crystal june

The Magickal Side of June

Herbs: Vervain, dog grass, parsley, skullcap, meadow sweet and mosses of every kind

Flowers: Yarrow, Orchid, Lavender

Colors: Yellow, Green, and Orange

Nature Spirits: Zephyrs and Sylphs

Stones: Topaz, Agate, Alexandrite, Fluorite

Trees: Oak

Scents: Lavender and Lily of the Valley

Birds: Wren and Peacock

Deities: Isis, Neith, Green Man, Cerridwen

Animals: Monkey, Toads, Frogs, and Butterflies

Element: Earth

This is the month to let your personal life blossom and the month to work on things that better your relationships with the people around you and to better your job and/or education. June is the month to take good care of your garden and the time for maintaining and furthering things you already have through magickal workings is the most convenient


i am admittedly way too old for all of this lol. but i think my sister is having fun, so that’s all that matters. and i’m getting a massage this morning, so there’s also that lol.

Deck of the Month: Crystal Visions Tarot

Probably the girliest deck I own. It’s full of pinks and purples and roses and crystals. It was my Valentine’s gift to myself.

In case you haven’t noticed, I love my decks to have bright, vibrant colour. And this one delivers. It’s bright and glowy and pretty. I absolutely love the back of the deck. The hermit is one of my favourites, she just seems so calm and happy. 

The aces are my top favourite though, especially the ace of wands.

All the suites have different colours for the names as you can see. Majors are yellow, cups are purple, pentacles are green, wands orange and swords blue. Which is slightly different, since most decks tend to go with the elemental theme, but these colours are more closely related to the cards themselves. 

This deck follows the RWS very closely. Every card fully illustrates this, at least in my opinion. Except, for the Devil.

Look at that card. That is not threatening at all. He’s just chillin’. Playing his flute or whatever. And she’s just like ah yeah. The devil wants me. I’m just enjoy that fact. No real bondage or prison, to me, which most decks use. I just think it’s a rather funny scene.

I don’t really like how the men are portrayed in the deck. They just look kind of funny, and it just seems to me that the artist is much more comfortable drawing women. And so do I so who am I to judge. I just don’t really like how they look.

This deck is standard tarot sized, 12cm x 7cm. This deck is plastic, not cardstock, which makes the deck very slippery yet the cards cling together. Durable though, I’m not scared of wrecking them as much.

Reading it is pretty straight forward. It’s not sassy at all, just kind of direct, and not really the loudest voice. It says what it needs to, in a quiet kind of way.

Birthstone Master Post!


  • Garnet - Strength, perversity, prosperity, health.
  • Rose Quartz - Emotional balance, forgiveness.


  • Amethyst - Wisdom, spirituality, sobriety, security.
  • Onyx - Relaxation, comfort.


  • Aquamarine - Beauty, honesty, loyalty, happiness.
  • Bloodstone - Endurance. 


  • Diamond - Invincibility, clarity, purity, eternal love.
  • Rock Crystal / Quartz - Balance, clarity, energy. 


  • Emerald - Patience, understanding, foresight.
  • Chrysoprase - Fertility, secrecy. 


  • Alexandrite - Balance, confidence, joy.
  • Moonstone - Balance, good fortune, tender passion.
  • Pearl - Modesty, purity, beauty, happiness.


  • Ruby - Love, success, integrity, passion, promise.
  • Carnelian - Luck, safety.


  • Peridot - Fame, dignity, protection, success.
  • Sardonyx - Relaxation, security.


  • Sapphire - Truth, sincerity, commitment, loyalty.
  • Lapis - Understanding, protection.


  • Opal - Hope, faith, confidence.
  • Tourmaline - Balance, endurance, safety. 


  • Topaz - Strength, wisdom, courage.
  • Citrine - Hope, cheerfulness, youth, health, fidelity.


  • Tanzanite - Contentment, understanding.
  • Zircon - Wisdom, honor, wealth.
  • Turquoise - New possibilities, happiness.