crystal glass beads

Ronan likes to be fucked while chapped lips trace the Celtic cross hidden amongst the vines and screaming mouths tattooed onto his back.

Ronan likes to be fucked with his old rosary around his neck, crystal-glass beads slapping his chest with every jarring thrust.

Ronan likes to be fucked on his knees, forehead to hard ground or a soft mattress in faux repentance.

Ronan likes to be fucked with his hands bound before him, fingers laced in a mockery of prayer.

Ronan likes to be fucked until he screams the name of a false idol to the heavens, loud enough that the God who abandoned him can hear all the way up on His throne of clouds.


The Silver Antlered Winter Fairy Faun headdress, also available this Tuesday Jan. 10 at 6am PST for $269! Iridescent beads and silver snowflakes dangle from the silvery antler tips, and a single snowflake rests on the forehead. Glitter frosted pale blue, white and silver petals frame the face, and miniature Thistle wings adorn each side in iridescent blue with silver veins, accented with Swarovski crystals and filigree. Iridescent glass beaded fringe is draped on either side, and the band is fastened with an adjustable (and removable) elastic band under the back of the head. Removable clips are also hidden just above each ear.
Any winter fairy brides in need of a crown? Use the store link in my bio to get there :)

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Here are photos of the Star Guardian (from League of Legends) charms I debuted at PMX! 

The keychain attachments are beaded by hand with hand-picked materials, including glass crystal beads.

The charms themselves have artwork on both sides of the clear acrylic, with one side printed semi-transparent. The acrylic is 6mm thick.

Huge thank you to @acornpress for being incredibly informative and helpful through the whole process and for ensuring that the charms arrived in time for the convention! 


Kohei Nawa 名和晃平 (Japanese, b. 1975, Osaka, Japan) - From PixCell series in which an image is encapsulated in a layer of spherical cells. This process homogenizes the surface texture and depth perception for each piece. Each sphere differs in size thus  allowing one to simultaneously see different details within it.

Here’s a few pieces I made so far.

This necklace represents the cherry blossom trees. Silver plated metal and rose Preciosa crystals were used to make this necklace, which is about 20 inches long. 

This bracelet is 7.5 inches long and is a mixed media piece. Swarovski crystals, Preciosa crystals, Czech pressed glass, shell beads, and gold plated metal are used. There will be another bracelet made soon, but the colors will be blue and silver.


Stellar - a brand new cosmic headdress with sparkling hand crafted polymer details, glass pointy crystals, iridescent beads, silver lace and 4 natural amethyst elements (round, triangle and 2 drops)

Inspired by everything cosmic: stars, orbital movements, interstellar space, nebulas, planets, auroras and the moon.