crystal and bone

Safe From Harm Spell Jar

I made this jar for protection on Halloween night, as many neighborhoods aren’t safe enough for trick or treating, especially for children. If your neighborhood isn’t the kindest, I’d suggest keeping this jar with you!

What you’ll need:

Salt, I used garlic salt for increased protection!

Rosemary to cleanse the space around you

Bay leaf for protection + good will

Calendula for clarivoyance

Basil for protection

Parsley (optional) to protect your stomach from all that candy! 🍬

Sage for wisdom

Safe travels, everyone and Happy Halloween! 🍃🎃


Altoid tin witches travel kit.

I always like to keep certain magical supplies on hand when I’m on the go, but I tend to put a vile in this pocket and a crystal in that pocket and I forget what is where.

Altoid tins make great organizers for when you’re out and about. I’ve also seen many people make travel altars with these for when they are away from home or if they are still in the broom closet.

This kit can be anything that you find is most important to have based in what you do. I’m a stickler for cleansing and protecting my surroundings. So my kit includes:

- Sea Salt
- Dragons Blood Salt
- Rosemary
- Smokey Quartz Crystal
- A wand (one that I made myself using fox bone, clear quartz point, and some tigers eye and fire agate beads)
- A Tea Light and some matches
- A striker for the matches glued to the lid
- Mini bowl made from epoxy clay
- Home made mini runes also made from epoxy clay.

What I love most about this tiny tin is that it can fit into a bag as small as a clutch or even your pocket and you’ll have everything you need.

So have fun and be creative with your kit.