crystal chip bracelets

Witch Tips - Crystal Chip Bracelets

Those cheap little bracelets made out of pieces of gemstones you can often find in gift shops or cheap on eBay (usually sold as either a healing bracelet or a birthstone bracelet) are actually really handy!

Even if they’re not really your style I find wearing them when you need to, and wearing them overnight in bed is really useful!


Here are some ways to use them (using the 3 most commonly sold bracelets)

💎 amethyst

-help you dream (can help produce more vivid or psychic dreams, or lucid dreaming)

- use to increase psychic powers, use to help you divine, help you practice astral projection… (Amethyst is good for anything spiritual or psychic!)

💎 rose quartz

- help you sleep (note I’ve said sleep this time not dream. Rose Quartz promotes restful, peaceful sleep and is much better than amethyst if that’s what you’re after!)

- brilliant if you have a cold (don’t ask me why but next time you have a blocked nose every time you try to lay down to sleep try sleeping with a rose quartz bracelet on and miraculously your nose will feel so much better)

- soothe anxiety and promote peace, encourage self love and self care (in general a lovely one to wear if you’re struggling with anxiety and/or depression and want a little witchy morale boost)

- mild pain relief (especially of head aches, muscle aches or joint pains)

💎 clear Quartz

- can absorb things - if you want to help draw something out of yourself (e.g. Mild illness, stress or negativity) use it to absorb the feelings. Quartz is self cleansing so it can just destroy whatever it takes on if you ask it to

- can increase the power of something else (maybe layer up with another bracelet or wear one when you take a painkiller for example to encourage the pain killing aspect of it to be increased)

Of course you can use any chip bracelet, just look up it’s gemstone meaning!


A practical example of using them?

I’m under a lot of stress at the minute and felt really bad yesterday- I could feel my depression slipping back which is upsetting because I’ve actually managed to go a few months feeling great this time keeping on top of things with my craft and cbt….

I was also suffering from my joints too down my right arm (a side effect I can get from accidentally eating gluten which seems to have just stuck with me now and plays up every so often….)

So last night I went to bed wearing my healing rose quartz bracelet on my painful arm, and my clear Quartz on the other to help draw the emotional pain out.

I’ve woken up feeling much better, I’ve worn a clear Quartz necklace to work today (more expensive than a chip bracelet which is why I’m recommending the bracelets!! But more discreet and professional for work as it’s under my uniform) since I’m still feeling a bit off but no where near as bad as yesterday and my arm isn’t hurting at all!