crystal clear blue water


The sea by Ines Perkovic


Request: “Hey can you write harry hook x reader about harry falling for a neverland mermaid.”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: None

Originally posted by pinkcollapse

You swam in the beautiful crystal clear blue water of the shores in Auradon Prep. You always stayed there until curiosity got the best of you and you decided to go check out the Isle of The Lost. You swam and swam once you got towards the barrier you instantly felt the small force as you broke through it.

The water turned dark and murky. It wasn’t beautiful at all like the water back in Auradon. You saw a ship and swam under it reaching the docks. A handsome voice rang through your ears.

“How the hell did my hook manage to fall into the water?!” The voice. More specifically a young man asked himself.

Before he could say anything else you quickly dove under and saw the hook. Although the water was murky you could see it shining since it indeed was sliver. You grabbed it smiling in victory as you went up to the surface again.

“Of course I can’t see it that water is dirtier then Gil’s face paint.” The man said.

“I assume you’re looking for this?” You asked holding the hook with your tail.

“No way you’re a mer-!”

You covered the handsome boy’s mouth before speaking. “Shh keep your voice down I don’t want anyone capturing me.” You said and he nodded.

“My father told me about you all I just can’t believe he turned out to be right!” He exclaimed quietly as he put the hook on his hand.

“And who might your father be?” You asked knowing the answer already.

“Captain Hook and I’m Harry Hook his son. It’s a pleasure to meet you m'lady.“ Harry bowed down.

“Hmm son of Hook. He has a bad reputation in Auradon but you’re his kid so I guess you’re innocent. Pleasure to meet you as well I’m Y/N L/N.” You said.

“Now tell me you think we could go on a date sometime? I’d love to get to know you.” Harry said.

“Sure but if you try to capture me or do something like that I’ll make sure an octopus attacks you.” You smirked causing Harry to laugh.

You had to admit his laugh caused butterflies in your stomach. “Oh Y/N darling we’re going to get along just fine.” He winked.