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That line about Eclipsa in the intro - so that's why Eclipsa's hand isn't in place in her crystal!

Yep, given this new informations it sounds likely -but not confirmed yet, things can be deceiving!- that she moved just her right through the crystal, leaving the glove in place, to shake Moon’s hand. The background in the scene looks a lot like Rhombulus’ dimension seen in Crystal Clear.

Ok, I got inspired after posting Garnet, and made the other two Crystal Gems: Amethyst and Pearl. I may try making Lion tomorrow. And I’d love to do Peridot, but I may need to buy material for her.

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Witches Abroad (And Domestic)

*First, yes the title is a Terry Pratchett reference.*

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately for my job (4 hotels in the last month and a half T_T), and I’ve learned some things about being a traveling witch. So I thought I’d pass on what I’ve learned. 

First, get yourself a traveling kit, portable altar, can o’ witchcraft, WHATEVER! Gather a few supplies that are important to your practice, and find a way to carry them with you conveniently! Just because you’re out and about doesn’t mean you can’t do magic, and if you’re away from your regular witchy supplies doesn’t mean you should be caught unprepared in a pinch! (I personally believe a solid 50% of witchcraft is just being prepared and planning ahead!) I would suggest your traveling kit include at least one small candle, a lighter/matchbook, black pepper for banishing, salt for purification/protection, and some string. You can also include herbs, thread for thread-magic, crystals, whatever you use most regularly!

Next, if traveling by car, bless your car with a spell for safe traveling! These can be anything from a sachet spell hanging from your rear-view mirror, to a protective crystal in the glove box, to a full vehicle protection spell.

Once you reach your destination, and gain the privacy of your room, there’s a couple of things you can do. Especially if it’s a hotel, throw out the bad stuff that may be “stuck” to it! Seriously, you have no idea what kind of negative energy or malicious spirits may be lingering there, toss those bitches out on their ears. For me, I tend to just sprinkle some black pepper about while telling ‘em to get out and call it a day. I’m a simple girl. 

Once you’ve banished, then it’s time to protect! I like to do a general room/stuff protection (”let no one mess with my shit”) and/or a sweet-dreams spell of some type. The latter is often a tea-spell for me, as I suffer from bad/poor dreams/sleep when I’m in hotels alone it seems. 

This is just my universal basics, no matter what sort of trip I’m on. After that, during the course of my stay I may do spells more specific to my day-to-day needs while I’m on my trip. 

Stay magical witchlings! ✨

Guys drinks out

I deliberately left early. Taxi to condo basement car park. I jump in car. Pipe n ice crystals n lighter in glove box.

Loaded the fucker. Hit after hit after hit. God it was nice. I didnt tell wife i had taken taxi. So after quite a few hits i text saying in taxi queue. That gives about 20 to 25 mins more. After all that deep inhales huge clouds, im bit spun n horny. I swear im straight guy but if i had been smoking together with cute guy i would have unzipped him n sucked till it exploded in my mouth. So fuckin horny. After home went to bed with wife she fell asleep i got up to play horny cock

I did a thing… 

Finally m y wish for stuff that matches foefire and other glowy blue stuff has been fulfilled. Just want the LS crystal ish gloves now :D And probably glint’s blue mask when it comes in the store again. Can’t wait to take better screens tomorrow <3

This VIXX comeback is so luxurious

Like, its all so sensual. The dances for “The Closer” and “Desperate” are just so slick. And the attention to hands and the lace blindfolds at the beginning of “The Closer”. Listening to “The Closer” makes me feel like I’m at a masquerade ball, drinking champagne against the wall, wearing a black crystal gown and satin gloves up to my elbows. I mean, during their comeback stage today, they had rose petals falling from the ceiling? How much more decadent can it get? Keep up the good work VIXX. This album is everything to me.



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Ruby/Saphire and Garnet Theory

Okay, so I was thinking about this a lot and I wanted to get the fandom’s input on this.  I was trying to figure out the weapons for Ruby and Saphire.  This was difficult because they would have to somehow combine to become Garnet’s gauntlets.  I think Ruby’s weapon is a type of crystal flail, similar to Sugalites, but smaller.  Saphires weapon would be crystal gloves to mostly protect her hands while aslo increasing the severity of her punches.  That, I thought, was the best combination of weapons to equal Garnet’s gauntlets.  

Also, I was thinking about how people said Garnet’s Future Vision belongs to Saphire.  I disagree with this.  I think the Future Vision is a special feature that the fusion Garnet obtains.  This is somewhat unrelated to the rest of this theory, but I thought I’d throw it in anyway.

Discuss Away!

Well, we don’t currently know how or why Gems produce weapons so its actually entirely possible that neither Ruby or Sapphire actually had weapons prior to forming Garnet, which may explain why they never need to re-fuse them. Neither Peridot or Lapis seem to have weapons currently (I’m talking weapon-weapons so Lapis’ wings do not apply in this instance) so it doesn’t seem like all Gems naturally produce weapons. 

If they had weapons, I know a common theory is that Ruby had boxing gloves and Sapphire had brass knuckles. But its also possible they both produced one gauntlet, considering they both only have a gem on one hand.

Future vision is most likely a Garnet thing, since it makes sense it would come from the merging of two minds. However, the only thing we know for sure is that Ruby did not have future vision, its still currently possible that Sapphire did. I’m sure once we learn more about them we’ll know where it comes from.