“I was there, you know.
At the first war for this garbage planet.
I fought against your armies.
I respected your tactics…

The Corrupted Jasper fanart doomed me for eternity…
What are the odds of people liking my original stuff now??

Fuck it. Here’s one more for the road…

And no more, I like other shows too, you know.

Also, inspiration.

some thoughts on not just crystal, but all of the drama that is created around 5sos' social lives

so heres the deal, i just saw some post on ig about how this girls friend was in the same hotel as 5sos and she heard michael having sex,,,, and everyones so surprised but im just like hes a 20 year old adult and can have sex if he wants-with whoever consents to it. its not our fucking business to be judging him for his actions/whoever he fucks. im not the biggest fan of crystal but its not my place to be judging him on who he ~allegedly~ is dating. as much as i would love my baby to be this free kiddo whos all giggly and happy and doesnt have a care in the world, i cant do anything about it. no one can. then again, theres no proof it was him/the person he was ~allegedly~ fucking was crystal. but even if it was, cmon people, HES 20 YEARS OLD have we forgotten that?? we have no control over who he ends up being with, be it dating or hooking up. we dont. so instead of all of you immature bitches that are whining about the fact that michael is having sex ((and totally forgetting his age/status)), why dont we focus on, oh i dont know, maybe the fact that him and all of the boys are going to start their well-deserved break in a couple days?? why dont we send them positive vibes and hope theyre going to have a great relaxing break over the next months? why dont we all go back to the times before their first album, where we all wait around and anticipate and get hype for new music to come without them putting out new material for months? back to the times where girlfriends didnt matter and we actually cared about their music and happiness instead of bitching about their personal lives? theyre a band, not the stars of a reality tv show that us low-lives spend living vicariously through

Introducing Samhain Spice, our very limited edition Pumpkin 🎃 spice crystal candle infused with certified organic dandelion, cornflower, calendula, yarrow, Onyx crystal and magic ✨ smells so edible and delicious 😏 the perfect crystal candle to celebrate Samhain on your altar or if you’re an Aussie witch, a little taste of Halloween (even though it’s our Beltane 🔥).
Launch times:
4/10 Sydney 10am AEDT
3/10 NYC 7pm EDT
3/10 Toronto 7pm EDT
3/10 London 12 midnight BST
4/10 Auckland 12 noon NZDT


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Anyone after Ivanov on page 6 is fair game.

Send me your Baldwin materials, your festival currency, your cheap linen wraps or anything over fodder prices and I’ll gladly throw any of these your way

Just be reasonable on the XXY Amber and on the tunes baby, but other than that, go wild!