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Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship Opening. 1988-89. Neon Talk Edit.

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Ski Jumping Awards - Poland

1. Athlete of the season (male): Kamil Stoch. It was such a good season for polish team it was hard to choose just one, but I’ve decided that he deserves this the most. He won 6 competition. Was lider of WC the longest. He won 4HT and joined to the club of ski jumpers who won everything (Crystal Globe, World Championships, Olimpics and 4 Hills Tournament).

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2. Athlete of the season (female): All of them. Because they were not allowed to compete in Lahti (because our stupid chairman decided so) it was hard to compere them so they’re all winners.

3.Team of the season: Piotr Żyła, Dawid Kubacki, Maciej Kot, Kamil Stoch #every podium of the season and gold at WC squad.

4. Top newcomer/breakthrough: Maciej Kot. He finally achived something more than 5th place. He won 2 competition (was on the podium 3). He was 4th in 4HT. He was 2 times in TOP 6 and won gold in team in Lahti. He was one of the four jumpers who jumped in every series of every cometition and was the only one to always be in TOP 20 (the lowest place was 18th in Oberstdorf (ski flying)).

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5. Most imperssive win of the season: Klingenthal team. First team competition of the season, first ever win for Poland with 40 points of advantage over second place. Hats off! 

6. Best competition: Bischofshofen. Kamil was first, Piotrek third, Maciek K5t on his favourite position, Dawid, Jan and Stefan also did well (with 234 points to Nations Cup). The emotions were great. The final was terrifying. But everything ended well.

7. Best podium: Lillehammer 2nd day. It was really hard to choose, but this was the first time this season when they showed that they’ll be strong this season. Both Kamil and Maciek (for the first time) on the podium. Delightful.

8. Best Jump: Kamil Stoch - 251,5 m, Planica. Polish national record (don’t argue with it). Amazing fight jump by Kamil. Before this season almost everyone did’t believe that polish eagles could fly. But they can and this jump (and Vikkersund team competiton) proved it.

9.Most touching moment: Piotr Żyła winning bronze and polish team winning gold in Lahti. I know these are two moments but I just can’t pick one. When Piotrek won bronze he didn’t really know what he had done. The funny, always smiling guy suddenly become silent, shy man. He even dedicated that medal to his kids.

 Team competition was so emotional I couldn’t even sit. I was so nervous before every jump (especially Dawid’s in second round). But as soon as Kamil landed I started to cry like a little baby. They did it. For the first time in history. 

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10. OTP of the season: Piotrek and Maciek (Żyłot, Kyła, Wiewiórokot?) Their friendship is awesome. Love them together. They always live in the same hotel room and they support each other so much.

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11. Crush of the season: Kamil and Maciek. It’s a tie. They’re both the most handsome when they’re smiling and they were smiling a lot this season so I couldn’t choose one of them.

Ski Jumping Awards 


Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship. 1988.🇺🇸💪🏼

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The 1988 Crystal Light US Aerobics Championships are my aesthetic.

Allowance: Chapter 13

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Pairing: Levihan
Summary: Hanji sees a tango performance and becomes smitten with a short, mean-looking dance instructor.
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Halloween came and went — Hanji spent it at Sergio’s shop — and November entered with a definite chill in the air and a persistently gray sky. It was blue and cloud-free in Hanji’s mind, however.


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Trainers across time and space…

One thing that helped continue my interest in Pokémon over the years was the online drawing tournaments. They not only let me develop characters with the universe as a springboard, but I also got to meet some cool artists along the way. I may not participate in any more OCTs in the near future, and I’m starting to migrate my characters back out of the Pokéverse, but boy was it one heck of a run! :D