crystal healing wand



These are super fun to make and they smell friggggin awesome and look super cute. awesome for rituals and for decoration and for smelling awesome, could be a cool gift, could sell em’ or just whack this tutorial straight in your grimoire for later use, you name it kiddie winks. IMA TEACH U 

1) PICK YO SELF SOME LAVENDER! if you don’t have lavender in your garden, you need to get some. but in the mean time, head over to your local botanical gardens or a park area or a shop or your friends place, anywhere where you can get yourself some freshly picked lavender. Begin with an uneven number of stalks, the bigger the bundle the bigger your wand.

2) GETCHO SELF SOME CUTE ASS PURPLE RIBBBON, and tie it just below the flowers. 

3) THEN UR GONNA WANNA fold the stalks down evenly over the flower head bundle.

4) WEAVE YO’ RIBBON over and under each stalk, around and around, until you have enclosed the entire flower head.

5) TIE OFF YO RIBBON at the bottom.

6) GIVE YO FINISHED WAND a roll between your palms to release that wonderful lavender fragrance1111111!!!!



- @indigo-amethyst

🔮💎Just spreading some love and magick 💕✨
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Fluorite :- Fluorite is believed to absorb and neutralize negative energy, making it a great piece to wear or place around the home. A useful crystal for healers, as it is said that fluorite makes one more receptive to the vibrations of other stones. Known as a"genius stone" fluorite can promote concentration, and aid decision making. It is an excellent companion during psychic development and meditation, as it shuts off mind chatter, has protective qualities, and grounds the person using it.

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