crystal chip bracelets

HandToHeartCreations is an independent handmade jewellery business by @fenland-witch.

Fenland offers very reasonable prices for her beautiful high-quality jewellery and even better postage prices, being completely free for UK citizens and consistently low for the US. She has just transferred her store from Etsy to self-managing it on her blog for the time being. Due to this, her prices are currently lower than usual without Etsy fees having to be paid.

Everything she creates is handmade and there is a large range of pieces to choose from such as pendants, bead bracelets and necklaces, crystal chip bracelets, rings, bag charms and more which can all be found on her page. To inquire about purchasing a piece of jewellery message her blog.


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I’ve just hit my first 1k followers and would like to thank all you beautiful souls by doing a giveaway! I would like it to bring some attention to my Etsy shop where I sell my handmade healing crystal jewelry.

The rules are pretty standard ~

Must be following me

Reblog counts as one entry, you can reblog as many times as you want

Likes don’t count, but can be used to bookmark

Please don’t spam your followers

No giveaway blogs

Please check out my Etsy, if you favorite my shop and let me know via my ask box it will give you a higher chance of winning

What’s included ~

A standard custom healing crystal chip bracelet of your choosing

A necklace with a pendant of your choice

50% discount code for my entire store

Start a conversation with me for a higher chance to win, I love talking to you guys!

Entries close on Valentines Day, good luck!! xx

EDIT ~ Entries close either on Valetine’s Day or when this post reaches 100 reblogs, whichever comes first