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Guys I get so many feels just thinking about this…. imagine…. Jason Scott going to black lives matter protests and similar events with his adorable boyfriend Billy Cranston and holding his snacks and noise cancellation headphones and hugging him tight when he starts to cry at the important and beautiful speeches about police brutality and just supporting his team mates who are all of color and realizing the privilege that he has because he’s white and owning up to it and using it to help his teammates with corrupt police officers who are just disrespectful to them or just rude and racist people in stores or in public. And it doesn’t stop there, like he loves learning how to order in Spanish when Trini takes him to Mexican restaurants and he loves listening to Latin pop and Zack teaches him how to respond to his mom in mandarin and he helps Kimberly research her indian culture and heritage and he helps her cook the food too when they all go to her house and have dinner and let me tell you the telenovelas get to him so much like he gets so into it Trini and Kim cant help but laugh at him and record him when he’s like screaming at the top of his lungs and Billy and Zack record him singing to trap music and hip hop and r&b and music that he loves but doesn’t really listen to (or he listens to it all the time and doesn’t tell nobody because he somehow magically knows all the words to like fuck up some commas or trap queen)

No disrespect to Jimberly at all, but I’m so glad they cut that makeout scene. It really grossed me out. Kimberly became an extremely thirsty hoe all of a sudden and it made her character’s power and independence totally disappear for me as a female viewer. It was really gross honestly and I’m not just sayin that because I ship Cranscott and Trimberly. I don’t know what they were thinking but I am SO happy it got cut! Y'all are more than welcome to disagree but the scene made me real uncomfortable in a way that’s so weird I can’t explain. If they had gotten much more time and romantic interaction, then sure, but because it’s an origin story??? Nah… good call Lionsgate. Now be smart and make Trimberly, Cranscott, and ZackxTommy canon plez, you’ve made some smart choices so far, let’s keep it going. If y'all are gonna go all the way and make the Rangers gay, then how bout y'all go all the way????

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Who's the worst sleeper of the gang?

It’s a hazard of the job.

Cranscott Headcanons!

• Jason loves visiting Billy at his desk before class starts to just check in on him and ask him how his day has been and Billy just loves it and rambles on like he does. The teacher even has to kick Jason out because he doesn’t realize the bell has rung because he’s listening so intently.

• Billy loves Jason’s hair! Like “it’s just so curly and pretty Jason!!!” And Jason just gleams with his head in Billy’s lap while he’s on his phone letting him twirl it around and massage his scalp because it feels so good and like “Billy you stopped playing in my hair, Ima need you to stop doing your homework and finish playing with my hair.”

• When Jason gets into fights with his dad he low key goes in his room and cries and wants to throw crap. He doesn’t like talking about his personal drama with his dad to the other rangers but Billy can always tell when something is up so whenever they are over each other’s houses Billy’s just like “Jason, I know something is wrong so please don’t tell me that your fine and tell me why you’re upset.” And Jason is so dumbfounded??? He’s so???? Like how do you know??? But then he lets it all out and ends up crying on Billy’s shoulder.

• Billy feels that it’s only right to ask Jason if he can walk with him to class or sit next to him at lunch because he’s afraid that one day Jason will get tired of him and be annoyed with him because he’s unapologetically himself but little does he know Jason finds him like SUPER sexy it’s so funny. One day they’re like making out and Billy’s like “Jason is this okay???? Am I bothering you??” And Jason is just shook he’s like “Billy… we’re kissing…”

• Jason is a little possessive sometimes and has to check himself because he gets jealous easily. After Billy accidentally knocked out the bully, he quickly became a ladies man and pretty popular so when a bunch of people are crowded by Billy’s locker, Jason runs up and grabs his hand like “HEY BABE LETS GO GET LUNCH I REALLY MISSED YOU” and Billy just covers his face because he’s blushing so hard and is slightly embarrassed but low key loves it so much.

• Billy gets super upset and confused one time because he’s sees Jason talking to his ex boyfriend from the football team and Jason is smiling while talking to him and it leaves him really hurt but he doesn’t understand because he’s like “they were just talking” but it still hurts so he doesn’t talk to Jason for a while and like avoids him which leaves Jason so confused as well because he has no clue what he did wrong. When he catches Billy at his locker and is like “can you please talk to me? If I did something wrong let me fix it Billy please.” And Billy gets really emotional and overwhelmed and is like “listen Jason I really like you but if you like someone else that’s okay I understand I don’t want to be a bother I just really want to be your friend and I know Brad from your team is a really nice guy-” and Jason shuts him up with a hug, realizing what he was talking about and he’s like “Billy, he was just asking me how I was and all I could do was talk about how happy you make me.”

• Jason sometimes visits the football field and watches the players which gets him in his feelings. Whenever he comes back to where the rangers are he doesn’t talk for a minute and tries to hide how much he misses playing the game but Billy ain’t no fool. So he’ll throw himself on to Jason’s back and kiss him all over and is just like “I WUV U SO MUCH LETS GO GET YOUR FAVE ICE CREAM!” And Jason can’t help but smile with tears of joy because he doesn’t know what he did to deserve someone as kind, loving, considerate, and just damn he’s so fine like Billy.

• Billy can be really flirty when he wants to be and he loves leaving Jason flustered like when they’re at his house and no one is in sight he’ll nibble on Jason’s ear and whisper things while Jason is trying to be a good student and do his homework but dang it’s so hard. So he ends up putting his homework away and they do “other things”.

• After Billy’s death, Jason sometimes can’t sleep without hearing Billy’s voice so he’ll FaceTime him and Snapchat him like their streak on Snapchat is over 500. Billy will let it be known that it’s “3 in the morning Jason I’m fine” but then Jason just smiles because he knows he’s with him and safe and that they’re okay.

• Jason is extremely fashionable like his Instagram has thousands of followers because everyone thinks he’s so cute and stylish and his pics are on fleek. Little do they know that Billy is Jason’s personal photographer and manager. Even when they’re walking and Jason sees something super “aesthetic” he’ll be like “Billy! Check this wall out!” And Billy is like “already got you” and pulls out his phone and goes into professional photographer mode, getting on his knees or any position to take good photos of Jason for his social media. Billy isn’t a picture person himself because he has low self esteem but he gives in when Jason gives him puppy dog eyes and is like “please take this selfie with me?! Everyone deserves to know how awesome and cute my bf is!” And Billy is like “sometimes I don’t feel cute…” and Jason is about to beat someone ass like “who said you weren’t cute?? Did someone say something to you?? Was it in detention??” And Billy’s like “nooo Jason staaahhpp noooo” and then Jason realizes it’s Billy who feels this way and all he can do is hug him and tell him how perfect he is, just the way he is.

• Jason has a very hard time controlling his anger sometimes so when Billy almost gets himself hurt when they’re fighting Rita’s monsters, he freaks out and starts yelling like “Billy how could you?! You could get yourself hurt or even worse and I can’t handle losing you Billy please-” and Billy kisses and hugs him with tears in his eyes once Jason starts to cry too because they’re soft boys and they care too much for each other.

• Billy is a huge nerd for super heroes and Jason can’t help but to surprise him with super hero themed adventures and movies, especially when the local theatre starts playing older super hero movies Jason surprises him with tickets to each one and Billy freaks out and is like “I HAVE THE BEST BF IN THE WHOLE WORLD!” And Jason wears his captain America shirt and Billy wears his spider man shirt and Jason is high key a DC guy but he doesn’t really care as long as Billy’s happy… but also “Jason, how can you like DC more than Marvel????? Like???”

• Jason is a classic movie and theatre buff (just like Dacre) and Billy buys him a huge box of classic movies from the thrift store because they were each like a $1 each and Jason can’t even handle all the emotions he’s feeling he’s like “you fouND GONE WITH THE WIND????” And they spend the night eating and watching all of them until Billy falls asleep but Jason is stubborn and is like “nope, I’m not sleeping till we’re done with the first tape” but most of the classics come with two or three tapes.

• Don’t let that sweet boy fool you Billy can be possessive too and he’ll leave hickies all over Jason’s neck and chest and shoulder and Jason LOVES it but when he goes to school he has to wear his dads big sweaters and hoodies and shirts and just runs to Kimberly in the halls like “Kim I REALLY need your cover up” and this is basically how the other rangers find out and they FLIP OUT! They kinda had a deal with Zack on whether or not they’d found out in the next few days. Billy gets a little embarrassed but he knows what he’s doing. “I’m sorry Jason but it’s not my fault you’re so pale and pasty!!” And Jason scoffs like “um… excuse me? It’s not my fault that I’m the only white person here…” and the other rangers just laugh so much like he’s so white it’s funny asl.

• One day Jason and Billy are hanging out and Billy honestly asks him “will you be mad at me if some days I don’t want to be touched or kissed?” Because some days Billy just doesn’t feel comfortable and Jason smiles and holds his hand “Billy you tell me what you want and when you’re ok and I won’t mind, ever.” And Billy nods and hugs the crap out of his bf because he couldn’t have found someone more patient and loving than Jason.

Blackbears ring?

Luke has posted a really beautiful picture: (I FREAKED FH«OUT INTERNALLT IM STILL UNSTSBLE)

and Anne Marie and Crystal have commented this: 

Basically the ring Luke’s wearing was Blackbear’s . Blackbear gave it to Anne Marie and after all this drama between Arz and him Anne gave the ring to Luke

She probably gave it to Luke to piss Arz off. Let the twitter war and also instagram begin!

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Some more MMPR 2017 headcanons and you cannot fucking stop me.

Some headcanon discussions i’ve had with @waltersandmurdock

  • As well as being 5′0, Trini has teeny hands and the team love to tease her about it, calling her ‘kitten-hands’ which leads to them being thrown to the ground. 
  • Surprisingly, Kim is the worst when it comes to swearing. Girl has a very bad mouth. 
  • She’s also taken her master Queen Bee shit-talking skills and applied it to her ranger duties. She made Rita cry.
  • Alternatively, Jason does not swear. Like, at all.
  • He grew up in a very christian house-hold so swearing was off limits. He says things like ‘Gosh Darn it.’ and ‘That just boils my parsnips!’
  • When he does swear, everyone will stop and stare at him, mouths gaping open.
  • Billy: You know you fucked up when Jason says a swear word.
  • The team are really, really protective of Trini? Not only is she the youngest (only by a couple months), but they know Rita targets her constantly because she’s deemed Trini the weakest link. 
  • So whenever Rita targets Trini, they immediately form the safety sphere around her because no green crystal candy alien bitch is ever hurting Trini and getting the fuck away with it. 
  • Sometimes hours before they’re dropped into battle in their zords, The team will just lounge in the cockpits of their zords, doing their nails, reading magazines stashed away under the seats.
  • Or in billy’s case, do his god damn homework like the nerd he is.
  • Billy manages to set up a mini radio station that plays music through the zords so sometimes during battle in the zords very fitting battle music will play.
  • Sometimes the team get to pick what they listen to. Someone picks Avril Lavigne (Spoilers, it’s Zack)
  • Jason and Trini are tied for most cuddliest in the team and Billy is designated little spoon. 
  • For someone who axed her hair with a pair of school scissors, Kim is weirdly good with giving undercuts.