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Witchy Morning Routine Ideas!

Being organized is a wonderful way to find success and just enjoy life more in general. Having a morning routine can start your day off right and keep you running on a full tank of energy. Quite a few of you probably do have an established morning routine, or at least a list of things you do every morning. Regardless of how your morning goes, there are always a few little things you can do to witch-ify your morning. 

1. Choose your breakfast based on your intent for the day! Whatever you’re hoping for that day-whether it be for your crush to say hello or a phone call confirming that you got the job-basing your first meal off of your intentions can help bring a little good luck your way. If you’re hoping for something passionate or frustrating or romantic, choose red (make a strawberry smoothie or some toast with strawberry jam). Get creative! Find a way to get in the color black or pink or yellow. 

2. Start the day off with a glass of water, then the best part, tea. I say drink water first because that’s extremely important and utterly refreshing. After all of that is taken care of, drink some tea. Try to aim for some more caffeinated tea if you can (to give you an extra shot of energy and productivity). Add in some honey and stir clockwise for a little extra magic. Anything to incorporate some telltale mysticism!

3. Meditate when you get up. Many individuals choose to meditate in the morning. This calms them and helps them focus on what they need to get done that day. It will relieve any stress and anxiety you’re feeling, and most importantly, it’s a very popular Witchcraft tradition. Meditating is known to help with astral projection, as well as seeing auras and getting in touch with your chakras. It doesn’t matter if you only do it for five minutes, as long as you’re getting in some me time.

4. Pop a good ole’ crystal in your purse or pocket! This is one of my favorites. Not only are the options so endless (depending on what you’re hoping for that day), it’s easy and takes no time at all to do. If you’re hurried and in a rush one morning, take the time to just throw a little crystal in with your things. Bonus points if you set it on your phone while it’s charging to cleanse it. 

5. Eat your breakfast outside. Getting in some fresh air before your day begins is a super good idea. It will clear your mind and refresh your senses, which will also help with your Witchcraft. Nothing beats listening to the birds while there’s still a bit of mist in the air. Plus, you have food! Good job if the food you’re eating is based on your intent for the day. If you don’t have the time to physically walk outside and sit out there without multitasking for five or more minutes, no worries. Simply pop open a couple of windows and sit by them for a more toned-down experience.

6. Draw sigils on your face with cleanser, lotion, or makeup. Rub them in to activate. This is a really good hack for glamours, as well as just making you look good. However, your sigil doesn’t have to be for your physical appearance. It can pretty much be any sigil at all. As long as you sufficiently activate it and are confident in your workings, things should go smoothly. The best thing about this hack is that you don’t have to wear makeup to do it. Just use your cleanser or some serum. Even water will do! 

7. Make some fruit water the night before. Fruit water is especially good for color magic because you can find fruit in basically any color imaginable, even black if you’re willing to search hard enough (blueberries are close enough if you don’t have any other options). The brilliant practicality of fruit water is pretty obvious. It’s wonderfully hydrating, flavorful, healthy, and best of all, magical. Plus, it won’t take up any of your morning time because it’s pre-made. 

8. If you have any deities, pray to them when you wake up. Although I personally have no deities, it’s a great idea for those of you who do. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy exchange. Maybe just say good morning or a quick, respectful hello. Or if you’re a fan of multitasking, just have a nice chat with them while doing whatever you need to do. Anything is suitable as long as it isn’t downright rude.

9. Light some candles. Your house will smell good all throughout the day, and it will definitely help to magic-ify the atmosphere. You can also burn incense if that suits your fancy. Whatever smelly-ma-bobber you want to use works fine. It’s quick and easy so it won’t be a hassle, and you’ll leave your home smelling like heaven. Bonus points if you wave a candle or some sage around to clear away any negative energies.

10. Put some dried flowers on your breakfast. My personal favorite is dried lavender, but you can use whatever you prefer. You can pick flowers for any number of purposes, as long as they’re perfectly edible. They can be sprinkled on a smoothie bowl, scattered over some toast with peanut butter and honey, or if you’re up for a challenge, add them to savory foods. The choice is yours!

I hope you guys enjoyed these ideas and if you want more, please just ask! Questions, requests, and suggestions (plus a simple hello) are all welcome. In the meantime, have fun and happy bewitching!

scullytho  asked:

hey! i'm super excited for a music festival & i wanna look really cute at it. do you have any cool diy stuff i could look into? thanks!

Hey, thanks for sending me the request! It was fun to put together. I hope these are what you’re looking for, if not, then I hope these will get your ideas flowing! 

As always, feel free to send another request again for more tutorials.


DIY Lightsaber Crystals Hair Comb

Let’s start with head accessories! You can go with quartz, amethyst, hematite, jade, turquoise, lapis lazuli, obsidian, etc, etc, etc.

DIY Beaded Wire Cat Ear Headband

For your inner feline sass.

DIY Bunny Ears Scrunchies

If you want to stay cool and tie all your hair back, do so with these cute bunny ear scrunchies!

DIY Temporary High-Octane Highlights

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Even works on dark hair, too!

DIY Wire Ear Cuff

Ear accessories! Add beads, charms, pendants, and/or crystals. Or leave it in its simple metallic elegance.

DIY Antler Necklace

Stylishly modern and have some fun with the colours! Go neon, go pastel, or follow the autumn path laid by the tutorial.

DIY Gemstone Necklace

Wrap up your tumbled stones and bring them to the music festivals with you through this macrame tutorial.

DIY Crochet Top

If you’re savvy with yarn and a crochet hook, whip this cute baby up for a chill summer music festival.

DIY Sunflower Crop Top

A summer staple.

DIY Holographic Skirt

The sun rays will shimmer right off this skirt.

DIY Feather Fringe Bag

Colourful, soft, and beautiful.

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Confidence Boost/positivity spell


-Sparkling crystal or favorite piece of jewelry 

-a mirror large enough to see yourself in 

-A yellow candle

-a small purse to carry the crystal in if you don’t use jewelry 

The Spell

1. Stand facing the mirror. Place the candle in front of you so you are able to see it in the mirror’s reflection

2. Hold the jewelry or crystal in your open, cupped hands and toss it into the air gently and rhythmically with increasing speed as you say three times faster and faster “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, I demand respect respect of all. I am worthy of admiration, I am worthy of consideration and so i take my place in the sun.”

3. On the third time of saying “In the sun”, blow out the candle, throw the crystal high, and catch it.

4. Smile in the mirror at yourself. Wear the jewelry or carry the crystal in a little purse all day. When you doubt yourself, touch the jewelry and repeat the words in your mind.

This spell is in “A Spell A Day” written by Cassandra Eason 

Patient-Someone New *Andy Biersack Imagine*

Being Nurse (Y/N) had basically become your position as an in-house wonder woman. For whatever reason, everyone came to you for answers, advice, and even for help doing their own jobs! You didn’t mind being the helpful one to your fellow employees, it often times made you feel good about yourself if you’ve been able to make someone else’s day a bit easier. 

With that being said, there were times where you fell behind in your own responsibilities due to getting caught up in a million other tasks. You’ve chosen to take a short break from everyone to collect yourself and adjust your already busy schedule. In the meantime, you’ve assigned one of the nurse’s assistants to keep an eye on Andy for a little bit, just until you could get ahead in your tasks. 

Your new assistant for the day sits at your desk. She seems a little bit nervous now that she’d been assigned to spend time with Andy. She had heard the rumors and bad talk, but didn’t ever take the time to get to know him. 

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Cosmic Witchcraft Challenge

Day Five. 
Your sun sign + description


There is a drive for the truth and nothing but the truth being a Libra. Stereotypes say that Libras are indecisive and yes that may be true but I feel it isn’t in the sense of superficial reasons. As a Libra I feel the need to balance every side of a situation where I can see how many avenues there are so I can determine what is best for me. I am not indecisive because I want everything or because I am confused and spacey about it, its because I want to know what will be right for me. I want to gain every bit of information I can so I can go forward with a clear head.  

I feel though since we are swayed some by Venus that we do lust after materialistic items. I for one want so many things (like tarot decks, crystals, a house, clothes, purses, so on so forth) but I know what I can get and I know what is just a fantasy. All in time, everything as a time and a place. I know the difference between indulging and saving. That balance of moderation is help from Lady Justice. 

They say Libras can be friends with anyone, which I feel yes can be true but with our cold, blunt truth that cuts like a sword people cast us away as bitchy. Since they hear cutthroat words they don’t see how loyal a Libra can be. It is hard for people to accept the truth but if you can handle a Libras truth you will have a friend to the end. I know as a Libra I will always stand for the ones who stand by me. All for one and one for all.