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Not In Love
Cystal Castles (Ft. Robert Smith)
Not In Love

Crystal Castles (Ft. Robert Smith) - Not In Love

“I saw your picture hangin’ on the back of my door
Won’t give you my heart
No one lives there anymore
And we were lovers
Now we can’t be friends
Fascination ends
Here we go again
Cause it’s cold outside, when you coming home
Cause it’s hot inside, isn’t that enough

I’m not in love”


• Various grains, such as corn and beans.
• Fertile Land
• Grass
• Glass Cup
• Water
• Small green and translucent crystals.

On Crescent Moon, place one or two teaspoons of ground in the bowl, those grains that are born in the yard, assorted grains and crystals. Lift up to heaven and recite the following incantation:

May the Gods of Healing accept this bowl rich in vitality and restore health to (say the person’s name). So be it, so let it be done!

Leave this bowl in a place that will catch sunlight for a month (in this case, until the next Crescent Moon), watering and saying the same spell every day. When you have completed this period, take the cup to a beautiful green garden or square, pour the contents of the cup on the ground, water it for the last time and leave without looking back, thank. The cup you can use normally.

anonymous asked:

Where do you like to buy crystals?

Where do I personally like to buy crystals?

I got a lot of mine from Green Earth, in the beginning, honestly. Haven’t had any issues with them.

I enjoy going to weekend farmer’s markets, they tend to have booths that carry them. I went to one just this past weekend and got amazing pieces of raw fluorite, raw tiger’s eye (I had never seen it before), and an awesomely shaped quartz point. I am in love.

There’s this amazing Rock Shop in a city a couple hours away from me. Like, seriously beyond words phenomenal. So many specimens, and so well priced. Like, ahhh~

I don’t tend to shop online too much, because I know it can be easy to not get exactly what you see on screen. There was one shop I found (that happened to be based out of my old city, so I got local pick-up and no shipping charges, woo!) and that one I really liked, but they were “closed” the last time I checked, and I’ll be damned if I know the name anymore, and I found them again! They were called [Coyote Rainbow] on Etsy, and I’ll have to see about getting my friend to pick some up from them for me some time. :D

Some online sites others have recommended:

I hope that helps you!


A small selection of my crystals :) I will be making a Youtube video about Crystal Magick soon :) I love crystals so much and I love the vibes they give off :) 

I use them when I meditate, do spells and rituals and even when I’m in the bath ;) 

Jaydenn x

nothing bugs me more than people telling me they have a ‘cure’ for my psoriasis.

psoriasis is a reoccurring autoimmune disorder with no cure. it’s a cycle. it comes and goes but there is no cure. i can treat symptoms, but stop telling me you found me a ‘cure’.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just wanted to know, do you know of a good place where beginner witches can get crystals? Are they usually bought online (like easy), or in store, or found in nature? Are there pros/cons to any of these options?

All three are valid options, honestly - it depends on what you have access to, mostly; i.e., it wouldn’t be so prudent to go for a physical store if you don’t have any in your area, and buying online is harder without internet access. But yes there are pros and cons to each. (Not a complete list, just stuff off the top of my head.)

Etsy Stores / Online


  • there is a huge variety of stores, and therefore selection
  • it is quick and easy to get crystals this way
  • you can find price ranges all over the place
  • lots of stores are super friendly - I’ve gotten freebies before for larger purchases (also got free shipping because the store was in my city, I just walked to a meet-up spot lol)


  • you cannot “feel out” the energies of the crystal beforehand
  • some less reputable stores could send you “fake” crystals
  • some stores just fail to articulate if their products are man-made or natural (I’m not an elitist, man-made is cool, but there is a difference in energies, plus getting scammed for higher prices is not cool) 
  • shipping prices can kill
  • not all stores may ship to your actual location
  • you are restrained to what the pictures show you about the specimen



  • you get to “feel” the crystal to see if it is right for you
  • you are free to inspect it from all angles
  • you can talk to people face to face about different crystals


  • generally bound to what a store has access to for selection
  • some stores are prone to selling “fake” crystals (i.e. “turquoise” as dyed blue howlite, *cough cough* Green Earth)
  • if you don’t have any actual stores in your area, obviously this isn’t helpful
  • specialty stores sometimes skyrocket the prices because of supply vs demand BS

In Nature


  • free, obviously
  • this is a great chance to be in nature and feel the crystals as naturally as possible
  • probably has the most “witchy feel” / aesthetic to it


  • places that have crystals naturally are not always easy to find
  • unless you super know what you’re looking for, you may not find it
    • you’re likely gonna need a lot of research and probably some equipment to find anything
  • some areas have zero places to look for crystals naturally (urban cities)
  • your geographical location also determines what you find - if you’re in an area that has minimal deposits, you’ll likely be hard pressed to find any “actual” crystals
    • however stones that you feel attached to can still be used in magic, maybe not in the same ways but you know
  • not a whole lot of selection - you’ll likely find one or two varieties in any one spot
  • there are laws in some places about this sort of thing, make sure you check

As you can see, each option has its pros and cons; it’s up to you to decide what you have access to, and what you would prefer to do.

For a beginner, online is not a bad place to go, particularly if you don’t have any in-person shops available to you. It is important that you try to find a reputable shop that is known for their quality and consistency.

Here is a list of crystal shops people have recommended in the past:

In regards to online, if you are unsure about a product, feel free to send the store owner a message. Most shops (especially Etsy) are very happy to discuss their selection, what they may be used for, etc. 

I hope that helps you!