crystal illusion


When a #photon (usually #polarized #laser #light) passes through matter, it will be absorbed by an #electron. Eventually, and spontaneously, the electron will return to its ground state by emitting the photon. Certain crystal structures increase the likelihood that the photon will split into two photons(Your Brain Is A Crystal Receiver), both of them with longer wavelengths than the original. Keep in mind that a longer #wavelength means a lower frequency, and thus less energy. The total energy of the two photons must equal the energy of the photon originally fired from the laser (conservation of energy).When the original photon splits into two photons, the resulting photon pair is considered 
#entangled.The process of using certain #crystals to split incoming photons into pairs of photons is called #parametric down-conversion. Normally the photons exit the crystal such that one is aligned in a horizontally polarized light cone, the other aligned vertically. By adjusting the experiment, the horizontal and vertical light cones can be made to overlap. Even though the polarization of the individual photons is unknown, the nature of quantum mechanics predicts they differ. You can take 2 entangled photons and separate them by infinite distance and when you change the information in one the other photon is changed instantly. This gives the illusion that information is traveling faster than the speed of light, when in reality the information travels instantly because #distance is an #illusion. At the most fundamental level #WE are all made of #photons. ALL matter and particles are STILL connected and information can be transferred instantly #bypassing space and time. This is how your meditation & prayer #consciousness syncs with the #SpiritualConsciousness #ChristConsciousness & It’s not religion. Its about Understanding how to utilize the #LawOfAttraction through #Love and #Light! #UniversalConsciousness #QuantumEntanglement #universalconsciousness Read this 11 times and research it for 11 days. 4biddenknowledge #UnifiedPhysics LINK IN MY BIO

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So who is your favorite Magical Girl?

Nearly finished watching Revolutionary Utena, I started watching and reading a lot of my favorite series at the moment,
Watching Sailor Moon Crystal, Finished Day Break Illusion not to long ago, Read Tezuka’s Princess Knight again and watched Princess Tutu  and saw the third Madoka Rebellion movie early this year and was in the mood to draw them. I tried watching a lot of other MG anime series but I disliked them or lost interest. But I really was in the mood to draw some crossover art after looking at amazing shadow art work of Utena.
characters include:
Usagi-Sailor Moon
Utena - Anthy
Princess Sapphire

madness indeed!
Characters belong to their respective studios and creators

Drawing by me Kell0x


[EPISODE] Act 16. Abduction - SAILOR MERCURY -.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal

Romaji: Yuukai - SEERAA MAAKYURII -

Original Air Date: February 21, 2015

Director: Yoko Ikeda
Writer: Yuji Kobayashi
Animation Director: Paul Año-Nuevo

Plot: In the wake of Sailor Mars being captured by the Black Moon Clan, Berthier challenges Ami to a dangerous game of chess.


  • This episode and episode 71 of the first anime series are both based on the same manga chapter. The latter was a looser adaptation, though.
  • Sailor Mercury’s ability to create illusionary clones here was not seen in the manga.
  • Dowsing is a type of divination employed in the location of water or other objects without using scientific equipment. It is considered a pseudoscience.


  • Shine Snow Illusion was used for the first time. In the manga, it only appeared once, and it was ineffective against Berthier.


  • This was Berthier’s last appearance as she died in this episode.


  • T·A Girls’ Academy
  • Mamoru Chiba’s residence
  • The Secret Base
  • The Tsukino Residence
  • Nemesis
  • Juuban Municipal Junior High School
  • WCC

“Shine Aqua Illusion”

Fill this cup,
copper and covered with dust,
to the brim.

Let it overflow.

I don’t mind
licking the good stuff
off of your crystal serving tray.

I shall drown myself
until it all falls down.

Your crystal illusion will shatter.

Once more my copper cup
will gather dust,
with the residue of
your passion.

The thirst - M.A. Tempels © 2015