crystabelle riley

“hello?” “yeah just a quick one yeh…yhu kno when yhu cum in the hotel yeh?” “yeah”  “um….just walk straigh in dont…dont get involved with people outside cus theres fans outside you dont wanna look like a fan-” “we dont wanna get you in trouble” “no LISTEN walk straigh in-” “isnt there gonna be like security outside are they gonna let us in?” “no just LISTEN TO WOT IM SEYIN….listen to what im seyin” “okay go!” “theres…theres fans outside yeh?” “ok” “and you dont wanna look like a fan yeh? so you just walk straigh in….you two just walk straight in, get in the lift if they ask you who you are just say your name is crystabel riley” “crystabel riley?” “yeh thats ya name” “ok….can you text that?” “ok?” “ok” “wait where do i go to say my name is crystabel riley?” “no you dont go ANYWHERE if they ask you who you are then say that” “oh ok” “dont go anywhere just go straight in the lift and come up….listen…how fah away are ya?” “um…..20 minutes” “HOW?” “im going fast i dont know what you want me to do! i’ll get a speeding ticket just wait” “how far? how far away are you?” “20 minutes” “20 minutes” “yeah its raining and i cant see” “alright well harrys…harrys…harrys saying you have to be a bit quicka than that” “tell harry that we’re coming” “15 minutes is good” “tell harry if he wants the booty he has to wait” “harry has to…harry has to…if he wants booty he has to wait did ya say?” “tell him to just calm down he’ll get it” “alright alright be just just be just be as quick as you can yeh?” “we are!” “oh listen and you’re coming to the 17th floor” “okay” “alright bye” “shit!”