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Navy has the ship. She’s back in space. She’s going to collect the Rubies, something the Crystal Gems should have done A LONG TIME AGO, and they’re going to return to homeworld to tell the diamonds about the crystal gems.

And Lapis let Navy get away. Literally just because “she was right”.

What’s worse is that Eyeball KNOWS Steven has Rose’s gem. That’s not a detail she’s going to leave out when they meet the Diamonds again.


Arzaylea confession

Not saying Arzaylea cheated (even though everything points to that) but for Luke to dump her, Michael, Ashton, Calum, Liz, Lauren, Rena, Nia, Casey, Iain, Mitchy, Crystal, Roy, Mariah, Brian, Alexa, Annemarie, KayKay, and many more to unfollow her, and for Halsey to call her and her friends embarrassing, she obviously had to do something bad. It’s sad her little fans would rather believe everyone just turned their back on her for no reason rather than realize she’s a piece of shit.

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Arzaylea's ex friends recently did a periscope

Here is a master post of the majority of the things they said:

•Luke cheated on Arzaylea at a party in Miami with a blonde girl who was holding hands and he exchanged numbers with her
•Random girls would wrap their arms around Luke’s neck at the party
•They were apparently ‘glued to each other the whole time"
•Arzaylea doesn’t care that Lukes cheating, she only cares that he’s cheating with 'ugly girls’
•"I can’t believe he’s doing this, he isn’t even cheating smart"
•kept on telling people how she’s 'living with Luke’
• Arz has apparently tried to break up with Luke but he 'begs to stay with her’
•kept repeating how she lives with Luke
• “for every time he fucks up” Arz was going to post a picture on the Internet, that’s why there’s so many that leak.
•that’s why she accidentally 'posts’ the pictures and deletes them, like she didn’t mean to post that
• she apparently sends a lot of information to those people who speak to her
•she craves the attention
•Arz is the type of person to say 'omg you’re my best friend’ and tricks you into thinking that you’re actually best friends
•she’s not a trustworthy person and is an attention seeker
•Arz is the type of person to be like 'I don’t do drugs’, 'I’m a vegan’, etc. but her drug use started because she witnessed some one else doing coke (and apparently saw Luke do it and thought that Luke might like her more if she did drugs)
•we know that Luke cheats on Arzaylea but Arzaylea constantly cheats on Luke as well and are both aware of the fact that they cheat on each other and just don’t care.
• Arz cheated on Luke with Post Malone, and has hooked up with a lot of people including a girl. (Not that they’re is anything wrong with that)
•she has no funds for herself, so that’s why she’s very dependent on friends and boyfriend
•she wasn’t asked to move into Luke’s place, she just slowly started taking things over
•Luke didn’t say “move in with me, I’m in love with you”.
• Arzaylea lied to her friends about cheating on Luke
•Arzaylea is following them around because she has 'nothing better to do’
• she is aware that some of the boys don’t like her
•Arz told a group chat, why would he do stupid shit that would get him caught, he wasn’t cheating smart, and then posted a picture of them on the Internet (the 'lol @ Luke Hemmings one)
•Arz “I’m such a character for this, every time I get proof of him fucking up I’m going to post a picture” and something about how 'she’d never cheated on him’, and how they have the same friends so none of them would snitch
• Mitchy Collins went to people during the show and was asking girls for IDs/to be over 18, and was saying stuff about being a 'groupie’ and an 'after party’.
• Luke posted his picture with Mitchy in response to Arz posting hers
• “how did they actually meet?”
They met at a house party in LA, he liked the fact that she liked music, lived in LA and was older.
•apparently they fight all the time and aren’t happy together
•Arzaylea invites herself to places and makes excuses for her,etc
• Luke apparently lies about cheating but Arzaylea knows that he’s done it and has 'receipts’
• in December whilst they did jingle ball, Luke paid for Arzaylea to fly to Chicago
•Arzaylea has blackmail on Luke and it’s confirmed (apparently)
•Bryana and Arzaylea apparently didn’t like each other at first
•Calum, Michael and Ashton do not like Arzaylea
•3/4 have spoken to Luke and have told him that she’s not good for him, but he doesn’t listen
• All of her pictures with fans, etc at concerts are a facade and they’re just to show she’s a nice person
•Arz has apparently said “all these girls are psycho” “i hate them” “ugly little girls”
• Arz leaks things to fans because she thought she could 'trust them’ and thought they were her 'friends’
• Bryan and Page were telling the truth when exposing her
• Arz is very manipulative
• the 'pay my rent’ joke is very accurate
• Arzaylea was going to go to Australia for Christmas but Liz told Luke that 'she is not allowed here’
•Liz does not approve
•Michael and Crystal are dating, not for long, 'give it exactly one month’.
• “I saw Crystal in real life, she is the ugliest person I have ever seen”
• Ashton and Arzaylea have argued and do not like each other
•Michael has spoken to Luke and said she’s bad for him
• Arz has videos of Luke doing drugs and more
•there are videos of Arz and Post Malone leaving clubs together
• “I don’t think they love each other”
• “I think Arzaylea loves the idea of getting everything she wants for free, like travelling the world”
• At Luke’s apartment, Arz has a drawer of Luke’s clothes, that he has no idea she has, and she wears them out and he has no clue
•Luke is genuinely nice person, but is acting dumb whilst he’s been with her
•they’ve both been trying to end the relationship, but they don’t know how.
• Arzaylea has admitted on the phone that she’s 'psycho’ and isn’t to be 'underestimated’
• Raq’s (kidsofsuburbia) DM with Luke are real
•Arzaylea is a 'pescovegan’ to fit in
•Arzaylea has famous friends and uses them
•Majority of Arzaylea’s friends trash talk 5sos, especially Lindsay (who has apparently hooked up with a member of the band)
• Arzaylea had a friend who suffered from depression and made fun of her for it and tried to make it sound like she had worse problems
•Friends and ex friends of Arzaylea have said that they’ve never seen her have a panic attack
•Arzaylea only does promo through her Instagram account and that is her only source of income
• “I don’t know a lot about crystal but know for a fact that she is with Michael”
• “Michael and Crystal’s relationship is confusing and she’s irrelevant to me”
• Arzaylea only follows 5SOS on tour and other places, so she can check that Luke isn’t cheating on her, because she knows he will if she’s not there
• “Calum and Nia are 100% in a relationship”
• Arzaylea knows about people from the past, aka people who she knows Luke has hooked up with and has made him block them on Twitter
• Arzaylea knows about old 5sos groupies
• “there’s too many 5sos groupies to count”
• Arzaylea was a cool person when she met Luke because she liked music and he made music, etc
•Arzaylea dropped Bryan to be with Luke
• “Bryana used Ashton for fame and that’s why she started doing Aeropostale shoots and stuff like that because it appealed to 5sos’ age group of fans”
• “who is the biggest man hoe in 5sos? Luke”
• Luke was in a restaurant when Arzaylea posted the first picture of them together and all of 5sos were there and Luke was pissed, he stormed out of the restaurant and security followed him back to the hotel.
•Luke was really pissed, it was the first picture of them together as a couple that was released


What’s this? You want to know what I’ve been doing? Working on my MFA thesis animation pitch, Zodiac Riders!

I’ll be posting the entirety of the concept designs soon, but I figure I might get you all started with the Gemini Twins Pollux and Castor. Yes, Pollux is a girl. But I love how similar the two of them are. And their matching moles. 

Plus their moto-bike that splits down the center. Because they work as a team, even when separate.

The show will be up for about two and a half weeks at the Riggs Gallery in MICA’s Graduate Studio Center. Expect more posts soon!


Voiced & edited by me!

Comic drawn by Zack!

Idea by Liz!