crystal clear ocean

I’m not getting doubt in larry but, I still cant believe that

this man,

who look so much excited

when he met pregnant women

that he feels the need to hold their bumps

no matter how far they are from him

he will always noticed them anyway

but he didnt, even once, noticed this certain pregnant woman, who sat on the vip section, who was once walked around the stadium, who literally attend his concert 6 times in a row, who SUPPOSEDLY carrying his bestfriend’s *cough* *boyfriend* *cough*, of five years, baby. NOT EVEN ONCE.

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I am vibrant. My soul has finally collided with my skin. Time, herself, patiently kissed me on the lips and whispered sinful things in my ear. She wants me to fall in love with her, yet again. I stood, but I have fallen. Where was I kneeling all these years? 8760 days of life and I want to see the face of God. I want black men to feel hopeful when they see me, black women to feel even stronger than they already are when they look into my eyes; and black children to feel their youth with every game they play, abundantly and forever. To think that suicide was even an option saddens me. I have sat with the devil and his demons, and they love to hate me. With all this raging compassion, the depth of my forgiveness, and war for oneness within myself - I am whole. My wholeness is leaking through my pores like a river that leads to a crystal clear ocean that no one ever visits. Twenty-four years of life, and I know that my spirit will never die.

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