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Hey! You know which Crystal Gem can tell Steven direct answers for all of this questions about Rose and The Diamonds, especially Pink Diamond?


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wait tell me in what way is the 5sos fandom sexist

Okay so I’m gonna preface this with clarifying that I am in no way asserting that everyone in this fandom is sexist. The point of me bringing this up and trying to open a discussion about this is so that an acknowledgement of the worrying portion of the fandom that is sexist can be made.

The biggest problem, in my opinion, is how, in general, the 5sos fam treats the girls that 5sos see. Regardless of your personal opinion on these girls, the things that this fandom says about the girls they date are disgusting.

Before we even know anything about the girls, people immediately jump to the conclusion that the girl is dating them for the money, that they’re manipulating the guys, or that their only worth is their relationship with the boys. It feeds in from the ancient archetype of the Evil Woman™ who only cares about vanity and who only has her best interests in mind.

People act as if these girls have no lives outside of destroying the lives of the boys. As if they have no personal lives of their own, like their relationship is literally all that defines them. That. Is. Not Okay. Girls who see people perpetuating these ideas are then led to believe that who they date or have dated in the past are their only defining factors.

Of course, I realize that it’s hard to avoid this since it makes sense that we’d only talk about the girls in context of the boys, but some of the posts that I’ve read that are dedicated to tearing the girls down will make them out to be self-obsessed monsters who truly don’t have anything going for them outside of their relationships. Most, if not all, of us don’t know jack shit about these girls’ personal lives. We have no place to be making such presumptions.

The part of the fandom that actively hate their girlfriends also make it seem like the boys are helpless kids who are the victims 110% of the time. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again: 5sos are anything but perfect. They’ve made so many shitty decisions in the past, but most of us recognize that that’s okay (to a certain extent). We realized that their shitty decisions aren’t the only things that define them and we know that we ourselves have done or said equally shitty things before as well. So, acknowledging these things, we move on from their “””problematic””” histories and move on.

But then?? If one of the girls did something on May 22nd, 2011, at 8:02:35 am, you best believe people in this fandom will be pulling up those receipts non-fucking-stop. It’s ridiculous. Like I said, you may have your own personal opinions on these girls, and that’s completely fine, but the notion that the girls must be perfect angels almost every moment of every day while ignoring the fact that the boys are anything but is ultimately and undeniably sexist.

Even just the idea that the boys are helpless and clueless idiots who can’t possibly survive unless we, their 170 IQ, 4.7 GPA holding fans, educate them by “””exposing””” what their gfs have done is sexist to the boys as well!! They’re full grown adults. People in this fandom act as if they’re  children who don’t have the brain capacity to decide on their own whether who they’re dating is good for them or not.

And this sexism isn’t new either. Even before any of the boys began officially dating girls, the “groupie drama” of yesteryear was just as ugly. I’m not gonna get into whether any of it was true or not (because frankly who cares), but even if hypothetically they did have “groupies”: 1) The term itself is gross. It reduces the girls down to nothing but casual fucks to not care about later and 2) The girls would always be the ones getting called sluts or other similar, shitty names, despite the fact that, surprise surprise!! Sex involves at least two parties!! Anything that the girls were being blamed for should have, at the very least, been directed to the guys as well. (Not that any hate like that should ever be directed to anyone ever, for the record.)

The sexism was high key years ago, and it’s just as bad today. Even just searching Crystal’s name on Twitter/Tumblr/Insta will get you to posts of people hating on Crystal for dying her hair blonde,,, as if Michael - her boyfriend!!! - hasn’t dyed his hair a million times before.

And if anyone reading this is still not convinced, I urge you to imagine if any of the boys were dating a guy instead, and then try to tell me if the guy would get even a fraction of the hate these girls get. (Of course, that’s also a product of the regressive fetishization of homosexuality among fandoms in general, but that’s another rant for another day.)

Everyone definitely has differing opinions on these girls that they’re dating or have seen in the past, and I’m sure those opinions will greatly influence your opinion on this matter. However, I think even by just looking at the drama in this fandom objectively, it is undeniable that even if all of the hate caused by the idiosyncrasies of their relationships with the boys were removed from the equation, we’d still be left with the immense amount of internalized sexism that parts of this fandom have wrongfully encouraged for years now.

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You excited for SU Attack the light?

I’m assuming you mean Save the Light and I know I totally am! Attack the Light was pretty fun and I’m pretty jazzed to see where they take it from here. Plus the ending was a little bit of a cliffhanger so it’ll be nice to see where they take the story too!

Plus, the art coming out is super cute, no??

(also: lol @ Ronaldo in the background)


Timeline: PD’s Shattering

Yesterday I responded to an ask and said I wasn’t too sure of when Pink Diamond’s “shattering” occurred in the timeline of the war. While reviewing The Answer for another ask, I think I can say with more certainty now.

PD was likely shattered before the war began, and could have been the deciding factor that led Homeworld to regard the Crystal Gems as a serious threat.

One important thing to ask is why Blue Diamond was even on Earth in The Answer. Earth, as we know, is PD’s colony. Should there have been a diplomatic mission between Homeworld and the CGs, the representative of Homeworld should more appropriately be PD herself. But the way Garnet discussed the mission, it seemed that the talks would be between BD and Rose, the leader of the CGs.

To me, this indicates the real leader’s absence, and that’s why another Diamond had to be called in. Below are some other reasons supporting this.

1. The Gems in the Background

It’s interesting that the gems we see in the crowd are supposedly in Blue Diamond’s court. But there are two dominant colours among the bystanders: Blue and Pink.

And if we look at the individual gems, the blue gems are slimmer and more feminine in appearance. Majority are in ballgowns. On the other hand, the pink and red gems have wider builds and larger figures, or they’re wearing shorts, similar to the Rubies. This is because the outline of their legs is clearly seen, unlike those of the gems in gowns.

Given PD’s role as the military commander of Homeworld, it would make sense that her gems are more heavyset and wear clothing that’s easier to move around in. 

We’ve been working under the assumption that the colours of certain gems reflect that of their Diamond, and it’s even more obvious in The Answer because Garnet’s stylised storytelling makes it clear exactly to which faction a gem belongs.

This is odd, because it clearly appears as though BD was holding a session in her court, so only her gems should be the ones present and listening. PD’s faction doesn’t really have reason to be around, which leads to the next idea.

2. The Rubies don’t have diamonds on them

Something worth noting is that Homeworld-aligned gems all have Diamonds on their outfits. We see them on Lapis, Peridot, Jasper, and the Ruby Squad. But in The Answer, only Sapphire has the diamond on her outfit. The three Rubies assigned to her are insignia-less. 

In the same way Jasper now has a yellow diamond on her jumpsuit, it’s possible that the Rubies had no diamond to pay homage to with their clothes. But something is strange about that. As I mention repeatedly on this blog. heroes who die are memorialised, martyred, and exalted. Since Homeworld is about to enter into tense relationships with the inhabitants of Earth, and the Crystal Gems clearly shed visible links to PD, it would make sense that the PD forces still loyal to Homeworld would maintain her logo, as a sign of respect to their fallen leader as they avenge her.

It’s strange that Homeworld would rather they show no sign they were once aligned to PD and instead walk around blankly. 

Much like the pink nobles, Rubies and other Pink gems, I think, were being re-assigned and distributed among the other Diamonds. In the end, from what we know in the series, the more soldier-like gems, like Quartzes and Rubies, ended up with YD, who controlled the military. On the other hand, military tacticians, like the pink gem in the first picture with the ballgown, may have remained with BD as advisers.

It serves as evidence that PD was no longer around at this point in time. If she were, she would be right there with BD in her own palanquin, surrounded by the pink members we see in the court. 

3. Their reactions to Garnet 

One thing to note about the gems who immediately reacted to Garnet’s presence the she first fused, was that the gems caught onscreen were all blue. These were the gems with gut reflexes against fusion. And it makes sense that they would react more viscerally to Garnet than do pink gems.

The pink gems express their displeasure at seeing Garnet, but they weren’t as vocal about it as the blue gems were. And that’s because fusion is a common military tactic that gems in PD’s faction would have used. That’s why Peridot has the connotation of fusion as being a “war machine.” Even so, the context of fusion in battle is appropriate only when gems are of the same type, which is why they shunned Garnet too. 

Blue gems, we’re led to believe, are aristocratic. That means there are much fewer chances for them to fuse, if they fuse at all. Their aversion to fusion, especially with a common soldier, would be very strong. 

It emphasises the idea that the pink gems come from a very different context than do the blue gems, further supporting the idea that they’re from PD’s faction and not Blue’s.

If this is the case, I’d stand by the idea that PD was shattered sooner rather than later.

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are there any signs/placements/aspects associated with empaths, light workers, indigo children etc?


Okay so I personally am a Crystal/Indigo child (a number of empaths and healers etc have told me and my family since I was a tiny yoke) and my brother is a rainbow child. 

Now with empaths, you’re looking for water traits, your looking possibly for water dominance or perhaps water moons. Pisces and the 12th house in particular would give you great indication to the persons empathic capabilities. Moon, Neptune and possibly pluto aspecting mercury or the ascendant also would be a sign of such. 

Light workers really can come in any sort of placement but I’d be looking particularly at the likes of Pisces, Cancer, Leo, Aries, Aquarius and Libra placements. Strong Neptunian influence would also be significant.

Okay so star children (I’ll break them up into the three Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow)

Now it’s said that each type were born in different eras however they can overlap.

Indigo children (Stubborn, fiery, argumentative, highly intuitive): I would look at fixed placements, so placements involving Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, particularly for the Sun, Moon or Ascendant (Or perhaps on the IC-MC axis), strong Uranian influences. 

Crystal children (Withdrawn, artistic, clairvoyant, intelligent): Again we’re looking at a lot of the same characteristics as empaths, particularly the placement of Neptune and Uranus (favorably in the 11th and 12th House)

Rainbow children (innovative, highly sensitive to mundane energies, tend to be fearless but peaceful): We’re looking at passive placements with an air of strength here so again perhaps the likes of Pisces, Gemini or Virgo placements with harmonious Moon/Venus/Neptune aspects to personal planets. 

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Where tf are you stealing your art from because the line work, style, and coloring are crazy different on every single thing u post. Sus af

Hello anon!
It’s a rude question that one, but I can assure you all the art on this website, at least the ones with the tag “drawings” are all mine.

I’ve studied the speciality of art in high school and did 5 years of art university. Do you know how they teach you? copying real models, real objects and stuff so with different references you can do whatever you want after and develop your own style. I have to try different styles, different colourings, you NEED to experiment to improve or otherwise you become stagnant. So, when I do a Dangan ronpa fanart, I take references from dangan ronpa and try to imitate its style, the same with bungou and then, with original work and commissions, I use my own style.

About the colourings and linearts it’s just experimenting, not being okay with what you do and try new and new things everytime. Paint tool sai has a lot of tools, sometimes I use pen, others airbrush and my current favourite is the ink pen.

Why do I explain you all this? well, I needn’t to, I could delete this message and continue with my life, but I want to show hard-work and experiment is essential for improving. Oh, that and the fact I have all the photoshop archives of my drawings with all their layers <3