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I got some new stuff so I had to rearrange my magical girl collection. The first two pictures are the only new ones, but I thought I’d still show the old ones for the full collection (I wouldn’ve taken new pics for the plushes and pops but Venus’ stand broke ;^;)


recently i got really into mob psycho 100 and i love designing gemsonas for things, so i drew gemsonas for a few of the mp100 characters, and i also drew a few fusions for them. im pretty happy w how they turned out. anyway here’s:

Serizawa: Andradite. represents “self-empowerment, strength, and safety”

Reigen: Pyrite/fool’s gold. didn’t look up the meaning but c'mon… it suits him… he probably claims to be gold

Mob: Blue Chalcedony. “subtle and mystic;” “promotes brotherhood and good will;” helps one to “hold back.” Cracked blue chalcedony = ???%

Teru: Heliodore. “radiates warmth;” represents “self-confidence, strength, and power.” “brings stability”

Ritsu: Dumortierite. “promotes mental discipline,” “used to open the third eye chakra”

Shou: Spessartite. “willingness to help others, strengthening of the heart.” “encourages one to take actions toward their goals”

Gem meanings all taken from either or please dont tag as any ships.

nothing bugs me more than people telling me they have a ‘cure’ for my psoriasis.

psoriasis is a reoccurring autoimmune disorder with no cure. it’s a cycle. it comes and goes but there is no cure. i can treat symptoms, but stop telling me you found me a ‘cure’.


The Tribute of PreCure Character Designer, Akira Takahashi!

Back in 2013, Toei Animation refuse to use the sailor moon pose in DokiDoki Precure as part of tributing their classic series’ anniversary especially Suite Precure too, and now the designer bringing back of a new improve in SMC S3. so i make the comparison of the 4 Inner Senshins and the 4 Cures (except Cure Ace cuz it not yet appear of Sailor Uranus’s transformation) xD

Okay I’m really mad that people are comparing the new SMC style with Precure as if Precure was a bad series, that is to girly and blah blah blah and such and that the old SMC was perfect and flawless and elegant…really? But let me tell you something did those seasons had :

Well develop believable friendship and team work

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Beautiful Transformations

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Epic fights and REAL girl power!

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damn gurl you got this!

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Look at those big monsters and what the senshi did the whole series…

Powerful attacks

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badass moments.

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Even some mascots had cool moments!

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Good characterization and personalities.

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Good promotional art WITH good proportions

Gosh this look way more elegant than crystal

and not

yup that’s totally how proportions and anatomy work!

So yeah Precure can do all of that while still being cute and girly! 

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