crystal floor

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  • Valentina: *prays sincerely to an unlit candle on national tv, stones the bottoms of her heels with AB crystals, formally requests the floor nearly every time she speaks, wears a full beatnik ensemble during confessionals, breaks out into an operatic rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," sets up a meet and greet boudoir fantasy spot at DragCon complete with chaise longue and real roses*
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A Court of Spring and Stars pt. 6 & 7

Pt. 6

Word Count: 2932


I wake up happy.

I wake up happy for what seems like the first time in … well, the first time.

My maids comment on my chipper mood as they prepare me for breakfast while I hum and tap my feet to a tune I learned awhile back.

Lynette seems concerned as she says, “My lady, why are you so … happy?” She’s never seen me have a reason to be happy.

But now I do. I have a reason to be happy. I have a friend who promised to protect me; I have a friend who let me fly through the stars. I can’t think of a reason to be miserable right now.

“I just … ” I pause as I realize I can’t tell them about what happened last night - or was it early this morning - not even Lynette can know. They would tell my father. They’d have to. “I just had a really good dream is all.”

They share skeptical looks; my dreams are never anywhere near pleasant - except for the few where I watch as a pair of calloused but soft hands draw and paint while humming to a tune that I don’t know - they’re normally always about my father, about those horrible claws.

“Well,” She gives me a swift once-over, approving of hers and the other ladies’ work. “you’re prepared for breakfast.”

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Urgent Care part 2/(??)

A/N: Alright, since several people asked for a second part and I was hit with a bit of inspiration, we’ve got a second part of urgent care! I tried to continue with the civil war spin-off, so I hope you guys like it!!

Word Count: 2852

Warnings: None

Part 1

“How could I have let you rope me into staying?” I whine.

“Because you love me and I don’t want you to leave.” Natasha answers simply.


“Why are you scowling like that, (Y/N)?” I look up, shielding my eyes against the sun with my hand to find Peggy standing a short ways off.


“Don’t distract her, that’s her thinking face.” Natasha says, smirk firmly in place.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.” I grumble, folding my arms across my chest, leaning back against the tree behind me and pouting at the grass.

“Was there something you needed Ms. Carter?” Natasha asks, crossing her ankles.

“Steve is waiting for you in the hangar, (Y/N).” Peggy says, looking directly at me instead of Natasha.

“Oh shit, is it really that time already?”

“Have you not been paying attention to the time?”

“Well, based on the fact that I’m trying to ignore the fact that I’m still stuck in this compound, no. No I have not.” I haul myself to my feet and brush any bits of grass from my bum before turning towards the facility entrance. “Anything I should know before I head down there?”

“Anthony will not be joining you, if that’s what you’re fishing for.”

I heave a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness.”

Peggy snorts in derision and shakes her head. “Why the two of you can’t get along, I’ll never know.”

“It’s because they’re so incredibly alike that they can’t come to any sort of compromise.” Natasha offers. “So, instead of trying to be friendly, they just butt heads at every single opportunity.”

“That might just be it, Ms. Romanoff.” Ms. Carter agrees, addressing Natasha formally. They’ve known each other for going on three weeks and they still insist upon referring to each other by their surnames. “You should go to the hangar. Steve doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

I nod once. “Alright, thank you for letting me know.”

Natasha and Peggy wave to me as I head down to the hangar.

It takes me about ten minutes to finally reach the hangar and locate the quinjet Steve decided to use. He’s standing just inches away from the ramp, tapping almost angrily at the screen of the tablet in his hand.

“Careful,” I warn. “You might crack the screen jabbing at it like that.”

Steve’s shoulders jump slightly, the only indication that I was able to startle him. He slowly looks around before catching sight of me and smiling sheepishly. “About time you got here. I thought you were going to bail on me there for a bit.”

“Nah, I wouldn’t do that. I’d just make you wait till you decided to just leave without me and suddenly appear, as if out of nowhere, and scare the crap out of you.”

“It seems like you’ve already done that.”

I smirk at him. “I rest my case.”

Steve rolls his eyes, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “Is there anything you have to grab before we leave?”

“Yeah, just a sec.” I turn away from him and cup my hands around my mouth. “HEY, FREDDY.”

“WHAT.” The response comes almost instantly.




“OKAY,” The hangar falls silent for a moment. “JUST GIMME A SEC TO FIND IT.”


“No rush?” Steve questions, one eyebrow arched questioningly.

“He literally only needs one second,” I say, holding out my hand in time to catch the handles of a brown, canvas duffle bag. “THANKS, MAN.”

“ANY TIME, (Y/N).”

“Who the hell is that?” Steve asks.

“That’s Freddy. He’s cool.” I answer, slinging the bag over my shoulder and heading into the quinjet.

“How did he do that?”

“He’s an inhuman, but he doesn’t want anyone knowing about it, okay? You tell anyone what you saw, and you won’t be able to move for a month.” I warn.

“How do you know then?”

“Well, it’s simple really. He and I were in the same room when a terrigen crystal fell on the floor and shattered. We went through the mists together.” I toss my bag onto a seat along the wall of the jet before turning around, hands on my hips, to face Steve. “He and I are well versed in the ways you Avengers types react to new people with powers. The only reason I was confident in you knowing what I could do is because I worked closely enough with you for you to know that I wouldn’t misuse my gift. So, don’t tell anyone, alright? The threat still stands.”

Steve holds up his hands in surrender and steps around me to reach the pilot’s chair. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”

“Good.” I nod resolutely and take my seat a short ways away from him. “Whaddaya think Bucharest is like this time of year?”

Ma’am, have you seen this man before?” I ask the kind looking old woman manning a produce stand.

Oh yes!” The woman answers happily. “In fact, he was just here a few hours ago! He buys produce from my sister and I every couple of days or so. Such a kind young man.” She blinks up at me a few times, her brows knitting together. “Is he in trouble?

Not at all! He helped out my friend a few years back and I was hoping I could thank him.

What a nice child you are. Please let him know I said hello!”

“I’ll be sure to!”

I quickly cross the street to meet a poorly disguised Steve at a coffee cart.

“Any news?”

“Yes, you look like Steve Rogers in a baseball cap and aviators.” Steve scowls at me. “Aren’t they supposed teach you how to blend in in the army? Not even in S.H.I.E.L.D.?”

“(Y/N).” He says, his tone warning.

I roll my eyes and shove my hands in my pockets. “The nice old lady at the produce stand says she saw him a few hours ago. He’s definitely here, I just don’t know where he’s staying.”

“Not even an approximate location?” I shake my head. “Didn’t your contact give you any information?”

“I never asked for specifics, okay? I didn’t think I’d be stuck with you on this mission. This was supposed to be a field trip for you and Wilson or whoever it is your besties with these days.”

“Well Sam’s not here, so I need your help with this.” Steve says gruffly. “Is there anyone else you could possibly find that might know where he is?”

I scowl at the ground, trying to think for a moment. “He’s lost an arm, right?”

“Yes, his left one. Why?”

“Everyone has a different energy and, if I concentrate, I can see the shapes of their energies. His prosthetic should have a different signature than the rest of his body or, if we’re really lucky, it won’t have any signature at all.” Taking a knee, I press the palms of my hands flat against the rough concrete of the sidewalk.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m concentrating really, really hard.” I snap. “If you interrupt again, I’ll put you on your ass, and you know I can’t carry you back to the quinjet.”

Steve backs away from me, hands held out in surrender.

I take a deep breath and press my hands more firmly to the concrete, and close my eyes.

Slowly releasing the breath I was holding, I extend the reach of my power through the city, searching for Bucky’s unique energy signature.

It’s easy to pinpoint several types of signatures right off the bat. Men, women and children are the easiest, followed by pregnant people, who have two energies mixed inside them. There are hundreds of thousands of people in this city and the sheer number of them is overwhelming.

In my search I see several amputees, all of them missing different limbs, some of them having lost more than one. Thankfully, there’s only one signature that could be the man I’m looking for. Their energy is a silver blue that vacillates between dull and blindingly bright. A dull dark gray sits in the place where their left arm should be and I know I’ve found our man.

“I’ve got him.” I announce, pushing myself off the ground and brushing my hands off on my jeans.

“What?” Steve asks, dumbfounded.

“I said I found your boyfriend, Rogers.” A dark blush spreads across his cheeks.

“He’s not my boyfriend.” He shoves his hands in his pockets and refuses to look at me.

“Really?” I ask, cocking an eyebrow.

“He’s not!” He insists. I shake my head and he glares at me. “Can we please just go find him?”

I snort and nod once. “Yeah, sure, his apartment building is this way.” I say, jerking my thumb over my shoulder and turning on my heel, not bothering to wait for him before walking off.

We make it about five blocks before I have to stop and hone in on Bucky’s energy signature again. From what I can tell, we’re about a block and a half away from his building and he hasn’t moved much since I last checked on him, which seems a bit odd.

“You’re making a face,” Steve observes.

“Your friend hasn’t moved since I last checked in on him fifteen minutes ago.” My brow furrows. “Does that seem strange to you?”

“It does,” Steve’s eyes travel up the height of the apartment building. “What floor is he on?”

I squeeze my eyes shut and concentrate on Bucky’s energy. “Tenth Floor, second door off the staircase.”

Steve nods before walking off down the pavement, shoulders set, his pace quite fast.

I heave out a sigh and take off after him, having to jog just to keep up with him. At the pace Steve has set we make it to the apartment building in about five minutes.

Steve bursts through the door and hurtles up the stairs and I have to work to stay even just one flight behind him. Luckily enough I manage to tap into the energy I had stored up and take the stairs a two or three at a time, just barely managing to stay on his tail.

As soon as we hit the fifteenth floor, I put a hand on Steve’s chest to keep him from rushing into the room.

What?” he hisses.

I hold a finger to my lips. “Someone else is in there with him.” I whisper. “They’re both throwing off weird energy.”

“What are we supposed to do?”

“You kick in the door, I’ll take out whoever’s in there. I won’t hurt Barnes, but I can’t make any promises about the other person.”

Steve nods before slamming his boot against the door just about where the deadbolt would be.

The door crashes open with such force that the door knob lodging in the drywall when it makes contact.

As soon as I’m through the door I see a stout blond man, red book in hand, reading off a list of what I can only assume is gibberish, until I see Bucky on his hands and knees on the floor, breathing heavily, teeth gritted and eyes squeezed shut. The blond man then registers as a threat and I slap my hand against the back of his neck and tighten my grip, draining him of enough energy to cause him to pass out.

Once he’s crumpled to the floor I zip tie his hands and feet together before making my way over to Bucky who’s still on the floor taking deep gasping breaths, trying to calm himself.

I place a gentle hand on his shoulder only to have him whip his head to the side to look at me, his eyes wild. I can feel his heart racing, adrenaline coursing through his body, so I siphon off a little bit of the excess energy his body is throwing off in an attempt to calm him down. His shoulders almost immediately relax and the tension in his jaw loosens. When his breathing slows, I remove my hand from his shoulder, breaking the connection, and motion for Steve to come in.

Steve all but falls to his knees beside his friend, placing almost unsure hands on his shoulders. Bucky slowly lifts his head, his eyes dragging up Steve’s chest and over his face before meeting his eyes. Steve looks at him apprehensively, worry entirely evident in his body language.

“Steve?” Bucky croaks.

“Yeah, Buck, it’s me.” Steve says, eyes misting over. “Are you alright?”

“What-” His voice cracks and he has to stop and take a deep breath before he can continue. “What are you doing here?”

“I had to find you.” Steve says simply. “From what I can tell, it’s a good thing we showed up when we did.” Bucky’s only response is a half-hearted smirk.

The man on the floor begins to stir and I place my hand on the floor, searching out his energy signature and draining a little bit of excess energy and causing him to pass out again.

“How… how did you do that?” Bucky asks.

“I’m an inhuman. I can manipulate stored energy.” His eyes widen in fear and I hold up my hands defensively. “I’m not dangerous, I promise. I work with him.” I say, nodding my head to Steve.

Steve nods in affirmation. “She mainly works in the medbay. She’s not going to do anything to hurt you.”

“Alright.” He says, still eyeing me warily.

“What did that guy want with you?” Steve asks. I shoot him a look filled with warning and he chooses to ignore it.

“I don’t know.” Bucky shakes his head. “I just know he had the red book and that he wanted to reactivate me. And before you ask, no, I don’t know why.”

Steve nods his head in acceptance. “Okay.”

Now that the crisis has been averted I look around the apartment. In all honesty, there isn’t much to look at.

There’s a small kitchen with outdated appliances, slightly cluttered countertops and an island separating it from the rest of the one room apartment. There’s a small pile of notebooks on top of the fridge with what looks to be candy bars surrounding the pile. A mattress with practically nothing on it sits in the corner and a small set of shelves sits a short ways away with a few cinder blocks next to it. What they’re they’re for, I’m not entirely sure I want to know.

“Why are you hiding here?” I ask, turning my eyes back to Bucky.

“I didn’t think anyone would look for me here. I guess I was wrong.” He answers. “How did you even find me?”

“A few Inhumans in the area contacted me when they found out that Steve was looking for you.” I fold my legs underneath me and place my hands on my thighs. “I had no idea I was going to be here, but I’m glad I was.”

“Thank you for stopping him.” Bucky nods to me, sitting back on his calves, his breathing having finally slowed to a normal pace.

“Speaking of,” I shuffle over to the unconscious man on the floor and pat him down, looking for any form of identification. It doesn’t take me long to find his wallet. “Says here is name is Helmut Zeemo. Military. He’s from… oh fuck me.”


“Steve, he’s from Sokovia.” Flipping up one of the flaps in the wallet I find a family photo and my throat goes dry. “He had a family.”

“Do you think they were…” Steve trails off, looking at his hands. They’re trembling slightly. “Do you think they were there when the city came down?”

“Well… Didn’t Peggy say something about a bomb having been found at the UN when the Accords conference was set to happen?”

Steve stares at me blankly. “She did. Do you think this could have anything to do with that?”

“Steve, I realize you’re blond, but I know you’re not stupid.” He just gives me the same blank look and I roll my eyes. “Most of the team was supposed to be at the conference. If he blames the Avengers for his family’s deaths, then it would make sense for him to try to take them out as revenge.”

“So you think that when he failed at the UN he tried to go after people we consider family?”

I nod. “And he went after Bucky because of his affiliation with Hydra.”

“What are you trying to say?” Bucky asks.

“She’s saying that he wanted to use you to destroy the avengers and make it look like you did it of your own free will.” Steve answers. “As long as he’s the only person who knows about that book, then it would appear as though you actually wanted to attack us instead of you being controlled.”

“Oh.” Bucky murmurs.

“One question, Mr. Barnes,”

“What would that be?”

“Would you consider returning to New York with us? For safety’s sake, of course.”

Thank you guys so much for reading! If you liked the piece please reply to the post or shoot me an ask! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!

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A Olicity Historical Romance AU: Touch can be so much more than just, physical.

A/N: There are quite a few flashbacks of dialog and scenes in this final chapter so I have made them italicized and bold.

Thank you all so much for reading my story and caring for and loving my AU Olicity.  This version of them was especially poignant to write and are extra special to me.  And one last thank you to @quiveringbunny for the gorgeous cover art she made for it. xoxo

You can read previous chapters HERE and AO3.


Chapter 6

Oliver had taken his mother to London knowing she would enjoy the end of the season, to be around friends and society, instead of the isolation of their ancestral home in Devonshire, which is where he was headed next.

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Hero 7: (M)

Author’s Note: this chapter is a monster, literally a monster. i have been staring at this thing for about a week, and it could have been even longer, what is wrong with me. anyway, i really truly hope you enjoy this chapter because my heart and soul went into this one. we’re finally moving guys, look at as go! 0-100, ain’t no stopping now. enjoy loves!

Song for this chapter: Carrion Flowers - Chelsea Wolfe

Genre: Vampire!Chanyeol; horror; thriller; suspense; drama; eventual smut

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)

Rating (this chapter): M

Warnings: graphic sexual situations; graphic violence; blood/gore; ritual sacrifice; explicit language; PLEASE, PLEASE TREAD LIGHTLY

Word count: 7,866 why tf

Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11a | 11b


You turn this word over in your mind for hours, breaking it apart and putting it back together again until it seemingly takes a new shape; it becomes something new, something different, something dark. Words, to you, are the most subtle of weapons, an arsenal of infinite proportions comprised only of twenty-seven letters and you’ve always been proud of how utterly sharp yours have grown to be. They’ve been cultivated and crafted over years of sparring matches with your older siblings, your cousins, friends, boyfriends. You’ve used words to cut and sever, used them to soothe and heal, and now you think you think you’ve finally met someone who uses them to kill.

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Carlisle imagine requested by anon! “I loovvveeeddd your Carlisle request, not many -or even at all- write about Carlisle/reader in a romantic way! It’s usually a close bond but never romantic. So if you don’t mind can I request another Carlisle imagine? So Carlisle and reader have been together for centuries, and Bella awes at this, so when Bella gets injured at her birthday (remember that scene?) and Carlisle’s patching her up, Bella ask more about their love and he just gets a dopey ‘I’m-so-in love’ look and goes on about her ❤️” The imagine referred to in this request is “Eternity,” which I’ve linked in case anyone is interested in reading. Hope you like it!

You struggled to keep the thoughts of “of course this would happen” from polluting your mind in the moments after Edward’s lover was knocked into the crystal. It was not an easy feat, what with the added distraction of her decadent blood perfuming the air, but you fought to keep your thoughts aligned nonetheless. He would be listening for any and all accusations of stupidity, any lingering signs of pity or, even worse, of nonchalance. His mind was trained on yours, and while he would be drilling into every mind that he could, he would be especially focused on you.

Not even Edward was fast enough to slow the hunter’s descent as Bella’s blood broke through the surface of her skin, tainting the perfection of the night. A paper cut, that was all. How ordinarily insignificant, and how wildly dangerous. It would have meant nothing to any other family… but to yours, it was the pin falling from an active grenade. Had she not slit her finger, the evening may have proceeded peacefully… then again, with a bloodlust as violent as Jasper’s, who could tell how events could have played out? Alice certainly couldn’t. It could have been the warmth of an embrace overpowering his resolve, or the fleeting brush of her hand against his side that damaged his steely restraint. It could have been her breath stirring the air in just the right way, or perhaps a spike in her heartbeat calling, calling from within her chest. It could have been later that night or years from now. One could never be sure. There were hardly ever any studies to reference in regard to vampires playing vegetarian around a human mate. Relationships of this magnitude hardly ever existed (well, with the human surviving long-term) because of the threat such acquaintances presented. She was the natural food source; thus, this event was to be expected. One does not bring their human, no matter how lovely, to act as live bait before a den of vampires. Edward was usually smarter than this. As much as it pained you to admit, he oftentimes put too much trust in your family’s (usually) unwavering self control. You were vampires, first and foremost. She was human. This pairing almost always, and very predictably, ended in death.

She was handling herself very well, given the circumstances, chuckling under her breath as she was helped to her feet, wincing as her movement tore at her newly-acquired injury.

“Well, that’s almost everyone. I can clear a room, at least.” Carlisle shook his head, smiling warmly as he guided her to the next room, glancing backwards before ducking around the wall, his eyes hinting at a rather swift removal of the carnage Bella had left in her wake. You called to Esme, a soft whisper of her name, and she was by your side, a bottle of bleach in hand, her eyes sympathetic, as always. She set to dousing the floor in the odorous liquid as your fingers found the fragments of crystal scattered about the floor, most of which were tipped with scarlet, glimmering as if they’d been poisoned.

Her voice carried through the walls, clear as if she were standing beside you, her lips at your ear, whispering words of apology and concern as Carlisle plucked shards of glass from the gaping wound in her arm. Esme made a sound of concern as she listened, her arms guiding a mop over the puddles of aromatic crimson fluid, her nose wrinkled in the subtlest distaste and concentration. She’d been around long enough to tolerate the fading scent of fresh blood as the chemical ate away the perfume, but not long enough to claim complete immunity as Carlisle did. Jasper’s low growls echoed off of the forest beyond the glass, your eyes easily picking his thrashing form from the rigid trunks. You moved to stand, your palms having harvested as much glass as was outside of Bella’s arm, your gaze focused entirely on your broken son. Alice was fluttering about him, her hands darting from his cheeks to his chest, calming as much as she could while he wriggled about, mad from his insatiable thirst. Emmett’s eyes never left Edward’s face, even as he contorted around his brother’s torso, struggling to keep him stagnant. There wasn’t a trace of humour or lightheartedness in those butterscotch eyes as Emmett restrained his brother. Whatever expression Edward held was clearly quite broken. It was understandable. His worst nightmare had ballooned before him, spilling blood and causing harm, if minor. His human mate would heal. A few stitches and she would be back to her usual, sweet-smelling self. Edward, however… the boy had always been severe in his emotions, especially so around Bella. Tonight would have consequences.

“I’m so sorry, Carlisle,” she whispered, forgetting, for the moment, that everyone could hear her hushed voice, even those scuffling about in the woods. Carlisle’s hands whispered against his utensils as he prepped to stitch her wound closed. Thread zipped through metal. The only constant was Carlisle’s steady breathing. Inhale, exhale. Uninterrupted.

“You needn’t apologize, Bella. It isn’t your fault.” The needle pierced her skin, and her breathing hiked. The faintest scent of fresh blood polluted the air. Esme’s breathing halted, and stopped entirely. A precaution, you assumed. Even she was on edge and anxious about her level of self-control after Jasper’s slip. Her grip on the wooden handle of the mop tightened.

“Leave it to me to-” Bella began, her voice dropping off as Carlisle interrupted her, his tone soothing.

“Bleed in a room of vampires? Jasper hasn’t been away from human blood for as long as we have. His resistance is… much more laboured than the rest of our family.” They continued in silence for a handful of moments, the careful tug of thread against flesh itching at your ears as you rid the room of all signs of battle. Esme departed with her arsenal of cleaning supplies, her hand grazing your shoulder as she passed, offering a faint smile.

“How… how do you do it?” Bella inquired, her voice hiking in pitch as curious flowed from the tip of her tongue. Carlisle exhaled slowly, pulling the thread once more.

“Years of practice, centuries of it. I’ve found it is… much easier with company, with family, to revert back to… more human ways of living. Refusing to take innocent lives is easier to understand when lives, even ours, are valued. The sense of family, of community, helped me greatly.”

“Is that why you went looking for Y/n?” She asked, her voice dropping in a somewhat silly strive towards privacy. She must have known that you could hear, but her human instincts and conditioned mannerisms would likely overpower that knowledge. Carlisle chuckled, fiddling with his utensils as he tied Bella’s stitches off, dropped his needle into the sterilized bowl he had prepared.

“I wouldn’t say that I went looking for her, no… but in finding her, I saw, for the first time since the dawn of my immortality, the opportunity for companionship. For love, for family, for scraps of humanity.” He sighed, the rubber soles of his shoes shifting against the floorboards, angling in your direction. He knew you were listening. “I was very lucky to find her at all. I had been searching for others of my kind for some time. I had encountered nomads and covens alike, and I had attempted to teach them my separate way of living. It wasn’t until Y/n that any of them showed interest. She, like the rest of us, had no option when it came to her transformation. She was dragged into the violence of our life and struggled with the murder, the hunting, the sin of our existence. I saw in her a different path, a road I’d never considered. Partnership. A coven of our own, of peaceful nature. The chance for creatures like us to love.”

“Edward told me you met her in France?” Bella probed, not unkindly or impolitely, likely searching for ways in which to distract herself from the alcohol dripping over her stitches. If she was merely interested in your story, you held no hesitation in sharing. You strode into the kitchen, sitting yourself down in the seat beside Bella, watching her cheeks glow with unnecessary embarrassment. There needn’t be any shame in honest curiosity.

“I was born in France in 1770, approximately one hundred years after Carlisle had been turned in London. Time, of course, was never well-kept. I cannot remember my exact date of birth, but it was in a time of great unrest. While England was focused on witch-hunts and cleansing their sewers of vampires, France was overthrowing their monarchy. In comparison to the hardship of my human life, immortality was… lazy, easy. The people were slaughtered like lambs, daily executions filled the air with a luxury of scents. Their blood flooded the gutters, clung to the cracks between every cobblestone. Covens of the more… traditional nature flocked to Paris in droves, drawn by the killings or fascinated by the Guillotine, the monstrous thing. The Guillotine did most of our hunting for us; and with the majority of the public being cropped at the neck, there was never any notice when a few peasants went missing. Whatever was your style, bending your face to the streets or selecting a fresher meal, it was as easy as breathing.” You whispered, painting images on the backs of your eyelids of days upon days of ruby market squares and corpses littering the streets.

“Seems like you had it pretty good,” she observed, her ease with such topics impressing you more than it concerned you. She had certainly succeeded in grooming herself to handle such topics, preparing herself for a life alongside Edward. You nodded solemnly, your eyes catching Carlisle’s. Sympathetic, comforting. He knew tales you would not mention to Bella for fear of frightening her away. He’d seen firsthand the horrors of Paris, just as you had. There were things she did not need to know.

“At the same time, as good as it was, it was chaotic. The bloodlust was uncontrollable. Vampires fed recklessly… they couldn’t stop. They made mistakes… left people alive after feeding… and soon enough, the city was swimming with newly-created vampires, myself included. It was impossible, as you can imagine, to refrain from the hunt when the blood was flowing so freely. It was a matter of staying out of the public eye, festering in self-loathing, dreading your next attack. Of course, recluses were dragged to the scaffold soon enough, accused of sympathizing with the fallen regime, accused of witchcraft, accused of having too tempting a head not to sever. A few blades broke on our necks, which was of course followed by the need to dispose of witnesses. We didn’t want the Volturi cleansing our hunting grounds due to lack of discretion. Massacres by the dozen, dealt by immortal hands, went unnoticed. As wild as it sounds, there was a sense of community. Paris was our Heaven, or as close to Heaven as we will ever reach. But it was not the community I sought. By 1794, there was one vampire to every fifty Frenchmen. They called it the Reign of Terror. They have no idea how accurate they came.” You paused, reliving every minute detail, from the shattering blade against the nape of your neck to the darkness that swallowed so many of your days, hidden in the homes of those you had slaughtered.

“How did you get away from it?” Bella wondered, her eyes boring holes in yours, scrutinizing the butterscotch she found there, imagining them a vibrant ruby, no doubt. You hoped the task would prove difficult for her. You were not proud of your early days.

“It was Carlisle who found us all. He was already honing his restraint by then, a century old and thriving on the blood of cattle and deer. He was on his way to study with the Italians in Volterra, but even one as practiced in self-control as he was could not help but be drawn by the blood. He found me cowering in an alley, my face buried in the broken brick of a ruined home, fighting the urge to feed. If it hadn’t been for his welcoming, I would have likely perished in Paris when the Volturi sent their Felix and his hunting group to cleanse the city and reinforce law in the summer of 1794. He told me of another life, proven by the colour of his eyes. He extended his hand and promised an end to my suffering. I gladly took his word, and we departed for Tuscany that night, travelling only by light of the moon. At first, it was unpleasant. Animal blood, as I’m sure Edward has told you, is far less appetizing than human blood, but I learned to accept the flavorlessness soon enough. Once we had spent enough time in the Italian countryside to rein-in my habit of attacking humans, we went to Volterra.”

“We didn’t stay long. Y/n was incredibly strong, but the Volturi’s diet warred with our lifestyle, and we thought it best to journey elsewhere. We ended up in England once again, then Spain, America, Greece. We never returned to France, but we made our homes elsewhere. Y/n was with me when I was working in Chicago, and she helped Edward with his thirst as much as I did. Esme followed soon after, then Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper… we crafted a family together.” Carlisle concluded, his eyes misted over with adoration, his smile warming even your immobile heart. You returned his grin, your hand resting on Bella’s knee, adopting the motherly affection you displayed with Edward easily. She was all but your daughter, after all, and Carlisle had long ago sparked the desire to bring people into your life.

“Perhaps someday you’ll join us, hm?”

Time for a Change

REQUEST: Can you make a longish T-pose imagine? Tyler x Reader He’s been her best friend since pre school and he invites her to a Teen Wolf party. She’s always had a crush on him but he breaks her heart by kissing Crystal But after a couple of drinks to forget about what happened she kisses Dylan and starts to like him, then Tyler gets angry and jelly and they fight and the secret comes out and turns out he did love her And whatever you want the reader to end up with.

Here you go!! I did add my own ideas in to this too a little but I hope you enjoy! @lovekillianjones007-blog-deacti

I decided to make the setting back when they were shooting 3b.

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader / Tyler Posey x Reader

warnings: swearing, almost sexual scene, anger / jealousy

Word count: 2,010

sorry if there are any typos

“Hello?” You say into your cell phone while trying to fold your laundry.

“Y/n! Hey it’s me!” Tyler Posey, your best friend since pre-k says excitedly on the other end.

“Ty! Hey how are you? How is shooting 3b going?” you replied with a smile on your face.

“Great actually! We have 1 episode left, but hey I wanna ask you something Blondie.” He said.

“ Alright, what is it?” You said excited about what this mystery question was.And also bushed at the nickname he’s called you since 7th grade.

“ Ok, so the cast is going to have this big party on Saturday, since that’s when we are done filming, and I would love it if you would come hang with me and the cast?” He said. Ty sounded really excited about asking you this and you couldn’t help but get butterflies in your stomach. You had the biggest crush on Tyler when you were kids that never seemed to fade, even when you got your first boyfriend in 9th grade, and he had a girlfriends too. But you knew he just never thought of you in a romantic way. The crush has faded quite a bit now, that you have had your fair share of boyfriends. You were perfectly fine with being best friends, but the crush would always still linger and you would always get a little jealous when he got a new girlfriend.

“ Oh Ty, I’d love too! It’s been forever since I saw the cast! I sure do miss Dyl, and Holland, and Crystal, well everyone!”

“ Oh really! Yay y/n is coming!” He shouted. But it didn’t seem like he was talking to you. You heard Dylan O’Brien in the background saying ‘Yes! I love y/n shes the best!’ You smiled at the comment.

“ Ok, I’ll pick you up at 8 on Saturday? Y/n I can’t wait to see you!” He said,

“Me too! That sounds perfect!” You replied.

“ Ok, I gotta go, see you Saturday!” He said and hung up the phone. You were so excited for Saturday, you already walked back into your closet to pick out an outfit.

The sound of your door bell ringing almost made you drop your phone. You rushed to the door and there he was, looking as perfect as always. He was wearing a light grey button up shirt, that he had rolled up on the sleeves, and black pants on, his hair looked so silky and soft, and his brown eyes shined in the light.

“ Tyler!” You yelled and hugged him right away, catching his warm sent of something that smelled of vanilla and his cologne .He hugged you back with strong arms and a huge grin on his face.

“ You look beautiful Blondie.” He said taking in the simple black halter dress you wore, with your blonde hair straight and the natural makeup look you did. You blushed at his words and smiled, causing him to smile more.

“ Ready to go?” He asked and extended his arm so you could link yours with his. You nodded and he escorted you to the car. Once you arrived you saw that Jeff had rented out a bar for the night. The place was pretty large, with a dance floor, lots of tables, and the bar in the middle. You took in all the noise and people everywhere, seeing all the familiar faces. You smiled at Tyler and linked your arms again.

“ What a great place!” You said.

“I know! Dylan and Jeff actually picked it out, hey lets go find him.” He said. You guys walked over to the bar where Dylan, Crystal, and Tyler H were sitting talking and drinking.

“ T-Pose! Ah y/n!” Dylan said wrapping his arms around you. Tyler had always said he thinks Dylan has a crush on you, but you just chose to think he was always just being nice. You hugged Dylan back and said

“Dylan! Hey it’s great to see you again!” He smirked at you and turned around and handed you a drink that you gladly took. You said your hellos to the rest of the cast and then Tyler, Dylan, and you decided to take on the dance floor. Crystal soon joined in after, and danced a little more sexually with Tyler. You raised your eyebrows in confusion at him, but Dylan was the one to notice you.

“You don’t know do you?” Dylan asked biting his lower lip looking at you.

“Know? Know what?” You asked. You already had a feeling you knew what was about to come out of Dylan’s mouth.

“ Crystal’s character dies this season.” Dylan said with a frown, yet still dancing next to you. That was not at all what you thought he was going to say, a feeling of relief came over you. But quickly a pang of hurt did.

“ What! No way! Ty never told me that.” You said, Dylan laughed, shaking his head toward Tyler.

“Oh really? Yeah so this is kinda Crystal’s last wrap party. I’m pretty bummed about it. But not as much as T-Pose.” He said. You stopped dancing and gestured Dylan toward the bar, he followed you and you both sat down.

“ Yeah he never told me that. Wow.” You said with a frown.

“ To be honest,” Dylan whispered “I’m pretty sure they are secretly dating.” He smirked and shook his head lowly chuckling.

“What?” You said. You looked over to the dance floor to only see Holland, Ian, Max, Charlie and Melissa on the dance floor. Everyone else was all around talking and drinking. No sign of Tyler. You abruptly got up and heard Dylan behind you asking where you were going, you didn’t even know how to answer. Your heart was beating a million times a minute, your eyes were clouded and your heart was aching. You were quickly stopped by Daniel, and he asked,

“Y/n! Hey are you alright?” He had a stern look of concern on his face.

“ Yeah, yeah I’m fine, I’m just gonna go get some air.” You replied slowly. He nodded and let you pass him as you found your way to the nearest exit.Once you got outside and the cool air hit your sweaty stinging face, you felt a little better.You knew it was childish to be jealous but you were hurt he didn’t even tell you. But then you heard someone moan lowly. You looked over at Tyler’s truck to see him pushing Crystal up against it kissing her. Her hands in his silky brown hair and eyes closed. You couldn’t move, or speak, or process what you were seeing. You finally ran back in the bar, tearing pooling in your eyes. You made your way to the ladies room, and looked at yourself in the mirror. “Ok y/n, no more getting jealous of Tyler and a new girl. That phase should be long over. It’s time to move on after all these years. Like maybe Dylan would be a good new chapter of your life, Ty did say he likes me.” You said. You fixed your makeup and smiled, walking back out to find Dylan right where you left him.You told him out just needed some air, and then you guys had quite a few drinks. Then you felt more and more confident and decided to just go for it. You grabbed his cheeks and kissed him. He quickly grabbed your waist and pulled you closer kissing you back passionately. When you pulled away he looked at you with pure confusion and desire.

“Y/n what was that all about?” He breathlessly asked you, and smirked.

“ I’m not really sure.” You admitted. “But it felt right.” You winked at him and you pulled him down a hall in the back where nobody was near. He pushed you up against the wall, taking your neck and sucking on it. Your hands flew to his gorgeous dark brown hair and you pulled on the spiked up strands in the front lightly. You started to undo the buttons of the soft flannel he was wearing, the all of a sudden we hear a

“What the fuck!” Tyler shouted! You and Dylan jumped away from each other from being startled but he quickly stood next to you again.

“Dylan are you for fucking real right now?” He yelled. You looked over at Dylan who had his brows furrowed together in confusion.

“Dude. What are you talking about? You told me you were okay with me liking y/n.”

“Well yeah, not like this, you can’t do that drunk!” Tyler said. He stepped toward Dylan and tried to throw a punch, Dylan dodged it and you stepped in. Tyler was obviously a bit drunk too, he would never punch somebody.

“Okay, okay, what the hell is going on?” You asked.

“What’s going on is Tyler said to me it was perfectly fine with him when I told him I liked you and now he’s suddenly not ok with it?” Dylan spat out.

“Dylan! I didn’t think you’d try to have sex with her tonight! I thought you would flirt with her and dance not this bullshit!” Tyler yelled again.

“Don’t blame this on him.” you said quietly, Tyler almost didn’t even hear you.He looked at you questioningly.

“I was the once who kissed him and brought him back here. I was finally having some fun tonight until you rudely interrupted.” You said. “And you can’t be saying shit Ty. I saw you and Crystal outside.” Both Tyler and Dylan looked at you shocked. 

“Wait what?” Dylan asked you.

“Y/n. Look-”

“ I don’t even wanna hear it Ty. I have waited for you to make a move on me since middle school. I get it that you don’t like me that way. It’s just I thought I’d never get over you until I told myself I had to. It has been years and you never showed any interest in being more than best friends. I can accept that now. I am happy for you and Crystal. Now it’s your turn to be happy for me.” You said with tears pooling in your eyes. You held them back and stayed strong.

“You liked me?” Tyler asked. His face fell and he looked so upset.

“At one point I thought maybe I loved you Ty. But I’m over you now so don’t worry about it ok?” He looked at you and tried to smile.

“ I liked you a lot in high school. But I had to get over you because I thought you didn’t like me.” He said looking at hi feet. 

“You are with Crystal now. It’s okay Tyler. I want you to be with her, I can tell she makes you happy.”

“She does.” he said

“Good.” You look over at Dylan, who clearly did not know where he stands anymore in the situation you took his hand and he had the biggest smile now, you smiled back. “Why don’t we get back to this party yeah?” You said. They both nodded.

“Dylan. I am so sorry. I know how much you like y/n. I want you guys to be happy too.” Tyler said and smiled.

“Bro it’s all good.” Dylan said and hugged his best bud.

“So we are all good?” You asked Tyler.

“Of course we are blondie” Tyler said and you hugged him. This was a good change, it was time to move on. And you could tel Dylan was going to make you very happy, and Tyler and Crystal were going to be just as happy.

Just adding a bit of trivia/explanation for this picture!

Okay so in the tower there is a room below the bulb called the Window or Service Room, which is where a majority of the Keeper’s time was spent at night since the Lantern Room really only has enough room for the bulb and the small path to walk around it. In that room, there would be a desk for reading to help the Keeper stay awake at night, and a window for which they can see out to sea for ships. That room was very dark, and so the metal floor of the lantern room above had patterned crystals in the floor to allow light to shine through. During the day this would mean natural light, and at night it would mean the bulb. So the crystals in the floor also allowed the Keeper to maintain vigilance of the light while not being on that floor.

Ford is only apparent when the light is on, and thus when the light from the bulb shines through the crystals (in this case, patterned like the portal symbols) to the floor below. Since the floor is circular it made sense for it to be the Portal replacement for this AU.

By the cover {Part 3}

Pairing: Taeyong x Reader

Warnings: Smuty smut. 

Word counting:  3. 236

Summary: Just when you thought you have learned every person in your school’s life patterns, you find someone else.

[pt.1]  [pt.2] 

-Repeat that again, bitch!- Johnny is out of his mind right now listening how you try to explain what happened. The rumors were too clear about it already, as you predicted, but after all, people only believe rumors halfway until you confirm them.

-Shut up, Johnny- says Taeil with a way more relaxed voice but still incredulous- Let me see, Y/N…You did what with Taeyong?

- I swear i’m about to choke- interrupts Johnny again

-Guys…- you try to calm them down- I don’t know either i just let myself loose and it happened

-Holy fuck!- Johnny explodes into laughter and Taeil just emits some kind of scream drowned by his hands over his mouth, giggling. They are making so much noise and scandal that you fear for a second that the oldest is about to fall off the bench where you are sitting, outside school- Let’s recap let’s recap… you went into the closet then what? Has he a big d…?

-Ah~ how do you want me to tell you all the details?

Of course you are not planning to tell everything to Johnny, and less in a monday morning, in school and when you are not drunk anymore. The information given was that you two hooked up for real. But there is no need to tell the rest of things like how Taeyong melts the fuck down when you treat him roughly or how you are peeping out the school’s front yard waiting to see if he arrives today in his i’m-a-drama’s-character bicycle. Something about him has catched your eye and also your heart tingles a bit when thinking about him. He is cute, he is nice, he is funny… you have to admit that you like him at least a tiny bit.

-So he is not boring after all?- Insist Johnny

-No, he is, indeed, very straightforward- You answer recalling the whole sequence of events inside the closet. A chill shakes your body but it goes unnoticed by your friends, luckily.

-Humm… i guess you can’t judge a book by the cover, uh?

-Yep. You sound much more respectable when you are not drunk, Mr.Seo.

The crowd around the yard is scattering slowly to head to their corresponding classes before the bell rings indicating the start of the class period but you still have not spotted the pinky cloud of hair you are looking for. Instead, you witness the tall silhouette of Rowoon walking with his eyes lost in the ground. Another rumor that expanded  like a wildfire is the story about how Sehun kissed Rowoon while he was crying-for you- in the bathroom, the other night. Everybody knows his name now, Jaehyun even messaged you yesterday categorically affirming to you that Rowoon didn’t know how to collect his feelings and was so lost when Sehun hit on him that he almost faint, and now he can’t look Sehun or anyone who knows about the story into the eye. You believe it tho, because the 3rd grader is still having a red shade over his cheeks that contrast with his caramel skin when he cross the door to go to the laboratory and confront all the students in his biology class like he is a part of a script for a very melodramatic act.

Well, at least if they are talking about how gay or not gay is Rowoon they are not talking about you.

-Is the princess going to get up?- Says Johnny making you jump to reality again- We have a history class

-You are interested about grades now?- You mock

-Honestly, not about history’s ones, but i don’t want to get a sanction so we better go to class or at least go anywhere is not the front yard where everyone can see us skipping class, dumbass.

When the three of you, in love and company, step inside the building, the smell of coffee emanating from the cafeteria welcomes you. This is not helping you at all since you realize how tired you are and how much you need a coffee but at the same time you can’t go to get one because the classes are about to start. Mondays are so boring, it is the day in which you come back from the parties and the free time to face the real world in which you have to sit down and study.

Resignated, you open the door of your locker to check your schedule for today, pulling out your big and dusty history books for your class too. At least you share the table with Johnny on this one, it’s too early in the morning to be determined to listen to an adult talk about the monarchies and 16th century’s shit.  So early that you really find weird that your phone starts ringing, but anyways, you quickly stract it from the locker to check the name shining on the screen. You pick it up curious.


You guess that he answers, but the sound of his voice don’t make it to your ears since your phone disappears from your hand. Your eyes land on a pretty and fancy looking girl with her uniform perfectly neat and well put, her knee high socks completely white and smoothed out. She looks angelic, but she is the one who just took your phone and is literally smashing it against the opposite wall in front of your eyes, you see the pieces separating from his supposed place and the screen’s crystals decorating the floor.

-Hey, what are you doing?- You ask with an obviously loud and pissed voice

-Are you Y/N?

-What if i am!?

-Imma kill you, whore!

So this well dressed bitch grabs a handfull of your hair and pulls. Natural reaction? You do the same to her, starting an unexpected fight on the high school halls. You can tell Johnny’s rushed footsteps apart from the rest of students gathering to watch the conflict. No that your stupid best friend jumps into it to stop it, he just occupies the first line of public.


-JOHNNY!!- Your recrimination to your friend makes you win a slap in your face while you are distracted. What the fuck, your rage fires up, if this psycho bitch wants to fight she has chosen the wrong girl to do it, you are gonna end her.

The normal thing would have be intrigued by who the fuck is her but you don’t have time for that, you are so mad and so determined to not be losing in front of everyone that you just get into the battle.  You snap back your face towards her, your eyes burning, then you grab her by the green tie and pull her towards you. The black haired girl stumble with the push and falls, but her grab in your hair makes you fall too. More hair pulling, more screaming in anger and more wrestling on the floor for 30 seconds before you hear it.

-IRENE!- You were right, you can’t mistake Taeyong’s peculiar voice for another one, once you have heard it. Your long waited pinky cloud breaks into the circle made by viewers to, not without some trouble, grab the bitch tangled with you by the waist and lift her off from you- Irene! Yah! Stop, this is so embarrassing!

-YOU, STUPID DUMB SLUT, SCREWED MY BOYFRIEND!- You never thought you would hear all the hall gasping at unison but, apparently, it’s a possible thing.

So it was not a joke, he has a girlfriend. Ha, you are not even mad at him, just surprised on how snooty she is, comparing her with Taeyong. Honestly, you are having this feeling of superiority regarding the fact of who would be a better girlfriend for him. Of course it is you. The frigid wind of jealousy.

-God, Irene!- Taeyong whispers. By his expression you can guess he is hoping that the Earth could open and swallow him together with the feeling of everyone looking at him at the same time- Do you think this is something to discuss with all the school!?

-Your boyfriend kissed me first!- You shout provoking the turning of all the students- including Taeil and Johnny- to look at Taeyong at the same time, now for real.  The loud laugh from Johnny sounds across the hall, he is having the time of his life and more if he noticed that you are openly fighting a girl over Lee Taeyong, the not-so-boring dude.

-Liar!- The girl, apparently called Irene, stands up to aggressively face the small boy standing in the hall- Tell me she is lying!

You know this pauses in films when there is a moment of silence with tense music and a shoot of everyone’s expression? That’s what you feel now but in real life. Taeyong has frozen looking at Irene and you can’t glimpse which side of his personality is playing right now, the innocent one or the school bastard one. His eyes travel to you and go back to her, then, he coughs, and that’s enough. The school bastard one, you feel it coming.

- Well… no. I kissed her first tho.

There he goes. Anyone who is watching could not deny that the following storm of anger from Irene directed to Taeyong is well justified. You doubt that people is going to talk about Rowoon for the next month, you just overcame the sauce regarding him by far.  

-You did what!? Who do you think you are!?- Irene, who is rather short, directs now her attack to Taeyong who, not need to say it, can perfectly defend from her easily. But anyways you are thankful when the ray of co-Moon sense, a.k.a Moon Taeil, steps into the circle of people to have a hold on her and pull her away.

-Okay, young lady, calm down- the oldest tries to ease it

-Calm down my ass! You cheated on me, Lee Taeyong!!

-Fine! Wanna break up!?- You thought he was done arguing because his hand is helping you getting up but he replies, furious- Because Doyoung called me the other day, drunk as fuck, told me yOU WERE HAVING MUCH FUN TUTORING HIM AND SUCKING HIS DICK!!!

Doyoung? Like… the savage but inoffensive student of the B class? You are hallucinating, and you can’t help it but laugh when Irene’s face goes pale and her energy dies. Is amusing because you didn’t think that accusation would be true but it is. Your laugh makes Taeyong laugh too.

-NO WAAAAY- At this point Johnny is crying from the laughter and Taeil is just so confused of what to do, now that Irene is not fighting him back, that he is literally just like giving her an useless backhug in the hall.

-C'mon “jagi”- the irony is so thick it could be cut with a knife- Since you are so determined to make a scene in front of everyone, you can tell them WHO of us is wrong.


-We. Are. Over.

This is the most descontrolate situation you have ever lived, you can picture Sehun somewhere in the crowd rubbing his hands like a fly watching the mess he created. Not that the laughs and fun last much longer. Your teacher, in sight that all the students that should be in his history class are yelling in the halls,  enters the mess, dispersing the mass of bystanders again.

-EVERYBODY STOP AND GO TO DETENTION!! Lee Taeyong, Bae Irene, Y/N Y/L/N and Moon Taeil go to…

-Why me!? I didn’t do anything!- Taeil starts complaining

-I don’t care, go to the detention class right now! Class C-23!

-I just wanted to…


Nine in the morning and you are already staring at a blackboard distracted while the psychologist of the school gives you all a terribly long speak about how to control your anger through other ways that are not the physical fight. Even worst, this speech is followed by another speech, with way emptier words, about sexual safety. Because the teachers of this school seem to consider sex as the satan that mess with the senior students and after hearing why the fight started there was no way to make them change opinions. They even made Kim Doyoung go to the class and he is there, stiff on his sit next to Irene, too embarrassed to fall asleep on the table.

Picture that, a classroom with just two small windows, the clock ticking in the background and the few tables occupied by you, your hook up, his ex-girlfriend, HER hook up… and Taeil. Well, and the two or three students that got a sanction for smoking in the toilets that were caught into all the mess.

-Pst!- you look to the left to face Taeyong. He seems to be as bored as you but that’s not the reason of his call. You give him a sign with your head to indicate you are giving him your attention- I’m sorry of what happened earlier, i didn’t know Irene would go to you like that

-Nah, it’s okay, sometimes Sehun’s parties lead you to this kind of conflicts- Taeyong chuckles under his breath. Seeing him smile like that and wearing the uniform makes you think that he looks really good. He looks good when he smile, in general. Well, your heart is now skipping a beat, who could have said that would happen with Taeyong.

-You sound like you are used to be slapped in the face by furious ex-girlfriends- He starts saying with a tint of amusement- Are you?

-Nah… Are you used to cheat on your girls?- That seems to hurt him more. Like putting salt in an open wound, his nose wrinkles slightly.

-Our relationship was doomed- Irene turns his head from the first line of tables overhearing you two, but you can’t care less about her look of disdain so her eyes return to the blackboard- It really was

-You don’t sound very hurt

-I already suspected that she was cheating on me and i don’t know, my feelings for her died long ago too so…

-Why didn’t you broke up earlier then?

-I guess i was afraid of ending all alone if she was gone, since it’s hard for me to make new friends i was wondering what to do

-Ah~~ i think everyone feels that way at least once in their life, so annoying…

-Super annoying- He affirms- And what annoys me the most is that i’m about to look like someone who can’t be without a girlfriend

-Why would you?- Your question is followed by a small but deep sigh from the pink haired one

-Go out with me

-You…!- The teacher shh you with an important lack of interest in pulling your attention back to his speech. You keep talking, only lowering the volume some octaves- You are asking me out in a detention class?

-Yeah?… yeah… i’m doing that- And there he is, the shy Taeyong popped out- Like, for real, i like you

-We seem to be doing everything wrong, Taeyongie~ First kiss was drunk and inside a closet, you ask me to be your girlfriend while grounded… is the first date gonna be sneaking into a private pool at night or what?- You laugh while he is a bit taken back by the lack of your response. You perceive that he is nervous like a child, which makes you remember his kink and get more excited about teasing him.

-Okay, you two, in the back, separate your tables further- claims the psychologist of the school, sick of your chatting in the middle of the explanation. He is only there scolding young people trying to not lose his job, why always the detention problematic students, why?

You two look at each other with complicity and separate the tables chuckling. Sometimes you get some scoldings that make you laugh and you can’t avoid it or regret it. Irene turns again even more pissed than before but Taeyong keeps moving his lips without a sound so you can read his words.

“Is that a yes?”

“Date you?” The uncertainty in his eyes is fun but who you want to fool, you wanna try and date him. You are not full in love or something like that but you like him and love only appears with time so why not. “Well, i agree” he smiles with all the slyness he can collect to not make YET ANOTHER scene on school.

“Pool party tonight?”

Tsk. Concealing your laugh to the whole class is harder every time and he knows but he still enjoys while he goes. How much he loves risky situations, this boy has no remedy.

“Sign me up for it”

You are giggling on your sit but your heart melts so suddenly when Taeyong blows you a kiss across the class. Not the sassy kiss blow but the cutest kiss with the softest gesture and pinkest lips. It is cheesy but you don’t care, people need cheesy things sometimes and it has been long since you don’t get any.

And you can bet he gives you those gestures and that you have the first date sneaking into a pool like in those cheap movies for teenagers where the couple make out into the water. And out of your expectation of how nasty that is gonna be, it comes out pretty adorable.

None of you worried about bringing a swimsuit so there you are, sitting on the border of the pool, your hair dripping water, and watching Taeyong swim with underwear.

-Come in, Y/N, the water is so nice…- He swims around your legs

-Im drying, Taeyong

-Nah… it’s too earlyyyy- he whines hugging your leg and leaning his forehead on it. You guess he didn’t have much romaticism with Irene, at least not at the end of their relation- Let’s stay a bit longer

-It’s almost 11pm we should go home… No No No, stop!- The pink cloud is pulling you into the water happily while you try to fight him back amused. It doesn’t matter, he is stronger so he already has you half into the pool. You give up and let your body go in and jump on him with your limbs around his body. The proximity makes you two shut up instantly to look into each other eyes with the dim light that comes from the moon outside. You did not plan it to be this deep but that’s even better because it’s spontaneous.

-I didn’t have the chance of kissing you earlier- The soft voice in which he pronounces this words makes your heart beat faster- Can we fix that?

Definitely you caught the sweetest boy in your grade. And no wonder, of course you get close to him and kiss him sweetly, you didn’t want to do anything else from the last three hours so it last longer than Taeyong was thinking it would.

You like him, you like his fragile hands when he holds you, you like the pink wet hair adhering to his face and you like the way his lips feel so soft all the time. And that is only at the beginning, when the days pass, you notice much more. You like when he calls you baby, when he brings cinnamon cookies for recess, when he is scared by storms and doesn’t want to go out or when he laughs so much that his laugh sounds weird. You like Taeyong, the not-so-boring dude.

And what you learned through this is: no matter where or how you meet a person, you can’t judge them so quickly before getting into them, they may be one of the persons that make your life a better place.