crystal mafia

AU compilation WIP!

From left to right: magical girl, crystal gem, mafia, original, ghostbusters, nightmare before Christmas, and mind control.

Tell me which one is your favorite!

Pokémon Games described terribly, in chronological order
  • Red & Green: The mafia cloned a god, and a scientist sends a 10-year-old to apprehend it
  • Gold, Silver & Crystal: The mafia is back, as well as a flamboyant man obsessed with a water dog
  • Ruby & Sapphire: Cultists don't realize their plans will destroy the world
  • Emerald: Siblings are pissed off and fight, so the older sibling snake from the sky gets even more pissed off and has to settle the argument
  • Diamond & Pearl: Space cultists summon a god to recreate the universe, so a ballsy 10-year old either captures it or kills it
  • Platinum: Space cultists would have won but the satanic dragon is fucking pissed
  • Black & White: PeTA ruins everything
  • Black2 & White2: PeTA is back, and this time, it's personal
  • X & Y: Another fucking cult leader wants to recreate the world and there's a hobo wandering the country that is somehow 9ft tall and immortal