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Check out this fluorite cube - can clearly see growth zoning inside it.

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how can i do my room to encourage positive energy to enter?? thank you!

There are lots of things you can do to encourage positive energy flow in your room! Here are just some of my top 25 personal favorites, these are totally personal:

  1. Use soothing, happy colors - warm, welcoming tones will bring positive energy to your room. Try only using colors found in nature, nothing too bright or garish 
  2. Use soothing lights -  Using natural light whenever possible will evoke positive energy, but candles and salt lamps are a good alternative
  3. Place your bed facing the doorway yet as far away from the doorway as possible - personally I feel negativity when I cannot see the door from my bed but that is just a personal preference
  4. Get rid of clutter - make your space as simple as possible. Clutter will only bring chaotic energy. Minimize your possessions to only what makes you happy. 
  5. Hang positive imagery over your bed - pictures of nature are a good option, as well as positive quotes or sayings
  6. Do not place too many mirrors in your room - One large mirror should be enough, but it should be covered at night. 
  7. Eliminate electronics - Only have what is necessary in your room. Too many electronics or extension cords fall under the clutter rule. 
  8. Use windows instead of air conditioning or fans - natural air flow brings positivity, so if you can get away with it just use a window to cool down.
  9. Use an oil diffusor, incense, or smoke cleanse - Cleaning out negative energy is a must. Cleanse your space as often as possible.
  10. Play soothing music - nature sounds are great for bringing healing, positive energy into your space
  11. Bring animals into your home - animals bring joy and happiness to us all. Fish are considered very soothing pets to watch, if you can afford to keep them.
  12. Add plants - plants clean out negative energies and impurities
  13. Add crystals - Adding crystals to all corners of your room and everywhere in-between is a great way to cleanse your space so that positive energy can enter. My favorite for room decor is amethyst. 
  14. Clean with safe, natural cleansers - Use vinegar or a simple soap instead of chemical-heavy cleaners to bring in positive energy.
  15. Set up an altar/meditation space - having spaces that evoke spiritual healing definitely help!
  16. Add happy pictures of friends and family - this one is a no brainer, happy images bring in positive energy
  17. Speak no ill words in your sleeping space - your words have power, don’t bring negative words into your room
  18. Use bells - bells can be used to ring in positive energy and cleanse a space of negativity
  19. Make sure your space is airy - though heavy brocades are quite pretty, light fabrics and furniture will allow air to flow through a space. Use more cotton! 
  20. Add decorations evoking the blessings of spirits - nature imagery as well as traditional witches tools and religious imagery seem to please spirits 
  21. Use as much wood as possible, eliminate metal decor - metal can dampen the flow of energy, use wood or natural stone or pottery
  22. Organize organize organize - if something does not have a place, eliminate it. It will just become clutter.
  23. Create a room where company will feel welcome - add seating and an area where you can entertain company. Positivity follows friends!
  24. Only allow beautiful things in your space - positive energy comes from loving what is in your space. If you do not find something beautiful in some way, it is clutter.
  25. Add welcoming scents - scents that speak of home cooking and lovely flowers evoke positive energy! My favorite is vanilla but all are good

You can also Feng Shui your bedroom to add positive energy flow! I am not an expert on Feng Shui but I do use some of its principals in my own space. I would read up on the topic and see if Feng Shui is right for you.

Hope this helps! 

“At 14.3 hands this horse is perfect for a small child or 4’ tall elf”
Me, a human adult, with a 14.0 hand horse: 👌

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Ouran high school host club au??? <3


“Wow, doesn’t he look almost like a girl, Mommy?” Victor exclaims.

Yuri glares, the broken pieces of the vase crunching under his feet. “What are you tryna say, you old—”

“Ah, he doesn’t mean it in an offensive way,” Yuuri rushes to say. He shoots Victor a tired look.

“Of course not!” Victor says.

“You really are quite pretty,” Yuuri tells Yuri, who blinks at him rapidly before tearing his eyes away to continue glaring at some spot on the wall.

“Hmph,” he says.

Seung-Gil speaks, not looking up from where he’s scribbling away on his clipboard. “It would take him until his graduation to pay off the vase working as an errand boy, or we can have him work as a host and appeal to his angry little brother-type personality.”

“But I’m already a little brother-type personality,” Kenjirou says with a pout. He hugs his ragdoll closer to him, and Yuuri frowns, because the doll really does resemble him a bit. It wears blue glasses and a little tshirt with a poodle on it.

Phichit laughs. “You’re a cute and gentle little brother. And he’s…” He glances at Yuri. “He’s, uh.” He looks at the other host members for help.

“He is,” Christophe agrees absently. He looks up from where he was examining his backside in the full-sized crystal mirror in the corner of the room. “Sorry what?”

“Ah, yes! Another little brother for my perfect older brother-type image,” JJ declares with a grin. His smile widens when Yuri’s eyes narrow at him.

“Perfect, my fucking ass,” he spits out.

JJ nods eagerly. “Yes, just like that! So scary and cool!”

“He is fierce and angry,” Otabek says simply, voice thick with unuse. “Like a tiger.”

Yuri whips around to look at him, and his chest puffs a bit. “Hell fucking yeah.”

Victor, who had been scratching at his chin in idle concentration, perks up and snaps his fingers. “I know! We’ll have him work it off as a host.”

Seung-Gil looks up then. “You are brilliant,” he says flatly.



Hi, so I know that both Mel and I have been really inactive but I’d like to think that we have been better about being more active and would like to thank you for your patience and I just answered a bit of questions so be sure to check them out but For that here is a mini tea for you all.

-Arzaylea and Luke are no longer together or acquainted in anyway.
-Luke Unfollowed both Arzaylea and Lindsay.
-Luke deleted the fake Valentines post he posted on Instagram with Arzaylea.
-The boys get together was very nice and it was good for them to go back and reconnect and bond more as a band.
- Crystal and Michaels PR relationship does indeed have an end date and will be ending soon enough, have patience.
- More Mystal pictures will be surfacing this coming week.
- Arzaylea is Staying with Tess and sometimes Lindsay.
- Calum has been keeping a very low profile to avoid the drama but may unfortunately be involved in PR soon.
-Ashton has been going through some things with his crush but all is indeed well.
-Although Arzaylea and Luke are done, There will be some drama and shade going around revolving the situation, Please support Luke and be in his corner.
-Crystal has been really pushing boundaries with Michael.
-Something really big is going to happen this may and you guys are going to be SHOOK, it’s a good thing. But I can’t say what it is 😉

Anywho, Thank you guys for your patience and consideration. Take care, be back soon.

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How would Megatron/Rung, Cyclonus/Tailgate and Ratchet/Drift react to having a young child reader on board who is scared of them and one day having to be locked in a room with them because of a malfunction.



  • As soon as you realized you were in the same room as them you turned to hightail it out of there, only for the door to slam and make a noise like grinding metal.
  • You hide in the corner while Rung comms. Ultra Magnus and Megatron tries to pry the door open without causing damage to the ship.
  •  They talk quietly between themselves for a few moments before Rung gently tells you that it will be at least a few breems before someone can let you out.
  •  Rung desperately wants to comfort as you quake with fear. Megatron is silent as he stares at the floor with an unreadable expression.
  •  Every so often the door makes an odd noise, like it’s trying to open, and it spooks you each time. You curl up and start to cry.
  •  Finally, Rung can’t take it anymore. You’re a helpless terrified child; he has to do something. He takes great care not to startle you as he approaches and kneels, not too close. He holds out his servo palm-up and promises neither of them will hurt you.
  •  When you allow him, he picks you up slowly and cradles you against his spark window. Megatron’s posture relaxes, and he even smiles at you. Eventually, you’re more curious than scared, and starting asking questions.
  • You end up learning a lot about each other, and everyone is surprised to see you sleeping in Megatron’s servo when the door finally opens.


  • Tailgate is just as freaked out as you when he finds out you’re all trapped. Cyclonus has to calm him down by assuring him that help is on the way.
  • When Tailgate notices how frightened you are he immediately rushes over to you, saying “It’s okay, someone’s coming to get us out!” He gets too close and it startles you, and you start crying.
  • Cyclonus scolds Tailgate and tells him to give you space. He does, but he still watches you worriedly.
  • It isn’t long until someone comes to open the door- that is, they try to kick it in. 
  • The door flies off of its hinges. It would’ve crushed you if it hadn’t been for Cyclonus shielding you. The door is heavy for him, but he’s able to throw it off of himself. He asks if you’re alright, and all you can do is nod.
  • On you’re way out you shyly thank him. Tailgate is ecstatic that you finally spoke to one of them.


  • Ratchet is spewing curses at the closed door until Drift reminds him “there is a child present. Besides, Rodimus was taking care of this.”
  • “Oh, well if Rodimus is taking care of it-” you cover your ears to block them out. You’re trapped with two big scary robots and now they’re fighting. You whine; you don’t want to be here!
  • Drift notices your distress and instantly hushes Ratchet. “Hey, it’s alright,” he says. “we’ll get out of here in no time.”
  • Ratchet agrees with him. “Even if Rodimus is a total airhead, Ultra Magnus wouldn’t leave us locked up in here.” You giggle a little at that. Yeah, Rodimus is an airhead. Ratchet smiles at you.
  • Drift invites you to meditate with him. You figure it can’t do any harm, so you copy his position and take deep breaths. 
  • You must have meditated really well, because you were so relaxed you fell asleep. When you wake up there’s a large crystal in the corner of your habsuite, glowing like a nightlight.
Celestial Warding 🌠🔒

Celestial Wards are methods of protection using energy from stars, planets, and other celestial bodies.

While you can ask any celestial body for its protection and aid, here is a list of celestial bodies and constellations known to specifically correspond with protection.

  • Sun
  • Mars
  • Saturn
  • Pallas
  • Asteroids
  • Dark Matter
  • Ara
  • Aries
  • Canes Venetici
  • Canis Major & Minor
  • Corona Borealis
  • Draco
  • Leo
  • Lupus
  • Ursa Major

Ways to protect yourself with celestial energy:

  • Ask a planet or celestial body for its protection and make an offering
  • Use incense or spray that you associate with a protective celestial body to create a barrier in a space 
  • Put glow stars around or above your door
  • Sprinkle stardust powder at the entrance of your home 
  • Set a Black Hole Decoy outside of your home
  • Place a protective constellation crystal grid underneath your bed
  • Hang a sachet filled with herbs and crystals that you associate with protective celestial bodies above your bed or door
  • Charge a piece of jewelry with protective celestial energy and wear it on your person as an amulet
  • Use visualization to create a shield made from Dark Matter 
  • Create sigils or symbols that represent a celestial body with the intent of protecting yourself 
    • draw on yourself, doors, windows, etc.
  • Hang photos or drawings of certain celestial bodies above doors and windows
  • Make a hanging mobile of the planets to hang above your bed and charge with protective energy
  • Set corresponding crystals at each corner of a room or space
  • Create an oil that corresponds to one or more protective celestial bodies and use it to anoint objects such as yourself, candles, etc.



“Hella disrespectful” was rude and embarrassing to watch. I can’t count the number of times I had to pause in order to gather MYSELF. It was embarrassing to watch Molly and Issa pretend like they weren’t bothered @ the dinner table. Pretend to be okay in their current situation ships. Like I want the best for Molly. I want Molly to stand on her own two feet, head high and do the shit. I want Issa to get her life together. 

I also like how insecure show Molly and Issa won’t always be kiki’in and ‘yassss’ in each other face. There are times when you go right and your best friend go left but eventually you all will make a U-turn to return back to each other (bathroom run-in). “Malibu” is their safe word (I believe) they say if the conversation is getting a bit tense. Furthermore, Issa said something via that phone call that stuck out. She said she knew what she was getting when she started her “hoe phase”. But did she really? Issa thought this phase would be a walk in the park but life played her. Look no further than “hella blows”. Also Insecuritea co-host, Crissle, thinks Issa has a script in her head and when said script backfires she doesn’t know how to recover. Agreed & explains a lot.

My words never find their way out.

They remain hidden in the crystal corners of my heart.

perhaps I’m the one pushing it all the inside just to stare at you while you talk.

And the moment you leave these words melt into my blood

and tingles into my veins, gushing like a river towards my throat.

I stop you and you look back.

All at once everything runs cold and

I’m painted pale.

Fear tickles through my feet, punching my stomach.

I’m afraid ;

Afraid to love,

afraid to believe,

afraid to be broken once again.

So I swallow those words feeding my pain

back again into my hollow heart as I whisper

“N o t h i n g”.

-S.A   ( girlonshore )

Own The Night

Dianakko Week 2017 Day 3 - Cuddles Link

Third submission for @dianakko-week

Summary: It was two in the morning when Akko came to Diana’s dorm room asking if she could stay the night.

There was a light knock on Diana’s door. It was faint, hardly noticeable. And Diana’s sleeping roommates, who weren’t accustomed to low sounds and soft murmurs couldn’t hear it.

Diana threw her blanket away from her chest and swung her body on the side of the bed. She ambled quietly towards the door, surprised when she saw who visited at the time of the night.


“H-hey, Diana.” Akko hugged her Alcor plushie tighter to her chest. “Can I sleep with you? I brought offerings.”

Diana stared at Akko’s so-called offerings—a chocolate bar, a box of plum tea and a round shape night light dependent on batteries. “Sure.” She allowed the brunette to get in as she softly closed the door.

“I really thought Hannah and Barbara would sleep together in one bed.” Akko joked while pointing at the sleeping girls.

“They do so, occasionally,” Diana admitted and led Akko towards the far end of the room and behind her bookshelves to her bed. “Akko, I did mention you can sleepover in my place anytime; however, why do you suddenly want to do so now? Preferably, I would like to know if I’d have company on a night like this earlier than spontaneous decisions.”

“Ehehehehe, sorry Diana,” Akko scratched her nape. “It’s a Saturday, tomorrow. We can sleep in late.”

“I’m afraid waking up on noon destroys my body clock, Akko.”

“You’re no fun!” Akko retorted as she turned on the round night light that was running on batteries at the top of Diana’s desk beside her diary. Now the room danced in the bluish-green glow, bringing serenity to lidded eyelids.

“Oh, I can be fun. Not on an ungodly hour such as this.”

Akko lied down on the right side of the bed with a grumpy face. “You’re such a mood killer, Diana.”

“Well, I apologize in advance for continuing to kill moods,” Diana said, going under the covers.

Akko turned in the bed and wrapped her arms around the blonde. “Whatever,” she huffed. “At least my real objective is accomplished, and that is to cuddle the tsundere.”

Akko’s face was so close to hers, Diana could lean in and their lips would touch that easily. Diana braced a mask. “You and your Japanese terms, and what would you get with that?”

“I don’t know,” Akko cuddled her tighter, pushing some of Diana’s hair away from her face, tucking it behind her ear, “Something good, maybe?”

Diana’s face blushed crimson, huffing. “You’re impossible, Akko.”

“Diana,” Akko’s breathing tickled Diana’s sensitive ears. “Don’t sleep yet. I want to tell you something.”

“Would it be so important to tell me in the middle of the night?” Diana asked. She knew that late night conversations bring out another side of people that they don’t let others see.

Diana’s witnessing Akko’s most vulnerable state. And Diana was too curious for her own good.

“Of course it’s important! Two am thoughts are honest feelings!”

“Then what is it?”

The brunette hurriedly curled her hand round the back of Diana’s neck. Diana’s chest hammered by instinct when Akko gazed longingly into her eyes, knowing what’s about to happen. Diana knew of her feelings for Akko and she knew it was mutual but neither of them had done anything yet past their friendship.

Akko tilted Diana’s head forward as she stretched, capturing Diana’s lips, afraid that Diana would push her away, but Diana didn’t. She lay there, paralyzed. As fast as it happened, the kiss suddenly ended.

Diana couldn’t even properly savor the feelings and the taste the kiss has to offer because of its suddenness. Diana kept her secrets close to her heart, but now it threatened to overflow. It was severely lacking, her kiss with Akko could have been more. Diana knew she wanted more.

For a few minutes of silence, the air around them turned awkward. No one knows what to say or what to do. The only distraction present was the scanty light from the round object entered the room’s shadowy atmosphere, dancing with motes of dust in the breeze.

Diana cleared her throat before asking. “What’s with the night light?”

“I don’t know,” Akko said. There was still a hint of embarrassment in her voice and her body language. “But it reminds me of you so now I can’t sleep without it.”

Diana knew her cheeks were burning from being complimented. Though, Akko said simply as though she had just offered Diana a cup of tea. It made Diana lips curved upwards and she hugged her tightly.

“Since we’re talking about honesty, I’m going to be totally honest with you,” Akko said.

Diana’s eyebrow perched up. “What did you do?”

“Nothing bad, really!” Akko hastened her speech. “It’s just that…” she faltered. “Have you ever wanted someone so much it hurts?”

“Akko, I never pictured you to be emotional around two am,” Diana said but she noticed the shorter girl’s lips trembled as she tried to conjure up the words.

“I’m being serious, Diana!” she huffed.

“Then what is it?”

“It’s just that. I suddenly went here to check on you because I had a bad dream?”

“What kind of dream?” Diana queried, “The ones where monsters are chasing you?”

“No, Diana.” Akko grabbed both of the taller girl’s shoulders, holding it tightly as if she’s trying to know if Diana was really there or was just an illusion all this time. “It was much worse than that!”

“What is it, Akko?” Diana placed a warm palm on Akko’s cheek. “Tell me.”

“I dreamed that you were leaving Luna Nova again.” Tears crystallized from the corner of her eyes. “That you want to get away from me. That’s never going to happen, right? Diana, please tell me.”

“Oh Akko,” Diana rubbed the tears away with her thumb. “I would never leave you. I’d let go of everything else in my life but not you.”

“You promise?” her eyes were full of hope and fear mixed all together.

She grabbed Akko’s hand and placed the brunette’s palms over her beating chest. “Hear my heartbeat, witness my oath to you.” She bent over to reach Akko’s lips, drawing her into another sweet kiss. Akko tilted her head back to allow Diana easier access to her mouth.

Akko trembled slightly when Diana’s lips took hers.

No, it wasn’t Akko, Diana pondered. It was herself.

She was the one who trembled. The Japanese girl was the one wrapping her arms around Diana’s neck. Diana was the one whose arm kept insisting on shaking when she encircled Akko’s waist. But that was it; it was only a dart and now a warm exhilarating feeling running through her body that was pressed firmly to Akko’s.

Diana didn’t have any thought to rush it but just take her time and take pleasure from Akko’s soft tentative lips. Diana hadn’t realized until now that passion wasn’t about that mad urge to kiss someone, it wasn’t about the hot kisses and fiery embraces, it was about the feelings one has for the person they were with.

All of her feelings for Akko were given through the kiss. Diana wanted her, and she wasn’t going to lie about it, she cared about her as well. The soft gentle kisses they shared did more to hit Diana’s knees and turn her weak than any amount of her fears combined.

Diana’s one hand left Akko’s waist, trailing it up the shorter girl’s back to entangle her fingers in her brown hair.

Akko wasn’t sure what she had expected from Diana but this soft and gentleness had taken her by surprise. Diana’s kisses were slow and tender as if she had all the time in the world to hold Akko this way and she was taking her time to enjoy every second of it.

Akko leaned further into the blonde, her fingers drawing an idle pattern on the back of Diana’s neck, half of her wishing she could get even much closer to the prodigal witch.

When Diana finally broke away from the kiss, her one hand still cupped her beloved’s cheek, dusting her fingertips across Akko’s chubby cheeks while trying to calm the beating of her heart and her unsteady breathing.

“I love you, Akko.” She whispered. In those words, she made herself stronger. Pressing her lips to the shorter girl’s forehead, Diana hugged Akko to her chest and stroking her hair softly, silently marveling at the fact that Akko’s hers.

“I love you too, Diana,” Akko whispered back.

Diana and Akko were once a duo whose silence together could mean they were in a disagreement, yet right now, they can spend intimate silence with one another. All those countless times they had nestled into a different corner of couches sipping teas, studying together in libraries, books in hand leisurely or studying, or even cuddling together in sleepovers.

“I don’t know why but I’m excited when morning comes and Hannah and Barbara see us cuddling together. I wonder how they’d react.” Akko snickered.

Diana giggled. “I always found them sleeping together and keep my reactions to myself. Those two are the opposite of my reactive nature. I guess… it’s their turn now to see me with you.”

“We own the night right now.” Akko murmured under the blanket.

As the minutes swiftly and imperceptibly slipped through the striking of the clock, they listened to each other’s pulse, making their heartbeat synchronized together as one. In their rhythm, sleep came to them soundly.