crystal fresh

Cleansing & Charging Items

I believe that many of the methods used to cleanse items can also be used to charge them - the difference lies within your intention. 

To cleanse, visualize negative energy actually leaving the object. To charge, visualize the object being filled with the energy from your chosen source.

Cleansing & Charging Methods:

  • Visualization - imagine a ball of energy forming around the item to either cleanse it or give it power (the color of the ball could correspond to your intent, i.e. white or blue for cleansing, red for power, etc.)
  • Earth - bury the object in soil or sand - a potted plant will also work
  • Water - submerge the item in running water 
    • Salt Water - anoint or submerge the item in a salt water solution 
    • Gem Water - anoint or submerge the item in a corresponding crystal elixir 
    • Herbal & Floral Water - anoint or submerge the item in a solution of corresponding herbs or flowers 
  • Sea Salt - sprinkle sea salt over/around the item or submerge it in a container of sea salt 
  • Essential & Infused Oils - anoint item with corresponding oil 
  • Smoke - pass the item through incense smoke 
  • Fire - pass the item through an open flame 
  • Storms - leave item outside during a thunderstorm
  • Wind & Breath - leave item outside when it’s windy or use your breath to essentially breathe your intent into the item
  • Crystals/Crystal Grid - surround the item with crystals of corresponding intent (can be arranged in a pattern to form a crystal grid and enhance energy) or simply pass the crystal over the item
  • Dried/Fresh Herbs & Flowers - sprinkle mixture over/around item or submerge the item in a mixture of herbs and/or flower petals 
  • Sound - use a bell, whistle, or something similar to clear the space and associated items of negativity; alternatively, you can place the item near a set of speakers to absorb the energy from music and other sounds 
  • Sigils - craft and use sigils that correspond with your intent (you can set the item on top of the sigil, draw the sigil on the item, etc.)
  • Technology - set the item near your phone/tablet/etc while it’s charging 
  • Moonlight & Starlight - leave item in the path of these natural lights, either outside or in a windowsill overnight 
  • Sunlight - leave item in the path of sunlight for a few hours during the day (before sunset, of course), either outside or in a windowsill 
  • Divination - pair the item with a rune or tarot/oracle card that matches your intent in a small container 
  • Incantations - create an incantation that states your intent and speak it aloud while holding the item
  • Physical Energy - engage in physical activity of some sort (exercise, dancing, sex, etc.) and direct that energy into the item
  • Actual cleaning - physically and literally clean any items with an appropriate solution (soap, alcohol, etc.); the energy put into cleaning can also be used to charge the item

Caution: some items, especially crystals, are not suitable for exposure to sunlight, water, or salt. 

Sailor Moon Gothic

-Your teachers are tough on you. You just want to eat food. Why are they so cruel. They seem to want you to fail. You do fail.

-You met a mysterious cat this morning. You saved her. You cannot get her out of your head. Why was there a moon on hers?

-There’s a guy standing in a tuxedo over there. He’s just staring…but at what? There is nothing there. His stare pulls you in, like the black hole of your nightmares. You wonder who wears a tuxedo in the middle of the afternoon. You do not know him, but now you feel strange.

-You throw your failed test away. It flies somberly in the wind, to an unknown destination. Oh wait, it hit that tuxedo guy.

-The tuxedo guy laughs. He is rude. As of now, he is dead to you.

-You have been crying. You are always crying, it seems. You are tired of it. So very tired.

-It is time to go home now. You fall asleep. That cat is here now. She is talking. You want more of whatever it is you had.

-The cat says you’re a superhero now. You like the boots. The jewelry is pretty. You agree to save the world. You do not know the costs yet.

-Saving the world is not going as planned. You have fallen. You scraped your knee. It is time to give up now. The cat is yelling at you. What have you done.

-A hot man has appeared. He gives a speech. It has inspired you. You throw your crown at the demon over there. She dies with a final shriek, reminiscent of your feelings when you first got here.

-It is done. You follow the man. He says he’ll remember you. You feel happy. The cat is still yelling. Being a superhero has its perks. But you do not know what is in store.

-You stand quietly in the moonlight. Your hair blows softly in the wind. It would normally leave horrible tangles, but not for you. You are different now.

-You are at school the next day. There are discussions of a magical super heroine from last night. You do not care. You are trying to sleep. There is never enough sleep anymore. Not for you.