-They made me happier, and they saved my life and they just showed me that, you know, love is alive - Tyler Posey

tears were in my eyes the minute I saw this edit. I’m going to miss these goofballs so much ❤️


Farewell Teen Wolf Challenge - Best Character Development (1/2): Allison Argent

I want to not be scared. That night in the school, I felt utterly weak, like I needed someone to come in and rescue me. I hate that feeling. I want to feel stronger than that. I want to feel powerful. 

  • Season 1: Who’s the alpha?
  • Season 2: Who’s the kanima?
  • Season 3a: Who’s the darach?
  • Season 3b: Who’s the nogitsune?
  • Season 4: Who’s the benefactor?
  • Season 5: Who’s the beast?
  • Season 6: Who’s Stiles?