crystal beds

Bed magick (for my spoonie witches):

The setup:
🌟-Sigils placed under your mattress for pain-free rest and anything else you need!
🌟-Place crystals under your pillow (or in the case) for restful sleep or a specific use. I often place amethyst and Quartz under my pillow for headaches!
🌟-Hang herb sachets above your bed.
🌟-Keep any supplies you want nearby in case you become bedridden.

Bedridden witchy things:
🌸-Play with spare bits of energy in the room.
🌸-Listen to music that makes you feel witchy/powerful.
🌸-Wash your face with a pre-prepared cleansing spray (add herbs and such).
🌸-If possible, open a window for at least five minutes and soak in the sensations of the outside world.
🌸-Read a witchy book/write in your grimoire.
🌸-Hold your crystals or keep them near you.
🌸-Washing your sheets/blankets/pillow case = the ultimate cleanse.
🌸-Meditate and work on breathing.
🌸-Spend some time with your tarot cards or pendulum (you don’t have to use them though!).
🌸-Do some dream magick.
🌸-Drink some herbal tea.

Remember, your witchiness isn’t based on your ability to practice all the time. It’s perfectly acceptable to take as long as you need when you aren’t feeling great.

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Sitting by the steps smoking, a frozen Pisces. It’s like she feels everything and also nothing all at the same time. She wears a cloak of invisibility, and it seems to find and soak all the secrets, wounds, and fears that everybody wants to hide. She can be a thousand women in one, seamlessly weaving into any shape or persona, her mind and body is in tune with so much more wisdom than anyone could know. Like she exhales the frost that other people have left around her heart, she goes into exile, a safe place to rest her 
weary head. Here she creates an imaginary world of her own, lined with crystal icing and royal bedding, even if her own room is a war zone. She is too delicate and sacred to live fully out there amongst the wolves



I jam this song at least once a day…in my playlist faithfully… @yahoo4416

🌜Cottage Witch Tips:🌛
Cottages Witches weave spells into their housework. I have done cottage witchcraft for years and it makes it so much more fun to clean with witchy intensions.

*Here are a few to try:*
•Wash dishes in lavender or lemon verbena soap to to banish negativity
•Vacuum up bad spirits by putting cedar chips in a vacuum bag
•Glamour clothes when washing
•Dust with vinegar to drive away negative energy
•Polish with lemon oil for protection
• Keep bowls of dried flowers around the home to bring love into a room
•Place Lavender sachets around the home for calm and serenity
•Spray your home with homemade cleansing mists made of herbs and flowers to banish negativity and bring love and tranquilly to your home
• Use a broom to sweep away negativity
•Wash floors with Florida water to bless your home and keep away bad spirits
•Organize drawers and leave a spell on them to remain organized
•Keep cedar chips in drawers to keep away negativity
•As you clean your bathroom glamour it so that when anyone uses it they leave refreshed and feeling gorgeous
•Fold clothes with success spells upon them
•Iron wrinkles and troubles away from you when ironing clothes
•Cast a spell on your kitchen so all who eat your food will be blessed with love and compassion
•Clean your bedroom furniture to banish negativity, then polish with lavender oil to bring serenity and peaceful dreams
•Keep a Citrine Crystal next to your bed to banish nightmares
•Throw rose petals around your room and on your bed, leave them for a few hours to imbue it with love. Then vacuum them up and the roses will banish bad spirits when you vacuum other parts of your home
•Wash sheets in lavender for restful sleep
•Leave a spider in your home or garage to weave webs for you

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