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Chemical formula: Pb5(VO4)3Cl (Lead chloro-vanadate)

Color: Commonly bright red, reddish-orange, orange, yellow, grey, brown.

Hardness: SOFT (2.5-3)

Crystal system: Hexagonal

Occurrence: Uncommon

Health risks: Contains lead, do not ingest and wash hands after handling.

Wow factors:

- The color and shape of the crystals are unique and stunning!

- Always grows in hexagons. Commonly they are plates, sometimes they grow in thicker hexagonal barrels.

- Vanadinite likes to grow in dense clusters. Most specimens will contain dozens  of crystals even on a small matrix!

Care tips:

- Specimens can sometimes darken after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Do not display in direct sunlight!

- Clean with warm soapy water (mild soap) and then rinse with distilled water to    prevent water spots. Air dry.

- Locality of this piece:  Mibladen, Morocco. The world’s BEST locality for blood-   red vanadinite!

Price range: Vanadinite, especially red crystals with great shape and color, are highly sought after by most collectors and can be quite expensive. Thumbnail specimens (aptly named because they are about the size of your thumbnail) can range from $30-80 depending on quality. Larger cabinet specimens can cost much more and can easily climb past $100!

Written By, cc-da-wolf


Collection Highlights

Quartz clusters from Peru

Chemical formula: SiO2 (Silicon dioxide)

Color: Milky white, colorless (sometimes water clear!)

Hardness: HARD (7)

Crystal system: Hexagonal

Occurrence: common

Health risks: None

Wow factors:

- Quartz crystals from this locality are almost always long, perfectly formed, and grow in delicate clusters that are pleasing to look at.

- Almost always grow alongside sphalerite and pyrite which can also be quite beautiful!  

Care tips:

- Specimens are often very fragile! Handle with care.

- While quartz can be washed with water, pyrite cannot because it can rust. Clean with bulb blower only. Compressed air may dislodge smaller crystals.

- Some specimens feature quartz crystals that are finer than a human hair! Great care must be taken with these specimens.

Locality of these pieces:  Huaron, Peru.

Price range: Pieces are common and very affordable! You can find a very nice specimen for under $50 in most cases. Larger specimens with a great aesthetic display may cost more as expected.

Written By, cc-da-wolf