crystal prince


I know I will see you again in my next lifetime, and we will fall in love with each other again. Beyond time, we will be reincarnated, and we will…

usagi tsukino is actually the most precious being in the entire universe

i mean just look at her

(mamo can’t hide his fond and neither can i)

*screams internally*

i want to cry she’s so cute

i rest my case

(also small disclaimer i don’t own any of these gifs)

Final Fantasy XV, aka ‘Please, Hajime Tabata, Stop It.’

I just spent the last few hours of 2016 finishing FFXV. 

Do I have feelings? You bet. A LOT OF FEELINGS. 


Ah, Final Fantasy XV. Development hell resident. The forever-morphing former member of the Fabula Nova Crystallis collection. Formerly known as Versus XIII. We’ve been through a lot. You gave us all you could, but we all know that you could have given us so much more. 

You had it in you.  

(This is going to be a long one. A LOT of spoilers inside. EDIT: now with MUSIC portion!)

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「美少女戦士セーラームーン Crystal」第3期<デス・バスターズ編>

I’ve been doodling haikyuu stuffs but I’ve also been playing this one game

Happy for Oct 30, Today is love at first sight day! 

Today is love at first sight day from japan on Oct 30.

I asked for a picture about five pairs of lovers in love at first sight of Sailor moon Crystal.

FFX/FFX-2 and FFXV Similarities

So I was getting really excited for the release of Final Fantasy XV the other day and I noticed that it seems to have a lot of similarities with Final Fantasy X/X-2, especially when it comes to the characters. I mean just look at their group photos!

Yuna and Noctis, their respective leaders, are quite similar. Both operate with an array of weapons (Noctis has swords, Yuna had her summons in FFX and her dresspheres in FFX-2) both are pressured with the responsibilities of their world/kingdom and both are important figures in their respective regions. Yuna is the Highsummoner of Spira and Noctis is the Prince of Lucis.

Rikku resembles Prompto. First of all, both are blonde (not exactly a real reason but I couldn’t exactly leave it out.) Both are the playful, cheeky and childish character of the bunch. Also, Rikku is an Al Bhed and in FFX, they were considered ‘heathens’ for not following the Yevon religion and breaking laws. Prompto is a foreign fugitive, so in a way, that’s another similarity.

Both are undyingly loyal to their respective leaders and have deep connections with them. Prompto is the childhood friend of Noctis and Rikku is the cousin and guardian of Yuna.

Paine is similar to Gladiolus. Both have that dark look about them and that 'I-don’t-take-crap-from-anyone’ attitude and they wield massive broadswords. Gladiolus may be a bit more cheerful than Paine (even though his looks don’t suggest so) but Paine has shown her happy/carefree side more than once deeper into the game.

Gladiolus and Paine never hesitate to protect their leaders when the need arises.

Also, Paine and Rikku’s relationship kind of mirrors Gladiolus and Prompto’s, they both seem to be really comfortable around one another and are always up to some kind of antics.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about Ignis. He’s cool, level-headed and advises Noctis on what actions to take a lot of the time. Lulu is the same to Yuna. Throughout her pilgrimage, she gave Yuna advice and made sure she was safe and happy.

Although Lulu isn’t a member of the Gullwings and is left out of missions a lot of the time, Ignis seems kind of put out in a few of the photos, like this one:

Also, the two groups love their campfires!