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Unusual Tourmaline crystal - Teófilo Otoni, Mucuri valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil

The crystal of very dark blue-black Tourmaline measures to 8.4cm striated, with a multi faced termination, but the intriguing parts are the four holes through the tourmaline. These could have been created by the tourmaline’s growth around a pre-existing mineral, possibly feldspar, that has since been naturally dissolved away, leaving the novel crystal formation. An unusual find in the world of tourmaline.


Ask Ethan: Could you have two perfectly identical snowflakes?

“I know scientists say that no two snowflakes are alike, but I say "how can you definitively know that unless you can see every single snowflake that falls.” Maybe a snowflake in Russia falls [at] the same time as a snowflake in Minnesota and they’re the same.“

When you see a snowflake, what you’re seeing is a thin crystal of ice, with intricate, hexagonally-symmetric features that reveal themselves under a microscope. Although snowflakes come in a myriad of different shapes and patterns, there’s one adage you’ve heard since you were a kid: that no two snowflakes are alike. From a scientific perspective, is that true? What gives snowflakes their intricate structures, and what does it truly mean for a snowflake to be unique? Do we require the exact same branching structure? Can we obtain that if we create them artificially? Do we require identical-ness down to a molecular or atomic level? And how much snow would we need for that to happen?

Come find out the real science behind two snowflakes being alike on this week’s Ask Ethan!

10 Different Crystal Shapes and How To Use Them


Crystals that have been smoothed or polished from their raw form are usually classified as tumbled stones. They have not been carved into any specific form, but are not jagged to the touch. These crystals are usually more affordable and are good for basic crystal use, including grids, meditation, affirmations, altar work, feng shui or more.


Crystals in an Abundance formation are made up of an elongated quartz crystal with smaller crystals clustered around its base. This is a great stone to attract abundance to your life (hence its name) and is great for acting as a conduit to your wealth and business stones.


Natural points are not necessarily long crystals in a wand-like formation. They are any part of a faceted crystal with a point that has formed naturally, and has not been carved to perfection. These types of stones must be used with caution as the point draws energy to the body (when pointed toward a person) or it draws energy away from the body (when pointed away from the body). These properties make it a great tool for cleansing and healing work.


The Phantom formation is slightly difficult to find. These crystals have a hazy image within them, although most of the crystal is particularly transclucent. This phantom of ghost within the crystal is said to carry a vast array of information for the past, making it a powerful tool for past-like work and healing. Depending on the crystal that the phantom is found within, additional properties will apply. However, any Phantom formation will be a powerful stone to shake out your skeletons and pave a healthy path for growth.


A Generator will have six facets (of equal or unequal proportions) that meet into one point. It gets its name for its ability to generate amplified energy, boosting the power of other stones, or the stone it is made of. This type of formation is also very powerful for charging other stones.


These stones are elusive because they appear ordinary from the outside. However, when they are opened or broken they reveal a hollow cave with crystals sparkling within. Because of their contained form, geodes have the ability to hold energy within and soften it, allowing it to naturally flow out and disperse evenly. These formations are great for protection or for assisting with healing abusive habits such as alcoholism, drug abuse, sex addiction, shopping addiction, and abusive internal monologues.


Raw stones are in their natural form and have not been smoothed, polished or altered. Though they are more fragile and can break more easily than other formations, many prefer the look of these stones as they would appear raw in their natural habitat. Like tumbled stones, raw stones are great for all spiritual work and are often quite affordable.


Pyramids are stones that have been shaped into a point with four equal faceted sides and a square base. These formations are great for warding off negative vibrations or removing blocks within the chakra system. This shape is also a great choice to use in affirmation and manifestation work. The properties of the crystal are amplified in this formation. It is a good choice for healers.


The circle emits energy evenly from all angles, and the Sphere formation is no different. These are powerful formations and are often used in scrying as a tool to peer into the past and future. Because the shape is even from every possible angle, it is believed that light, energy and time pass through it with no rules or hindrances, hence their scrying abilities. They often have flaws or occlusions within them which help with the scrying process, though they can be quite expensive depending on their size.


This formation works well with grounding energies and intentions since its energy is contained and enhanced evenly within the stone. It acts as a foundation to meditation practices and has the ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy. They’re stacking ability makes them great tools for mindfulness and concentration, especially if you’re doing detailed work.


never the wrong season by Danielle Nelson
Via Flickr:
For spring. Image made with my Hasselblad 500 C/M.

Glass Stone Magic

Maybe because I have a vain side that loves glamours and appearances (probably cause I’m ruled by Venus) I love working with glass stones. There are some that appear naturally in nature or that are man made but they have a much different use than other crystals. Glass is classified as a ‘rigid liquid’ because it cools too rapidly for a crystal structure to form (though it has similar makeup to crystals, just the formation is different) but its too hard to be an actual liquid. Glass can be used for glamours and illusions. Illusions can help create attractions (so if you would like to attract a certain thing, kind of how wanderers in a desert go after mirages), or they can help hide what is there. Glamours can create desired presences and appearances. My favorite stone is Opalite and I have created a huge bond with my necklace. Its sometimes incredibly off putting but people I know, work with and even strangers would approach me to grab at it because it’s a very alluring stone and I do a lot of magic work with it so the glow attracts them like moths. You can use each of these for all kind of illusionry. Glamours help with shielding as well which you can apply the protective glass stones to your shielding or hiding truths. 

  • Opalite-
    You can use this to be alluring in a mysterious way. It’s glowing and ephemeral and moonlike. It brings a dreamy attention towards yourself. It attracts people.

  • Obsidian-
    Almost the exact opposite of Opalite. Best worn with dark colors or all black. It can be used to hide yourself for protection. Obsidian is a stone made from volcanic glass that can help ward people or unwanted entities. It helps you be ‘invisible’ and does not attract people.

  • Mirrors-
    helps with protection as well since it reflects harm (good for curse wards) and can show hidden truths and bring clarity (since it reflects and shines light). It can help with illusionry where if you want to hide something it can help distort the truth. It attracts people and can be used as a trap.

  • Sea glass-
    helps to be more secretive and hard to read (think of the mysteries that lie deep beneath the ocean waves). It neither attracts nor repels people in my experience, it just a stone that helps conceal things.

  • Tektites-
    rare but incredibly powerful. They are naturally forming glass when meteors hit the earth and can come in small sized bodies of black, glowing green, brown or gray. They can be used to shed light where there need be inspiration and give off a glamour of otherworldliness. I’m sure it attracts people- especially the glowing green kind probably attracts weirdos and people that want to leave this earth.

  • Fulgurites-
    strange spiky stones that form when lightning strikes sand. They can be used for protection such as warding and shielding (especially if you like to work with electricity or are a weather witch) and can either help to repel people by intimidation or attract them magnetically. 

  • Marbles-
    can be used for wishes! Many use marbles for luck. A marbled ring can be created to be a luck charm and charged in sunlight. Can give an illusion to be cheerful. It attracts people. (People like to grab at this too like opalite).

  • Colored glass stones can be charmed to give off a glamour depending on your correspondence to it’s color. They are incredibly vibrant and can be found in any color and can help give off the vibe you’d want to achieve by it.
    Colored glass also comes in glass rings as well that makes it easy to wear and accessorize to your everyday outfits for glamour. I usually wear crystals to promote a kind of energy within myself but there are times I just want my outfit to match so I use glass stones and rings instead. Hints here can be with simple associations like pink can give you an appearance to be more intimate and flirtatious- deep gold to appear more assertive and influential- blue to appear more sensual secretive and empathetic etc. 

  • Multicolored glass stones/iridescent glass stones-
    to appear to have many sides or help with gender fluidity.

  • Glittering glass stones-
    same as the colored glass stones but the sparkles adds more of an allure and attention. It attracts people.

  • In many cultures glass stones are turned into charms like the blue eye to ward evil for example.

All glass needs your energy for it to work because unlike crystals it does not vibrate on it’s own since it has no structure. Therefore it makes it incredibly malleable to use and activate for almost any purpose as long as it resonates with you. Glass can be charged powerfully by the sun since it’s a substance that reflects or absorbs light. 

i hope the answer to the ‘how do fusions know their names’ question is ‘they don’t’ i hope they just have to go up to whatever other gems are around and go ‘what kinda rock do you guys think i am’ i hope we get a scene where rose and pearl ask garnet her name and she just stares at her gems like shit…….i don’t know….. and rose very excitedly thumbs over her shoulder and goes ‘we have all kinds of crystallographic analysis equipment in the ship!’ and then it’s smash cut to rose like staring into some giant electron-microscope looking thing calling out chemical and spectrographic reads and crystal formations and pearl combing through the fine print of some giant computer database while garnet sits there awkwardly with her hand under a scanner going ‘guys you don’t really have to do this we literally met 10 minutes ago’ and they both ignore her and finally pearl slams her hand down on the table and yells ‘GARNET!’ and she and rose get all excited b/c NEW FRIEND HAS A NAME and garnet just smiles because not only has she learned what she is in precise terms but also she has learned the inescapable truth that rose quartz the leader of the rebellion and her terrifying renegade pearl are the hugest fucking nerds in the galaxy

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Free Space: Magic Shop/Non-magic(ish) AU

  • Lavender stopped believing in magic after her grandmother died.
  • From the teasing of classmates to failed after failed spell, the spark that was once there had vanished, leaving Lavender alone and scared.
  • So, Lavender hid all of her grandmother’s magic away in the back of her closet, all to be forgotten.
  • Until a small shop opens on the corner of her street. A shop with claims of magical items, fortunes read, and other nonsense Lavender now scoffs at.
  • Yet, she enters the shop, telling herself it is out of boredom than anything else.
  • She knows the newt eyes aren’t really that and the crystals are just natural formations made by the earth, but that doesn’t stop her from staring at them with ardent fascination.
  • “Can I help you?” A voice as warm as the evening wind calls out to Lavender.
  • “Oh, just looking,” she shakes her head, her curls bouncing ever so slightly.
  • She stares at the girl next to the beaded curtain and thinks to leave, unable to focus with the dark eyes freezing her where she stands.
  • “May I?” The girl asks, holding out her hand and Lavender automatically reaches towards the girl.
  • She’s shocked at her unwavering actions, but doesn’t think to pull away. Not when warm hands envelope her own, fingers tracing small patterns into her palm.
  • “You’ve been searching,” the girl muses, sorrow on the edge of her words. “Oh, how bright you used to be.”
  • “I beg your pardon,” Lavender mutters, tugging her hand back just a little.
  • The girl smiles up at her, bittersweet, and closes Lavender’s hand.
  • “Stay a while, won’t you?”
  • Lavender knows she should refuse, but there is something. A light, a call, and she lets the girl lead her behind the beaded curtain.
  • “My name is Parvati. And you are?”
  • “Lavender.”
  • Parvati nods as if she already knows, ushering Lavender to a chair at a small table where a pot of tea is waiting. 
  • It feels like being with her grandmother and with Parvati watching her as she sits down, Lavender thinks it might be time to start believing in magic again.