a breath ,“ baby you look so beautiful right now ” i look at Chris wide eyed as that wasnt scripted but it seems that the director is happy with it. “Please fuck me captain , please.” At this time we go under the covers and the next part is supposed to be all pretend but it seems that Chris has better plans , Chris’s hand sneaks into my panties and as I am about to pretend gasp , i let out a real one when Chris’s finger enters me ,“oh baby girl your so wet for me ” scripted although well he’s not wrong. “Captain please ..” I say whimpering as he adds two fingers into my entrance. He starts to move quicker inside me and I let out real moans when it should be fake and as i am about to hit my high Chris pulls out his fingers and puts it into his mouth tasting me as scripted and says “so sweet.” And I am flushed , but I carry on the scene to not let anyone know whats actually happening , “captain please fuck me ..” I say in a whiny and desperate voice and not much is really acting,  Chris then starts grinding on to me and his thigh is against my clit giving me friction that causes me to tilt on the edge and then he whispers in my ear only for me to hear ,“ come for me baby ” and this pushes me over and causes me to moan that puts a porn star to shame. The director calls cut and congradulates me on my ’ acting’ and states that i need to wear just captain America’s shirt over my underwear for the next scene. When he turns away i look over at Chris who is smirking at me ,“ we will talk about this later ” i say and slip his shirt on walking to the next scene , i pretend to be looking for something to eat and as I am reaching for the cereal the rest of the team walks in and I can hear gasps as they did not know I was going to play the scene, Natasha says ,“ so captain did get lucky last night , I thought I heard right ” at this I drop the the cereal box and turn suddenly to see all the avengers ,“ oh um hello , im Sierra and I, I’m not trespassing I came home with um … steve and we uhh… and … this is really awkward , I just really wanted some cerial.“  I say with an awkward smile , then Bucky says “with those legs your welcome anytime doll face ” and looks me up and down. “ and with that ass ,” Pietro says and at that Chris walks in(as scripted ) and looks at my state weirdly before looking in the direction I’m looking at and sees the team , “ahhh right , guys this is Sierra , we met last night and we hung out and yeah.” He says scratching his head blushing before wrapping his arm  around my waist. “ I call bullshit you had sex ” tony says running out the room as steve chases them and wanda states “men” END OF SCENE Everyone starts to cheer and congratulates on my acting and sebastian comes up to me and kisses me on the cheek , “ Y/n you did amazing and I wasn’t lying about those legs"  and then Scarlett joins in ” yes girl , why have you been hiding this from us.“ ” well its just ..“ by this time Chris interrupts us ” sorry guys Y/n and I have to catch up on something so we are going to hang out in my trailer , okay bye “ tugging on my hand while running to his trailer before pushing me inside locking the door , ” is everything okay Chris “ I say looking at his heaving chest .” Yeah sure besides the fact you are driving me insane” “ what do you mean ?” I say confused . “Oh come on y/n , during that scene i just wanted to properly take you on that bed but I opted in just fingering you but now I’m just hungry for more and I always get what I want ” Chris says pushing me against the wall in his trailer. I smirk up at him and drag his shirt off my body ,“ well then daddy , why don’t you take what you want ?”

At like 11pm last night, my friend and I went to Denny’s. I present a fucking legit idea to get high in the bathroom. After like a minute of her deciding if it was a good idea or not, she agreed it was a good idea. She goes into the bathroom to fill up her pipe and smoke while I wait for the 2 quesadillas and the ice cream dessert thing we were gonna share. About 20 minutes later she comes back and the food had already been brought. She sneaks me the pipe under the table and I go to the bathroom. I just popped a squat right on the toilet to make it seem like I actually was taking a shit just in case anyone walked in. Apparently, I was in the bathroom for like 30 min LOL! After I recorded this video I realized how long it had been cause she texted me to hurry up. We were both spun and ended up not eating the desert and she only ate like 2 little slices from her 1 quesadilla LOL! I started to shove ice cream in my mouth and then I loudly said, “mmm this ice cream is hella good,” to make us look like we were eating so we would come off “normal” LOL!!! The waiter looked at us hella weird the whole time cause neither of us really ate and we both took hella long in the bathroom 😂😂😂














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So, I discovered your blog yesterday and decided to make a Godphone out of a crystal pendulum that I have. I think it worked pretty well, I managed to talk to Isis, but because of the medium I can only ask yes or no questions and nothing else. I asked but she said that she wouldn’t communicate with me any other way, other that signs. So, is there any way that I could talk to her more efficient using the pendulum? Any advice would be much appreciated!

runes, tarot, bones, any divination method can work. make up a new one even.

however if you’re stuck with a pendulum, you can program up to 6 answers or even more depending if you have a pendulum board. currently, all of my pendulums are programmed to respond with these answers:

these are the answers that helped me, but you can program any answers you need/would help you with communication. or you can get/make one of those fancy boards with a billion answers.


by: @kylo-renne + @kyloholic

Summary: Everybody loves him, he’s the most up and coming Jedi Knight, and Ben Solo reigns supreme. But he has many vices, and with you as his new competition they will begin to show. Quickly, you become a threat to his reputation, and you will not back down. Eventually, something’s got to give.

Warning: NSFW at the end

Soft morning light filtered between the blinds, sounds of birds chirping in the distance. You lifted your head up from the pillow and rubbed your eyes, smiling when you see who was next to you.

Ben was sleeping peacefully besides you - and your daughter Sabine was there too. She was curled up into his chest and clutching his hand tightly, she must’ve had a nightmare last night.

They were both so cute, black hair all mussed from sleep. Your daughter definitely got her hair from Ben, with her little curls and waves. Ben had grown his hair out longer too, so they looked even more alike. Everytime he went to cut it Sabine wouldn’t get beyond a trim, she wanted to have something to play with and practice her braids on. You don’t know why she didn’t just use your hair, but it was cute to see your husband’s hair braided by her tiny hands.

When you first left for the Jedi Academy, you never imagined you’d end up like this. You thought your life would become one endless adventure, travelling across the galaxy to balance the force and bring peace. You did have a few years like that, but these days your adventures were a lot more domestic. Besides, you couldn’t stand to leave your family behind for missions anymore. You missed them too much, and you had a perfect life at the temple as it was.

Once you got married, you and Ben built a house just a little ways away from the temple, wanting to have more privacy to share your love. Still, there’d always be occasional kisses shared in the halls whenever you saw each other. Once Ben started showing affection towards you, there was no way he could stop.

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Chapter 2 - Angry, Silent Pain (Nevra)

It took me by surprise. I was not expecting Erika to slap me. She left me there, shocked and speechless, in the middle of the hall and she kept walking. A few seconds had passed, I could feel my blood boil and rush to my head. I turned around to confront her arrogance but she had already entered her room. Suddenly, Nevra appears with a guilty look on his face. That is when I started to understand what had just happened.

‘‘ Did she drink the potion? Does she know its effects? ’’

He nodded.

‘‘ … You did what was necessary. You helped protect this city. There is nothing wrong with that.

- It still doesn’t feel quite right if I may say so, he said as a heavy silent took place.

- As discussed, you don’t need to fill a report on this mission. It is better for people like Ykhar and Kero to never find out about what just happened.’’

He nodded as he drifted his eyes to his left.

‘‘ Good job for today. I won’t give you a mission for a while so rest yourself. ’’

I wished him a good night and left for my chamber.

The next few days, everything was like it always was. There were people returning from missions or they were about to go out on one. There was Ykhar coming to talk to me about the latest reports that have been completed. Jamon came to keep me updated about the guards and the circulation at our main door. Leiftan left to investigate about the human group although he should be back soon. I had sent Ezreal and Valkyon to deal with some diplomatic issues we had with neighboring villages. From that slap she gave, I haven’t seen her for even a split of seconds wandering the halls. She still must be affected by what had happened with the potion. One afternoon, I was talking with Ezreal and Valkyon to learn about the results of their missions while Ykhar was there to take notes for the report when someone came in the Crystal room screaming and pointing at me.

‘‘ Miiko! Are you going to explain to me why Erika hasn’t been out of her room for three days?! What did you do to her you mischievous fox, shouted Chrome.

- Excuse me?! What right do you have of insulting me?

- Wow! Totally avoiding the first part of what I just said. Typical, really. Are you really going to play dumb with me? ’’

I said nothing. I had no idea on how to handle this situation. I didn’t want to lose control nor let him put doubts in Ykhar’s opinion about me. And I did not expect Chrome to be not only the first one aware of what had happened but barging in like he did.

‘‘ Come on Miiko, why don’t you tell us what you did? Perhaps, even the leaders of the guards are aware as well. Should I ask them since they’re standing by your side, not even being surprised by what I’m saying. Ykhar, you look like you don’t know what’s going on. ’’

No one spoke. Everyone stood there in silence. As for Ykhar, she looked almost terrified to see Chrome the way he is right now. You could read her confusion on her face so easily

‘‘ Oh, I see. You didn’t trust her to know about this. You probably thought she would be against whatever you did to Erika. Should I call more people to ask if they are aware of your secret plan?

- That’s enough Chrome. Leave this room, I said trying to keep myself calm.

- Oh, I don’t know. Is it enough? Or do I have to persist until you tell me what the hell you did to Erika? He stopped talking for 10 seconds before continuing. You know, I just noticed one of the leaders is not here. I wonder why Nevra is not here and why he hadn’t been sent on any kind of mission lately. ’’

At this exact moment, Karenn walked in. She must have heard most of the conversation. She looked at me the way Ykhar looked at Chrome.

‘‘ What is it that I just heard, Karenn asked. Is it true Miiko? Did you do something to Erika?

- I’m sure she did. There’s no way Erika would be crying and shaking when I saw her in her room on the ground. This girl has been starving in her room for three whole days, holding a goddamn arc in her hands, prepared to shoot someone. And no one here gives a shit because no one except the leaders are aware of what’s going on, said Chrome.

- Now that’s not true. She’s one of us. We take care of her an-

- Bullshit! You’re the one that put her in a prison cell the second she arrived. You didn’t even bother asking her questions as to how she arrived in that room.

- What would you have done in my place?! If you were the leader of all guards and responsible of the crystal, wouldn’t you have panicked, seeing an intruder, a human?! Silence. I had no choice…

- What did you do, asked Ykhar. I didn’t bother replying.

- Answer her, demanded Karenn. What did you do Miiko?

- What was necessary to protect this HQ, to protect our people.

- By hurting one of us?! Are you serious, shouted Chrome. ’’

My blood started boiling more than ever. How could that girl turn the whole HQ against me? I was about to scream at them all to leave me alone before I could burn this place down with the rage I was trying to contain when I heard the alarm go off.

‘‘ What now goddamn it?! Jamon, could you go see what is happening? ’’

He nodded and left the room as Leiftan came in. He asked what happened and why were there so many people in the crystal room. I haven’t told him anything about the potion. We might be very close but he seems to care a little too much for Erika. He wouldn’t have liked the solution but we would have ran out of time until we found another solution to suit her. I decided to stay quiet about the subject.

‘‘ I don’t know. I sent Jamon to investigate the issue. ’’

Karenn started talking.

‘‘ Leiftan, I have a question for you. I know you were on a mission for a while but Miika might have told you something about Erika, right?

- Not at all. Is there something I should know?

- Stop it Karenn, I said as calmly as possible.

- So you don’t know about what happened to Erika? She seems to be starving for 3 days and, apparently, it’s Miiko’s fault. ’’

I stared Karenn down. I, then, looked at Leiftan. He seemed disappointed. The only person I didn’t want to let down. Great.

‘‘ No, I wasn’t aware of anything. It seems, Miiko lost her faith in me… ’’

I haven’t heard Chrome in a while even though he was the first one to start this problem. I looked over at him. He was lost in his thoughts. Suddenly, his eyes became larger as he screamed:

‘‘ NO! Erika, damn it! ’’

He left the room with full speed. My rage came back as I realized the issue at hand. Did she leave the HQ?! That dumb girl! She won’t last a day alone! I followed Chrome to Erika’s room. He knocked. No answer, no sound. He opened the door to find it empty. No clothes, no familiar, no weapon. Chrome turned around and looked at me with frustration.

‘‘ This is all your fault. ’’

He ran outside. I guess he went to try to catch up to Erika. As for myself, I returned to the Crystal room.

‘‘ She left didn’t she, asked Leiftan.

- The potion was very effective…

- Ezreal, it was the wrong solution even if it was effective, pointed out Valkyon. ’’

Kero came in running full with panic.

‘‘ Miiko! The alarm! What- He stopped talking for a moment, trying to analyse the situation I was in. What’s going on?

- Erika ran away and, from what I understood, there is a potion involved. Kero’s eyes began to darken. The thing is, Miiko doesn’t want to talk about it. And the leaders of the guards don’t want to speak about it either. It seems that no one else is aware of it, not even Leiftan, said Karenn.

- She came in the library 3 days ago. She was asking about the Lethe water. If I’m not mistaken, Miiko ordered the boys to help her prepare a potion to make her existence on Earth disappear. I’m guessing it’s linked to the group of humans that were about to attack the HQ, Kero informed us as he looked at me, disappointed the way Leiftan was earlier on. Sadly for Erika, there is no possible way for her to change what happened to her…

- I can’t believe you Miiko… How could you? She’s just a child. She had a future as bright as daylight in front of her and she was supposed to go back home eventually. And you erased everything. You erased her entire life without her consent. Shame on you.

- Ykhar, I… ’’

Everybody left. So did I…


I kept running and running. I’d say I even lost track of time. I was so tired from running and I had the feeling my mouth was full of blood. I decided to take a break for a few minutes by sitting on the grass. The moment I sat down, I heard a branch break in front of me. I jumped. Should I go back to running? I prepared my arc and got an arrow out of my quiver. The bush behind me started shaking. I immediately turned around, almost letting my arrow go.

haikujitsu  asked:


Jack was very quiet as the woman from Axion Labs handed over the sample she’d wanted him to look at. He took it carefully, holding the thin glass vial up to the light to study the contents. Inside the glass, dozens of tiny green crystals hung suspended in a clear liquid. The overhead fluorescent lights shone through the crystals, causing strange, door-shaped green rainbows to dance across the walls and floor. All together, the crystals must have weighed less than a tenth of a gram. 

“How many?” he asked, startled that these people had created this; had pulled off a task Maddie and he had struggled with for months - and ultimately gave up on.

“Nine.” There was some pride in her voice.

He looked up at her. “Nine?” he asked, looking down at the sample with a bit more respect for what he was holding. The ectoplasmic energy of nine ghosts, distilled down to their bare essence, then concentrated into a solid, crystalline form. Doing some quick estimating in his head, Jack realized just one of these tiny crystals - small as a grain of sand - would power an ectoplasmic generator for a week. This vial, if handled wrong, had enough energy to take down the entire building.

“And those are just level ones,” the woman said with a smile. “Imagine what we could create if we had a ghost like Phantom.”

“Imagine,” he whispered, a quiet echo. Phantom, who had thousands of times more power than the level one ghosts condensed into these crystals. Jack could barely imagine the technology that could be created.

“Boss won’t let us catch him, though,” she continued, a bit of frustration entering into her voice. “The one ghost that’s off limits. I mean, I should be grateful for everything Dalv has done for Axiom since we were acquired, but that little wrinkle really rubs the wrong way.”

Jack hummed. He held the vial closer, studying the shape of the crystals. Tiny little cubes - much like salt crystals. Now and then, one sparkled with green, iridescent light.

“That’s where you come in.”

He looked up at her. “Me?”

“Both of you. Fentonworks.” She leaned forwards and tapped a long fingernail against the vial. “I know how to do this; you’re not handicapped by corporate’s rules. I’m showing you this so that we can team up. You catch the ghost, I’ll bring the technology.”

“I…” Jack hesitated. Phantom wasn’t currently on Jack’s ‘to catch’ list. The two had a strange sort-of-truce going on, and Jack was convinced his children were the ghost’s friends. Turning the popular ghost into crystals wouldn’t win him any points.

But access to the distilling and concentrating technology was too interesting to pass up. Perhaps he could talk the woman into a different ghost when the time came.

“Deal,” he said.

Who Dunnit

If we believe that a Diamond did it, then I think it was an accident. If we go by the mural and I’d be careful to do that, since everyone used to be so sure that it depicted Lapis becoming trapped in the mirror.

Let’s play devil’s advocate (or Zircon) and say that Rose somehow had Pink Diamond. Either she managed to poof her or PD volunteered as a “sacrifice”. And Rose was going to use her to bargain with White Diamond. What if White was overtaken by anger like Yellow and lashed out. What if she accidentally hit Pink and destroyed her? 

Then we get a scenario like the one in the mural 

Like I said, I am hesitant to use the mural as “proof” of anything since the fandom used to be convinced that it depicted Lapis being trapped in the mirror. 


This scenario leaves us with a mysteriously absent White Diamond, who’s probably only absent because of her guilt. She can’t face the others because of what she did. Even if it was an accident. 

A Rose who feels just as guilty, she feels like she did it. If not for her, then Pink Diamond would still be alive. Which would also explain why the Crystal Gems think Rose did it. Are convinced that Rose did it. 

And it can also explain why Pearl was so distraught. Is so distraught everytime the PD subject gets brought up. It was never supposed to happen that way.