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To the Anon that sent me an ASK regarding a first altar...

I’m sorry I accidently deleted your ask. But here are my thoughts.

For a first altar you want to create a sacred space of things that are truly meaningful to you and make you feel safe and healthy. For example, if you have a sensitivity to smoke, I wouldn’t suggest incense but maybe dry herbs in its place. 

I always would have gemstones and crystals if you can afford them, if not, a collection of found stones and indigenous minerals as well as found sea shells if you are near a beach are a wonderful addition to any altar. 

I have always tried to incorporate the five elements into my spaces, for Earth I use crystals, 

Air - incense,

Fire - candles, 

water - I collect full moon water and was lucky enough to collect solar eclipse water this summer! 

For spirit I have a feather and horns. 

But you can interpret the elements in anyway that suits you. I have my father’s fishing knife that I was given when he passed away that I use as my athame, but if you are uncomfortable with a blade in the house, (When our daughter was young) I had a carved athame from wood that was not sharp. I have since passed it down to her and she uses it now! 

I hope this gives you a few ideas. Remember that all altars are unique and there is no proper way to create an altar or sacred space. It is a very personal process and just like witchcraft, there is no wrong way to practice. Good luck!

Love and Light and happy blessings on your space!

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Marks and Rec: Misc #974

🎃 (Dialogue from Night in the Woods.)


My plain janes.

Once more Laz’ab suffers the trappings of a roleplayer. My Proper Sith and Proper Jedi, sharing a very out of character moment of not killing each other. Reblogged from HERE.

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My Pocket Altar!

I found this incredible tin and knew it was the right time for mini- Magick making.

✨ salt
✨ star bottle for wishing
✨ coyote totem
✨ crystal Platonic solid
✨ feather
✨ bottle of rose thorns
✨ two candles
✨ tiny BOS for sigils with tiny pencil
✨ labradorite amulet
✨ tigers eye
✨ velvet altar cloth
✨ crystal ball for scrying (marble)