crystal cascade

Gradually drifting
o’er highlands, valleys, lagoons
they stumble often o’er exotic bloom,
fluttering in the breeze, dancing to the rhythm
while birds on old oak boughs warble in rhapsodic lyricism.

Underneath the boundless skies
they hover o’er vibrant tulips and whimsical lilac flowers,
swaying across titanic fields like erratic summer stars
amid the long green grass wobbling in the wind
while bugs, butterflies, bumble bees baltering across wildflowers grin.

Atop hills and cliffs, strewn by zephyr,
they frequently come across
the crystal clear blue of cascading waterfalls
which graciously in their soothing tone hum and croon
while the sun sets behind the billows and up comes the moon.

—  Clouds, Shikha Singh
Addictions (Jiyong)

Description: After Jiyong’s military service he comes back to you, a girl from his past only to find out she’s engaged to one of his colleagues. 

Genre: Smut/ Angst (Cheating) 

Part Two Part Three Part Four 

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Being with him was like taking your first drink of alcohol. At first taste bitter but the more you began to drink the harder you found it to stop. He made a raging alcoholic both metaphorically and literally. He was the one that had bought you your first drink and he was the first to give you your first orgasm. He was the man who you blamed for the addictions in your life. it was until he left the country that you finally found yourself once again. You kept a safe distance between you and bars, there was no need to tempt the devil. With distance both of your addictions slowly became memories. 

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I love the ruggedness of New England as it helps foster a challenging and vibrant landscape, and the area surrounding Crystal Cascade in Pinkham Notch is about as rugged of terrain as it gets. This piece is a wide view of the tall and powerful cascading waterfall. 

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Headcanon on Sasuke and Itachi's marriage proposal to their s/o ? (I love how you see them, our thought about their character are quite the same *u*) Ps: if you have time, could you imagine Itachi's marriage proposal (write the scene) ? It would be amazing !!!!

A/N: Yes of course I can, lovely! I’m very glad that you enjoy the way that I see them and it’s really cool that we see them in a similar way. I’ll try to write a little scene for both Sasuke and Itachi, just so it’s even. Also, I seemed to struggle a lot more on Sasuke with this one, so apologies if his isn’t the best! Thank you for your request, and I hope that you enjoy it! (Sorry that Sasuke’s is longer than Itachi’s; I got carried away! haha!)

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Not my gif! Gif credit goes to it’s rightful and amazing creator

Headcanon’s For Itachi Uchiha’s Marriage Proposal With His S/O:

- Itachi would be the type to plan out the entire event; ensuring that it is as perfect as can be. He would leave no room for error.

- Itachi would do something casual at first, like ask if you’d like to take a walk in the local park or lake or something, but when the two of you arrive it’s completely decorated.

- Itachi would seem stoic on the outside, but on the inside his heart would be thrumming wildly, he’d be rather nervous and he’d even have a light pink blush on his cheeks.

- “Will you marry me?” the words would seem blunt, no beating around the bush, but this would be a big step for Itachi in showing you just how strongly he feels for you. Proposing to his s/o would be him sharing his feelings.

- If his s/o began crying he may automatically assume that he had done something wrong, but he’d take his time to analyse their expression, their body language, etc. before making his final assumption. He’d realize just how happy his s/o is.

- When his s/o says yes, he’d slip the ring on formally, standing back up onto his feet and allowing them to embrace him in a tight hug. He may even hug his s/o back.

- If Itachi proposed to his s/o it’s a definite sign of his strong feelings, it’s his way of showing them; “Hey! I’m not going anywhere. We’re sticking together.”.


Here’s a quick flashfic to go with this headcanon: (Please enjoy!)

The sunset presented itself in a glamorous replica of a stunning watercolor arrangement. Itachi’s silence was comforting as his fingers entwined with your own, gently tugging you into the direction of the local lake. “The lake?” your brow cocked with a substantial quantity of curiosity, though you got no reply; Itachi’s attentive and observant gaze presented you with no answers and all the answers at the same time.

Minutes passed as you twisted and turned along the small path that was just wide enough to fit yourself and Itachi upon it snugly. In the dense forestry you began to see the tender haze and twinge of twinkling lights. Hands covered your orbs, startling you and you were greeted with Itachi’s hoarse and rare chuckle. “Surprises?” you simper gladly, happy to be spoiled.

“Something of that.” his tone flat and passive, yet there was a hint of a smirk.

Moments ushered by and Itachi’s hands drew from your orbs, lowering to his sides and revealing the beautiful scenery to you. Your mouth hung agape in absolute astonishment. The surrounding trees were decorated with sweet honey colored lanterns, tender lights blinking and flickering with them like tiny flames. The ground was sprinkled with blossom petals of all decorative and festive colors; reminding you of the first snowflakes that announced the new arrival of winter. The lake shimmered like millions of glamorous crystals, the sunset cascading luxurious emblem’s of patterns in the ripples of the almost placid lake.

Your body, mind and soul abruptly sky rockets down to earth once more as you turn to take in Itachi, whom is knelt down before you. “Itachi!” you gasp, stepping back a moment, unsure of what was precisely happening. The tender smile that captures his face, crinkles his eyes in the friendliest of fashions, stunning you to see white hazes within your vision.
“Will you marry me?” the tone in which he used is blunt, tone placid but the statement is filled with love and nothing less of strong feelings.

Your quivering hands cover your mouth, choking the sob that noisily pours from your lips, tears of giddiness trickling from your waterlines. Itachi is caught off guard, his orbs scanning you wildly, though he let’s no emotion show. He relaxes as you peel away your hands from your mouth, presenting your beaming mouth. “Yes!

With the tenderest of smiles, Itachi slips on the ring, rising to his feet before you clamber onto his, squeezing his midsection as another choked sob blubbers from your gorgeous plump lips. Itachi is taken back by the sudden contact, his heart hammering wildly. He gulps suddenly, - the only shown sign that he’s astounded by your outburst of emotions-; whilst his arms wrap slowly and protectively around you, cradling you close to himself.

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Not my gif! Gif credit goes to it’s rightful and amazing creator

Sasuke Uchiha’s Marriage Proposal With His S/O:

- Internally, Sasuke would be a nervous wreck, however, on the outside he would be incredibly cool about the entire ordeal.

- Sasuke would know what you enjoy, sweetening the entire thing by taking you out to your favorite restaurant, bookstore or whatever it is that you enjoy going to. 

- He’d be cool throughout the entire date, yet as you are to leave he’d look about, ensuring that no one was around before saying something like: “Wait, I have to fix my sandal.” and get down on one knee. (He doesn’t like doing things the fancy way, hence the reason why he checks if anyone’s around.)

- As you wait and watch him he pulls out a small box from his pocket, presenting it and opening it. He’d reveal a simple, elegant, yet luxurious ring and his s/o’s mouth would drop.

- Sasuke would simper and smirk immediately, onyx orbs focused upon his s/o’s as he says: “I’m not entirely good at these things, - never having proposed to anyone before-, but you make this world less cold for me. Will you marry me?

- Of course his s/o would instantly say yes! Sasuke would barely have any time to slip the ring onto his s/o’s finger before they bombarded him with a tight hug, knocking him to the ground.

- Sasuke would most likely laugh and attach his lips passionately to his s/o before teasing her about how she’s so eager to get physical.


Here’s a quick ficlet to go with this headcanon: (Please Enjoy!)

The night seemed premature as the city splurged and groaned with it’s sudden nightlife. With Sasuke’s brooding and suave presence, you thus wandered with what seemed as an aimless endeavor upon the quieter station of the city: The streetlamps were sweet baby blue and pink lanterns that sprinkled themselves with a decorative purpose across the tight knit street. Sasuke’s arm looped over your shoulders, his body posture and composure impeccably cool. Though there was something twinkling within his onyx orbs; a secret that would soon be fulfilled.

Sasuke soon halted, awarding you an open door to your most favored bookstore. “Dinner and books; seems like your sort of thing.” he grumbled out with his smooth deep voice, causing you to shiver promptly.

You shuffled through, being awarded with a creamy scent of honeysuckle. You smiled with shut orbs with Sasuke following after you with a new eagerness that you had not ever noticed before. “If you’re quick and don’t take too long, I’ll buy you something.” his lips were warm upon your ear, his hasty movements constantly catching you off guard. There was humor twinging his tone; he would never leave you behind in the city, - especially after dark-.

To his invitation, you scan the bookshelves, returning the sugary smile of the elderly woman beyond the maneki-neko shrine of a counter. Your fingers absentmindedly became brisk upon the hundreds of crispy new spinal chords of the books, eliciting a shiver of your own as Sasuke’s warm breath fanned across your neck. “I don’t have all night, remember?” his ghosted words caused a sigh of definite appreciation to flutter from your mouth; the old woman giggling, murmuring something about the days of that in which she were as young as you.

A blush sauntered across your cheeks, flooding them a crimson pink as you wedged your fingers between the books, prying the next novel of your favorite series out. “That was quick.” Sasuke simpered, fingers nimbly and flawlessly snatching the book from your fingers as he examined it. “Fantasy…” he mumbled. “I wonder if you have any of your own.” he smirked mischievously, eliciting in you swatting his chest playfully as he wandered towards the counter with idle, seeming to stall somewhat.

Eventually, the raven haired boy presented you with the tiny back that possessed your book within it: And out you went!

The night air was slightly frosty, evoking a tantalizing tremor to rupture up your spine. “Hold on. I’ve got to fix my sandal.” Sasuke grumbled, sinking down to one knee, pretending to fix the already perfect straps before slyly retrieving something from his own pocket. You watched him with amusement, a tilted head and all.

Sasuke’s orbs flashed up to yours, locking immediately as a small silk leather box was placed neatly in the center of his palm. He opened it, revealing that of the most gorgeous, simplistic and elegant of rings you had ever your set eyes upon. “I’m not entirely good at these things, - never having proposed to anyone before-, but you make this world less cold for me. Will you marry me?” the words spilled out with a tranquility and coolness you had never heard before, - even coming from Sasuke-, as your lover simply smirked up at you.
Yes.” you breathed.

Though before the ring was fully on your finger, your body clashed with his, bringing him down effortlessly to the ground with a deep thump! Your lips peppered his face, a deep laugh shaking his body, as his mouth covered yours with a passion only reserved for you. “Are you that eager to get physical? I mean, I just proposed…” he breathes a chuckle upon your lips.

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The Chandelier

by reddit user The_Dalek_Emperor

This story was the highest rated story of October:

The year my mother and father were wed my father bought his wife a very beautiful Baccarat chandelier. It weighed one ton and hung down two entire flights of stairs. Because it was so large my father searched high and low for a home that could accommodate it. He chose a very old palatial home in the Welsh countryside. The mansion was six stories tall and in the middle of the home was a tall, spiraled atrium with a glass ceiling. The stairs wrapped around the walls of the spire encircling the great chandelier at the top.

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Le Morte D’Sofia || Execution

She feels nothing.

 There should be unrelenting guilt washing over her as she eyes her class— the bitter taste of death omnipresent on her tongue. She should be averting her typically cold, unreadable gaze to the floor, unable to look any of the ones she betrayed in the eye. She should be sputtering apologies as crystal tears cascade down her pale cheeks, begging for forgiveness and mercy beneath her judge, jury, and executioner. She should be fighting back— a show of resistance, a runaway from the death she’d meet too young.


 She should feel remorse. She should feel as guilty as she is.


 But she doesn’t.

 Everything she’d ever done, everything she would ever do was for Aria— her reason to live, her reason to open her eyes after nightmare-plagued midnight’s, her reason to ever smile for anything. Every breath she took, every step her feet dared to pace, every little flicker of life or love or anything in Sofia Romano was for her and no one else.

 But somehow she knows that she wouldn’t be seeing Aria where she was going.

 She does not smile, does not say a word to the others who watch her with contempt, fury, confusion, and teary-eyed sorrow— she does not bare her heart for all to see. She does not let them understand because she knows they never could.

 She is silent as the chain takes her by the throat.

 “Le Morte D’Sofia”

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The Chandelier.

The year my mother and father were wed my father bought his wife a very beautiful Baccarat chandelier. It weighed one ton and hung down two entire flights of stairs. Because it was so large my father searched the whole of Britain for an estate that could accommodate it. He chose a very old palatial home in the Welsh countryside. The mansion was six stories tall and in the middle of the house was a tall, spiraled atrium with a glass ceiling. The stairs wrapped around the walls of the spire encircling the great chandelier at the top.

As far back as I can remember I would spend my days lying underneath the cascading crystals far above and watching the twinkling prisms catch the sunlight and cast vibrant, breathing rainbows across the walls. My mother would smile at me and giggle to my father behind her hands. I was a romantic, she said, a dreamer. Father would smile knowingly but never bother to glance my way. He only had eyes for my mother, at least until little George came along.

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Run, Wolf Warrior, Run
Run, Wolf Warrior, Run

Run, wolf warrior, to ends eternal
Through the wreckage of the death of the day
Scent of silence under starlight spinning
A captured beast within a human skin

Are you searching for long lost landscapes
Lit by flowers and crystal cascades?
Where the lamb lies down with the lion
Where the wolf is one with the wild

Run, wolf warrior, through kingdoms’ chaos
Senseless cities and ghost towns towering
Howl, o hunter, though few know you’re crying
Face upturned into that midnight moon

Are you hunting for mystic mountains
Where the air is like liquid laughter?
Where the beasts inherit the earth
Where the last again will be first

Run, wolf warrior, to hide your hunger
The rain will wash away the pains of the day
In your eyes there are cold fires burning
Tongues of flame that can never be tamed

Are you running from man’s delusion
Majestic madness and your exclusion
To where the lamb lies down with the lion?

Are you running down ancient pathways
Through this dark and deserted land
To where man is once more a child?

Are you running to freedom’s fortress
By the side of wide open seas
Where the wolf is one with the wild?

Run, run, run…

Run, run, run, run, run, run on, run on through the rain…

#20: The Chandelier

By: The_Dalek_Emperor

Length: Short


The year my mother and father were wed my father bought his wife a very beautiful Baccarat chandelier. It weighed one ton and hung down two entire flights of stairs. Because it was so large my father searched high and low for a home that could accommodate it. He chose a very old palatial home in the Welsh countryside. The mansion was six stories tall and in the middle of the home was a tall, spiraled atrium with a glass ceiling. The stairs wrapped around the walls of the spire encircling the great chandelier at the top.

As far back as I can remember I would spend my days lying underneath the cascading crystals far above and watching the twinkling prisms catch the sunlight and cast vibrant, breathing rainbows across the walls. My mother would smile at me and giggle to my father behind her hands. I was a romantic, she said, a dreamer. Father would smile knowingly but never bother to glance my way. He only had eyes for my mother, at least until my brother George came along.

But I wasn’t a dreamer, no, I fought sleep with every breath. I much preferred to spend my evenings dancing in the star fields that twinkled in the spire on clear nights. If moonlight shone into the great atrium it was transformed by the Baccarat into a million shimmering, glittering tiny stars. The chandelier was always gently, gently swaying even without a draft in the house and it would make the crisp, vibrant celestials dance upon the wall to a song I could almost hear. And I would dance among them.

One day I awoke from an afternoon nap to the sharp sound of a protesting metal groan. I arrived at the banister just in time to see the Baccarat’s metal supports snap in two. The chandelier fell half a story until it was brought to a violent and abrupt halt by its last remaining support - a thick, nylon rope.

George was playing with a train set far below and I screamed at him. He looked up at me for just a moment and then he was obscured from my view as the nylon snapped and the chandelier went crashing down five stories to the first floor where my mother had thrown herself protectively over George.

My father would only shed his tears for them behind closed doors. A week after their deaths Father had the Baccarat repaired and rehung. It had been my mother’s and he loved her deeply. Perhaps he liked to look at it and think of her. But I like to think he rehung it for me because he knew how much I loved it.

But the chandelier wasn’t the same. The gentle cadence it had loyally kept was now replaced by a stillness as absolute as death. The rainbows were dull, almost colorless and the dancing stars that had once glittered upon the walls at night were absent and the spiraled atrium remained as dark as the heart of an onyx.

I still spend my days and nights lying on the floor looking up at the chandelier and hoping its magic will return to me. Some days I can almost see the vibrant colors and speckled starlight. Most days I see nothing at all.

But nothing at all is better than the nightmare that peeks through the veil sometimes, cruel and uninvited. Sometimes I can feel the cold and the hunger and the pain in my chest. Sometimes the dark nights and dull days make sense. Sometimes I can see the chandelier for what it really is. Because sometimes I remember that it wasn’t the Baccarat that my father hung at the top of the atrium that day - it was himself.


A few more shots of my new Elsa Ice Queen cosplay—-showing the side, front and back. The cape is approx 90″ long x 100″ wide, and made of an icy looking crystal organza embedded with her fractal designs and hundreds of various sized AB (aurora borealis) gemstones in the center of each snowflake. The bodice has iridescent sequins, just like Elsa’s in the movie—I was THRILLED to find them—along with hundreds of 17mm baguette AB gems and 2mm crystal gems cascading at the waist/hipline. I lined the skirt in royal purple this time, since I saw the LE Elsa 11″ Designer Doll had purple lining (as well as official artwork if you look closely), and hand dyed the sleeves. After I dyed them, affixed thousands of 1.5mm pale blue gemstones all over the sleeves and also 2mm AB gems in her snowflake/fractal patterns. I used a gorgeous AB 3mm stretch gemstone trim along the top of the bodice. The skirt is made of an Elsa-inspired fabric that has silver threads running vertically all through it. It’s a horrible pain to work with—it frays like no tomorrow! But it really looks like her skirt/ice, so it had to be used. Hope you like my updated cosplay!! I’m really pleased with it and now I think it’s finally satisfactorily finished and won’t be ‘redone’ again! What do you think?

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Content warning: This chapter includes body horror 

Bad vibes around her/ She’s eating hearts again


Heads turned to watch the pair as they entered. Six faces watching them, two staring intently at the embers of the cooling fire. The six faces that watched them were not human. They were:

Pundit, the most regal of the monsters, a monster who held herself like nobility. Her body looked and moved like black silk pulled taut over sinew. Her body almost looked human, but far too long, as if it had been pulled like rubber - not to mention, she had four arms. Her face was only half a face - the lower half a maw of tusks, while the upper half was a growth of golden crystals framed by a cascade of white-blonde hair.

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The first snow

~~A winter Sebaciel oneshot, prompt given by anon~~


No matter how mature Ciel was, there was one thing that never ceased to amaze him. Well, that, and his Butler. 

That thing was snow.

A small red eye watched carefully through the window at the small fluffy flakes piling up on the ground. Ciel raised a dainty hand tipped with black finger nails and placed it on the window. It didn’t feel cold.

He had joined Sebastian in eternal damnation a little under a year ago. A lot had happened since that one dreadful night. So, this was their first winter together.

As immortal beings.

As demons.

As lovers.

And it was the first snow of the season.

Hmph” the demon boy was satisfied with the wicked plan he had thought of while looking at the swirling crystals outside. With one more glance, he turned on his heel and walked away.


No longer hiding his abilities, the elder demon showed up immediately.

“Yes, my Lord?”

“We are going outside.”


The boys were clad in all black from head to toe, long trench winter coats, scarves, mittens, and on Ciel a black knitted cap due to Sebastian’s nagging.

It was silly, the two of them dressed for winter when the frigid weather didn’t bother their immortal bodies one bit. Even sillier for Sebastian to act like such a mother and practically tackle the younger to put the hat on, insisting his “nose would get too red without it.”

It was okay though. He would pay. Ciel was sure of it.

“My Lord, if I may ask, why are we out in the middle of a winter storm again?”

“I want to catch a white winter hare. They are very rare and I’d like one, if you don’t mind.”

“Ofcourse, my Lord.”

The boys entered the thick woods behind the manor. As soon as Sebastian caught movement of something and was distracted, Ciel took off in the opposite direction with demon speed. He swiftly scrambled up a tree, not making one noise to give away his position.

Sebastian turned around with a dead hare now in his right hand. He paused and look from left to right, eyes widening slightly in confusion. He then saw the black knitted hat on the ground before him.

“….Young master?”

S m a c k

Nnrgh!” The demon’s eyes widened as a snow ball the size of a basket ball whacked him dead center in his face.

“What the-!”

s m a c k  

A second hit the demon in his back, center of his shoulder blades.

“Tch. I do not recall you being such a good liar. Are you sure you want what you are asking for?”

This time, three snowballs whizzed through the air from all different directions, but aiming for one spot. His head.

The huge mounds of fluff encaptured the demons head as if he were a snow man before slipping down and crumbling onto the ground. The snow man face would have been much more pleasant than the one that was revealed. Red eyes gleamed as the demon squinted his eyes, wearing an irritated and unamused expression.

Sebastian dropped the rabbit.

It was game time.

“huhh?” Ciel’s brows knitted together when the sight of his butler vanished right before his eyes.

“You may be a demon now” Sebastian whispered into the boy’s ear, now directly behind him “but I am a devil.”


Ciel whirled around and leaped backwards onto the neighboring tree, just barely avoiding three snowballs traveling at a deadly speed.

The boy quickly formed another boulder of snow and threw it in the direction of his butler.

The older snickered. “You really don’t think I’ll fall for that again, do you?”

The man put one hand out, shattering the snow before disappearing and reappearing right above the boy with three more snow bullets.

Hah! You bastard!” Ciel cursed the skilled demon as the back of his ankle was hit while he escaped the oncoming slaughter. “Stay put while I pummel you!”

The two danced between the trees, trying to escape and catch up to one another at the same time.

“Excuse me, my Lord, but I believe you would be unsatisfied if I were not to engage in your games. Even more so if I did not give it my best.”

“That’s right you damned demon. Give me what you’ve got!”

“mhmm” the butler chuckled. “Yes, my Lord.”

The demon suddenly dropped 25 feet to the ground and stood still.

“Wh-what are you doing? Have you given up? Coward!”

Sebastian removed his gloves and placed his hands together. A red aura began to emit for the touching palms as he closed his eyes.


The demon butler opened his glowing red eyes as snow began to collect all around him and form into a massive orb.

“ way!”

When Ciel thought the orb couldn’t get any bigger, a low growl escaped between his butler’s lips as the mass of snow came whirling right up at him.

“………………oh shit.”

S M mM aA A CkK 

“AAUURGH!!” Ciel flew back from his safe perch high in the trees and came tumbling down through the snow covered branches, stopping with a hard thud onto the wintry ground.

“I believe I win.” The butler stated his victory as he awaited his master’s aggravation. There was nothing.

“…My Lord?”

A dust of white snow still clouded the air from the impact of the young boys fall as his butler awaited his voice. 

“My lord?” Now stricken with panic from the lack of insults that should be coming from that smart mouth, the demon raced to where his master was lying in the snow, crumpled and unconscious.

“Young master!” Snow fell all around the two as the man scooped his master up, racing back to the house. He looked down at the flushed face, snowflakes gently kissing his face, sprinkling his hair and caressing his eyelashes. He was such a beautiful disaster.

“I might have taken it a bit too far.”

When the butler was at the door about to enter, a weak little voice stopped him in his tracks.


“Young master.. Please for give me, I will-”

“..ame ov..r”

Sebastian paused, looking down at the soft face, snow crystals still cascading down on top of it.

“Excuse me, my Lord?”

The small body inhaled weakly, before responding with all his might.


Ciel jumped up from the demon’s arms and tugged with all his demon strength on a hidden rope he had placed next to the door way earlier that day.

Sebastian’s eyes shot open in surprise then up, to the oncoming mountain of snow from a tarp that held all of the icy fluff that had fallen on top of the roof…that was milliseconds from tumbling right down on top of him.

“……………oh shit.”


“Sebastian” the boy snickered as he snuggled closer to his demon in front of the blazing fireplace. “How long are you going to be mad at me?”

“…gshgajt” The demon pulled the fuzzy comforter tighter around the two bodies.

“Sebastian, those aren’t words. You can’t grumble for the rest of your life.”

“I seriously thought you were hurt.”

“I did too! With an impact like that, even in a demon form, I should’ve been! Geez, you take things too serious sometimes, hah!”

“………you started it”

“YEa and I eNDED IT TOO”


“Sore loser”

“Spoiled brat”


“My lord” The butler interrupted the slew of insults he was about to get. “May I speak freely?”

“…You may.”

The demon smirked, then without hesitating, he grabbed the collar of the boy’s pajamas and yanked him.


Red eyes blazed into a pair of mismatched irises with raging resolve.

The butler’s steamy words were whispered right into Ciel’s soul.

“You are going to pay for that.”


The young demon’s squeal was cut off by a kiss so passionate he believed every single word his demon had said.

He wasn’t a spoiled brat. He just always got what he wanted. 

And he was definitely going to get that tonight.

~Written by @rabid-bunny prompt given by a wonderful anon~


Firestone “Union Jack”

98 A+

This West Coast-style IPA has long been one of my favorites. The nose is bright and juicy, loaded with citrus, tropical fruits, a floral bouquet, herbs, and honey-sweet grains.

On the palate, loads of citrus zest up front, with grapefruit juice standing as the focal point of the beer. Tropical fruits follow with reminiscent hints of pineapple. A shallow body of sweetness rises up with raw sugar flavor as pale malts push with support from below. Herbal hops round out the finish with juniper or pine, ending with a lingering flavor of mint leaf. Mouthfeel is creamy at first, developing into a crisp astringency, then leaving with a sustained bitter note.

The hop bill is superb (see below), essentially a short list of my favorite hops. All varieties come together for an amazing, well-rounded flavor with a balanced blend of herbal, citric, and floral characters. For an IPA, the bitterness is quite tame, helping to keep from wrecking the palate for a more efficient drinking experience. This is also slightly more malty than the average IPA, which provides a superb degree of balance in contrast to the bitterness. The flavor profile is very much like its older brother, “Double Jack,” also a remarkable brew. For me, this stands alongside Stone, Odell, and Ballast Point as some of the best IPA’s available year-round. This is a must-try for all you IPA fans. I love this beer. It’s everything a good IPA should be, and I highly recommend it!

Malt: Two-Row, Munich, Cara Pils, Simpson’s Light Crystal

Hops: Warrior, Simcoe, Cascade, Centennial, Amarillo, Cascade, Chinook


70 IBU

Paso Robles, California