crystal lil's

ways the gems could look more like aliens:

  • no eye whites or black pupils…eye whites are instead a darker or lighter shade of w/e color their gem is..some have no pupils. pearl n lapis would look good with this
  • homeworld gems have diamond shaped pupils like the actual diamonds do..the cgs have dif shapes ex garnets are square
  • they dont cry theyre not water based lifeforms…instead their eyes maybe glitch. like how their bodies glitch when theyre cracked. or their tears are of whatever element their gem is linked to…ex rubies cry lil flames, sapphires are water that trail into ice crystals, garnets are lil lightning bolts…pearls are either water or sand…rose quartzes are petals..lapises are big ghibli water tears….OR all gems have like, streaks of light in their color that trail n split down thier face as tears
  • why is gem hair like human hair?? what purpose would it have..they dont need to be warm. gem hair is its own limb(s), they can move their hair freely like tentacles. quartz soldiers have long hair for extra attack. lapises hair is messy bc she just likes fidgeting or w/e. pearl has tiny knives hidden in her hair
  • pearls ribbons are extra limbs. pearls are designed w these so they can multitask, but cg pearl uses them to hold more swords. on top of her ribbon sash she’d have like 3 more ribbons
  • remember how beta lapis melts when shes upset..all dif gems have dif versions of this. garnet gives off lil zaps. ame gets spiky. pearl disintegrates a lil into sand. etc
  • corrupted jaspers skin spikes..all homeworld quartzes have those. amethyst and rose hid theirs to not freak out humans but when theyre emotional or in battle they pop back out
  • noodley limbs like adventure time
  • weird loading/buffing symbols and glitches n zaps n stuff, like when pearl was piloting the ship in jailbreak. more reminders that theyre inorganic and robotlike
  • teeth based on gem cut and shape. quartzes have super spikey crooked fangs like geode crystals. pearls have no fuckin teeth. garnets are blocky. maybe teeth arent white either
  • pointed tongues…or at least no reddish mouths like they have in the sho wtf

I see a bunch of posts telling people not to hate on Crystal or Michael and that’s important, but honestly I’m dealing with a lot of self hate right now. I don’t know if I’m alone or not, but to the rest of my fellow Michael girls just know that Michael would be such a lucky man to have any of you, and that he would absolutely adore you. You’re are all such beautiful and kind souls that Mikey just hasn’t gotten the pleasure of getting to know yet. Love yourself because Mikey would sure as hell adore you.

a-pudgy-lil-ginger  asked:

When you don't understand how a polymorphic sentient space rock and a human "grew" a baby without a kindergarten.

One half magic, one half human DNA? That’s the “equation” that sits in my mind. I’ve learned to accept that it doesn’t really make sense, and how could it ever completely make sense when magic aliens are involved? But that’s how it’s going to remain… here, perhaps these poorly photographed pages from my copy of the “Guide to the Crystal Gems” will help:

That’s how the Crystal Gems explain it!

…totally makes sense

- Mod Sparky


Upd8 Summary~!

There were a lot of subtle nuances here that were just so perfect.

Arquiusprite is a red-themed already fused person.

Caliborn can’t even resist le swoon of his embrace.

Amethyst had the :O) then the :O( face (more like :Oo >:OD but still)

It was just so beautiful. 8,D

((This took me like 10 hours. lol))

after screaming to el about our respective love for ice-related sports (mine for hockey, hers for figure skating) we decided it wouldn’t be us without making a silly au where dan and phil are ice boyfriends who cheer each other on, despite being enemies on principle.

phil drawn by @socraticoats / dan drawn by me! ♥