crystal comb

i hope the answer to the ‘how do fusions know their names’ question is ‘they don’t’ i hope they just have to go up to whatever other gems are around and go ‘what kinda rock do you guys think i am’ i hope we get a scene where rose and pearl ask garnet her name and she just stares at her gems like shit…….i don’t know….. and rose very excitedly thumbs over her shoulder and goes ‘we have all kinds of crystallographic analysis equipment in the ship!’ and then it’s smash cut to rose like staring into some giant electron-microscope looking thing calling out chemical and spectrographic reads and crystal formations and pearl combing through the fine print of some giant computer database while garnet sits there awkwardly with her hand under a scanner going ‘guys you don’t really have to do this we literally met 10 minutes ago’ and they both ignore her and finally pearl slams her hand down on the table and yells ‘GARNET!’ and she and rose get all excited b/c NEW FRIEND HAS A NAME and garnet just smiles because not only has she learned what she is in precise terms but also she has learned the inescapable truth that rose quartz the leader of the rebellion and her terrifying renegade pearl are the hugest fucking nerds in the galaxy