Day 646 - Kingdra | キングドラ

Kingdra is born when a scales of Dragon-type Pokémon come into contact with Seadra. In ancient times, Kingdra was the natural evoluton of Seadra, however over time the environment has become less harsh, making the evolution unnecessary for living. Kingdra now bears the characteristics of a true Dragon-type, with hard scales covering its body. Aquatic Pokémon revel in its majesty.

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Available on Mineraliety in the New Era Collections: “A neat specimen of Epidote and quartz from the U.S. The Epidote has formed a crust over the quartz with some deep green sprays of well formed crystals. The quartz has some protruding crystals that fully terminated and contrast with the Epidote nicely.” ///////

Gemmy Sphalerite

The main ore of zinc occurs in two main forms (sometimes intermingled), the fair one being these lovely yellow-brown to bright orange-red crystals and the dull one being a more conventional grey black sulphide, though they share the same composition. The different appearances result from varying iron content, with the gemmy material containing low amounts.

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