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The 5th House and Style/Design

Aries in the 5th House: Give them dynamic and fierce designs, is attracted to reds, bright lighting, leather couches, and likes a room to be lively.

Taurus in the 5th house: All about comfort and class. Expect decorative pillows, silk sheets, or maybe a snuggie. Loves candles, mood lighting, and elegant touch ups.

Gemini in the 5th House: Fun and colorful designs, might want a bookcase or two in their home, and is all about technology.  Likes quirky objects in their home and is attracted to unique jewelry.

Cancer in the 5th House: All about comfort! Give them a home that has plenty of pillows, quilted blankets, and heirlooms around the house. Their home has plenty of photos of family and friends, is attracted to water, likes dim lighting, and is a night owl. The kitchen and bedroom are the most important rooms to them. The smell of food cooking is their favorite.

Leo in the 5th House: Bold decorations, furniture and amenities perfect for entertaining, plenty of wine, creative style, and an inviting atmosphere.

Virgo in the 5th House: Minimalist, highly functional in design and furniture, and likes a touch of nature in their home.  Might have a gym and is all about putting health first.

Libra in the 5th House: Great aesthetics, candles, curtains, crystals, decorative pillows, a light touch and accent, home is perfect for hosting.

Scorpio in the 5th House: Attracted to darker colors and keeps loved ones and hobbies close to their heart and home. Photographs and posters dominate, likes mood lighting, and don’t forget the lingerie.

Sagittarius in the 5th House: Attracted to wide open spaces, likes to keep things simple yet unique, and their home might be a bit of a mess.  Evidence of hobbies around their home and designs are vibrant in color.

Capricorn in the 5th House: All about quality of furniture, paint, etc. Likes to keep a rug or high-end painting. Attracted to fireplaces and leather, all about earthy or classy designs.

Aquarius in the 5th House: Plenty of vintage, boho styles, or futuristic designs. All about technology and the unconventional. Imagine lava lamps or experimental furniture.

Pisces in the 5th House: Decorates their home with their own artwork, can be disorganized and unpractical. Imagine a pile of clothes on the floor, designs are flowy, and they are attracted to water.

if there’s one thing i love more than badboy beka and fuckboy beka, it’s softboy beka.

consider him:

  • at home in the winter wearing comfy sweats and oversized, chunky knit sweaters and slouchy beanies, drinking tea and tending his plants.
  • keeping multiple sets of reading glasses scattered around his apartment because he sometimes forgets where he last put them and doesn’t like to go digging every time he wants to read.
  • volunteering at an animal shelter whenever he gets the chance, and his favorite thing to do is take the big dogs out back and just cuddle em, because everyone knows that big dogs are the most gentle babies and he can relate.
  • sending his mother flowers for his birthday, because she really did all the work, he just showed up at the end.
  • keeping a box in his room of little things he finds that remind him of yuri, and every time they see each other, he wraps them up in a brown paper package to give as a hello gift (yuri starts doing it, too, and the first time it happened, otabek got a lil misty).
  • preferring to decorate his apartment with ferns and succulents and crystals and heavy velvet curtains, partly for aesthetic™, but also because he read a lot of stories about magic when he was a child and he’s fascinated with the idea of nature being mystical, so he wants his environment to feel that way.
  • going hiking, and always taking a sapling to plant in empty spots of the forest he loves and appreciates so much.
  • keeping a leather bound journal buried in the drawer of his nightstand that he jots down pieces of dreams he remembers or lyrics to songs he’d like to write or bits of his life he’d like to always remember. when he fills up a journal, he seals it with a string and some wax and dates it so he can go back to it in a year and relive those memories.
  • never having been much of a holiday guy, but when yuri came into his life, he kinda got dragged into it because that boy LOVES a holiday, so one year he spent three hours researching different ones on google just so he’d be ready when necessary.
  • whenever he goes home for a visit, it’s a tradition that he sits on the back porch chatting with his parents while his little sisters braid the long parts of his hair with flowers. they always take a group picture when they’re done; he has a corkboard at his place dedicated to just these photos. whenever yuri starts to visit with him, his sisters lose their minds and insist on doing his hair, too. those pictures go at the top of the board.
  • every time he plays a gig and friends of his go to see it, at the end of the night, he makes sure to round them up and get them safely into a taxi before he packs up his equipment and leaves himself. yuri noticed that he does it after a few times, so he took over the duty whenever he goes to watch, that way otabek can focus on winding down after his set. otabek always gets a little smile on his face whenever his phone lights up with a text that says all good, everyone’s safely on their way home with a picture of yuri giving a thumbs up in front of a cab stuffed with six drunk dudes.
  • his favorite time of year is the fall, because he loves watching the living alchemy of trees changing colors, and smelling the crispness of the season rushing in, and he knows his birthday is coming and he still gets really excited about it, because it’s nice to get attention for something so mundane sometimes. every year, whatever yuri sends comes stuffed full of confetti in new and creative ways. he still finds pieces of it under his furniture for the next three months no matter how careful he is.

basically, i love otabek ‘look like a badass, walk with love’ altin, and so should you.

anonymous asked:

sasusaku 31 :o

31 prostitue/client au

her shoes are absurd, he thinks, but those six inch heels – black patent with their red soles – elongate legs that he can’t help but run his gaze up. he licks his lips, taking in the rest of her body wrapped in her red dress. she’s modest enough, the dress touching her knees and covering her up to her neck. she even wears a black leather jacket over that. sasuke rarely feels this sort of desire, but the way this woman holds herself sets his blood on fire. he knows the sort of women that frequent this establishment and thinks that for an escort, she must be high class. 

sasuke gestures to one of his guards. he doesn’t need to say anything. he just points at this woman leaning against the bar across the room and his guard goes to retrieve her. a man sasuke’s met in the past is talking to her, but he doesn’t stand a chance in this matter.

he supposes being the grandson of one of konoha’s mafia heads has its perks.

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I Know You, Eurus Holmes

Sherlock One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Eurus Holmes

Warnings: ehh some mentions of violence/injury

Request: “Can you write something based on “Imagine Recognising Eurus, who used to be your classmate in primary school ” with angst please?” - anonymous

Word Count: 2,084

A/N: related gif imagine is here [x] ! tbh i can never tell what is angsty when i’m writing, and i feel like i’ve been including a lot of flashbacks in my writing recently. anyway i kinda liked writing this, hope this was alright !!

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Impossible to ignore, this snow. There are other things to write about – amputating a busted tub from a bathroom yesterday, someone asking what sort of tool represents the stage of life I’m at right now, botching the answer – but the snow presses and piles and demands to be considered. So I do. The drifts and banks, new hills. What’s under? What’s below? More snow, a sidewalk curb somewhere, a mitten, a car (seats and steering wheel so cold and darker than nightdark, all the light eclipsed. I imagine sitting shotgun in this cold cave, cocooned by winter, and a patient wait for warmth).

A winter storm when I was eight years old, or ten, iced everything. The branches sparkled and drooped, heavy from the weight of frozen water that encased every bough and twig. Twinkling! Magic! Transformed world! On the side yard, a group of birch trees, the branches brushed the ground and created a room inside, a fort with crystal curtains. To crawl in was to disappear, to exit the familiar yard, to be removed from the regular house at the end of a suburban cul de sac, from the world of parents and rules and fruit before dessert. To enter was to exit reality as it existed, a slipping into a new and separate world, not for grown ups or carpets or math quizzes, but for talking chipmunks, orange glow of fires across the night from other friendly forts, incantations in the tinkling of ice on ice as the branches brushed each other in the wind. This fort comes to mind often, not just in the midst of record snows, but when I think of how I’d want a room to feel in a house I’d build. Not in its iciness but in its enclosed and altering power, a mind-shifting space, a sanctuary that disappears you from the world you know.


My workspace [updated]
Thought not 100% completed, this room is kinda labyrinth themed. The poster, the crystal balls on my curtain rods, the maze-ish wallpaper ceiling border…and the gobs of labyrinth related memorabilia