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10 Different Crystal Shapes and How To Use Them


Crystals that have been smoothed or polished from their raw form are usually classified as tumbled stones. They have not been carved into any specific form, but are not jagged to the touch. These crystals are usually more affordable and are good for basic crystal use, including grids, meditation, affirmations, altar work, feng shui or more.


Crystals in an Abundance formation are made up of an elongated quartz crystal with smaller crystals clustered around its base. This is a great stone to attract abundance to your life (hence its name) and is great for acting as a conduit to your wealth and business stones.


Natural points are not necessarily long crystals in a wand-like formation. They are any part of a faceted crystal with a point that has formed naturally, and has not been carved to perfection. These types of stones must be used with caution as the point draws energy to the body (when pointed toward a person) or it draws energy away from the body (when pointed away from the body). These properties make it a great tool for cleansing and healing work.


The Phantom formation is slightly difficult to find. These crystals have a hazy image within them, although most of the crystal is particularly transclucent. This phantom of ghost within the crystal is said to carry a vast array of information for the past, making it a powerful tool for past-like work and healing. Depending on the crystal that the phantom is found within, additional properties will apply. However, any Phantom formation will be a powerful stone to shake out your skeletons and pave a healthy path for growth.


A Generator will have six facets (of equal or unequal proportions) that meet into one point. It gets its name for its ability to generate amplified energy, boosting the power of other stones, or the stone it is made of. This type of formation is also very powerful for charging other stones.


These stones are elusive because they appear ordinary from the outside. However, when they are opened or broken they reveal a hollow cave with crystals sparkling within. Because of their contained form, geodes have the ability to hold energy within and soften it, allowing it to naturally flow out and disperse evenly. These formations are great for protection or for assisting with healing abusive habits such as alcoholism, drug abuse, sex addiction, shopping addiction, and abusive internal monologues.


Raw stones are in their natural form and have not been smoothed, polished or altered. Though they are more fragile and can break more easily than other formations, many prefer the look of these stones as they would appear raw in their natural habitat. Like tumbled stones, raw stones are great for all spiritual work and are often quite affordable.


Pyramids are stones that have been shaped into a point with four equal faceted sides and a square base. These formations are great for warding off negative vibrations or removing blocks within the chakra system. This shape is also a great choice to use in affirmation and manifestation work. The properties of the crystal are amplified in this formation. It is a good choice for healers.


The circle emits energy evenly from all angles, and the Sphere formation is no different. These are powerful formations and are often used in scrying as a tool to peer into the past and future. Because the shape is even from every possible angle, it is believed that light, energy and time pass through it with no rules or hindrances, hence their scrying abilities. They often have flaws or occlusions within them which help with the scrying process, though they can be quite expensive depending on their size.


This formation works well with grounding energies and intentions since its energy is contained and enhanced evenly within the stone. It acts as a foundation to meditation practices and has the ability to transmute negative energy into positive energy. They’re stacking ability makes them great tools for mindfulness and concentration, especially if you’re doing detailed work.






You and I are gonna go S H O P P I N G

But, Semiramis! I just told you I’m broke! I can’t get nice things!



The world is full of wonders, one of them being


Remember sweeties, a witch’s best friend is scavenging.

Open your eyes. Look around. Scout your neighborhood.

But what about the things that I can’t get out on the streets!?

That’s what we’re shopping for!

Now before we move on, close your eyes… then open them again because you need to read the rest of the message… and repeat the following mantra:


No fancy ingredients, no pretty crystals, no expensive incenses will work better than your RAW HEART AND SOUL.


Now let’s go get some of that good shit.

How good?

Diz gud.

Now, it’s no mystery that a broke ass witch needs to pay a visit to the local dollar stores to get her materials every once in a while, but if you’re like me and live in a place where there are no dollar stores (and there are no dollars either) WHERE TO GO?

The answer is here:


These places are AWESOME for a witch on a budget, because they carry EVERYTHING. From toys to art supplies to kitchenware…


(That’s where we come in)

Speaking of budget, by the way. Let’s set one.

Say… $15?

FIFTEEN AMERICAN DOLLARS. I will take you home with some nice and rare goodies that will spice up your spells.

Let’s go in.

Oooh what a promising start. This here, my friends, are 25 grams of the purest coke Palo Santo wood. Don’t like it in its natural state?

They have it in incense too!

But we ain’t getting that shit. I’m allergic so I can’t burn anything scented or else I… die.

But know they’re there, as well as essential oils, and they’re quite accessi-




Nah I’m just kidding. This is the price in pesos, meaning that these oils are *math happens* $1.55 each!

What a D E A L


Also, holy shit…

You HAVE to see the candles aisle in this place.

They have them twirly



The photo is not blury, you’re drunk




Oh hellooo thereee~

Twelve candles for $1.94 you say?



Don’t let anyone tell you cheap candles don’t get the job done, people!

Plus they burn just as good.

NOW at this point the store was 10 minutes away from closing time, so I had to stop taking pictures to get my ass outta there, BUT

Here’s a look at what we got:

That doesn’t look too good, let’s add a F I L T E R

Those little crochet doilies that will serve as my new altar tablecloths? They were $0.55

But Amis! Those don’t look too witchy, more like what my grandma puts under her vases!

First of all, how dare you.

Second of all, how dare you.

Granmotherly stuff is witchy by D E F I N I T I O N. Embrace the grandma aesthetic, y’all!


If you’re poor you have to be CRAFTY. Look at that! It has a pentacle now. How long did it take? Literally 30 seconds! Imagine what we could do with a whole afternoon!

Ok, I admit it, that was a fiasco, BUT WE’RE ONTO SOMETHING THERE.

Let’s take a closer look at what else we brought, shall we?

This tiny chest is 7.5 cm wide x 5.5 cm tall x 5.5 cm deep (3 in x 2.1 in x 2.1 in) and will hold my pocket altar. It was *drum roll* $1.70!

I was getting tired of using my mom’s big ass scissors to cut my tiny delicate herbs, so I got myself this pair of snips! Price: $0.55 and they’re sharper than Tom Hiddleston’s style. Plus they serve a multitude of purposes, like shanking a bitch.

A quick stop by the crystal shop that was also closing (pfft crystal shop. Sounds like out of a fantasy novel, love it) yields the following goodies:

-Onyx ($0.55)

-Fluorite ($0.27)

-Snowflake obsidian (hard to get where I live. It’s kinda pricey at $2.20. I recommend other kinds of obsidian or maybe just black glass as I’ve been using until today, it still works awesomely. I got the obsidian because I wanted to experiment with it and my Mentor recommended me to get it, same as the fluorite).

-And the CUTEST little quartz formation. This one kinda defeats the purpose because it was a bit pricey. You don’t need it; any clear quartz will work the same.  It was $4.50 and it was my guilty pleasure of the month. It also came with a free satchel that’s most certainly going to be used with magickal results in the foreseeable future.

More of it because it’s so gorgeous ♥

Back to the fluorite! That shit is large and cheap! Well, you see, it’s kinda ugly because I was part of a larger stone and broke down the middle when they were trying to perforate it to make it into a pendant.

But check this hot babe out


Coming back from the imports store, I paid a visit to my pot dealer erh I mean my herbs supplier. Got myself some ginger for $0.27



Maybe they don’t package it like this in your country, but here this little shitty capsule is worth its weight in GOLD.

Y’all know what this is?

This is SAFFRON.

Now normally I steer fucking clear of things this expensive, but when I asked my dealer I mean the vendor she said it was on sale.

This stuff LITERALLY sold by FRACTIONS OF GRAMS. In this case that’s 0.2 grams of saffron, that’s 0.007 ounces. YES. ZERO POINT ZERO ZERO SEVEN. Insert here Bond reference

Retail price? Normally around $8 per capsule (EIGHT AMERICAN DOLLARS!)

How much on sale?


A tip for the broke witch: hunt down for sales. Even if you don’t use the ingredients in your spells, you can still trade them with other witches or with anyone, really.

After this I went home and decided to try out my new candles.

And as I said, if you’re poor, you gotta get crafty!

I cut one of the candles in half. A part went to my pocket altar, and the other half

I used one of those ceramic saucers with the little erh… lower level circle in the middle?


Melt the wax in the microwave or on the flame and then make sure it stays in the center of the saucer. Then take it out and wait until it cools down (or put it in the freezer if you are an impatient little shit). DO NOT LET IT SOLIDIFY COMPLETELY.

Then you take it out and use a round cookie cutter (or if you’re a cheap ass like me, find something else)

I just used the styling nozzle of my hair drying because F U K D A P O L I C E

Put it again in the freezer and once it’s completely solidified use a spatula because you, my dear witch

Just made yourself a moon wax amulet!

Engrave it with your sigils, place it on your altar, carefully soften the bottom with heat and use it as a seal, the possibilities are endless!



The rest? Melt it again or use it as a poppet in case you wanna cast a spell over an onion ring…

By the end of the day, our haul is:

-Altar cloth $0.55

-Herbs snips $0.55

-Mini-altar wooden box $1.70

-Dozen of blue candles $1.94

-Ginger root $0.27

-Satchel $0

-Snowflake obsidian $2.20

-Fluorite$ 0.27

-Onix $0.55

-Quartz crystal formation $4.50

-Saffron Capsule $2

A grand total of $14.53!

Of our budget of $15 we still have $0.47 that where I live is enough for the bus ride back home!

If we take away the unnecessarily pricey stuff (the quartz and the saffron) we got everything for $8.03!

Now if THAT’S not magick, I don’t know what is!


1)      REUSE as many things as you can.

2)      MOVE THOSE FEET. I know it doesn’t sound appealing, but CHECK SEVERAL PLACES. Find the best prices by checking different stores and comparing.

3)      BE CREATIVE. If you find yourself in need of something you can’t afford, think and find a way to replace it or get it through other routes. As I said, witch trading is a thing!

4)      BARGAIN. There’s no shame in it, people! If you’re dealing with independent merchants and buy regularly/are buying a lot, try to get better prices! Don’t disrespect their business, though!

5)      REMEMBER YOUR MANTRA. Witchcraft requires NOTHING. Except you.

Now go out there and work your Magick!

-Semiramis, the Magpie Witchling

Basic ways to charge crystals

There are many different ways that you can go about charging your crystals in order to get them working at their most efficient levels. In this post I will be going over a couple of the more basic methods for charging crystals, so that you will be able to charge your crystals and work with them more effectively.


By putting your crystals in the sunlight you will be able to charge them using the sun’s rays. All you need in order to charge crystals in this way is to place your crystals in the sunlight outside, or in a windowsill, so that the sun’s rays will be able to lay upon them, and charge them with its energy. Certain crystals should not be charged in this way due to the fact that they will cause fading of the crystals color, so make sure to check what types of crystals can be charged this way before doing it.


You can also use Moonlight in order to charge crystals from the light that is bouncing off of the Moon. All you have to do is place them outside, or in a windowsill on a night where the moon is reflecting a good amount of light. The best night for this would definitely be on the full moon.

Pushing energy into it:

If you have practiced in energy work you may also be able to push energy into the crystal in order to charge it. You can do the simply by putting your hand upon the Crystal and visualizing your energy flowing into it. This will allow the crystal to pick up your energy in order to charge itself.

Burying stones:

Burying stones in the ground is also a way in which you can charge your crystals, because it allows the crystal to be grounded to the earth. When the crystal becomes grounded to the Earth. It will be able to release negative energy that it has picked up, and will suck in energies that it needs to be able to work effectively.

Crystal grids:

You are able to create a crystal grid which is a formation of crystals laid in a grid position all connected to each other that will be able to charge all of the crystals that are part of the grid. This is done because crystal grids called down energy from the higher planes of existence through the generator stone of the crystal grid. Allowing energy to flow throughout the grid charging all the crystals that are part of it.


You can use music, and other sounds in order to charge crystals. These sound frequencies will enhance the vibration of the crystals energy. Allowing it to become energized, and work at its full potential. You can use any form of music, or instrument in order to charge your crystals.

Feeding off your own energy:

You can allow the stone to charge off your own energy. This will drain you of your personal energy, but will allow the stone to be active in its processes. All you have to do in order to get it to do this is to use crystal programming in order to tell it to feed off of you as a specific source, or simply by carrying it with you will allow the stone to feel into your energies into charge.


You are able to pass your crystals through smoke also in order to cleanse them, and to get them back into good working order. All you have to do for this one is pass your crystal through incense smoke in order to cleanse and enhance them.


You can anoint your crystals with certain oils in order to allow those oils to activate the stones energies. Certain stones should be avoided from using anointing, because it may damage the stone.


You can allow your stones to rest in a sort of water, so that they can be cleansed of their energies, and to be enhanced by the water’s energy. By using other types of spiritual waters you can also increase this effectiveness. Certain crystals should also not be put in water, because they may become damaged so you should do research on if your Crystal can be submerged in water.


By placing stones upon salt, or burying them in it you will also be able to cleanse them and reset their energy, so that they will work more effectively. this should also only be done with certain stones, because it has been known to damage certain ones.


Ask Ethan: Could you have two perfectly identical snowflakes?

“I know scientists say that no two snowflakes are alike, but I say "how can you definitively know that unless you can see every single snowflake that falls.” Maybe a snowflake in Russia falls [at] the same time as a snowflake in Minnesota and they’re the same.“

When you see a snowflake, what you’re seeing is a thin crystal of ice, with intricate, hexagonally-symmetric features that reveal themselves under a microscope. Although snowflakes come in a myriad of different shapes and patterns, there’s one adage you’ve heard since you were a kid: that no two snowflakes are alike. From a scientific perspective, is that true? What gives snowflakes their intricate structures, and what does it truly mean for a snowflake to be unique? Do we require the exact same branching structure? Can we obtain that if we create them artificially? Do we require identical-ness down to a molecular or atomic level? And how much snow would we need for that to happen?

Come find out the real science behind two snowflakes being alike on this week’s Ask Ethan!


Unusual Tourmaline crystal - Teófilo Otoni, Mucuri valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil

The crystal of very dark blue-black Tourmaline measures to 8.4cm striated, with a multi faced termination, but the intriguing parts are the four holes through the tourmaline. These could have been created by the tourmaline’s growth around a pre-existing mineral, possibly feldspar, that has since been naturally dissolved away, leaving the novel crystal formation. An unusual find in the world of tourmaline.

jamesfitzgeraldthethird  asked:

Hello! This is more out of curiosity than asking for actual advice, so hopefully its ok. I heard a radio ad for something called "pretty litter" which is a cat litter that supposedly changes color if your cat is sick. Is that a reasonable claim to make? It sounds kinda... Not real. But i was wondering what an actual vet thought of it.

Pretty Litter is, unfortunately, real. As a vet I have several issues with the product. The first problem is that anything promising that you will have to scoop less is likely not a good product. You need to scoop your cat’s litter every single day. A clean litter box is one of the best ways of preventing urinary tract problems in cats. There is no product on earth that will keep the smell of urine and feces “locked” in and prevent cats from smelling it. You also need at least two boxes per cat  so it is gimmicky to suggest that a single bag is enough for a month.

The website says that the litter changes color based on whether or not there is blood, acidity, or alkaline.

Per the company blood indicates internal injury or poison ingestion. There are not very many poisons that would make a cat have bloody urine without you noticing something else is wrong so that’s a gimmick. Many internal injuries also wouldn’t cause bloody urine without other noticeable signs as well.

The acidity dye indicates crystal formation or a blockage supposedly. First of all, if you cat is blocked you likely aren’t going to find any urine in the box. Secondly cat urine is by nature acidic. Crystals can form in urine that is either too acidic or too alkaline and crystals do not necessarily mean anything at all. Crystals can form out of solution in urine simply by leaving it out.

Finally the blue alkaline dye is supposed to indicate urinary tract infection or kidney issues. Cats almost never get UTI’s and when they do the urine may not be alkaline, nor do kidney problems reliably produce alkaline urine. 

This is from the Pretty Litter website itself (bold is my emphasis):

“When you see a change in color you should monitor your cat’s health closely and if color change persists you should consult your local veterinarian. PrettyLitter provides a possible early detection for illness, not a diagnosis. A diagnosis can only come from a licensed Veterinarian. If you experience a color change, wait 24 to 48 hours and continue to monitor your cat’s litter. If the color change persists then take your cat to your local Veterinarian.”

So not only do the color changes not necessarily mean anything, you still need to take your cat to the vet to get an actual diagnosis. If you come in to see me and say “My cat’s litter indicated there was blood in the urine” I’m still going to have to get a urine sample and run it. We cannot base diagnoses or prescribe medications on a color changing litter. My fear is that people will rely on the color change and not take their cat to the vet unless they notice the litter changing. If you really need a guide to knowing when your cat is ill I guess the litter is ok but really cats show plenty of signs of urinary tract problems that are very noticeable if you pay attention and likely these show up before any physiologic changes in the urine itself.

The best way to prevent problems in your cat is to take them to the vet at least annually for an examination and routine testing. If you notice your cat urinating outside of the box, having trouble urinating, or anything else unusual go to the vet immediately and don’t wait. And please, scoop the box every day.


Amethyst and citrine are varieties of quartz coloured by iron. They only occur mixed together like this in quantity at one mine in Bolivia, though a few specimens have come out of India and Brazil. The colours are due to the different electronic valencies of iron, related to its oxidation state and are caused by a temperature gradient across the crystal during formation. Amethyst’s purple hue is caused by natural radiation creating colour centre in the crystal and turned into citrine by heat. Most citrine on the market is in fact amethyst that has been roasted in an oven to change the oxidation state of the iron content, and hence the colour.

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