Day 392 - Delvil | デルビル | Houndour

Delvil used Thunder Fang!

Delvil’s bone-like structures are calcified protrusions that are as hard as a human femur. They protect Delvil’s body from the hits they sustain whilst training. Their ankle rings are weighted, so their musculature is well defined.

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I made a giant crystal charging station!!!! My friends love being put right in the dirt and with plants but I don’t live in an area where I’m comfortable leaving them outside. Solution? A box, some dirt, and some plants! All this costs under 100 dollars, and this one is pretty big. I put a huge chunk of selenite in there and let the crystals I feel need some TLC hang out for a while. My crystals are SO HAPPY

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 5.28.15

theme thursday: wedding headpiece options

beaded, art deco-inspired juliet cap veil by camillachristine

a decidedly gatsby vibe permeates from this juliet cap-style veil, with its jewel-encrusted patterns, silver-pronged rhinestone designs, and fingertip-length tulle. holy gorgeous.


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I made a gemsona. Her name is Druzy Quartz. Druzy is small and does not feel strong enough to fight. When threatened she invokes a quartz shield to protect her from even the strongest attacks. The shield possess a layer of druzy and thorns. She can be hidden inside it until it’s all over. If she believed in herself, she could use the quartz strength to fight.