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If i were in charge of the Batgirl movie, here’s how it would go:

  • It opens up in Gotham, in the Clocktower. Babs, (played by a poc disabled actress) is Oracle. She sends a message to Dinah and Helena about a mission and then wheels herself to the kitchen
  • Cass Cain (played by an Asian actress) is sitting on the counter. Babs asks if she’s hungry. Cass shakes her head
  • Babs wheels around and makes small talk while Cass nods and shakes her head. It’s clear that Cass can’t talk. 
  • A notification goes off in the other room and Babs goes to check it, Cass following behind her.
  • While Babs responds to a message from Bruce–telling him to bug off–Cass wonders around the room and looks around. She stares at the display case holding Babs’s Batgirl suit. 
  • When Babs is done telling Bruce to sod off, she wheels over to Cass and looks over her shoulder at the case. Cass makes some gestures that clearly ask What happened?
  • cue flashback to Babs’s Batgirl years, including plot and trying to hide Babs’s being BG from James, and Bruce yelling at Babs a lot, and at least one example of Dick swinging on the chandelier. 
  • the overall message is that Babs can do whatever the heck she wants to
  • she goes back to the present and it’s clear she’s just told all of that to Cass, who stares at her wonderingly. 
  • “Batgirl was mine,” Babs says. “Being Batgirl was–everything to me. But now–now maybe…maybe it’s time for another Batgirl.”
  • Babs smiles at Cass. 
  • Cass smiles back. 
  • end shot has Batgirl Cass in all her glory
  • cut to end credits
  • there’s a scene.
  • it’s in an unfamiliar apartment. sirens can be heard in the background and the TV is on to a news report about Cluemaster
  • Crystal Brown wanders in. She stares at the TV for a minute. She calls for Steph
  • there’s no answer, and the camera pans to a bedroom with a purple bedspread. the window is open.
  • there’s a flash of purple. it ends.

stephaniie-brown  asked:

stephanie brown for the flash fics!

Steph shook her highlighter violently before chucking it across the room where it bounced off the wall and fell to rest on the carpet. “That was… I take it studying isn’t going well?” Her mom asked as she carried in a fresh mug of coffee and some granola bars.

Steph groaned. “No. I ran out of note cards about an hour ago and now my last highlighter just died.” She leaned back in the desk chair, staring up at the plastic stars stuck to her ceiling.

“Good thing I called in reinforcements,” Crystal smirked as she left the room, Steph staring after her mom in confusion. 

A second later there was a soft tapping on her window. Crouching on her fire escape were four of Gotham’s best vigilantes, and each of them held a plastic bag filled with office supplies. Stephanie jumped up and rushed to fling her window open. Black Bat, Red Robin, Bluebird, and even the Boy Wonder himself all crawled in. “Oracle sends her love, wishes you luck, and says she’s on standby should you need her,” Tim said with a smile.

Steph tackled her friends with a hug. “You guys are the best!” 

“-tt- We are merely ensuring that you are no less than mediocre on your finals,” Damian wriggled out from her grip and went to upend his bag onto her bed.

Cass and Harper stayed at her side as the boys began sorting out the mess of writing utensils she would soon be using for color coding. “You guys really are the best,” she informed them.

Cass shrugged, “You would do the same.”

“You have done the same,” Harper added.

Steph smiled and grabbed a new highlighter as the others settled in around her.

Head cannon

Crystal Edgely eventually gets married, has a kid, divorced ect. Her son is rebellious, they butt heads a lot, and though she does her best to shield him from magic, eventually he worms his way into that world, finds out Aunt Stephanie’s other life, and threatens to run away to keep venturing into the magic world if they try to keep him out. Crystal, a working full time as a lawyer, can’t handle it.

Valkyrie (and by extension) Skulduggery find themselves saddled with another twelve year old Edgely, who just happens to make really awkward observation about his Aunt and Skulduggery’s relationship. He can often be found gossiping with other sanctuary agents.

He has the special power of managing to make Skulduggery stop talking, (usually by being a little shit about something that the Skeleton did concerning his Aunt).

Ms. Olivia Cain and Ms. Crystal Rose
cordially invite you to join us at the celebration of our marriage
on Saturday, the eleventh of January
two thousand and fourteen.

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Much love,
Olivia Cain and Crystal Rose ♥


Crystal Caines Ft. A$AP Ferg - Whiteline


Crystal Caines featuring A$AP Ferg – Whiteline