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My piece for @logdatezine2016! Lately I’ve been enjoying Peridot’s casual sampling of clothing in the show. She may not be able to shapeshift, but she can change her appearance in other ways! Also gave me an excuse to bust out the momswap au outfit I designed for her haha

I hadn’t drawn a full-color comic in ages at the time this was made and it was quite the ordeal…… But! I’m proud of how it turned out and am glad it could be my zine debut!


Blushing Peridot Appreciation Post 

Crystal Gems Membership Challenge

Everything. EVERYTHING about this scene in the log date preview is so cute to me. 

  • Garnet lifting Peridot up with ease and hugging her close like a teddy bear
  • Peridot completely unfazed by being picked up like that as if it’s happened a dozen times and she’s completely familiar with it and comfortable with Garnet 
  • Steven’s emotionless ‘oh’ ‘that happened’ face
  • Peridot staring at her little socked feet trying to figure out where to put the star 
  • legitimate worry
  • Peridot just knows the star factors in somewhere and just accepts it

April the First, back in the Keep. I just got to be a battle-mage for the evening, and Goddess help me, I can’t promise I won’t do it again.

I should rephrase–I don’t mean that I ended up suddenly engaged in fierce combat in the middle of Stormwind. I’m fairly certain that Sparkles or perhaps even the Advisor might find it in themselves to take issue if I were suddenly leaping into spontaneous magic duels after being allowed to roam unsupervised into the night when I please. But, fortunately, some humans remain dismally imperceptive of elven age and so are apparently ready to believe that I am old enough to have actually done half the rubbish I’ve appropriated from the Servitors. I certainly didn’t plan it that way, but it did keep poor Sam around long enough that I could get my fill of baked sweets from her. 

I suppose a more cautious mind would be wary that I could not pull this off against someone of sharper intellect, but I’m also curious now to see what else these little performances could help me get away with. Fortunate for me that I live next to a gang of mercenaries–at the very least, I’ll have plenty of tales and source material to adopt. 

A pastry mage. My word. I’d almost gotten used to Sparkles’ respectable understanding of the arcane. It’s almost cute how proud humans can be of their food conjury and housekeeping magics. 

((Silence. End recording.))

(( @saimbere, @mindspanner and @bluelivingwizard “Sparkles” for mentions. I’m so sorry.))